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The small but sturdy steel cart almost turned on it’s side as Raspberry made the sharpest turn on the trail. Nick, like always, breathed an almost invisible sigh of relief, thankful that he wasn’t thrown out. Raspberry was the absolute best pony girl he could have hoped for. Her powerful strides and devotion when under the reins, left him constantly in awe. But standing only at 5’2 she had some natural problems with bumps. It was lucky only he was in the cart though. Had there been any other passengers in the cart as they had made the turn, then he would have been forced to punish her for the slightly sloppy turn. And striking her with his father’s old lash for something that was mostly not her fault would have bothered Nick. Sure a good trainer made sure that the animal knew that mistakes like that were unacceptable, but it was always important to make sure that through it all she remained happy. All that being said, th,ere was no real reason to think of Raspberry as anything but the happiest animal in the entire register. Every day behind her solid red bit gag, there was always a gaping happy grin.

Nick eased up a bit on the worn reins somewhat once Raspberry crossed the last hill into the park proper. She had been hard at work all day, and he wanted to ease her workout downward to prevent anything bad from happening to her. She was his precious pony after all. Night was setting in gently on to the summer day, the sky darkened to the point where visibility was tough for both trainer and pony. Luckily the park was empty save for some leaving workers, and a few people walking their dogs, removing much worry of the pony accidentally running into some hapless bystander. Nick glanced towards a man walking his poodle on the side of the track. He would never really tell anyone this, but dog owners just made Nick laugh. His pet could crush their pet any day of the week.

To Nick it seemed like the familiar park had no more surprises waiting for him tonight. Or at least it seemed that way until he noticed one last anomaly. Sitting on one of the park benches was an attractive young woman. She was dressed up in normal office garb, with a short skirt, pantyhose, high heels, and a honey colored yellow blouse. But Nick wasn’t looking at that. He was looking at her startling Electric Blue hair, that ran all the way down to her upper back. The juxtaposition between her punkish hairstyle, and her clean cut clothing, gave off a rather mixed message about herself. It had the passing pony trainer interested. But more then that, it was that she was staring wide eyed right at him and the cart. Or rather, right at the pony girl pulling him and the cart.

Without even really taking any time to think about what he was doing, Nick pulled hard backwards on the reins. Raspberry, ever the obedient creature, rapidly brought herself and the cart to a stop, using her years of muscle memory to slow the speeding steel much more efficiently then many would think possible. Within a few seconds, the cart reached a screeching halt, Raspberry pulling into her ready position. This was comprised of a straight posture, with her head up in her posture collar, and her arm binder trapped arms forced to the straightened arch of her back.

Stepping out of the side of the cart, Nick’s immediate attention upon stopping was, as always, on Raspberry. He only glanced for a moment at the woman who had caused him to stop in the first place. She seemed to have stood up from her park bench and started to slowly move towards the cart. But Nick did not turn around to greet her, his attention focused on the pony at the moment. Nick walked towards the front of the cart, one hand sliding upwards into the peak of his curly blond hair. He could almost swear that this was not the first time he had seen that girl, but how would he have known her? Had she gotten rides from him and Raspberry before? Maybe she worked with one of his suppliers or auditors? But, that was not important to find out right this very second. It was much more important that he go about his usual stopping routine, checking that there were no problems with Raspberry. If this mystery woman had any desire to speak with him, then she would probably continue towards him.

Raspberry did not visibly react to the approach of her owner, except turning her head towards him for a second. Generally, she was supposed to keep looking forward during inspections, but she had worked hard today, so Nick was in no mood to punish her for minor transgressions. So long as she remembered that she was supposed to keep her head forward, it would be fine. His right hand carefully reached out to the back of her head, where her disorganized curly red hair was bunched together in a loose but aptly named pony tail. The pony knew the training from years of having it drilled into her subconscious. She did not even have an instinct to turn her head towards the fingers playing with her fiery locks. The sweat of a sunny day pulling the cart Betturkey covered her from head to toe with natural grime. Nick didn’t shy away from the sweat, giving the pony a small caress, across her tiny cheek. Raspberry closed her eyes happily for a moment, which in turn created a tiny smile on Nick’s own face. From there the hand started to glide gently downward, first over the red leather posture collar that forced her neck into an eternally attentive position, then down to her shoulders, which remained bare of the tight straps crisscrossing much of her torso. From there it headed down her well toned sun baked Irish form, all the way down to the thick strap that slid between her legs. He didn’t do to anything to it beyond slide his fingers over the strap, pushing the inward facing dildo on the other side of the strap just a little further inside her frequently filled cunt. Unlike the rest of his touches, this one did earn a reaction from Raspberry in the form of a helplessly aroused shiver. His left hand moved forward too, positioning itself right above her heart to make sure heartbeat was normal after all her exercise.

It was fast, but well within what she could handle.

Meanwhile, the mysterious blue haired girl had moved from her spot on the bench, and was now standing only a few inches from the side of the cart. Her left hand felt one of the back wheels, while her head peered over the side of the car into the seats. Having made sure that nothing seemed to be wrong with the pony, Nick turned back around towards where the woman was now standing. This was the first good look he actually got of the woman. Though, now that he finally could examine her features, the word girl would be more appropriate. Her Asian features made it a little hard to guess her age, but she couldn’t be more then 23. But that isn’t all he noticed for the first time. It was only now that he noticed that she couldn’t be more then 5’3 feet tall, just about as tall as Raspberry. It made peering over the side of the cart harder then someone would expect.

“If you want, I can just show it to you. It’s not like this is the first time I’ve given the tour.” Nick offered jovially, drawing closer. “So what are you doing here at the park after ten anyway? I don’t want to sound like a cop or anything, but don’t you know it’s dangerous for a young woman such as yourself to be out alone in the park after dark?”

When she felt the trainer’s attention shift to her for the first time, her hand slowly drew back from the cart, keeping one lingering finger on the it’s steel frame for just a moment, before returning that too to the side of her body. Her slender frame turned slightly towards the the tall blond man now in front of her. She leaned forward into a slight incline, in an instinctual bow-like motion. Her chest started to raise and lower at an increasing pace. Even her face showed obvious nervousness with talking to him, red blood flowing through her now rosy cheeks. “I know, Sir…It’s just I was looking at this…thing…here. And…I kinda….” She began saying, every word seeming even more uncomfortable in a tiny willowy voice. Her black eyes focused towards the pony standing at attention in the front of the cart. “I…kinda wanted to get a look at…her.”

Nick peered at the girl just a bit closer, trying to determine if he could remember having seen her before. He could tell that this was not the first time he had ever seen her. It took a moment, but he thought that maybe she was one of the park regulars. He recalled a few times he had seen her before now. As he figured it out, he lightly snapped into the air. “You come here often, right?” He asked, slowly sliding backwards, drawing her near to the harnessed pony.

“Um…..yes, Sir.” The girl said in a quiet stutter. Hey black eyes shifting back and forth between Nick, the cart, and the creature unwaveringly standing straight. “I work in that building over there.” Her small hand lifted upward, pointing to a multistory office building in the nighttime distance. “Sometimes work just kicks the energy out of me. So it…..it really helps to just come down here and relax. Just close my eyes and let this place……..” She paused, her eyes square on Raspberry, and continued, “and the people…… here surround me.”

Nick started to turn back towards the pony, his peripheral vision still focused on the nervous blue haired girl. His hand strayed towards Raspberry’s hair again, softly stroking it’s curls. “Is that why you are out here at this time of night?” Nick motioned her forward. For a moment she looked around worried, clearly nervous about getting any closer to Raspberry, but she swallowed her nervousness and slid forward, now only half a foot away from the nearly naked ponygirl.

“…Sorta.” She replied, her eyes slowly following the trail of his hand, through Raspberry’s sweaty hair.

“Uh huh,” His hand found a knot and pulled through it, making Betturkey Giriş the pony groan just a tiny bit in her gag. It brings his attention to both women at once. Raspberry was just a little bit taller then the girl was, probably because of the long pony hoof boots she was wearing, that forced her toes upwards into an extreme heel. “Well at least that would explain why I recognize you.” The girl’s hand slides to her side subtly, giving her finger tips a slight touch of the ponies shapely ass. At the touch, the fake hair on Raspberry’s tail plug twitches a little, making the girl jump with shock. “You seem to be giving quite the attention to little Raspberry here.” Nick says with a laugh, the girl’s blush deepening. “If you want I can let you feed her a bit?”

“No no, I’m…..I’m fine, Sir.” She says in a voice so small it is almost a whisper by this point. Her legs shake slightly up and down, her other hand slides towards her forearm rubbing it gently. “I’m just……curious. Why …..why would anyone agree to this?” Her voice grows slightly more confident at this point, still retaining it’s shaky uncertainty, but a quiet intensity almost laces her words. “It would take….so much courage…..to sign up for the animal register. To give up everything that makes you who you are.” When she finishes, she bites on her lip slightly with anxiety, the arm rubbing her other forearm speeding up slightly

Nick raises his eyebrow at this point, slight suspicion as to her intention starting to form.”Well miss-?”

“Uma…..” She answers quietly, turning her head to the side a bit to hide her blush a little bit. “My name is Bella Uma.” Her eyes gently trace the elaborate red leather straps of Raspberry’s harness, all the way from the dildo and anal plug strap that runs between her legs, all the way up to the shoulder and breast support straps. Nick stops rubbing the ponies hair, sliding one hand over to Bella’s shoulder. For a moment she glances back to him, but returns her eyes to tanned leather and bare skin.

“Nick Dada.” He responds back, offering his other hand to shake. Bella promptly slides one of her small hands against his, and weekly shakes it, her head slowly starting to turn back towards Nick. As she does, the hand on her shoulder starts to message it slightly. But for all the attention that an attractive man her age is showing her, her focus seems to be split more evenly then one would expect. “

“Well Miss Uma, there are a number of reasons as to why someone might choose to sign up for the animal register.” He pulls his hand back from the shake and motions towards Raspberry’s almost still form. “The big reason is that many people just don’t really feel at home in human bodies. They want to escape into an identity where they don’t have to worry about anything. For some people it’s all about the domestication. For some people it’s more being the animal itself that makes them register.”

“Sir, but…but, what if they want to change their minds?” She asks, her quiet voice once again regaining the slightest hint of fire to it. “Don’t the drugs make it impossible to go back to being human?” Her eyes sparkle lightly, and her hand reaches towards the pony’s bare ass, giving it a soft caress. Raspberry’s brilliant crystal green eyes however continue to look ahead blankly, not capable of comprehending what the two human beings are talking about anymore. Instead she just wiggles her rear end at the touch once more. This time Bella does not jump back. She just keeps softly caressing the animal.

“Yes, that is true.” Nick begins hesitantly, trying to find the proper words. For the first time his confident easy going smile, breaks to a small muted frown. But a second later he regains his composure, giving Bella’s shoulder a slight squeeze. Her sparkling pure black eyes close for a moment, letting him focus more on her radiant blue hair. “But, I don’t really think that very many people who have agreed to be brain drained to the point where they are simply beasts of burden would be quite so willing to change their minds.” He removes his hand from her shoulder and starts to walk forward past her, to the opening to the cart. Raspberry tilts her head slightly, to get a better view of him leaving. Instead she manages to get a brief look towards Bella’s eyes. “Besides,” Nick finishes “it’s an easy life they have as ponies. Not much they ever have to worry about besides giving all their effort.”

Bella seemed to not notice the last part of that statement, her eyes looking towards Rasberry’s for the brief second, before the mindless pony turns back forward. Her legs start shaking even more, and her breath deepens even more, so that every time she exhales, the nearby trainer can hear it. After about a second, she starts to turn to where Nick has moved to, her hand sliding downward to Raspberries well toned legs. Her lips appear to be muttering something slightly to herself. Nick tries Betturkey Güncel Giriş to move slightly closer so he can hear, but no sound appears to come out.

Finally after a few seconds, Bella regained her composure. Her legs still shook with fear, but her eyes returned to focus on Nick. Only then did he resume speaking.”Tell you what.” He said stepping on to the cart, with one hand held downward towards the Bella. “How about I take you for a brief ride. It’s almost time for me to pack in for the night, and Raspberry is pretty tired.” As he said this, the pony lightly shook her head, as much as possible with the collar on, causing her cascading red locks to shuffle a bit behind her head. “But I don’t think it would be too much of a problem having you tag along. She may not look it, but she can handle the weight pretty well.”

She stepped forward to take his hand for a moment before stopping herself. She whispered something again to herself, though this time Nick actually managed to hear it.”Raspberry.” Then she slowly slid backwards a bit, back to where the pony remained standing. “I don’t….I don’t want to be a burden to you, Sir.” She said meekly, her bright red blush now covering the vast majority of her soft face.

“Nonsense,” He said with his trademark confident chuckle, his lips forming a smile with pearly white teeth. “you aren’t being a burden at all. Raspberry loves a good challenge. Overcoming difficult tasks is one of the thing ponies enjoy most.” He gestured to her, but specifically to her toned build, from years of galloping year round, and carrying the heavy carts full of people. “Besides, Raspberry loves company, don;t you girl?” He asked, now in the direction of the harnessed animal girl. Recognizing her given name, and that alone, the pony gave a low whine through her bit gag.

The small Asian girl jumps a little bit at the whine, but regains her composure within seconds, a thoughtful pose striking her features.”Are you sure, Sir?” She asks timidly, her glancing eyes switching from the cool confidence of the trainer, to the eerie calm of the pony. “I…..I really don’t want to make things harder for you. Or for h..her.”

The sides of his grin tilted upwards wickedly, as a thought occurred in his head. If she was so concerned with raspberry, might as well tell her the real reason the pony would love it.”What if I told you that an extra person would increase the strain of the dildo, making her get more out of it?” He asked with an a mock evilness to his voice. At this, Bella’s eyes widened slightly, and she gave a nervous and slightly chilled look back towards the pony. Or more specifically to the moisture around the crotch strap, that was mostly comprised of liquid besides sweat. “Would that be enough to get you to agree?”

As he said this he motioned the blue haired girl towards Raspberry. “Come on, see for yourself.” Nick knew that nothing unnerved people new to ponies quite so much as being forced to accept their highly sexualized nature. When some people would see Raspberry start to shudder in orgasm mid stride, they would be revolted slightly. Others might be more shocked and interested then turned away however. And a select few would find themselves aroused by it. Based on the fact that she wasn’t already fleeing in terror, nick suspected she might be in one of the latter categories. And among those two, he had his suspicions.

“May…may I touch her…Sir?” Bella slowly asked after a moment of contemplative silence, her former increase in confidence vanished in favor of a mix of dread, and stark attentiveness. Her eyes hadn’t left their position, looking bashfully at the red head’s soaked crotch. One of her hands slid behind her back to wriggle nervously outside of the obvious viewing range of the trainer. But nick noticed anyway, his evil grin growing all the bolder at the sight of just how nervous the talk of the pony and sexuality made her.

“Go ahead” He offered kindly, gesturing towards the ever still pony. Bella took one more nervous glance towards Nick before shuffling forward towards the pony. Her small hand reached out ever so slightly till it reached the fed leather strap, running between the pony’s legs, applying just a small bit of pressure. Raspberry responded immediately and unambiguously, giving a groan-like whine beneath her bit, and shifting her weight a little bit towards Bella’s hand. The secretary gasped for a moment, and withdrew her hand, staring at the thick liquid that got on her hand, through the soaked strap. This time a little more confident, the hand came back down, applying a little more pressure this time to the strap. The needy pony responded in turn, by starting to rub her crotch against the hand in a slow gentle rhythm. It took Bella a few seconds to get into it, but slowly her hand responded in turn by applying pressure at the same time that the gasping pony thrusted forward. Bella’s tongue poked out for a moment, licking her lips, as her hand moved in rhythm with the ponies body, seemingly forgetting all about the observer. Her legs parted slightly, letting Nick notice the tiniest of damp patches near the front of her skirt, obscured by the nighttime air and the dark fabric of the skirt. Someone with worse eyes wouldn’t have even seen it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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