Reid’s Adventures Ch. 04

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After showering and getting cleaned up, Reid went to his room. It was about 9pm, too early to go to bed really. The rain outside was smacking against the window. Dropping his towel, Reid looked himself over in his mirror. He wished he could be taller. 5ft 10 was ok, but 6ft would be better. He was glad of his slim, yet slightly muscular figure, noticing how some of the guys in his office had gained a bit of a stomach.

Then he felt a twinge in his balls. They were swelling up again. Only recently had he noticed this and only today had they been emptied with three different women. Something of a mystery considering his previous year long dry spell. His cock hung long and thick between his legs. Even that looked like it was getting a bit bigger, and thoughts of the two girls, Ursula and Emma from his meeting, and then Becky on the train, soon had it starting to swell also.

Grabbing a pair of clean boxers, Reid went upstairs to the living room, passing again the window that looked out back to the house behind his basement flat. Doors were being banged and Reid could hear the mother of two shouting at her children. She seemed to do that a lot.

Reid didn’t really have much to do with his neighbours, in fact the only time he had spoken to the woman, Sarah he thought her name was, had been when she knocked on his door telling him the correct time to put his bins out. She was about his height with shoulder long blonde hair that was always tied back in a ponytail. He remembered thinking she could have been quite pretty if she didn’t have a scowl on her face, ruining her bright blue eyes.

Sitting on the sofa, Reid flicked on the TV. About 20 minutes later he was dozing softly, dreaming of Becky from the train and how he had fucked her in the ass, his large cock filling out, he was awoken by his doorbell ringing continuously.

“Alright, alright!” he moaned to no one in particular as he got up and headed for the door, completely forgetting that he was only in his boxers. When he opened the door the sight that he was confronted with made his heart race and his cock throb! There on the door was his neighbour, Sarah, wearing a pale blue shirt and, it seemed, nothing else!

The rain had soaked her through, the shirt clinging to what Reid noticed was quite an amazing figure considering she had had two children. It was also turning slightly transparent, showing Reid that she wasn’t wearing a bra as her dark nipples were showing through clearly now. Unbuttoned quite low too it was obvious that her B-Cup breasts were still firm enough to stand proud as he could see the rain dripping through her cleavage.

The rain was running down her long smooth legs, giving them a sexy sheen, the blue shirt barely enough to cover the curve of her hips.

“C-can I come in and borrow your phone?” Sarah stammered, the cold getting to her.

“Wh-what?” replied Reid, still lost in thoughts of how good looking his neighbour was.

“I managed to lock myself out while getting the laundry in and I need to call my husband.”

“Oh, er, sure!” said Reid standing aside so Sarah could pass. Her wet, dripping body brushed past Reid as Sarah entered, Reid checking out her ass as she walked ahead of him. The shirt covered just over half her soft round buttocks and he could now see that she was in fact wearing a small pair of white cotton knickers. Which too were rapidly becoming transparent. His cock throbbed hungrily.

Sarah hated her predicament. Having finally got the kids to sleep and about to go to bed herself it had started to rain. Throwing all the clothes inside the house, she had gone back for that one last pair of socks, just as a gust of wind blew the door closed. She couldn’t believe it! she was wearing one of her husband’s shirts and only her knickers, ready for bed and the rain was soaking her.

She didn’t like Reid, she saw him as a messy teenager – even though he was 22 – who was always looking into her house when he walked past his window, but he was the only person that seemed to be in. Grudgingly, instead of waiting outside for hours for her husband, she decided to enter the boys flat and ask to borrow his phone.

She wanted to be in there as little as possible, especially considering her attire, but even she couldn’t deny the flutter she felt inside when Reid opened the door in just his boxers. Not knowing why, her eyes dropped down to his crotch and was amazed at how large the bulge there was. Trying to ignore it and remember how much she disliked the boy she entered his flat, which was a lot cleaner and tidier than she was expecting.

“Hang on.” Reid said as he disappeared downstairs to get a towel. Sarah stood in the middle of his living room, dripping. She just wanted to make her phone call and get out, but a tiny little voice in her head was telling her that she wanted to see her neighbour in his boxers again, hoping he wasn’t going to put on any more clothes. Before she realised it her hand was at the highest button done up on her shirt and was playing with it.

It ankara escort fell open just as Reid came bounding back up the stairs, Sarah’s shirt now open to half way down her slim body. Reid tried not to stare at the slight curve of breast that was now on show, dripping with water, it made Sarah seem like a water-nymph rising from a lake.

Sarah tried not to blush as she noticed Reid checking her out. “You should be mad!” she told herself. “You’re a married, 37 year old, mother of two. Get a grip!” she ignored the quiet voice telling her she was pleased Reid remained in his boxers as she took the towel.

“Thanks.” She said simply as she patted her face with the towel, before running her hair through it. Next she ran it down over her exposed chest and then, completely forgetting where she was, she placed one foot on the sofa and slowly ran the towel up her smooth leg, lingering on her soft thigh. Reid stared open-mouthed as his neighbour seemed to be putting on a show.

His cock was swelling more and more, getting tighter in his boxers as he watched Sarah swap legs and run the towel up. This time the shirt was raised too, revealing her white, cotton knickers to him. Then standing directly in front of Reid, Sarah pulled her shirt up, until you could just see the under curve of her small, but pert breasts and dried her flat stomach.

Reid almost lost it! He could see that Sarah’s knickers were turning transparent, and through them he could see a trimmed, shaped, patch of dark hair. Sarah couldn’t understand it. she felt like she wasn’t in control of her actions. She was screaming at herself, asking why she was putting on an obvious show for this boy, but on the other hand her body seemed to want to see that glorious bulge in his boxers explode.

She managed to snap out of it, the shirt dropping to just cover her crotch once again. She sat on the sofa, Reid looking down her gaping shirt, and trying to ignore the bulge, which was now at eye level, she asked,

“Do you have a phone I can borrow? I need to call my husband and get him to come home early.”

“Sure.” Said Reid and he passed her his mobile. “I’ll leave you to it, you’re welcome to wait here for as long as you need.” Saying that he left the living room and stood in the hallway. He thought he was out of view, and he pulled his throbbing, thick cock out of his boxers and gave it a couple of strokes before putting it back in a more comfortable position.

Sarah dialled her husbands office just as she looked at the window. In the reflection she saw Reid in the hallway and what she saw caused her whole body to flush. She watched wide-eyed as Reid took out the biggest cock she had ever seen! It simply looked magnificent and when he started stroking it she felt her mouth begin to water. That voice was back and yelling at her now to get on her knees and suck that monster! Just then another voice in her head broke her out of her daydream.

“Hello? Hello? Who is this?” It was her husband.

“Oh…” Sarah stammered, remembering what it was she wanted to say. “It’s me honey, I’m round the neighbours… yes, him and I’ve locked myself out of the house… no, the kids are fine, tucked up in bed… an hour or so? Fine, I guess I’ll just wait here then. I love you too.” And she hung up.

Looking in the reflection again, Sarah felt a small pang of disappointment when Reid was no longer there. Reid and his long, fat cock… “Jesus woman! Snap out of it!” she yelled at herself. Pulling the towel over her lap to cover her crotch and legs she waited for Reid to come back.

He came from the kitchen with two cups of coffee. “I hope it’s ok.” he said setting it on the table. Sarah just smiled and nodded, paying more attention to his boxers than the drink.

“My husband will be about an hour, is that ok?” she asked as Reid sat next to her on the sofa.

“Sure, just relax here, we can stick the TV on.” He replied, looking at Sarah’s chest. He didn’t care that this was a married, older woman, a mum no less, she was hot and his cock agreed. From his vantage point, sitting on her right, he could see into her damp shirt. Her left breast was now almost entirely open to his young hungry eyes. Even though it was quite small it looked pert and pointy, just the smallest amount of dark areola could be seen.

He shifted his position on the sofa as his cock surged up, desperately trying to find a way out. He could feel it growing down his leg and prayed that it didn’t pop out. He didn’t want his neighbour’s husband to come home to a story from his wife of how he acted like a dirty pervert and end up getting the shit kicked out of him.

Sarah tried to focus on the TV, it was a ‘Friends’ re-run, but when Reid had shifted position it brought his leg in contact with hers. Even through the towel she could feel the heat from his body and it excited her more than she wanted. “You’re acting like a teenager!” she cussed herself. But looking at the boy’s crotch she saw that the monster between his legs was pushing out of his boxer etimesgut escort leg, the tip of a huge, round, purple head just peaked out.

As she continued to stare at it, her hands, which were beneath the towel on her lap, moved of their own accord. Reid caught the movement in the corner of his eye. The towel on the lap of his neighbour was moving almost rhythmically, up and down.

Sarah couldn’t stop herself. It started off with just one hand slowly rubbing between her legs, ever-so-slightly. Then with more and more pressure she started to stroke her pussy through her knickers. She felt them getting wetter and wetter. When the stickiness and the heat from her pussy was getting in the way of what she could only describe as full on masturbation, her second hand eased her knickers to the side.

Sarah tried convincing herself that she would stop at just a few strokes, but staring at her neighbours young, thick cock growing out of his boxers soon had her spreading her pussy lips and running a finger around her very wet hole. Her husband loved how her exercises to flatten her stomach after giving birth had helped in tightening up her pussy too.

Her husband… What was she thinking? She was sitting here next to her younger neighbour, a boy she didn’t even like, and fantasising about having his cock thrusting deep inside her. She wanted to stop, but her hands were still in control. She barely held in the gasp as she felt her finger slide easily inside her. Stroking in and out.

She knew what she was doing was foolish, especially if she got caught, the worst part was, more and more of her wanted to get caught. Reid watched, transfixed as his neighbour, blatantly masturbated right next to him. He didn’t know what to do, but he did know one thing, if his cock didn’t come out soon it was going to rip his boxers right off!! It was starting to hurt.

“I’m really sorry,” he said, “but I have to do this.” And before Sarah could react, Reid pulled his boxers right off. He was now sitting next to his sexy, older neighbour completely in the nude, his rigid cock standing straight up from his lap like a tree trunk, throbbing madly.

That did it for Sarah, there wasn’t any control left in her. Her eyes bulged out when she saw Reid’s cock close up, the sheer size of it, and the heavy looking balls resting on the seat… “Oh shit no!” she cried as her body betrayed her once more. Ripping the towel away from her, Sarah leapt up, knelt either side of Reid’s legs, straddling him and, taking his pulsating dick in her hands, held it steady as she sunk her steaming pussy down over it.

Reid didn’t know what to say. Right there on his lap was his older neighbour, her hands now on his shoulders, her face scrunched up in a mixture of pleasure and pain as she bobbed up and down on his fat erection, trying to get more stuffed inside her with each thrust.

The feeling of her wet knickers rubbing the side of his hard rod turned him on as much as the fact things had happened so fast she didn’t have a chance to take them off.

“fuck Fuck FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!!” Sarah cried with each thrust as more and more of Reid’s dick was shoved inside her. No matter how much she managed to stuff into her wet pussy she wanted more, she wanted it all. Reid just sat there, his cock having never been in such a hot pussy before. He felt like his cock was melting inside her as she bobbed away on it madly.

Reid reached forward and undid the last few buttons on Sarah’s shirt, opening it up and grabbed a breast in each hand. He could easily hold them both and he felt her nipples, hard as rocks, digging into his palms. Sarah didn’t seem to notice her now naked state as she was too focused on fucking the ram rod between her neighbour’s legs.

“I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum!” she repeated over and over as she got closer and closer to taking every inch of Reid’s huge throbbing dick inside her. Then, as she bottomed out, her pussy grinding hard on Reid’s lap, she let out the loudest scream of all.

Reid felt her whole body shaking violently. So violently he thought something was wrong, then, without warning, Sarah went rigid and her fire-hot pussy clamped hard on his embedded penis. Biting her bottom lip, Sarah begged her body not to do what it was about to do, to show how much she loved her neighbour’s cock, to show what a slut she was, but she couldn’t hold it back…

Leaning back on Reid’s knees, Sarah thrust her hips forward as a flood of hot, wet juices squirted from her pussy. One long continuous stream covering Reid’s stomach. When it ended she tried to pull herself off, her knees coming together as Reid ‘popped’ out of her, but her body wasn’t finished, another long hard squirt splattered up between her clamped thighs. Covering both them and her stomach in her cum.

Reid thought it was the hottest thing he had ever seen and wrapped his arms around Sarah’s back, pulling her up to him. Her juices were dripping off her body, running down over her small, pert breasts ankara etimesgut escort and he licked them up like there was no tomorrow. The only guy to ever make her cum like that was her husband, it was one of the reasons she married him, but he never licked it from her after, Sarah thought.

Now she was here, in her young, neighbour’s flat, having just fucked him till she squirted all over. Now she was enjoying the feeling of having her breasts, kissed, sucked and bitten softly. And still poking up between them was the most beautiful cock she had ever seen. It was simply massive compared to anything she had had before and she could not stop stroking it.

She knew she was married and she loved her husband, but her body was entranced. It wanted to have the feeling of being filled to the max again. She wanted to squirt again. All on its own, Sarah felt her body raise itself up on its knees and sit back down on Reid’s giant cock. Sarah groaned with pleasure as she was filled up once again and started fucking him for all he was worth.

Then the unexpected happened, Reid grabbed her ass, and lifting her up with him, laid her back down on the sofa, climbing between her legs. Sarah immediately wrapped her legs around his waist, locking him in as Reid started to fuck her harder and harder.

“Oh shit you feel good!” he groaned before he could stop himself. Sarah’s eyes rolled into the back of her head as she was simply torn in two by Reid’s monster of a throbbing cock! Reid leant forward and started to suck hard on Sarah’s erect, dark nipples. Sarah wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled his head towards hers, pulling him in for a long, hot kiss.

The kiss surprised Sarah as much as it did Reid, but the passion of it had her second orgasm brewing. Reid’s heavy balls were slapping into her with each deep thrust and he too could feel his orgasm growing. He sped up his pounding of Sarah’s tight, hot pussy and after only a few seconds more she started to shake once again. Reid leaned up, his cock still half inside Sarah, stretching her open.

He wasn’t disappointed. Sarah let out an exhausted scream as her pussy clenched, just before another stream of hot, wet juices erupted from her pussy, covering Reid and herself. This triggered Reid’s own orgasm and he wanked the bare part of his thick log. Sarah felt his cock head swell and saw that he was fisting himself fast.

“Oh shit no, not in me!” she begged. Just at the last second Reid pulled his huge, pulsating penis from her tight pussy and aimed it at her body.

“Are you ready?” he groaned as he just couldn’t hold it in any longer. Sarah propped herself up on her elbows, she wanted to see Reid’s cock explode. Reid, held fast as his cock erupted with strong, powerful bursts. Sarah was NOT ready for the volume of hot, thick, creamy cum that Reid produced. He just kept pumping and pumping more and more all over her. Long ropes of hot semen lashed along her body from her used, wet pussy to her neck.

One of the first shots even splattered right on her face. Sarah instinctively licked her lips clean. When he was finished Reid noticed how there was barely ANY of Sarah’s exposed flesh that wasn’t covered in a layer of his cum. It started running down the sides of her body, covering her further. A few seconds and her dark, erect nipples started to show through.

Sarah was panting, but when it was over her head seemed to clear. She was covered in her neighbours cum and her husband would be home soon! Sitting bolt upright she pushed Reid away and stood up. Reid’s cum now started running down her body and over her long, slim legs. She had just had the best sex of her life and now she had to say goodbye.

Even the fact she was literally covered in cum didn’t annoy her as much as she thought it should. There was just something about this boy and his beautiful cock…

“I have to go!” she said running for the door, her shirt still open.

“But it’s still tipping it down outside.” Reid replied, following her.

“I’ll need it to wash this off!” Sarah smiled, surprising herself once more as she scooped some of his thick, load from her body and sucked her fingers clean. Reid followed her outside and they were immediately drenched by the downpour. Sarah ran to the alley between their houses and started rubbing her hands over her body, trying to wipe off Reid’s cum.

Reid stared as his sexy neighbour, who, before tonight, he didn’t know really at all, washed herself from his load. Running her hands all over her wet body made her look even sexier and he couldn’t stop it when he walked up to her and pinned her back against the wall. Sarah knew she should object, but when she felt Reid’s monster grinding against her used pussy again she melted into his arms.

She turned around so that she was facing the wall and bent her hips a little. Looking back at Reid she winked and said,

“OK, Fuck me with that cock right now and I promise this wont be the last time!” She couldn’t believe what a slut she was being, but she knew it was worth it when she felt Reid tear her open with his throbbing, dick. She was still turned on beyond belief and as Reid started to fuck her in powerful, long strokes, she felt one hand grip her slim hips as the other went to her clit.

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