Rebecca’s Adventure Ch. 07

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Chapter 7- Rebecca’s Internet date and the twins

Rebecca sat down with her beverage and began to go over in her mind what was going to happen. She was a little nervous and excited as well. She had never met Joe, she had only exchanged e-mails and pictures, though she had never sent him any of herself naked he had sent pictures of his cock for her to see.

She liked the cock picture, his cock was wide and had veins that you could see on it when it was hard. She liked that on a mans erect penis, something about it turned her on. She felt kind of strange as she had e-mailed him out of the blue and she didn’t even know if he was coming, so there was a little bit of doubt on her part.

All those feelings evaporated as soon as she saw him open the door; although still a bit nervous, now it was the kind when you meet a person for the first time. He walked right up to her having recognized her from her pictures and said hello.

He was dressed casually in khaki slacks and a pullover short sleeve shirt. He was bigger than she expected but as he reached out his hand to shake hers Rebecca just gave him a quick hug. This gave Joe a big smile and put him at ease too. He was nervous too for all the same reasons and now that he was here and seeing Rebecca in the flesh he didn’t know where to begin.

They both began to talk at once and laughed as then they both just sat down. Joe began by saying, “I was surprised to get your e-mail and more surprised that you wanted to meet on short notice. I am just glad I was able to come today. What made you decide to do this?”

“Well I was coming back to see my old school so I thought, what better time to meet, if we were ever going to meet, than when I was close to you? I am here with my brother and his girlfriend at the beach and I wanted a day away from them so I came here. You don’t mind do you?”

Joe responded, “No of course not I have wanted to meet you in person for a while now, I just never thought it would happen, you being from Ohio and me here in Connecticut.”

He went on further to tell her how nice she looked and asked about her vacation. She in turn asked him the usual small talk questions and they chatted like old friends for the better part of an hour. Joe had gotten up and gotten him and Rebecca some chai tea and they had nursed these while chatting during that time.

Joe got up to excuse himself, as he had to use the restroom, and he asked and Rebecca assured him she would still be there when he returned. He went in and closed the door behind him.

Rebecca knew that this was just a meet and greet as she had planned it. However she was thinking that maybe she would take it a bit further. She was having a very nice time and Joe was fun to talk too. Also this older guy turned her on.

He was six foot tall and had big shoulders in fact he was large framed. He did have a bit of extra weight but that did not diminish his good looks. He had all his hair and it was mostly dark brown with a very small touch of grey at the temples. You had to look close to see it. He didn’t look as old as she knew him to be. He turned her on in person too. She had always been turned on by his stories and she found the same qualities that turned her on on paper translated to the man himself in person.

His arms could wrap around Rebecca twice, he was that big and she that small. This gave her a feeling of being protected when she was with him. Much the same feeling she had when her stepfather was around. He was bigger than her stepfather. She made up her mind and went to the bathroom door to wait. She rationalized in her mind that she had to pee also.

As the door opened Rebecca just pushed her way in making sure Joe could not exit. She closed and locked the unisex bathroom door behind her.

She said, “Stand here with your back to the door please,” then she moved to the toilet. Reaching under her dress she hooked her panties with her thumbs and slid them down her legs. She could feel herself being watched and she blushed a little.

She then pulled up her dress exposing her pussy to him and sat down on the seat. She stepped out of one leg of her panties so now they lay in a bunch on one foot. While holding her dress up she spread her legs so Joe had an unobstructed view of her shaved slit. She looked up to see him staring intently with a smile on his face. She then placed her hands on her pubic mound one on each side and pushed in and up slightly so that her pussy lips parted and exposed her pink inner lips.

She looked at Joe again and down at his pants. She could see his manhood begin to expand his pants. She kept her eyes glued to his pants as she let loose and began to urinate. She knew Joe had a fascination with woman peeing so she let him watch her. His cock was getting hard and she could see the front of his pants bulging as she finished and wiped herself.

Before she got up she dropped the straps of her dress to each side and lowered the top of bursa escort the dress so he could see her breasts. She slowly ran her hands over each one cupping the soft flesh in her hands as she then ran her fingers over her already stiff nipples. They were pointing out like two pencil erasers as she flicked her fingers across them sending shivers right down to her clit. Rebecca looked up to see Joe smiling broadly as he watched her intently.

Rebecca then pulled up her dress covering her breasts and stood up. With her panties still draped around one ankle she lifted her leg so she could retrieve it rather than putting it back on. She walked toward Joe still standing by the door twirling her panty on one finger. When she got there she dropped her hand with the panties and loosely shoved it into Joe’s pocket, then gently patted the bulge in his pants. She leaned into Joe, and on her tiptoes, kissed him on the cheek, while she did this, he could feel the softness of her breasts on his arm.

She breathily whispered, “Another time, another place, this just isn’t comfortable here in a restaurant bathroom.”

And she opened the door and walked out. Joe followed. When they reached their table Rebecca leaned into Joe to give him a hug which he readily accepted leaning over so she could wrap her arms around his neck.

She gave him a quick kiss on the lips and said, “Thanks I really enjoyed meeting you. I hope we can get together again under better circumstances. I’m sorry, I didn’t intend to tease you I just thought that since I never sent you any revealing pictures and you did send me some I should return the favor somehow, I hope you don’t mind?”

Joe responded, “Thank you, I enjoyed this more than any picture and I now have a great memory of our meeting. You told me nothing would happen, so this meeting surpassed my expectations. You didn’t tease me just shared yourself and I appreciate that.”

With that Rebecca turned and left. After walking down the block a few yards she turned to see Joe looking back at her as he walked in the opposite direction.

When Rebecca got into her car she had to roll all the windows down it was so hot and even though the cool breeze found its way up her dress to her panty-less crotch her pussy was on fire. She thought to herself if they had met in a hotel she would have dragged him upstairs and made him fuck her hard. The whole incident from the conversation to her little expose had her so wet and horny she wished she had a cock to fuck right now.

She contemplated going back to her professors’ but knew he was in the middle of class and wouldn’t be free for quite a while. She started her car and let the A/C run while the windows were still open. Sitting there she reached under her dress and began to play with her clitoris, first rubbing her fingers into her wet cunt and then up to and all around her clit sending waves of pleasure throughout her body as she brought herself closer to climax. She did this until she could feel the car cool a bit and opening her eyes she realized anyone walking by could see her so she quickly closed the windows and drove off.

The drive was taking too long and she wanted to cum so every once in a while she would diddle her clit getting her close but she was never able to get herself over the hump to orgasm. She was getting frustrated as she drove and thought about Joe.

She realized when she saw him how much she wanted to have sex with him. She was turned on by his stories he sent her and their conversation though not all about sex was enjoyable and attracted her to him. Then showing herself to him was such a turn on for her; just to feel the power she exuded sexually over a man any man was a powerful aphrodisiac. She regretted leaving without doing anything else now and didn’t know if there was going to be another opportunity.

When she arrived at the motel where they were all staying she found no one there. She knew they were at the beach and having calmed down a bit she was not so anxious to masturbate with the sex partners so closely available to her.

So put her needs on hold, got her bathing suit and drove to the beach. It was late afternoon so she didn’t expect to stay long but thought she could help drive them home. She found everyone still on the beach but they were with a larger group of people now. She saw that among themselves there were about ten other men and women.

She saw Ben was talking to a tall redheaded girl who had large breasts. She was spilling out of her too small bikini as they talked intently while April and Scott was chatting to a couple of guys sitting on towels with them. She looked around to see Julie chatting with another two guy’s right next to them. Ben turned spying Rebecca out of the corner of his eye and introduced her to his new redheaded friend.

“Rebecca I want to introduce you too Andrea and her twin brother Andrew.” She saw Andrea but when Ben turned Andrew wasn’t there but he heard his name and bursa escort bayan popped up off the towel he was sitting on. While both were tall about five foot ten inches tall and redheaded that’s the only similarities there were.

She was full figured with a chest that looked to be about a size DD and spilling out of each side of her tiny bikini, her breasts were well pronounced and didn’t have any sag in them at all. It was because she was so young and in good shape she looked very athletic with toned legs and a flat stomach that even looked a bit muscular.

Her brother on the other hand had a smaller frame and was skinny. There faces were very similar too she noticed as both had definite feminine features, on her it was stunning on him it made him look younger than the eighteen years he was. He wasn’t bad looking just kind of tall and geeky, the totals opposite of his sister.

Rebecca found herself attracted to Andrea and she could tell so did Ben. He was practically drooling over her as they exchanged pleasantries. She knew her breasts would never be that big and she had made love with a couple of girls that were large breasted in college so she knew what the attraction was. She also knew that when she got older hers would be the same, while most large women’s breasts would sag and look different as age and gravity took their toll. The thought was comforting though sometimes she longed for a larger chest. The thought was passing as she daydreamed about sucking on Andrea’s nipples.

Ben interrupted her thoughts with, “Andrew and Andrea have invited us to a party at their house tonight. They live in the next town over and they are having a big bonfire and cookout.”

“Sure,” said Rebecca focusing in once more on her brother face instead of Andrea’s tits.

When they arrived later that evening at the twins’ house they were greeted to a larger party than they expected and they even got to meet the twins’ parents. It seems the twins had just turned eighteen and this was their birthday slash summer BBQ. Rebecca, Julie and Ben had no trouble mixing with everyone as they were all about the same age. April and Scott had declined the offer felling that they wanted some alone time to pack as they were leaving the next day anyway.

Ben and Julie spent most of their time talking to Andrea, and Rebecca was kind of pawned off on Andrew. She was polite and after he was able to get over his nervousness she found that he was very much like his sister but a bit shy. She made him a tease and soon she found he was very interesting to talk to. He was very smart and once he became comfortable he was able to talk to Rebecca about anything she wanted.

They ate and mingled with other people but found their way back to each other to chat more than a few times over the course of the evening. Since the twins were having a party sponsored by their parents and not legal drinking age yet there wasn’t any alcohol at the party but everyone had fun anyway. The bonfire was lit after dark and later when it died down marshmallows and chocolate and graham cracker appeared as if by magic and soon everyone was making s’mores and laughing.

It was well after midnight when the party began to break up. Andrew said his goodbyes to Rebecca and Andrea said her goodbyes to Ben and Julie. When Rebecca went up to give Andrea a hug to thank her for the nice time she responded by hugging her back pressing her enormous breasts into Rebecca and giving her a quick kiss on the mouth before whispering in her ear, “My brother is really smitten with you. He has never been with a woman before he is too shy. Maybe you could,” she paused for a moment, “I don’t know how to say it, educate him a little. Anyway we will see you guys tomorrow on the beach.”

After the day they had, when they got back to the room everyone was too exhausted to do anything but sleep and sleep they did.

They awoke the next morning to the sound of rain coming down hard on the ground outside and a banging at the door.

When Ben opened it he found a very wet set of redheaded twins. He ushered them in as the girls on the bed pulled the sheets to cover their naked bodies. Andrea explained that they knew no one would be at the beach and Andrew suggested they drop by and see if you guys all wanted to do something together.

Ben first to speak said, “We need to get some breakfast first then what do you have in mind?”

“We can do that then we thought we all could go to a movie or just hang out somewhere play pool or bowl or something to pass the time,” said Andrea. Ben tossed a towel to Andrew who clearly was drenched, as he had given his light jacket to his sister who had used it to help ward off the rain so she wasn’t nearly as wet.

They agreed that Andrea, Ben and Julie would go get some breakfast for them all while Rebecca stayed with Andrew while he dried off. He was soaked all the way through and Ben gave him a pair of shorts to change into while they took escort bursa his clothes to find a dryer.

While he was in the bathroom changing, the girls got out from under the covers and put on their clothes. They left as soon as Andrew handed his wet clothes to them. He sat down on the chair by the little table in the room while Rebecca went into the bathroom.

When she came out she noticed Andrew was sitting and squirming being dressed in only shorts and in the presence of a girl he liked very much was uncomfortable and he showed it. Rebecca wanting to put him at ease went over and sat on the edge of the bed facing him and placed a hand on his knee. “What’s the matter Andrew?” she said. “Do I make you uncomfortable? Don’t you like me?”

He stammered back quickly, “I do like you that is the problem,” as his eyes looked down as he finished speaking.

She glanced at her hand and her vision went up his leg, intending to look him in the eye, but when she got to his shorts, she stopped. His cock was hard. Not just hard but hard and wedged between his legs so she now knew the source of his discomfort.

She said, “Relax it’s ok that you’re excited, I love the fact I turn you on. Don’t hide it like that it must hurt that way.” He smiled as he began to look at her. He saw her smiling back and he relaxed a bit. She then told him, “Look I don’t want to be forward but it looks like you would be more comfortable without the shorts on.”

She wanted to see his cock now. She hadn’t gotten what she wanted yesterday and she thought maybe she would get some now. She coaxed him a little more but he wasn’t having any of it. She knew it would take more than that so she stood up and began to take off her clothes as she spoke, “Will it help if I take my clothes off first?”

He looked at her intently as she removed first her shirt and not wearing a bra, her breasts came into full view as Andrew’s draw dropped. Then she removed her shorts and thong revealing her shaved vagina to him. Now she said, “Ok now it’s your turn. No fair keeping your clothes on when I’m naked.”

He reluctantly pulled his shorts off while still sitting on the chair. His cock, without the pants to hold it back, came into full view as it was now fully engorged. Rebecca could see that while Andrew was skinny his cock was not. She marveled at its eight inch length which wasn’t skinny either, it was nice and wide in its fully erect state.

He tried to hide it but stopped when Becca reached out and grabbed it. She couldn’t even get her whole hand around its girth it was that wide. He jumped a little when she touched him but as she slowly stroked him he became more and more relaxed. It was only about a minute when he started to make noises like he was going to cum so she stopped and said, “I don’t want you to cum yet,” then she asked, “How many girls have seen?”

He said, “None I am a virgin.”

“Is your sister a virgin too?”

“No,” He answered, “she lost hers last year to some guy from school.”

“Has your sister seen you naked with this cock so hard?”

“No I don’t think so. We haven’t seen other naked since we were ten years old.”

“Well I see. Do you think you can hold off cumming for a while till we have some fun first?” Becca responded.

“Yes,” he meekly stated.

“Good, come up here and lie on the bed I want to get a close look at you and you can get a closer look at me, OK?”

He lay on his back and she lay on her side face to face. She dropped her hand to his cock for only a moment before she removed it and grasped his hand and gently placed in on her breast. Her nipple hardened with his touch and when she again placed her hand on his penis it instantly erupted and spurted cum all over his belly with some on Becca.

She just stroked him a few times to empty his balls and chuckled as she said, “I’m glad we got that out of the way, now I think you’ll last longer.” He was clearly embarrassed and she could tell so she got the towel and wiped up the jism everywhere as she told him it was ok, that it happens and it was no problem in fact she said, “I am so flattered you find me so sexually attractive you can cum so easily. It makes me feel good to know you like me that much.”

This statement did put him at ease and he was over it by the time she finished cleaning and now leaned over to suck his softened member in her mouth. That brought it back to life rather quickly and as soon as he was hard again she went back to stroking him softly while she told him to caress her breasts.

He was an eager student and Rebecca directed him to fondle and kiss her breasts and then she went to teach him to lick her pussy. She needed to cum so badly now and she wanted no mistaken fumbling of someone that didn’t know what he was doing so she took charge and told him what to do.

He began licking her pussy too far away from her clit so she directed him to her love button which by now was peaking out from it folds of skin and very erect itself. She told he to start slow and increase speed and pressure as time wore on. He was a very fast learner and soon here pussy was dripping all over the sheets as she began her climb to the peak of ecstasy.

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