Reinventing a Vanilla Relationship

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It had been nearly a year since they had been together, knowing each other for much longer. From the outside looking in you couldn’t really tell if they were dating or just great friends, but one thing was for certain, they had some sort of energy that just made them gravitate towards each other. They were two very different people, but somehow fit together nicely.

Theo was a short and stocky looking guy, confident in his abilities, and quite attractively built between his body and handsome face. Anna on the other hand was much taller, but despite this, much more timid than her counterpart. She was curvy, lacking confidence in her amazingly attractive features and pretty face.

When alone Theo and Anna had grown quite comfortable with each other, most of their interactions flowing together, but still had quite a ways to go when it came to Anna breaking out of her shell entirely. Theo knew this, but throughout the months things had slowed down to a crawl. Anna was over at his place everyday, making dinner, cleaning house, and being a relatively useful domestic servant. However, Theo thought this consistent routine had placed her in a rut. She was no longer trying to be outspoken and stopped communicating, falling into a place that she was content in. And despite his rough exterior, he hated to watch her continue to sell herself short. So, in an attempt to push her over the edge he decided to come up with a plan. He waiting for days, but eventually the time came when they were apart and he was entirely alone. She had gone to spend the day with her mother, unbeknownst to her just what Theo had been planning.

Theo logged into his Reddit, then found Anna’s not so secret secondary Reddit account. He searched through her posts, comments, and writings to discover some of the deepest desires she would never simply tell him. It was frustrating to realize how much she shied away from, but it was also incredibly eye opening and strangely arousing. Theo never realized just how dirty Anna was, he knew she was a little more kinky than him, but nothing like this. He also didn’t realize how much she gave up to make him happy, but somehow, he enjoyed the subservient Betturkey nature she harbored. It was flattering, cute, and enticing.

After a few hours of delving down the rabbit hole that was Anna’s mind Theo decided to go to the store. If Anna wasn’t going to be upfront about her desires, he was going to force her to face them head on. He found himself at a pet store, filling a cart full of provisions. A leash, collar, dog bowls, toys, and a custom dog tag just for her. He then went back home, waiting for her to return. When Anna walked through the door Theo smiled, he was excited and ready to put her in her place, but didn’t show it. He was willing to be patient. Anna came around the corner, a bag full of groceries pulled to her chest. “I decided to surprise you with a special dinner tonight. I was out and saw something that got me thinking of you.” Theo chuckled, he too had a surprise.

Anna began prepping dinner as he watched shows in the living room, looking back at her every now and then. Whatever she was making smelled delicious, but she looked like a mess. She was wearing her fox ear headband, but her bright pink hair was pulled back in a messy ponytail. Her glasses were smudged with what looked like flour and she had splatters all over her apron. Eventually dinner was ready and with a bounce in her step she brought over both plates. “I made steak hibachi!” Theo took the plates, setting them down beside him, and pulled her close. “It smells great love. You’re such a good girl, aren’t you?” Anna’s face flushed instantly, her gaze falling to the floor in a shy manner, but he refused to let up. “You’re my good girl, such a good little pup. Who’s a good girl? Who’s a good girl?”

Eventually Anna’s shyness subsided and her playful nature broke out with an unintentional wiggle. Such a slight wiggle that drew Theo to continue, something that told him he was doing just what he needed. He pulled her down closer to him, then grabbed her hair, pushing her down onto the floor completely. He scratched her head, then pushed her head up to look at him. “And my good girl needs a collar. After all, we wouldn’t want such a dumb puppy getting lost Betturkey Giriş and no one knowing who she belongs to.” Anna’s face was still red, but she wiggled with excitement, letting out a small bark.

Theo reached behind the couch and pulled out a bag, grabbing the collar from it. He smirked at such a sight, a girl down on the ground for him and only him, someone he had wrapped around his finger with such little effort. And with that thought, he snapped the collar around her neck. He then pulled a bowl out of the bag. “But puppies aren’t allowed on the furniture, so you’ll have to stay down there for dinner.” He dumped her plate of food into the bowl and placed it on the floor. “Now eat up, we’ve got much planned for this evening and you’ll need your energy.” Anna did as she was told, not even questioning it. She may have been a brat, but this was too good to pass up. As she was eating Theo went back to watching his shows, and propped his feet up on her back. Dinner was agonizingly slow, but he needed to let the tension build. He wanted to ride this feeling for the rest of the night and knew that it didn’t even require sex, but no doubt the bedroom is where it would lead.

Once Anna finished her dinner she stayed still underneath the weight of his legs for a good thirty minutes, but eventually she couldn’t stay put any longer, wiggling out from under his legs and leaping onto the couch. Theo sighed sharply and pushed her onto the floor, “No no! No bitches on the furniture. You’re place is on the floor and that is where you’ll stay. Understood?” Anna growled playfully and tried jumping back on the couch, only to be met with the same reaction of being thrown back onto the floor. After a few times she eventually tired herself out enough and sat on the floor in front of him. She barked and whined at him, begging for his attention, her mind and body filling up with submissive feelings. Theo reached down and grabbed her hair, pulling her face onto his lap forcefully, keeping her still. “If you don’t behave I’ll be forced to punish you.” Anna responded with another bark, she liked the sound of that. This was nothing but a big game and she was going to push Theo back. Theo swatted at her face, slapping her with barely an ounce of his strength, but enough to leave a light sting on her cheek.

“No bark. Good girls only speak when told.” However this was no deterrent for Anna and she proceeded to bark again, as if telling him to make her behave. He striked her once again with a little more force, leaving a red mark. Before Anna had a chance to respond Theo quickly snapped a leash on her collar and pulled it down to the ground quickly. This choked Anna and forced her to lay down at his feet. Theo then stepped on the leash, leaving her stuck on the ground. “If you don’t want to behave that’s fine. I have no problem forcing you to do what I want.” Such a simple phrase sent a feeling of pleasure down Anna’s body, her wet self craving his touch much more. She stayed on the ground, not that she could really stand up anyway, but continued to tug at the leash under his feet. She pulled on it with her teeth and whined vigorously, but after awhile she finally submitted and laid down quietly.

Theo had won with little to no effort. “Well that was easy. Who thought I could control such a little whore just by throwing her around a bit. You’re so weak, seeing as you live on a farm I expected a little more of a challenge. I knew I’d break you regardless, but I’m not complaining.” Anna let out a whimper of defeat which caused Theo to laugh at her. “Damn, you’re pathetic and I can’t help but love it. Get up, we’re going to play a little game.” He lifted his foot, but she hesitated to get up. Theo fixed that pretty quickly when he pulled out a squeaky tug toy and squeaked it. Anna perked up instantly and jumped up on all fours, bowing down on her arms and barking playfully. “Alright pup,” Theo said, “we are going to play tug of war.” Anna tried to jump up onto his lap to grab the toy and begin, but he pushed her down. “Ah ah ah, I’m not finished. There’s a catch to all this. If I win, you are my little bitch for the rest of the week. If you win, I’ll stop teasing you and actually fuck you. Deal?” Anna nodded eagerly. She was desperate for the slightest chance of relief and the thought of it riding on her becoming a glorified slave excited her even more. She grabbed the toy in her mouth, squeaking it a few times in preparation. Theo counted down, the tension rising with every number. “3…2…1… Begin”.

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