Receiving Grace Pt. 03

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This is part 3 of a three-part story. My apologies for taking so long to get this part published. You may want to re-read Parts 1 and 2 since it’s been so long.

© 2022 Candy_Kane54


The past four months have been hell.

Ever since Grace threw me out, I’ve been moping around. My boss pulled me aside this morning and told me I needed to get my head out of my ass, or he was going to let me go. Since I needed this job, I worked extra hard the rest of the day and even clocked out before I finished. I made sure he saw me do it so he’d know I was serious.

Every day, I’d drive by our old apartment, hoping to get a chance to see Grace and apologize for what I did. Every night, I’d suffer through the nightmare of what I had done to nearly kill Grace. I’d wake up in a cold sweat, hoping against hope that it was just a dream and I’d be lying next to Grace. I never was, and I’d cry, wishing that I could undo what I’ve done.

I noticed that she was hanging out with John Steiner, one of the guys we’d double-dated over the years. My heart hurt when I saw that, thinking that Grace was over loving me and would now be a normal woman. I followed them one time when he had picked her up, and they went to dinner and then to a nightclub for drinking and dancing. I’ll admit that I was stalking her, and I was sure she had seen me a couple of times. Each time I saw her with him, I’d go back to my room and cry myself to sleep.

After putting in an extra hour of work off the clock, I left to go home and change out of my work clothes. After eating a sandwich, I headed out to drive by Grace’s place once more to see if I could get a look at her, hoping that I’d get a chance to apologize. Grace must have heard me because, for the first time since I’ve done this, I saw her looking out the window as I slowly drove by on my bike.

When I saw her, I pulled to the curb and stopped, looking back at Grace, hoping that she’d come to the door. We looked at each other for a minute or two before Grace stepped away from the window. I waited, hoping that the door would open and she’d come out. Still, after several minutes it became apparent that wasn’t going to happen. I pulled away and headed back to my room. I was sad that I didn’t get to apologize but encouraged by the fact that Grace had stood there and hadn’t immediately drawn back.

This continued for another week. I’d drive up to see Grace looking out the window and me looking back. Then, what I had hoped for finally happened. This time, as I drove up, the door was open, and Grace was standing in the doorway looking back at me. I pulled over and waited, looking for some sign that I could approach. I killed the engine and took off my helmet, all the while maintaining our eye contact, willing Grace to call me to her.

I saw Grace look around to see if any of our snoopy neighbors were out and about. Then she gestured for me to approach, and my heart tightened so hard that I couldn’t breathe. “Oh, God,” I prayed to myself as I crossed the street and walked up to the door, “Please let her forgive me.”

As I approached, Grace stepped back without a word to let me enter. I watched her face, looking for a clue as to what would happen. I vowed that I would grovel and abase myself for however long it took to get Grace’s forgiveness if she would let me.

As soon as I entered, I dropped to my knees and said, “Oh, God, Sweet Cheeks, I’m so sor….”

Grace came up, before I could finish, cupped my face with her hands, and silenced me with her lips as they crushed against mine. My heart nearly leaped out of my body for joy as the tears poured out of my eyes. Grace had forgiven me, and right then, I vowed to spend the rest of my life making it up to her…

May 1992

… Grace sobbed before choking on her tears. I started crying, too, knowing how bad Grace was feeling.

“Oh, Sweet Cheeks, I’m so sorry. I wish I could be there for you,” I said, my heart breaking for Grace. No one should outlive their children, especially an only child.

“I know, Baby Doll. I wish you could be here, too. But I need you to get healed. I’ll be back there soon,” Grace finished.

“I will,” I vowed. “I’ll be here for you when you get back, Sweet Cheeks,” I said.

“At least Virginia got back before she went,” Grace said between the tears. “She got to say goodbye.”

Grace started crying again, and I joined her. I was thankful that Virginia had managed to get back from her trip to the Pentagon in time. I knew Grace had been worried that Bonnie might go before Virginia got back.

Once Grace got herself under control again, I asked, “How are the boys doing?”

“Virginia’s with them now,” Grace replied. “I’m so glad she’s here. She loves them to death, and I know she’ll do anything to get them through this. I am so thankful for her. I don’t think I could do this by myself.”

I agreed with Grace about Virginia. When Bonnie had first told me about her growing feelings for Virginia, I knew she was something Demetevler Escort special. Bonnie had been a real trooper, taking care of the two boys on her own, working many jobs to support them. She was unhappy, but she would do whatever it would take to ensure the boys had a good life. When I saw how happy Virginia made Bonnie, I had thrilled that Bonnie had finally found someone to make her happy, like Grace made me happy.

We talked for about an hour, Grace breaking down from time to time, and I’d cry with her. I wished I could be there to comfort her, but I vowed I’d stay on the phone with her as long as it took to help her get by. I did get to talk to Virginia for a minute, giving her my condolences. Finally, Grace said that she had to hang up and go to comfort the boys and Virginia for a while. She didn’t want to selfishly spend all of her time with me while they were hurting as much as she was.

I was emotionally drained by the time we finished the phone call. I sat there for quite a while, upset that I couldn’t be there for Grace in this time of need. As I sat there chastising myself, I thought back to the day Grace told me that Bonnie had cancer…

February 1992

… Just as I got in the door from work, I heard the phone ringing. When I answered the phone, I heard Grace say, “Kathy, Bonnie may have cancer. She called today to tell me that she’d been sick and went to see a doctor. After a bunch of tests, her doctor thinks she has pancreatic cancer. They’re going to do an exploratory surgery Thursday. I may have to go there and help out if it’s bad.” I heard the fear in her voice, and it made me hurt, realizing that she was hurting so much.

“Oh, God, Grace, that’s terrible. Is there anything I can do?” I asked. I was devastated. Bonnie had been like a daughter to me practically from the day she was born.

“I’ll need you to take me to the airport and keep an eye on my place if I have to be gone for a while,” Grace said. “Oh, Baby Doll, I’m scared!” She started sobbing, and it broke my heart to hear it.

“I’ll be right over, Sweet Cheeks,” I said.

I geared up, hopped on my bike, and headed out to see Grace. When I got to Grace’s place, she waited for me at the door. She looked so sad, and I could see that she was trying hard not to cry. I gathered her up in my arms, crushing her teats against mine as I pushed the door closed. My hands went to her ass, and I picked her up as we kissed. Grace wrapped her legs around my hips as I walked us into her bedroom. I would do whatever it took to cheer Grace up, at least for a while.

I sat on the bed, Grace settling into my lap, her legs around my hips, as we continued kissing. I put everything into it, trying to kiss all of her sadness out of her. I was getting hot and wet, and my nips were hard and aching as we continued swapping spit. I could feel Grace’s nips digging into my teats, and she started moaning along with me as we pressed into the kiss. Our tongues ravaged each other’s mouths, taking turns trying to dominate the other. My hands ran up and down her back as hers was doing the same to my back.

Finally, our kiss ended. We put our foreheads together as we stared into each other’s eyes, panting hard, trying to get oxygen in our lungs. I could see Grace’s desire overcoming her sadness, and I thrilled at the need I saw in her eyes and vowed that I would give her whatever she wanted…

… As I left to go back to my place, I felt better about Grace, knowing that she had settled down and wasn’t as worried about Bonnie as earlier today. We had planned out what we’d do if she had to fly to Ohio. I’d drive her to the airport and watch her apartment. She’d send me money to cover paying the bills and the rent until she returned. I didn’t mind. I’d do whatever it took to help her out while she was gone…

June 1992

… Grace told me the day that she and the boys would be flying back. I was scheduled to get out of the big heavy cylindrical cast two days after they got back. I arranged with Jim for him to take me to the airport to meet Grace and the boys when they got in. I’d have to be in a wheelchair, but Jim had a van so he could take me and still have room for Grace and the boys and their luggage. I really appreciated Jim for doing this for me and told him so.

Julie stopped by to check up on me. I told her that Grace and the boys were coming home tomorrow. Julie was happy to hear that and said she’d stop by to see them. After getting everything cleaned and running to the store for some groceries, Julie hugged me and told me she was glad that I’d have Grace and the boys around to cheer me up before she left. She promised to stop by and visit everyone once they were settled in.

I could hardly wait to see Grace tomorrow, and as I prepared for bed, I hoped that I’d be able to sleep so I wouldn’t be a zombie tomorrow. I needed to be there for Grace and the boys when they got back. As I fell asleep, I thought Otele gelen escort back to that road trip, oh, so long ago…

August 1965

… My eyes opened, and I could see some light around the edges of the closed drapes. Grace was spooned up against me. I could tell by her breathing that she was already awake. My hand instinctively tightened its grip on her teat, and I could feel her nip hardening against my palm. “Good morning, Sweet Cheeks, I murmured in her ear as I continued massaging her teat.

“Good morning, Baby Doll,” Grace returned, wriggling her ass into my pussy. My nips hardened and ached, and my pussy got hot and wet as I nuzzled Grace’s ear while taking her hard nip and pinching and pulling it, loving the moans and gasps she made. “Oh, fuck, Baby Doll, I love waking up like this,” she husked as she lifted her leg to drape it over mine, giving me access to her pussy.

“Didn’t get enough last night?” I asked as my hand slid down over her core, heading for her treasure.

“Oh, God, no, Baby Doll,” Grace moaned as my hand cupped her hot, wet pussy. The heat of her pussy nearly seared my palm while her hardening clit scored it as I started running my fingers up and down her slit, getting them lubricated. I thrust my middle and ring fingers in her hole, drawing an “Oh, fuck, Baby Doll” out of Grace’s mouth. She arched her back, driving her shoulders into my teats, my aching nips digging into them as she started rolling her hips. Her ass was pressed against my pussy, and the movement stimulated my clit, making me thrust my hips to get more friction.

I started pistoning my fingers in and out as Grace moaned and panted, “Oh, Fuck”, the base of my thumb slapping her clit on each downstroke. I lost myself in the sight of Grace’s body writhing under my ministrations and the sounds she was making turned me on. My chest clenched. I felt impulses going through my body with each gasp and thrust of her ass against my pussy.

I quickly came to the edge, and I fought against giving in to my orgasm, wanting to make sure Grace came first. I knew she was close by the way her body moved and the sounds she was emitting. As much as I wanted to come, I really enjoyed teetering on the edge, so I kept going. Each time I felt Grace would scream her way over the edge, I’d back off, wanting this to last forever.

The disappointed noises she made as I denied her an immediate release made me resolve to hang on as long as possible. I really enjoyed playing Grace’s body like a classical instrument, eliciting the sounds I loved to hear. I was moaning and gasping along with her, our combined noises making beautiful music. I felt like I was balancing on my board at the peak of a huge wave, loving the thrill of being there, but terrified of what could happen if I lost control.

Finally, Grace gasped/moaned out a “Please, Baby Doll,” and I let loose and pistoned in and out as fast and as hard as I could, shoving Grace over the edge as we plunged hand-in-hand into our orgasms. I lost my rhythm as Grace’s thighs snapped shut, trapping my hand with my fingers buried in her pussy. I gave into my orgasm, and we both writhed as I lost control of my body, and I floated in a cloud of bliss as I lost consciousness…

… As I came down and opened my eyes, I saw Grace lying there, totally limp and blissed out. If I wasn’t feeling so good, I might have teared up thinking about how beautiful she looked, totally at peace with the world. My eyes feasted on the sight of her teats sitting high on her chest, her nips proudly pointing to the ceiling. As my eyes traveled over her taut cord down to the trimmed bush around her pussy, my heart clenched at the thought of how I loved the aroma of her arousal and the taste of her juices coating my fingers.

Her eyes fluttered open, and I sighed as I fell into those brown pools. A huge smile came across her lips as she chuckled. “What?” I asked, knowing what she would say but looking forward to hearing the words from her beautiful mouth.

“I love how you sigh, Baby Doll,” Grace said softly.

“Only for you, Sweet Cheeks, only for you,” I said as our lips crashed together…

… Once we were dressed and ready to go, we checked out, mounted up, and headed down the road to a small restaurant that served breakfast. The food was delicious, and the atmosphere was friendly, so we enjoyed our breakfast. While eating, we decided to go down to the beach and spend some time there before heading out and starting back home.

We headed down to the parking lot for Muir Beach and found a parking spot since it wasn’t too crowded yet. The morning fog was just about burned off, so the view from the beach was spectacular once we followed the path down to the water. This beach was interesting since you could access fresh water from Big Lagoon formed by Redwood Creek and saltwater from the ocean.

Once we got to the beach, we took our boots off to walk over the Balgat Escort sand. Since we hadn’t packed any bathing suits, we weren’t going to go into the water, but we would walk along the water’s edge. The sound of the waves rolling onto the beach and the calls of the seagulls flying around and perching on the rock outcrops brought back memories of our time spent on the beach when we were young and free. I turned to Grace and said, “This brings back memories, doesn’t it, Sweet Cheeks.”

Grace smiled up at me and said, “Yes, it does, Baby Doll. Those were the days, weren’t they?”

I saw the wistful look on Grace’s face and wished for a moment that we could just stay here forever and forget about the world we would soon have to return to. Instead, I smiled back at Grace and said, “You bet, Sweet Cheeks.”

Once we were out of sight of the few people who were already staking out spots on the beach, we walked hand-in-hand, letting the waves lap over our feet so we could say we went to the ocean. We walked the length beach until we approached the cliffs that the Muir Beach Overlook was perched upon. We stopped a few times to clench and kiss as we enjoyed the beauty and solitude.

Finally, it was time to start back. Bonnie would be home in four days, so I had to have Grace back home before Bonnie returned. Once we got back to the path to the parking lot, we helped each other clean the sand off our feet and donned our boots. We made it back up to the parking lot to get ready to leave. We wanted to get to Monterey for the night, but we’d stop before that if it started to get dark. We geared up, and I got the bike started. Grace climbed on behind me, putting her arms around my core as I took off, heading out of the parking area and back onto SR-1.

We wended our way through the hills, slowly climbing to the tops of the hills. The sun was hot and bright, so I was glad that the road was going through the trees. When we reached Mill Valley, we started the descent back down to sea level. The view of Richardson Bay and Angel Island beyond it was spectacular. Finally, we made it to Manzanita, where SR-1 merged into US101. We followed SR-1/US101, skirting around Sausalito until the Golden Gate Bridge came into view.

The traffic had come to a crawl as everyone slowed down to enjoy the view. We finally made it across the bridge, and again, I couldn’t believe how much the roadway bounced and swayed. The breeze was brisk despite the hot sun, and I was glad when we got off the bridge. Fort Point was clearly visible as we worked toward the exit onto SR-1 at Veteran’s Boulevard.

Traffic was lighter as we ducked into McArthur Tunnel to get us to the other side of the hill. The transition from the bright sunshine to the lighted tunnel was stark. As was tradition, you honked when entering a tunnel, so there was a cacophony of horns that drowned out the tiny beep of my horn. By the time we exited the tunnel, my eyes had adjusted to the dimness so popping back out into the bright sun nearly blinded me. The Richmond District of San Francisco was spread out before us as we descended into the city, drawing an exclamation from Grace about the view.

Veteran’s Boulevard turned into Park Presidio Boulevard as we approached Golden Gate Park and the San Francisco Botanical Garden. The street wended through the parks until we came out the other side into the Sunset District, Grace pointing out various things that she thought were interesting. I was thrilled that Grace was so excited about seeing the sights. I had worried that the thought of heading home would dampen her enthusiasm, but so far, it hasn’t.

We continued south until we got to Daly City, where we had split off yesterday to head to the Mission District and The Green Door. It was past time to eat lunch, and my stomach was protesting, so I looked for a place to pull into to get something to eat. We stopped at a hole-in-the-wall taqueria in Sharp Park just off the highway that Grace pointed out to me, indicating she was also hungry.

I pulled into the lot, seeing a couple of other bikes parked there. I figured this would be a spot that wouldn’t treat us as different. I killed the engine and put down the kickstand as Grace jumped off. Once I got off, I stretched, bouncing on my toes to work out the tenseness from having to drive through all of the city traffic. Grace gave me a saucy smile, making my nips harden and my pussy hot, as she said, “God, Baby Doll, I’m starved!”

I smiled back, saying, “Me, too, Sweet Cheeks!”

We entered and found that there were counter seats since the place was so small. There were a few customers in leathers like we were, and we acknowledged each other with a short nod as we took our seats at the counter. The waitress quickly came over holding a coffee pot, handed us menus, and asked if we wanted coffee. We both declined and Grace asked for a Dos Equis, and I asked for unsweetened ice tea.

She went to get our drinks as we slipped off our jackets and checked out the menu. They had a good selection of burritos and tacos to choose from. We settled for beef tacos, and when our waitress came back with our drinks, we ordered the tacos. I noticed the waitress eyeing my tattoos with approval while taking our orders, making me feel welcome. Grace noticed and grinned up at me before leaning in and saying, “Looks like you have a fan.”

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