Randi Comes Home Ch. 02

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Big Tits

Randi Druitt wiped the sweat off Jim’s forehead. “I’ve got another idea for after we save water by showering together. You’ve heard of Nude Day, right? Well, we’ve got the house to ourselves. Why don’t we declare this nude weekend?”

When you’ve just seduced your kid brother, taking a shower with him seems only natural. And when he’s a horny 18-year old with a lean, hard athlete’s body, keeping him undressed and available is only common sense. As she expected, Jim agreed.

With a lot of poking, prodding, and teasing, they managed to disentangle and get off his bed. Before he could pull her out of the room, she noticed the sheets. “Whoa. Halt. Stop. Sorry, but those sheets have to go.”

Jim protested but she remained adamant as only a somewhat fastidious big sister can be and began stripping the bed. Perhaps it was seeing her doing this basic household task in the nude that silenced Jim. While no doubt tempted to stay and admire the view as she bent and reached, he headed for the linen closet. Working together, clean sheets and pillowcases were soon in place. A minute later, they were in the shower.

There was only one full bathroom in the house. The tub was a deep, wide, old-fashioned model with a modern, hand-held shower massager. Even if you were alone, showers and baths in it could be a lot of fun.

Jim won the brief struggle for control of the soap and began a very thorough job of lathering up Randi. When he got to some of her more remote spots, it was almost more that she could take. At one point he was standing behind her, reaching around and kneading her soapy breasts. When he pressed his hips against her, she felt his hard cock nestle in between the cheeks of her ass. There was no penetration, just intense closeness and pleasure. And while anal sex wasn’t her thing, she decided that before the weekend was over, she might make an exception.

Later, he knelt and slid two soapy fingers inside her pussy. It sent an incredible climax ripping through her body. Thanks to his position, she had something to grab onto and didn’t fall. But she wasn’t sure how much longer she could remain standing.

After some serious tugging and pleading, she managed to get Jim to his feet. But he just leaned forward, pressed his wet slick body against hers, and began kissing her while still fingering her pussy. In a moment of brief clarity, she wondered if he was just a natural or had he somehow learned all this here in Jackson Junction? If he’d been taught, the teacher deserved an award.

Another orgasm caught Randi by surprise. She wrapped her arms around Jim’s neck to keep from falling. As the tremors passed, she relaxed and began sliding down his hard slim body. Once on her knees, she demanded the soap. Unlike her brother, she concentrated on the parts that really mattered.

When she made him turn to face the wall, a spray of warm water splashed over her face. She’d already washed her hair and had kind of hoped it wouldn’t get soaked again. But a shower cap was too tacky to consider and now the deed was down. What the hell. As Jim had said, the hair on her head wasn’t what interested him, anyway.

On a whim, Randi slipped a finger between the tight cheeks of his small, hard butt. Jim almost climbed the wall. She laughed, and goosed him again. “I know your type. You can dish it out but can’t take it.”

Having discovered how sensitive he was, she rinsed the area and then began a second, much more methodical soaping. When the last of the soap was gone, she leaned forward and gently bit one cheek of his smooth, round ass. Once again his body jerked. Turning his head, he looked down at her. “What in hell are you doing?”

“Your butt’s so cute I couldn’t help myself. Besides, people might talk if I gave you a hickey they could see. So I’m going to give you one that should be out of sight, except maybe in the locker room.”

“You are out of your mind.”

She slipped her arms around his body and grasped his hard cock. “Maybe so, but this thing tells me you don’t really mind. Now be a good boy while your big sister puts her personal brand on you.”

Latching onto a particularly inviting spot, she began to work her magic. Randi prided herself on being able to give quick, vivid hickeys. Knowing it’d still be there next week when Jim was in school pleased her. In fact, she might try to give it a little boost Sunday night.

Best of all, Jim was starting to get turned on. If anything, his dick had gotten harder. The thought of what she was doing and who she was doing it with combined with the sensual feel of the warm water spraying over them to create an almost magical moment. She could keep this up forever. But the sounds coming from Jim and the feel of his cock convinced her this moment was about to end, one way or another.

Removing her teeth from Jim’s ass, she leaned back to admire her work. The spot was already swollen and turning red. In a few hours, it’d be a dark masterpiece. But now the other side of Jim’s bursa escort body needed her attention.

As she turned him around, his long cock slapped against her face. “Damn uppity dick you got there, bro.” By then, he was too far-gone to reply with anything more than a grin and a grunt. His need seemed almost painful. Well she’d take care of that.

Still, she couldn’t resist taking a good look at his equipment. While circling the slick, flared cockhead with her fingertips, she recalled the feel of it hammering against the back of her pussy. Before long, it would be returning. The thought made Randi shiver with excitement.

As her fingers trailed down the long shaft, the cock jerked out of her grasp, as if urging her to hurry. She ran her fingertips through the dark wet pubs, then circled her fingers around the thick shaft and began squeezing her way back up. A drop of pre-cum liquid oozed out. She managed to get it with her tongue before the shower washed it away.

There’d been another moan from Jim when her tongue darted across his cockhead. Waiting any longer would be cruel. Besides, she wanted to savor the feel if her brother’s cock inside her mouth.

Placing her lips around the spongy cockhead, she began nosily sucking it into her mouth. She paused to roll her tongue around it, then began sliding her lips down the long shaft while the big head approached the back of her mouth.

There was no way she could take it all, at least not in this position. And Jim’s need for release was too great to ask him to move. But she made herself another promise, that before Monday morning, she’d have every last inch inside her mouth and throat. Right now however, the primary goal was to get Jim off.

She began bobbing her head up and down, swirling her tongue around the head on the upstrokes. It didn’t take long. There was a groan and she felt Jim begin to shake. She pulled the cock out until just the head remained in her mouth. With one hand she pumped on the hot shaft while with the other she gently kneaded his heavy balls.

Jim had his hands on her head, both for support and in response to the instinctual desire to shove himself even deeper into her body. Randi let him do what he wanted. With her fist wrapped around his shaft, she controlled how much of his cock she took. And she didn’t want anything in her mouth right then but that big, swollen cockhead.

There was a brief spurt of cum, and then a torrent erupted, flooding her with warm, salty semen. She swallowed that mouthful and could feel the smooth cream sliding down her throat. By then her mouth was full again and more kept gushing out.

The nice thing about giving a blowjob in the shower is not having to worry about the mess. Randi removed the cockhead and the next spurt sailed right between her lips. The excess had begun flowing down her chin when two spurts splashed on her face. But by then, even Jim’s big sperm bank appeared to be running low. She directed the remaining cum over her breasts. Maybe enough of the stuff would make ’em grow, she thought.

After swallowing what was left in her mouth, she placed the tip of Jim’s softening cock between her lips. With great tenderness, she sucked on the sensitive head while milking the shaft. Her efforts produced a few last drops of her brother’s cum.

Jim sagged back against the shower wall. By now, most of the cum had washed off her body, but his taste was still in her mouth. Cum wasn’t one of her favorite treats. She’d blown many guys, but only swallowed if she really liked them and their cum tasted okay. Jim had qualified on both counts.

She leaned forward, placing the side of her head against his hard, flat stomach. They stayed that way for some time as both recovered. Then the water began turning cold. Jim reached over and turned off the shower, then made her stand. When he started to kiss her, she stopped him. “Better not,” she said, “I haven’t brushed my teeth yet. There’s a lot of you still in there.”

“Hell, I don’t care. If it’s good enough for you, it’s good enough for me.” As their mouths met, Randi felt a glow of family pride. Face it, she told herself, when it comes to sex, you’ve got a cool brother.

As far as she was concerned, the kiss could have lasted forever. A sound resembling the roar of a fair sized avalanche broke the mood. Randi had to laugh. “First we run out of hot water. Now either World War III just started or your stomach is growling. I’ve just had a nice snack, but I wouldn’t mind a sandwich. Come on, let’s dry off and find something to eat.”

The idea of cooking and eating in the nude had its appeal. But with a winter storm outside and tile flooring in the kitchen, both knew to put on slippers. Once in the chilly kitchen, Randi began to wish she’d also grabbed a shirt. They decided on scrambled egg sandwiches which would be hot and quick. Before she could get started, Jim took his letter-jacket off the hook by the door to the garage and helped her put it on. bursa escort bayan It was lined with satin and so long it almost covered her fanny. “Oh, that feels great. How’d you know I was cold?”

“Goose bumps on blue boobies are a dead give-away.” She threw an eggshell at him and he ducked. “Okay, I’ll be nice. What do you say we eat in the den? It’s almost ten, so we can watch the weather. I just turned up the thermostat and can get a fire going in the fireplace.”

The den sounded good to Randi although she knew it could get cold. But by the time the sandwiches were ready, so was the den. Jim had plugged in an old electric blanket and spread it next to the fireplace. It gave them a warm spot to sit and the fireplace’s elevated hearth was a perfect spot for their drinks and sandwiches.

Thanks to Jim’s efforts, the temperate soon got so high Randi had to take off his jacket. He made a big show of leaning close and checking out one of her breasts. “No goose bumps. I must have done something right.”

She laughed and pushed him away. “Like hell you did. Those goose bumps had doubled the size of my poor little-bitty boobs.”

They’d both been hungry and ate in silence while watching the news. Tonight, the weather was the lead story. It was bad and supposed to get worse until sometime tomorrow night.

The weather and their sandwiches ended about the same time. At her insistence, Jim hustled the plates and glasses back to the kitchen. While he was gone, she grabbed some throw pillows. It never occurred to them not to catch the sports that always followed the news and weather. Like her brother, Randi had played basketball in high school and loved the game. Now they stretched out on their stomachs to get the scores.

Afterward, she lay warm and full, watching as Jim turned off the TV and then came back. He lay down on his side, facing her. With her head resting on her arms, she studied his face. “Should we open the store tomorrow?”

He nodded. “You know Mom would. Unless the power goes out.”

“I wish you hadn’t said that.” With a sigh, she rolled over onto her back. Their bodies touched.

“You shouldn’t have asked,” he said, while nibbling on one of her earlobes. “Besides, you’d have said yes if I hadn’t. Believe me, it’s not even close to what I really want to do. The thing is, if we don’t open, a swarm of folks are sure to risk life and limb to come in. And when they find the store closed, they’ll come over here and make us open up.”

“So much for being nude all weekend.”

“Oh, that can still be a go, but just here at the house. I don’t think our customers are ready for nude store clerks.”

Randi snuggled closer, tilting her head to give him better access to her ear. “The joys of country living.”

He continued teasing her ear with his tongue while tracing his fingertips over her body. “Maybe we’ll catch a break.”

“How’s that?” The tongue snaking around inside her ear made Randi shiver.

“If business is light, we can close at noon. Until then, maybe we can find something to do at the store.”

By now, her fingers were wrapped around Jim’s stiffening cock. “That might be fun. Did you have something special in mind?”

“We’ll see what comes up.” To emphasis his point, he pressed his hard cock against her side.

The tip of his tongue was making her squirm with pleasure. She almost gasped out her questions. “Uh, oh yeah. Well, what about tonight? Is there anything special you’d like to, oh, do?”

“Everything we’ve done has been special. So whatever you want.”

Although she hated losing contact with his tormenting tongue, Randi turned her head and looked at Jim. “That’s sweet, but it’s the wrong answer. This may sound weird, but I know what I’d pick. And I’m almost positive I know what you’ll pick. But they’re not the same and I want it to be your turn. So tell me, honest now, what would most like to do?”

There was a pause. Jim seemed a little embarrassed. Then he looked at her and grinned. “Most of all, I’d like to find out what it’s like to, I don’t know just what you call it but, well, I’d like to try a 69.”

“That’s so unreal.” Randi shifted and pulled him to her for a long, deep kiss. When they came up for air, there was a look of excitement on her face. “A 69 is exactly what I sensed, what I knew, you wanted to do. And that wasn’t my first choice. But it’s fine by me.”

From the look on Jim’s face, it was clear he was more amused than amazed. “Well, if we keep on talking, it’ll stay unreal.”

Randi laughed and hugged him close. “Not eager are you?”

“Not only yes, but hell yes. Just one thing, I’ve never done it before.”

“No problem. I’ve got hunch you’ll be a quick learner.”

Their lips met in a soft kiss. Then he smiled. “So teach me.”

“You are so pushy. But okay. Well, for starters, have you ever, you know, gone down on a girl?”

Jim nodded. “Oh yes, teacher.”

“Well, in that case, I guess it’s time escort bursa for some hand’s on lab work. Get me a couple throw pillow.”

While Jim got the pillows, Randi moved over to the middle of the blanket and stretched out on her back. When he came back, she took a small pillow and nestled it under her neck and then positioned one of the big ones beneath her butt. All the while she was explaining her theory of the great 69. “A lot of girls think being on top is better because they feel in control and the guy can’t gag ’em. But that position is tough on both her neck and his. I like it better being on the bottom. With a pillow under my neck and my hand around the shaft, I’m not going to gag. And with my big butt on a even bigger pillow, you shouldn’t have any strain.”

Jim was still standing, watching her. When he didn’t move or say anything, she gave him a questioning look. “Well, the lesson’s over. It’s test time.”

“Randi, I wish you could see how damn sexy you look right now.”

The compliment was so spontaneous and sincere, she almost cried. To keep Jim from noticing, she glanced over at the burning logs. Once she’d regained control, she stared down the length of her nude body for a moment and then looked back at him. “I guess in firelight, even a big butted old girl with no boobs can look okay.”

He knelt down beside her. “Hush. You may be my brainy big sister, but you don’t know shit about judging woman flesh. At least not your own.”

Before she could protest, he kissed her. It was a long, sensuous kiss. When combined with the seductive feel of his hand sliding softly over her skin, it wiped away all negative thoughts about her body.

He kissed his way down, pausing to nibble and lick at her neck, and breasts, and belly, and inner thighs. In the flickering firelight she saw his lean nude body hovering over her, then watched his hands spread her unresisting legs further apart, his body slide gracefully between them, and his face disappear in the shadow at the junction of her thighs.

The moment his tongue touched her pussy, Randi’s body began shivering with excitement. Jim slowly worked his tongue in deeper; using it to lick, thrust, and explore until the tip flicked across her clit.

With a moan of erotic joy, Randi’s hips arched off the blanket. Her body shuddered under the force of the orgasm. Jim’s tongue went into overdrive, lapping at her warm juices before swirling back deep inside, extending and enhancing her pleasure.

In the back of her mind, Randi knew she should stop things and help Jim get in position for a 69. But what he was doing felt way too good. All she could do was lay there and savor the sensations flooding her body. Only when the pleasure started becoming intense did she beg him to stop. He looked up and she motioned for him to come join her.

They moved into position as if familiar with the motions. After getting a secure hold on Jim’s dick, she tilted her face back until she could see long, thick shaft. The flared cockhead soon disappeared between her lips. When it reached the back of her mouth, she paused to adjust her position and catch her breath. Wrapping her arms around Jim’s hips, she pulled him closer and the big head popped into her throat. It sank deeper and deeper until all movement suddenly stopped. Every inch of Jim’s dick was buried inside her well-stuffed mouth and throat.

Neither moved; both sensed the other wanted to enjoy the incredible sensation. It was Jim who got things going, but with his tongue, not his dick. That was Randi’s department. And when her brother’s tongue began licking on her still sensitive pussy, she was more than willing to return the favor.

They soon got into an easy natural rhythm. The beat of the dick pumping up and down inside her mouth and throat began to match that of the tongue licking and teasing her pussy. It soon triggered the first in a series of small, sweet orgasms. They came in quick, steady waves with a new climax overtaking her before she’d stopped tingling from the previous one.

Jim’s long thick dick was taking control. Its movements were smooth and gentle, but unrelenting. Each downward stroke seemed to trigger a new pulse of ecstasy.

The constant waves of emotion began sapping her strength. She’d been holding Jim’s shaft with one hand while fondling his balls with the other. But she could no longer do anything but enjoy the moment. With a gurgling sigh, her arms flopped to the floor. It was all so incredible. Even if they couldn’t be nude at the store, tomorrow might be even better.

Waves of erotic energy from her mouth and pussy battled for supremacy within her trembling body. She lay in a sensuous stupor, surrendering to the feel of Jim’s tongue lashing her pussy, his dick moving up and down inside her mouth, sliding back and forth past her lips, moving with smooth certainty in and out of her throat, up and down, back and forth, in and out until she lost all sense of time and place. Up and down, back and forth, in and out. Oh, yes. Up and down, back and forth, in….

— to be continued? —

Thanks to everyone who read, voted, and gave me feedback to chapter one. This is a blatant plea for more of the same. RF

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