Reform School Sisters Ch. 01

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The Rutherford Academy for young women felt more like a prison sometimes than a college to its student body. The campus stood in a remote part of the countryside, and there were strict rules forbidding the girls from venturing beyond its gates. The school specialized in dealing with problem children, managing their days with strict routine and discipline.

21 year old Breanna was in the cafeteria, grimacing at a tray of plain chicken and rice that looked absolutely revolting. She poked it skeptically with her fork. The meat jiggled sickeningly, and looking at it, she decided she wasn’t very hungry.

A taller girl with spiked hair and thick mascara strode coolly over to her table and sat down next to her. Neither woman made any sign to acknowledge the other.

“Selling anything good today?” Bree asked without an upwards glance.

The taller woman, Bonnie, smirked and lifted her book bag onto the bench between them. She pulled it open revealing it’s contents. “Check out this premium shit.” she said with a cocky grin.

Bree peered discretely into the bag and saw a large, flesh colored dildo pointing up at her. She blushed, darting her eyes back to her tray in surprise. “Holy shit!” she exclaimed. “That’s a fucking dick! Why does it come with a belt?” she asked, referring to the straps attached to the base of the toy.

“It’s called a strap on, Sweet-pea. You can use it by yourself, but personally, I recommend you get a girl to put it on and give you a good pounding with it. Closest thing to a red blooded man you’re gonna get in this hell hole.” Bonnie replied, her eyes scanning the room as she spoke.

Bree’s cheeks turned pink, and she started to sputter indignantly. “I’m not a fucking lesbian!” she hissed.

“It’s not about being a lesbian, it’s about getting some dick! Do you want it or not?”

Bree hesitated. It had been so long since she’d had something hard shoved up her cunt, and she could feel herself getting wet just thinking about it.

“How much?” she asked.

“Half a pack.”

Bree grumbled, reaching into her sock and pulling out a hand full of cigarettes. She passed them to the taller girl and muttered: “Fine. But that’s all I’ve got.”

Bonnie smiled and got up, leaving her back pack behind. “Pleasure doing business, Gorgeous.” she said as she walked away. Bree zipped the bag shut and got up a few minutes later, leaving the cafeteria.


That night, Bree sat in her dorm room as the curfew announcement blasted over the PA. Students were required to be in their rooms by eleven o’clock each night. Guards roamed the halls after dark, ensuring no one was where they weren’t supposed to be.

Bree sighed, laying back on her bed with a thud. She glanced sideways at the backpack she’d gotten from Bonnie as it sat on the floor next to her. She licked her lips, then reached for it, opening it up to get another look at her recent purchase.

Just then, the dorm room door swung open, and Bree’s younger sister Paige rushed in, slamming it behind her again and giggling as she struggled to catch her breath.

“Woo! Just made it!” she laughed, leaning back against the closed door.

“You cut it a bit close, today, Sis. Keep this up and you’ll be moved to the high security wing.”

Paige scoffed and came into the room, flopping down at the foot of her sister’s bed. The 19 year old eyed the bag Bree was holding curiously. “Whatcha got there?” she asked.

Bree grinned. “Something I got from Bonnie today.” she said. “Wanna see?” She handed her sister the bag and sat back on her pillow.

Paige looked inside, and burst with laughter, pushing the bag closed again almost immediately. “No way! Is that a fucking dildo?” she asked, before taking another look.

“Yup. I’ve been thinking about it and I’ve decided to call him Melvin. Melvin, meet Paige. Paige, Melvin.”

Paige cackled louder, falling back on the bed and kicking her legs out.

There was a loud thumping at the door and a gruff voice suddenly bellowed: “Keep it down in there, ladies!”

Paige fell silent and sat up again, looking thoughtfully at the backpack. “Hey, can I borrow him sometime?” she asked quietly.

Bree frowned at her sister and yanked the bag away from her. “Jesus, I haven’t even had a chance to try him out yet.” she said.

“Oh.. Right. Well, when are you gonna use him? bursa escort There aren’t exactly a lot of places in this dump where you can get some privacy.”

“Well…” Bree answered, pulling the device out of the backpack. “It’s actually more than just a dildo… See?” she showed her sister the straps. “It’s kind of a… toy for two.”

Paige gaped as she realized what she was looking at. “Shit, Bree… I know it’s been a while for you, but I didn’t realize you were going lez on me!” she exclaimed.

Bree furrowed her brow and whacked Paige’s arm with the rubber phallus. “Hey, shut up! It’s not being lez! It’s just… getting cock the only way I can in this hell hole.”

Paige shrugged her shoulders. “I suppose.. Well, who are you gonna use it with, then? You gonna sneak someone in here or something?”

Bree lowered her eyes and fiddled with the corner of her pillow. “Well… I was thinking… why sneak someone in? I mean… you’re here, right?”

Paige’s jaw dropped. “You can’t be serious!” she said with a nervous laugh.

“Hey, come on! You’d just be helping me out… If you do me… I’ll do you?”

Paige’s eyes shifted as she considered her sister’s suggestion. “Fuck…” she muttered. “It really has been too long since I’ve had a nice fat dick inside me…” She sighed, and looked up at Bree reluctantly.

“Fine, you’ve got a deal.” she conceded. “Hand him over.”

Bree grinned and gave Melvin to her sister. She slipped out of her pants and laid back on her pillow, spreading her thighs.

Paige stood and started to strip herself. “You leaving your shirt on?” she asked.

“Yeah. Why not?” Bree replied.

“I dunno. Isn’t the idea to act like your fucking a guy? Like, you’re actually having sex?”

Bree considered her sister’s argument and decided she had a point. “Ok, fine. But you get naked too, alright?”

“Fair enough, I guess.”

The two girls pulled their shirts off, and Paige fastened the strap on around her hips. She climbed over her sister. “Ready?” she asked.

Bree nodded. “Go slow, though. It’s been a while.”

Paige leaned forward and rubbed the head of her dildo against her sister’s entrance. The girls rotated their hips slowly against each other, getting Bree’s pussy good and wet.

Once Bree’s breathing started to get more ragged, Paige took her cue and started to push Melvin forward. The rubber phallus began to disappear slowly inside Bree’s dampening pussy.

“Mmm…” Bree groaned, enjoying the sensation of being filled by the fake cock. “Fuck, I missed this!”

Paige smirked, but didn’t say anything. She was now all the way inside her sister, and started to pull back again, pumping her hips slowly.

As she moved, she realized something was happening to her pussy as well. Ridges inside the strap on’s harness were rubbing against her clit, and the feeling had her pussy getting wetter with every stroke.

“Oh… Fuck!” she moaned, pumping her hips faster.

Bree didn’t understand why Paige was getting so into it, but she certainly wasn’t complaining! The strap on was pounding her wet cunt fantastically, and she groaned, pushing her own hips up harder against her sister.

As their fucking got faster, Bree wrapped her arms around Paige’s neck, pulling her down harder on top of her. Their tits brushed together as they writhed against one another, exciting their nipples with every thrust.

“Mmmmm… yeah, Baby. Fuck that pussy!” Bree groaned. She wrapped her legs around Paige’s waist, pulling her harder into her steamy folds. Her cunt squelched as the strap on pumped inside her, dripping juices onto the bed as the sisters gyrated excitedly.

Paige gasped for breath as she rocked her hips desperately. Her pussy seeped into the crotch of the strap on, her clit throbbing sensitively as it scraped against the inner ridges. She pushed her arms under Bree’s, wrapping them around her sister’s torso and rubbing their chests harder against each other.

Up until this point, the sisters had kept their eyes closed as they fucked against each other. Bree was trying to pretend a big, husky guy was on top of her, but the feel of Paige’s soft breasts scraping against her own made that a difficult image to maintain.

She opened her eyes slowly and looked up into her sister’s face. Paige’s brow was furrowed, her mouth hanging open as she panted with bursa escort bayan exertion. She licked her lips as she pounded into Bree, and whimpered softly with pleasure.

Bree let out a throaty moan. She realized the idea of being fucked by her sister was making her feel hotter than any guy she could think of ever would. She pulled the younger girl down harder, gyrating frantically against her bucking hips.

“Fuck… Yeah… Fuck me, Sis! Fuck your big sister’s pussy!”

Paige’s eyes shot open, and she looked down into Bree’s lusting face. She bit her lip, and started to fuck even faster. “Yeah… Sis… You… you like that? You like it when I stuff my cock inside you?” she said.

Bree whimpered, nodding her head excitedly. “Yes!” she gasped “Yes, Paige, YEEEEESSS!!” Bree arced her back, pressing her sweaty tits hard against her sister’s and howled as she had a powerful orgasm. Her hips gyrated desperately, impaling her cunt violently on Paige’s strap on over and over again.

Paige’s eyes rolled into the back of her head and she started to groan, sweat dripping from her furrowed brow. Bree’s frantic movements were pummeling the strap on’s ridges against her clit, and she could feel her own climax about to erupt. She threw her head back, letting out a strangled cry as it finally hit her, causing her body to tremble on top of her sister’s.

The two women convulsed against each other, their pussies gushing with juices and soaking the bedsheets beneath them. They ground together desperately, sweat coating them completely as they continued to tremble in ecstasy.

As their orgasms slowly began to dissipate, Paige’s thrusting hips began to slow, and she crumple on top of Bree in exhaustion. The sisters’ chests heaved against each other as they lay deflated on the sagging mattress.

After several minutes, Paige rolled off of Bree, peeling their bodies apart and pulling the strap on from the older girl’s destroyed pussy.

“W-wooooow…” Bree stammered, gazing up at the ceiling with unfocused eyes.

“Yeah… Wow…” Paige added, her chest still pounding.

“I am fucking wreeeecked.” Bree said with a giddy laugh. “I’m about ready to pass out!”

Paige struggled to pull herself up on her elbows. “Hey, what about my turn!” she said. “You promised!”

“What? Didn’t you cum, too?” Bree asked.

“Well, yeah… But I still want to get stuffed with as much dick as my cunt can handle!” Paige replied.

Bree rolled her eyes and looked down at the rubber phallus sticking up from her sister’s crotch. “Fine. Hurry up and pass him over, then.” she said, holding out her hand.

Paige grinned, and hurriedly slid out of the straps, passing Melvin to her sister. Bree slipped the harness over her hips and rolled over onto her knees, getting between Paige’s thighs. The girls were both still sticky with sweat and cum as she lowered herself on top of her. She pushed the strap on against Paige’s pussy, and it slipped in easily, as the younger girl was still drenched from their last frantic fuck.

Paige sucked in her breath as she felt herself getting stretched open. She wrapped her legs around Bree’s waist immediately, pulling her in snug against her hips.

“You’re eager, aren’t you?” Bree smirked, before starting to rock her hips slowly. As she started to move, realization formed on her face, and she looked down at her sister in surprise.

“Shit! Is that what you were feeling?” she asked, referring to the ridges rubbing her clit.

Paige nodded, and reached up, wrapping her arms around Bree’s neck. “Come here, Sis, and fuck me good!” she said, pulling the older girl down on top of her.

Bree pressed her breasts against Paige’s again, and the sisters looked into each other’s eyes as they started to move harder against each other. The strap on pumped in and out of Paige’s drenched pussy, still stained with Bree’s sticky juices.

The sisters fucked in relative silence, whimpering and grunting as their pleasure increased steadily. Their hips ground against each other excitedly, and they pressed their bodies together tightly, loving the feel of each other’s burning skin against their own.

As the ridges scraped Bree’s sensitive clit, she bit her lip, her face twisting and contorting. She found it difficult to hold her head above Paige’s, and lowered it to the pillow, burying her face in her escort bursa sister’s neck.

Paige shuddered as she felt Bree’s breath hit her throat. Her own lips pressed into the older girl’s shoulder, and she closed her eyes, enjoying the wonderful sensations cascading through her inflamed body.

The sisters embraced tightly, their hips smacking together in their gushing pussy juices. The strap on ravaged Paige’s swollen cunt, and the ridges sliced into Bree’s aching clit mercilessly.

As Paige held Bree’s head to her neck, she started to feel her sister’s lips pressing against her with greater intention. She trembled, feeling the older girl begin to kiss her burning flesh.

Bree was completely absorbed in the moment. As far as she was concerned, Paige had taken on the role of her lover, and she couldn’t fight the desire to put her lips on the younger girl’s delectable body. She kissed her way along Paige’s throat, making the girl groan with unbridled passion.

Paige was drowning in the smell of Bree’s musky skin, her nose pressed against the older girl’s sweat soaked neck. She couldn’t resist pressing her own lips to her sister’s salty flesh, tasting her as the strap on continued to shred her boiling pussy.

Bree groaned as she felt Paige returning her kisses, and started dragging her lips across her sister’s skin. Paige did the same, making her way up across Bree’s cheek. Both sisters knew exactly where this was leading, but couldn’t seem to stop themselves. They trembled as their lips moved ever closer.

Bree slowly pulled her head back and gazed into Paige’s eyes briefly, before crushing her lips to the younger girl’s. The two sisters kissed passionately, their tongues delving into each other’s steamy mouths. They moaned, devouring each other hungrily and grinding together with burning desperation.

With their entire bodies sliding against each other, the sisters fucked with an animalistic ferocity. Their pussies flooded with juices, and they suddenly stiffened against each other, earth shattering orgasms erupting from both of them simultaneously.

The sisters unleashed muffled screams into each other’s mouths as they bucked against each other, their climaxes bursting from their mangled cunts. They writhed and twisted their bodies together, drenched with sweat and burning with scorching passion.

Their tongues wrestled hungrily throughout their orgasms, luxuriating in the sweet taste of each other’s tender mouths. They held the kiss for as long as they could, but finally had to wrench their lips apart, saliva flying as they gasped for much needed air.

Bree squealed desperately as she shoved her cock one final time inside her sister’s cunt, her back arcing and her head whipping back hard.

Paige’s neck strained as she jolted with one final wave of exquisite pleasure, her toes curling as her pussy clamped tightly around the rubber shaft shoved deep inside it.

The two sisters collapsed to the bed in a heap of slick flesh and tangled limbs, their lungs struggling to take in much needed oxygen. Bree’s hair covered both girls’ faces, bunched together in thick, sweat dampened clumps.

After several minutes, their breathing began to return to normal, and Bree lifted her head from her sister’s neck. The two women locked eyes, and Bree moved her hand to push a strand of hair gently out of Paige’s face. They held their gaze for another beat, then Bree lowered her face, and the sisters kissed with soft, sensual lips.

“That was… Thank you.. so much for this.” Bree whispered, holding her lips just barely above her sister’s. They kissed again, their tongues slipping against each other, and moaned into each other’s mouths.

“Thank YOU, Sis. That was incredible.” Paige breathed when they finally separated again.

They were both exhausted, and Bree slowly pulled herself off of her sister, the strap on sliding out of her wetly. She removed the harness, and set the toy on the bedside table before turning back to wrap Paige up in her arms.

The sisters cuddled together, and Bree pulled the blankets over their naked, cum soaked bodies.

“Bree?” Paige asked, nuzzling into her sister’s neck.

“Yeah, Sis?”

“Are we… like… Was that gay?”

Bree thought for a moment, her fingers stroking along the younger girl’s back. “I have no idea. But I’ll tell you this- We’re doing that again tomorrow.” she replied.

Paige grinned, and kissed her sister tenderly on the cheek. “Oh, definitely.” she said.

The two girls snuggled closer, and in minutes both were sound asleep in each other’s arms.

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