Raunchy Room service

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You would make the reservation and get there before me, late in the evening. Set the room up with a bottle of wine and something for me to wear, then leave a package with the front desk and spend the next half-hour at the bar. I would arrive alone, accept the package, and go up to the room. I would take a shower and change into the clothes you left, then drink a little wine and prepare the room. Put the toys you’ve left in the bedside table, as though they’d been there naturally, then pull the blindfold over my eyes and settle in to bed.

You would open the door with your key and slip inside, pulling it closed behind you. I’m panting on the bed, terrified but oddly aroused. I pretend I’m asleep, try to slow my breathing. You come up beside me and slowly pull the sheets aside, as though you were trying not to wake me. Then you slap a hand over my mouth and hold something sharp to my throat, hissing “scream and I’ll fucking gut you, whore,” in my ear. I “wake” and whimper, my eyes squeezed shut beneath the blindfold.

You keep your hand over my mouth and rip the beside drawer open. “What’s this, bitch? You were hoping someone would come up and fuck you, is that it? Brought your little fucktoys along? Wore a sexy nightie to bed? What a fucking tease.” You pull a bundle of light-weight, bright red rope from the drawer and smack it against my stomach. I wince, more from surprise than pain. “I’m going to tie you up and fuck you, slut. How do you feel about that?” I shake my head under your hand, and you drop the rope to stick your knife back in my throat. “Tell me you want me to fuck you, whore. Tell me what you want me to do.”

You draw your palm from my lips and I mutter, “I want you- I want you to fuck me.”

“Want WHO to fuck you, slut?”

“Y-you?” I whisper, shivering with anticipation.

“Me, Sir. Say Sir, slut.” You slap me with the back of your hand, gently enough that the sound is barely audible but enough to make me suck air through my teeth.

“Pl-please fuck me, Sir…” I clench my thighs and take a deep, shuddering breath.

“Good little cumslut,” You murmur, then you lean down and suck my earlobe between your teeth. Your hand, hovering above my lips, drops down to hold my throat. You roll my lobe between your teeth before lightly running the tip of your tongue down my jawline. You then pick the first rope up and snatch my hands from my sides and hold them above my head. The rope bites into my skin as you loop it right around my wrists and tie a knot, than wrap it again and tie a second. My fingers tingle.

As soon as my hands are secured, you leave them and bring your hands down to my panties. They’re sheer and tiny, barely covering my quivering, wet pussy. You rub my clit through the fabric with your thumb and grin as I squirm. ”You like that, whore? Tell me you like me touching your dirty cunt.”

I repeat your words quietly, under my breath. “I- I like it when you touch me, Sir.”

You roll me over onto my stomach and squeeze the mounds of my ass, Çorum Escort your nails sinking into my supple flesh. I whimper into the mattress. Then you bend and bite my ass, hard, and in the same moment scrape the edge of the knife down my thigh. I’m shivering but struggling not to shrink away from the blade. You draw a line over the bottom of my ass and press the tip to my pussy lips, then pull the bottoms away from my body and slice them into two pieces. My thighs are slick with my juices, and you lightly brush my vagina with one finger and bring it to your mouth. I hear you suck my juices off and hum with pleasure.

“What a yummy little bitch you are, cumslut… Maybe I’ll have a taste.” You spank my cheeks, once, twice, then kneel on the ground beside the bed and yank my hips towards your face. Your tongue runs over my slit and dips into my quivering pussy before focusing on my clit, flicking over my delicate sweet spot. My hands, still tied over my head, roll into fists as you suck my clit between your teeth. After only a moment teasing my pussy with your mouth, you pull back and press a finger against my sex. You slowly, gently, slip it inside me to the last knuckle, then pull it back. You tease me with two fingertips, barely poking them into my vagina and removing them again.

“What’s this, slut?” The toys in the drawer clatter and you flick on a wand vibrator. It buzzes to life, interrupting my heavy breathing and your muttered words. “You want me to make you cum, you fucking whore?” I nod into the mattress, my body flushed. “Tell me, slut!” You snap.

I turn my head and wriggle my ass towards you, into your fingers. “Please Sir, will you make me cum?”

You grin and brush the buzzing vibrator over my asshole. I quiver. “Sure, slut, I’ol make you cum… but I get the fuck your asshole.” My face blanches, but I silently nod. You spank me again, then push me back over onto my back. “Spread your legs, bitch,”

I comply, and suddenly three fingers slam into my hot pussy. My back arches and I moan. You instantly take away your fingers and grab my throat with your slick hand.

“Make another sound,” You warn me, “And I’ll stick my cock into your ass bone-dry. Keep your whore mouth closed, and I MIGHT use this line in your drawer.”

I shudder and nod again. This time, you press four fingers against my sex and they slip in with some force. Then the vibrator finds my clit and my body spasms; I bite my lip to catch the groan in my chest before it tumbles out of me. You fuck me slowly with four fingers, stretching my dripping fingers, and rub the vibrator in small lines over my clit. I’m squirming and quickly approaching orgasm, and your fingers are speeding up while the vibrator is slowing and focusing exactly on my clit. I’m gasping, but I manage not to cry out as your fingers bring me closer and closer to orgasm.

“Are you going to cum, whore?” You grunt, and I nod immediately. “Tell me.”

“I’m going to cum, Sir-“ I gasp, and you yank all four fingers Çorum Escort Bayan out and positively crash all five fingers into my pussy, forcing half your hand between my lips. I buck and whimper, softly, then my pussy tightens on your hand and my eyes roll back, hidden behind the mask. You drop the buzzing vibrator on the mattress and suck my clit as I cum, harder than I ever have. Before the throws of the orgasm have completely passed and while I’m still desperately sucking in air, you stand and grab my hips with both hands. You pull my shaking body towards your cock and line it up with my slit, then bury your hard dick inside me with one swift motion. I moan and you slap my swinging titty with nearly all your strength. “Shut the fuck up, whore,” You groan, and you quickly find a rhythm fucking me.

After a minute of pounding, you mutter “fuck!” and withdraw. You push me up towards the head of the bed and tell me to turn over; I struggle onto my hands and knees with my elbows bent under me. You smack my ass and push my shoulders down, so my tits are flat against the bed with my ass in the air. My cheeks are flaming and my shoulders ache.

You reach into the drawer again and I hear something jingle, then you let cold silicone touch my asshole. I shiver. “You recognize this, whore? What a big butt plug for such a little girl… hm… I don’t know if it’s gonna fit in you…” You push the tapered end into my asshole, barely spreading the tight hole, and reach for the bottle of lube in the drawer. You drop a generous glob over my asscrack and let it drip over my asshole and join my pussy juices in my slit, then you push a finger into my ass and swirl it around. “What a fight ass, whore… this will be even more fun then your pretty pussy.”

You replace your finger with the end of the plug and slowly, but with considerable force, push the plug into my ass. It resists the toy, but in a moment the thickest part passes my clenched hole and the last, thinner section glides right in. The handle on the end, circular and silicone, is the only bit left sticking out.

You spank my ass and get on your knees behind me, teasing my entrance with the tip of your dick. I already feel so full and stretched, I’m scared of what I know you’re planning to do next, but I can’t help the small moan that escapes me as you grab my shoulders and pull me onto your cock and all the way down your shaft. You don’t get onto me; you’re moaning yourself as my tight, wet hole sucks in your meaty cock. You fuck me slowly but hard, pulling back until just the tip remains inside my hold then slamming my body back down. You grab another rope and fold it in half, then toss it over my head and loop it twice before sliding the two loose ends through the halved loop and yanking it taught. You use the rope to fuck me, yanking it to pull me down onto your dick and then letting it slacken as you pull out. I’m nearing orgasm again, my pussy throbbing as the rope restricts my breathing.

You stop and drop the rope, letting Escort Çorum me catch a full breath, and the bed settles as you step away. A chain rattles in your hand and you shove me onto my side. “Sit up,” You bark. When I obey, my tied hands pulled to my chest, you pinch my stuff nipple and smack my breast. “Boring tits, whore.” You chuckle. “This will make them more interesting.” You pull my nipple out, then clip a nipple clamp to it. I gasp and my hands jerk, brushing your bare chest. You slap me. “Don’t touch. Stay fucking still.” The other nipple is quickly pulled and clamped, and you toss the chain up so it yanks the clamps before dropping onto my ribs. I whimper and bite my lip. My body is full of heat, and a pool of my cum drips down my ass onto the bed. You tap the chain of the clamps a few more times, testing it, then order me back onto my hands and knees.

When I’m in place, you tease the butt plug from my asshole and toss it onto the bedside table. My ass feels gaping and empty with it gone, but I’m nervous about the cock that will replace it. Before you fuck my ass, though, you reach up and untie my hands, then hand me the vibrator and turn it back on.

“Hold it to your clit, whore, and don’t fucking move it,” You command. My clit is still sensitive from my earlier orgasm, but I bring the vibrator down between my legs and prop it against my clit. My thighs shake. You pour more lube into your palm and coat your cock, then you prod my ass with two fingers and enter my pussy with your thumb. You only play for a moment before you’re pressing your cock to my asshole. “I’m going to cum in your asshole, whore,” You laugh, then you push the thick head of your cock into my ass.

I jerk away, not even on purpose, and you smack my ass and hold me in place by the hips. I inch my feet a bit further apart to make room for your dick inside my ass, inadvertently making the vibrator rest much more firmly against my trembling clit. You force the tip of your cock in, then pause a moment and barely move your hips to wiggle it inside me. I groan and you grab a fistful of my hair.

“Shut the fuck up,” You push further inside me, then stop and chuckle. Still gripping my hair, you dig your nails into my hip and tug me backwards. In one movement, the last half of your cock enters my ass. You immediately start pounding me, slamming your hips against my cheeks as your cock ravages my ass. I grit my teeth, but my ass is tightening around your dick as I get close to cumming again. You feel me clamping down and thrust harder; my stinging nipples rub against the mattress and my sore clit throbs. You jerk my head back and crow, “I’m going to fucking cum in your ass, you disgusting slut!”

My orgasm breaks just before yours, and your hot cum splatters inside my ass as my pussy and asshole quiver. I drop the vibrator as my body shudders and you thrust one last time as the last of your cum enters me. You smack my ass once more, as hard as you can, as you pull your sticky cock out of my asshole and I collapse onto the bed.

You leave me there, dirty, and shower. You put your clothes back on and leave, without a care for what I do when you’ve left. Perhaps you return, perhaps we never see each other again. Who knows?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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