Rainbow Creek

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Taylor drove slowly down the narrow roughly paved county road. She rounded a curve and a small sign on the left hand side of the road said, ‘Rainbow Creek Hiking Trail’. She drove past the entrance to the parking area and a hundred yards later crossed a narrow wooden bridge over a wide sparkling clear creek. The creek bed was pure white sand.

She drove a little ways farther and turned into a narrow dirt road to the right. She stopped and shut off the engine. Getting out, she looked around at the open forestland populated with huge pine trees planted in rows. The road ran between two rows of trees for another eighty yards before it took a right turn.

“This looks like the place,” she said aloud as she got back into the car.

Karen, one of her best friends had told her about this place, after Taylor asked about Karen’s beautiful all over tan. Karen was supposed to come with her today but had ended up working extra hours this morning.

Taylor started the car and drove slowly forward until she came to the turn. The road was sandy and looked firm but she did not trust it. The road went between some high thick bushes and then turned back to the left. She was now blocked off from view from the road.

Karen had said it was secluded and hidden, that everyone used the hiking trail that was on the other side of the creek and went the opposite direction. Taylor shivered slightly. She wasn’t afraid to be alone in the woods but there was being alone and then there was… well, being too alone.

The road ran straight for another three hundred yards and then went down a gentle slope. Taylor could see the creek in front of her and the road opened out onto a soft looking sandbar. She stopped well short of the soft sand.

She got out of the car and looked around. The creek was to her right and it was up hill to her left. She noticed an open area between the trees to her left that looked like it had been used for parking. At least she had a place to turn around, she thought as she got back in the car.

She backed up and pulled in between the trees. The car was now mostly hidden from the narrow road as well as the woods and creek. As she got out again, she smiled and said, “Seems like I have the place to myself.”

Her cell phone went in the back pocket of her shorts and an old cowboy hat went on her head. She closed and locked the door and went around to the trunk. She looked at the small cooler and the lounge chair in there and then looked down toward the creek. Karen had said there was a very private place up stream of the sandbar and around the bend.

Taylor wondered if she should check it out first or just go ahead and lug all her stuff with her. “In for a penny…” she whispered as she pulled the lounge chair out of the trunk. The ice chest and her beach bag were next. Shutting the trunk, she put the beach bag over one shoulder, picked up the lounge chair with that hand and took the cooler in the other hand.


It had been cool in the shade next to the car but out here on the sandbar in full sun, it was more than warm, it was hot. She had to step quickly as the sand was hot where it spilled into her sandals. She was sweating by the time she reached the shade and firmer sand at the bend in the creek.

She sat everything down and cleared the sand from her sandals. Her baggy t-shirt was sticking to her skin so she took it off over her head. There was a slight breeze that felt cool on her bare skin. She adjusted the twin triangles of cloth that covered her breasts. The bikini top felt small for some reason.

“It might be because you haven’t worn it in three years,” she said aloud. Between working two jobs and school, she hadn’t had much time for recreation or much of a social life for that matter.

“Now that school is over,” she said and then sighed. “It’s times to look for a real job but not today. Today is for relaxing and some much needed sun on the old body.” Taylor was almost thirty but looked much younger. Most people took her to be in her early twenties.

She used the t-shirt to dab at the sweat on her face, arms, and belly. “I am so out of shape,” she whispered as she loaded her stuff back up.


Around the bend, she came to a smaller sandbar. This one was partially shaded by a pair of big willow trees. Karen said between the two trees was her place of choice. Taylor had to agree, the willows had long trailing limber limbs that came down to the ground. They gave her a sense of privacy and security that the open sandbar had not.

She sat her bag and the cooler in the shade and unfolded the lounge chair. She walked a few steps and squatted down to see how cold the water was. It was cool and crystal clear as it flowed by slowly. It looked deeper here than it had been at the bridge.

Standing up, she looked around. There was thick brush lining the far bank of the creek and a head high very steep bank behind her. She smiled and nodded. Between the willows was an excellent place to sunbathe. Someone would have to come down the creek or bahis siteleri walk up on her to see her.

The sun was warm and tingled on her bare skin. She rubbed the warmth into her arms, shoulders, and stomach. “Suntan oil,” she said as she turned and headed for her beach bag. She dropped her car key in the bag, and placed her cell phone on top of the cooler. It did not have much of a signal.

She hung the t-shirt up on a small bush and wiggled out of her shorts. She hung them next to the shirt. After adjusting her bikini bottom, she dug out the tanning oil and applied it to her arms and legs. She had her upper chest and belly oiled up. She squirted oil in her right hand, sat the bottle down, and rubbed her hands together.

Her right hand came up, slipped under the cloth covering her left breast, and massaged the oil into her skin. She shivered as her fingers ended up stroking and caressing her slippery breast and her palm caressed her hardening nipple. Her breasts were small but sensitive. She shivered again as she swapped hands and oiled up her right breast.

“Damn girl, you act like you haven’t had sex for…. Uh…. Yeah.” She paused and looked thoughtful for a moment. “Uh, how long has it been?”

With a shiver that was almost a shake, she used both hands on her breasts under the bikini top. A moment later, she made a whimpering moaning sound and whispered, “It’s been too damned long.”

Her shoulders rolled back as her slick hands roamed over her breasts. A fingernail teasing each nipple made her groan softly. Little jolts of pleasure coursed down her body to pool in her sex as she flicked her nipples sharply with her fingernails.

When her hips gave a small twitching jerk, she quickly took her hands away from her breasts and adjusted the top. She took a couple of deep breaths and let the last one out slowly. After that, normal breathing focused her attention on her hard nipples.

Getting the backs of her shoulders and back oiled up took some fancy twisting and stretching. She was chuckling by the time she was done and she had forgotten about her nipples. Well, sort of.

She poured a little oil in her hand again and rubbed them together. Her hands went behind her and slipped under the back of her bikini bottom to spread the oil over her ass cheeks. Her ass was firm feeling but she thought it should be even firmer.

A fingernail trailing down the cleft of her ass made her stomach jerk when it bumped across the pucker of her anus. She thought about teasing herself back there but decided she was horny enough for the present. Anyway, she still had to put oil on her sex.

“This should be interesting,” she whispered as she dribbled oil into her right hand. She used her left hand to pull the top edge of her bikini bottom away from her body and shivered as her right hand slipped inside to rub the oil into the bare hairless skin of her mound and outer lips.

When her middle finger slipped between the folds of her sex she let out a soft whimpering moan as it glided across her clit. Her finger moved up and down over her sensitive bud until her hips started to rock back and forth. “That is enough,” she told herself aloud as she removed her hand and adjusted the bikini bottom.

Closing the bottle of oil, she turned, stepped across the lounge chair, and sat down. Leaning back, she slipped off her sandals and lifted her feet to the outer edges of the footrest. The sun on her oily skin felt wonderful. The darker material of her bikini concentrated the heat on her breasts and pussy. She squirmed and then sighed.

“This is so good,” she whispered softly.


Fifteen minute on the front and fifteen minutes on her back. Fifteen minute on her front and fifteen minutes on her back. Taylor sighed as she came up on her knees and got off the lounge chair. She was hot and sweaty and needed a drink of water. There were no new messages on her phone.

The water from the cooler was cold and crisp. After a second long swallow, she capped the bottle and turned toward the far end of the sandbar. She was bored with just laying out. She had a book but reading was not as interesting as doing a little exploring farther along the creek.

The small sandbar ended just past the second willow tree. Without pausing, Taylor stepped off in the water and waded along the edge. The water was cool and ankle deep. The creek ran straight for a ways and then made a sweeping turn to the right. About halfway around the bend, the little sand edge she had been walking on started to get deeper and deeper.

When the water got up above her knees, Taylor stopped. With a grin, she squatted down, a shiver running up her back as the cool water closed over her body up to the bottoms of her breasts. There was a little current that tried to push her over backwards so she turned sideways and looked up and down the creek.

Sipping her water, she studied the creek upstream. There seemed to be a black rock looking section that crossed the creek with a narrow channel down the middle. The bank canlı bahis siteleri behind her was vertical and about ten feet high. Standing up, she waded back the way she came looking for a way up and around the deep water at the bend.

She was almost back to the little sandbar by the time she found a flat area that allowed her to climb out of the creek. She thought about going for her sandals but the pine needles covering the ground looked like easy walking in bare feet.

Moving up the slope, she found the pine needles slippery in places and bits of old twigs underneath them surprised her ever so often. By the time she reached the flat ground above the bend, she was breathing hard and hot again. “Man, I’m out of shape,” she said to the woods in general.

She sipped the last of the water and followed a straight open path between the huge pines. She could see the drop off to the creek to her right and cut between the trees to stay close but not too close to the edge. Several large bushes and brush piles made her detour to the left away from the creek.

When she stepped out from between two bushes, she stopped suddenly. There was a narrow road similar to the one she had come in on running in both directions. It looked a lot less used than the earlier one. There were clumps of grass growing between the tracks and they were not broken over.

She turned right and followed the road. The hard packed sand was easy walking and here in the shade, cool on her feet. It was only a short ways before it opened out onto a gently sloping sand bank. Down the bank was the black rock area.

Taylor spent a moment looking around. There was a deep looking pool above the black rock and then another black rock area above that. Above that was another pool and then the creek cascaded over a rock pile that completely blocked the creek channel. Other than this one flat place, the rest of the creek bank was steep to vertical as far as she could see.

“Nice place,” she said aloud as she walked across the firm sand toward the black rock.

At the edge of the rock, she squatted down for a closer look. The rock was made up of thin plates or layers. She broke off an edge. It was soft and left black marks on her fingers as she did. It smelled of sulfur. “Coal,” she whispered to herself. “I’ve never seen coal but this is what I’d think it would look like.”

She stood up and walked out across the coal toward the narrow channel. The water was very shallow and fast moving in places. It was not slippery; well, not real slippery anyway. The channel was not wide, maybe four or five feet but it looked deep and the water was flying past. Looking up stream, she could see that the channel got wider.

“Interesting place,” she said as she turned back toward the sloping bank and the road.

She followed the road until she came to the spot where she had come out of the woods. She paused there and looked down the road. It ran straight for a long ways and then turned. “I wonder where it comes out on the highway? This looks like an even more private place than the little sandbar.”

Breaking the end of a small limb on a bush, she marked her place and then set off down the road. She tried to remember which way the main road had gone after she turned off. If it went to the right then it couldn’t be far but if it turned left…. “Well, I wanted to explore,” she said with a grin.

The road she was on turned left slightly and then a hundred yards later turned back right. A little father along, it turned left again and joined the main road. Taylor hung back and stayed near the edge of the brush. Just wearing her bikini was not an outfit she wanted to be seen in out here in the woods by strangers but she needed to mark the road somehow.

She moved farther along the road and then moved into the woods between the trees. There were several bushes growing along the edge of the woods that afforded her cover. She peeked out and looked up and down the road. There was a curve to her left and straight road to her right.

One limb stuck out farther than the rest and that gave her an idea. She stripped the leaves off the end and stuck the water bottle on it. “That’ll make an easy marker,” she said as she turned back into the woods and made her way back to the road.

She only relaxed once she was past the first turn in the road. As she rounded the second turn, she grinned as she reached up behind her neck and untied the sting holding her bikini top up. She did not pull it down but kept walking. Slowly as her body moved, the top slipped lower and lower until it fell away from her breasts.

With a shiver, she reached up and ran her hands over her breasts. She shivered harder as her palms caressed her hardening nipples. “Oh yes, that feels so good,” she whispered.

A moment later, she turned the bikini top around and untied the remaining string. She folded it up and tucked it into the waistband of her bottoms at her hip. Her shoulders came back and she stood up straighter as she continued to walk down the deserted road. canlı bahis It felt strange to be walking around half naked out here in the woods but it felt great at the same time.

Taylor turned into the long straight section of road and whispered, “If half naked is good, how would completely naked feel?”

She shivered and whimpered softly as her hand went to the tie string at her right hip and pulled it. “You really didn’t do that, did you?” she whispered as she stopped walking.

With a look back the way she had come and then a longer look back toward the creek, she untied the other string. The bikini bottom sagged and then fell away from her body. The top fell to the ground. “Yes, you did,” she whispered as she let go of the strings and the bikini bottom joined the top on the ground.

Taylor moaned softly as shivers chased each other up and down her spine. Standing in the middle of the narrow road naked, she came up on her toes and then down several times. She had never been completely naked outdoors before. She had sunbathed with her top off but never completely naked.

Suddenly, she wondered just how all over Karen’s tan really was. Then she wondered what she would do if someone came driving in on the road. She squatted down and picked up the bikini quickly. She tossed the top over her shoulder and held the bottoms up. “I would hear a car or truck before they got close enough to see me. I could jump into the woods and hide.”

She moaned softly and folded the bottoms up. The top soon followed and both were in her right hand. “I’ll be in the woods soon,” she whispered as she started walking again. She was listening intently but all she heard were birds and the wind sighing softly in the treetops.

As her broken limb marker came into view, she relaxed enough to really enjoy the feel of the breeze and the warm sun on her body as she crossed patches of sunlight. She also realized there was a more pronounced sway to her hips than normal. She was liking this being naked more and more but she still kept glancing back toward the far end of the road.

When she reached the broken limb, she kept on walking. The bright sunlight at the end of the road seemed to draw her on. She wondered if she would have the nerve to walk out onto the coal bar without her bikini on. A soft whimper was not really an answer but it did tell her she wanted to try it.

Her pace slowed as she neared the end of the road. There had been no one around earlier but that did not mean there wasn’t someone around now. That thought scared and thrilled her at the same time. It was a weird feeling and she didn’t really understand it. Memories of the first time she had been naked around a boy jumped to her mind. She remembered the way his eyes had excited her as she took her top off.

Taylor groaned and stopped walking at the edge of the sand. She was in full view from almost every direction but downstream. She took two short steps and then two more, her head was turning right and then left as she tried to look everywhere at once. Two more steps took her to the edge of the coal bed.

“You’re here, now what?” she asked herself aloud. When her eyes darted to the channel in the middle of the creek, Taylor moaned softly and shook her head. Her feet took several steps before she could stop. She was standing in water a couple inches deep and running fast.

Looking at the water running over her feet, she smiled and squatted down. She played with the fast moving water with her free hand as she looked around slowly. There was no one in sight. That didn’t mean there was not someone hiding in the woods watching her. She shivered at that thought.

She slowly stood up and looked at the channel for a second. With a deep sigh and a grin, she turned and walked back toward the road into the wood. She had proven to herself all she needed to prove, she thought as she reached her broken limb and turned into the wood.

Taylor was relaxed and enjoying herself as she retraced her steps back to the creek near the small sandbar. She stopped at the bottom of the hill and looked at the bikini in her hand. With a smile on her face, she turned and climbed the slope going up above the small sandbar where her stuff was. She was down on her hands and knees as she looked over the edge of the bank.

There was no one in sight at her place or up the creek at the large sandbar. She could see almost to her car from here. She moved back down the slope and stepped off into the creek. It only took her a few minutes to get back to her lounge chair between the willows.

She opened the cooler and got out another bottle of water. She laid the bikini on the cooler and sipped the water, willing herself not to look around like she had at the coal bar. With her thirst quenched, she sat the water next to the bikini and picked up her phone. Still no messages. She put the phone down and picked up the tanning oil.

Without the bikini, the oil went on her body faster and much more pleasantly. Her hands massaged and squeezed her breasts tightly and then her fingers pinched and pulled on her nipples. She was whimpering softly as she released her nipples. She oiled up her back, well aware of how that caused her to thrust out her breasts as she reached this way and that way.

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