Red Hot Lips Cyber Affair

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Should she really do it? She had been surfing the net looking for some adult chat, not really sure what she was looking for. She found the room itself quite dull, but then her instant messenger started to go nuts. Whoa, this was not what Red expected. All of them wanted to know if she had a web cam, she did, but didn’t want to show herself in that way. So she lied and said she didn’t have one. It was a bit on strange side she thought. Never could she do that. One man asked her if she wanted to watch him, should she? Oh what the hell she thought and she said yes. She was curious about it.

Wow! There was a picture of a man stroking a nice hard cock. It made her pussy tingle with anticipation. She watched as he worked it, oh my, it was nice. Before long she had four guys onscreen jacking off for her. Red discovered she liked to watch. In fact it made her horny as hell. She slipped her panties off from under her skirt. The action of going commando was a thrill on it’s own, but with her view, whoa! It was not long she had her fingers in her own pussy finding some satisfaction for herself. It had been a long time since she had cum that much. Her chair was soaked. If she did this again, some changes would need to be made, and Red knew she would be back. It was exciting to watch them.

She needed to get a few things lined up before coming back though. Like a new name on her messenger, she didn’t need her friends wondering what she was doing. This was her naughty little secret. And maybe she should buy a new chair, a waterproof one!

She was back 3 days later with a new name. Red_Hot_Lips. She was still undecided about the web cam. The second chat was just as hot as the first. Thank god for the waterproof seat on the new chair! She knew it was time to purchase a toy for this, her fingers got so wet and sticky it made Büyükçekmece escort bayan a mess of the keyboard and mouse.

Red took her first trip to a sex shop. Her eyes were huge, as she looked at all the different colours, styles, & models available. She finally chose a red 8-inch dildo. She could not wait to try it out. Her pussy tingled with anticipation just thinking about what she going to do with it made her panties wet. As soon as she got home she went into her bedroom and locked the door. She undressed and unwrapped her new toy. It felt right. Which way should she try it? Standing or lying down? She decided for the first time lying down was best.

She got out her favourite strawberry flavoured lube and rubbed some on her breasts, which always felt nice. Her nipples were hard and slippery. She came without using “Big Red.” She was ready to try her first dildo. Her hand went down to her slick wet pussy, no lube needed there! Her finger touched her clit and found it wet, she rubbed it gently and moaned. Her fingers quickened and she came again. Wow, 2 orgasms before she even put Big Red to work!

She reached over to Big Red and picked up the dildo. Red looked at the dildo and brought it to her mouth and licked it. Then she sucked on it. She took the rubber cock out of her mouth and placed the head on her moist lips and prepared to make them red! She gently pressed the rubber cock into her pussy, oh if felt nice and a little cool inside of her, not warm like a mans cock. She slowly pulled it out and quickly rammed it back into her cunt. She did that a few times till she could no longer stand it, soon she was ramming the rubber dick into her wet pussy as hard and fast as she could. She reached an orgasm and the release felt wonderful.

The next step in Escort Çatalca Red’s naughty journey was still to come (no pun intended!) She went to the chat rooms, but tonight nobody would show her their cam. They wanted to masturbate together online with her. Red was a bit scared, she never showed anyone her privates. In reality Red was a prude, that she had went this far was amazing.

Red thought maybe she would hook up the cam offline and see what she looked like on it. This was kind of exciting. She reached over to adjust the cam and accidentally hit the take a pic button! Shit! Now there was a picture of her pussy on her computer. She looked at it. It didn’t look half bad, and maybe a few more would be fun. This was turning her on! She took pictures of her breasts, her pussy, her pussy opened wide and one with Big Red shoved into her pussy. Should she keep them? Someone may see them on here she thought. She would delete the pictures. But she liked them. Maybe she could hide them in a file by themselves. Would anyone find them? So that’s what Red did she hid them in a secret file..

Maybe Red could do the live cams after all; nobody would see anything other than her pussy and what she did to it. Red decided to masturbate with the cam but only offline. What a turn on! Her pussy was hot and she was horny. She was going to go online with cam. With growing excitement Red logged on. She went to her favourite room. She waited until someone wanted to see her cam, but she told them not unless she could see them too. An invite came right away, and the cam loaded and she saw a nice large cock. Red let the other guy see her cam. It made her hot, cause she could see herself too!

Soon her screen lit up with requests, some had invites to other cams. How many should she let watch? What the Esenler escort hell let them all look! Red was going to show how red those lips could get!! Soon Red had 38 viewers, and they were all watching her rub her clit. Red put her strawberry lube on her fingers and stroked her pussy. It felt very nice, but what the viewers did not see was what Red did when her hands disappeared. She licked her fingers; they tasted of strawberry and her own juices. MMMM yummy. Many hard cocks were showing on her screen. It was a virtual orgy of masturbation, all colours and sizes of cocks were there to see. One man came right away, but stayed to watch her little peep show. Looks like Red was a voyeur and exhibitionist as well, she was enjoying this cam show a lot.

She came soon and made her new chair all wet. The chair was slippery with her cum. The sight of that made another man so hot he shot his load. However he stayed to watch too. Red could smell the strawberry scent and the scent of her own cum. She reached over a picked up Big Red. The viewers could not see, but she licked the rubber cock. She could wait no longer; she lowered her toy to her wet pussy and slipped it in. She was so wet the dildo went all the way into her, buried to the hilt. She moaned with pleasure, and it was then she realized her cam had a mic and her viewers heard every sound she made!

This made things even more fun, Red knew all could hear and it made her hornier yet. She was so wet you could her the dildo making slurping and sucking wet noises as she fucked herself with it. It made her so excited she forgot all about the sight on her screen. She fucked her pussy hard and fast and it got wetter, and her lips got redder. She came, it gushed out in a big stream all over the chair and the floor. You could hear cum drip down to the floor. All heard her moans, her scream of pleasure and how wet she was. Red had one of the largest orgasms of her life. It was so hot the other people watching came too. It was wet, it was wild and it was fun! Some night if you log onto an adult chat you may run across Red and her toy, and we all know Red would love to have you see her too.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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