Reliving a Forbidden Love

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Sequel to – ‘Just Where Do We Go From Here?’ and ”Tell Me, Just Where Do We Go From Here?’


Lothar stepped soundlessly over the highly polished floor, his mother Harriet yet to notice him drawing near. She sat, with her shoulders hunched, at the breakfast bar and swirled the contents of a glass around as if in time with her thoughts. He loved the sight of her greying long blonde hair, the grace in her movements and how that silk night gown shaped her. If she was cold, or the chill air of the room affected her, Harriet did not show it.

‘Mother…Harriet?’ he asked softly, restraining the urge to touch her bare shoulder and startle her. ‘Are you okay…I understand what made you do it?’

She turned on the barstool and answered him sharply. ‘Do you, because I don’t. Letting go and with you was one thing, but with Andreas? You shouldn’t have seen that…’

‘I know, but I understand. We agreed to let go of what we found when life was tough for you…’

‘During your father’s illness and then his death? It’s still difficult for me…and even more so after what happened yesterday..’ She sipped on her drink but met his look upon her. Harriet soon clutched the hand that he held out to her and drew him to her favoured son to her side. ‘What I did with Andreas was natural…but…but I couldn’t undo what happened with you…the sharing of forbidden comfort and company.’

‘Which it did…’ Lothar found his mother’s use of words only too correct.

She nodded and rested her head against his chest as Lothar stood behind her. She met his stilled gaze and knew what lay behind those eyes. ‘I’m sorry…that you should have seen us, but I thought you were going to stay with Lisa and not come back home…’

‘We just met up with others and went for a drink. We’re friends, I’m not starting up a relationship with her again.’ Lothar paused, could not keep from taking in how his mother’s breasts shaped the thin nightgown that she wore, the lacy straps on her bare shoulders and the lace frill at the neckline revealing her cleavage. The wayward gnaw of desire for the woman he touched claimed him once more as he stroked her skin with both hands. He felt her take them slowly to her breasts. He heard her soft gasp as he squeezed and felt their weight. He was possessively dismayed by the thought that someone else had touched her in these ways. ‘I understand what made you do it…’

‘I just needed a moment’s comfort from him…from Andreas,’ she whispered, looking into his eyes and seeking his reaction. Her son would know that she was not the promiscuous sort, yet even she had fallen from grace by sleeping with him, his devotion no excuse. ‘He came to the house to see how I was. Your father’s brother…your uncle…has been a help to us all in dealing with your father’s testament. I didn’t know he would do what he asked of me…and I agreed to…he’s kept hidden his feelings for me and I felt guilty for other reasons, that you know of, my darling.’

Lothar felt his mother shake. He knew only too well what was at work in her, his presence a reminder of how their relationship had changed. She kept his embrace to her, wrapped her fingers with his and kept their hands to her body.

‘You…you still want to find a way through, but only with me?’ he asked, pressing his lips to her hair and feeling her nod.

‘Is it any crazier than what I did with Andreas? I’m impatient…and I’m no good living on my own.’

‘You’re not…’

‘You know what I mean!’

She said it as she turned on her seat and Lothar soon stood between her parted thighs. Harriet did not resist as he drew the skirt of her nightdress up until Lothar could caress the warm skin of her slender legs. He felt her hands move under his T-shirt, then under the rim of his lounge pants that he slept in. She found him, could not help but shiver on feeling his state of arousal.

‘You…you know what your touches will do to me…even though I know that we said we wouldn’t go there again,’ he murmured, bending to kiss her, slowly and then deeply. ‘I’ve stayed true to you…also had counselling to help me with bereavement…on losing father. But…comfort also comes by being with you, wrong as it is and has been. It’s become a drug, an intoxicating drug that…seeing you now, in your nightie… only makes real. I’ve said nothing on that.’

‘I know how difficult it has been, for both of us,’ she answered, sharply, then moderating her tone. ‘I know, my darling, just don’t remind me. Just be here with me whenever you can until I have sorted out my life. It’s taking so much longer than I hoped it would, without you being with me in the ways that we once knew. It’s evil to feel the way that I do about you and what we once shared, but it helps to keep some memories alive…you have your father’s eyes and face…his attentive ways. I feel lost without them.’ She spoke as her arms drew him to her and she felt the press of his hard penis against her chest. ‘I still make you feel iskenderun escort the way that you do…,don’t I, my darling?’

‘I can’t let the feelings go…’

‘And we’ve got to help each other with them…somehow.’ Harriet simply held him to her, rested her cheek against the warmth of his skin for an instant.

He moved away from her, enough, for Harriet to see his trembling length of flesh, how hard it was and that it arced away from the spiral of hair at his belly. She stroked its length and gently cupped his sac, kneaded his balls slowly and intently, then used it to caress her fanny’s lips with it in a wanton display of her need to know of him again.

‘Help me with it…help me with it, Harriet! Help me with what I feel for you…have felt for so long!’ he gasped as she slowly sucked on the swollen tip of his penis, just as he had seen her do with Andreas, but without the raging emotions that they each aroused in each other; the promise of again tasting the forbidden fruit that was, or had been, their tempestuous and illicit affair.

‘Take me to bed,’ was all that she asked and ran from him, the skirt of her nightdress falling down to her ankles, but the unmistakable sway of her breasts exciting Lothar to match her rush up the stairs and to her room, the soft glow of a single bedside light enough for them to take in what they would again bring to each other. Harriet reached out to him, touched his trembling prick then held it wonderingly. ‘Look what you bring to me…what I have aroused in you…all of it forbidden…as it should be.’

She lifted her face to look searchingly into his eyes as she pulled down his lounge pants and made him step out of them. He had already torn away his t-shirt and stood gloriously naked before her, his hands in her hair, a quite different look now to be seen in his eyes.

‘I…I can’t talk to anyone about this!’

‘It’s a forbidden love I now feel for you…along with so much more,’ she answered, rising to stand on tiptoes to really kiss him and feel the brush of his penis against her belly. She felt the flush o wetness between her legs as he pushed it between them, the hem of her nightdress around her waist, before he caressed her fanny’s lips once more in slow strokes as if they were in a dance.

‘I’ll love you as only I can,’ Lothar kissed as he undressed her and crushed Harriet to him, felt the brush of her hard nipples on his chest as she lifted her to him. They soon fell back on the bed, his penis pressing at her wet slit, the tip caressing her parted pussy lips but going no further.

‘Are you sure about this?’ he kissed, pressing his face to her mound and sliding his tongue over her, Harriet lifting her hips to meet her son’s claims upon her trembling body, the grip of her hands guiding, and not restraining, him.

‘Yes darling, I’ve been lost without you these last few weeks…since we stopped loving!’

Harriet felt again the swirl of emotions, lust and restraint, the forsaking of rules that she had lived her life by, love and anger that her much loved boy sought to claim her in these destructive and future-less ways. Somehow, they had to navigate through the storm of emotions that so often overwhelmed them.

She raised her hips as he slowly entered her body, dismissed the thought of who had fanned the embers of what they had once shared. It was far from her mind.


‘Lothar, no darling, no! You can’t love me again…I ache where you’ve been!’ Harriet gasped and tried to push her lustful son away, her thoughts in turmoil after what she had succumbed to and then shared with him. Her boy had been wild, the pleasure discovered again at odds with her guilty conscience. ‘It’s a sin that we’ve done this again…you know it is!’

Lothar rested on his elbows, her legs draped over his thighs, and delighted in the glow on Harriet’s skin and the warmth of it against his belly. In spite of her calls to him she caressed his back in long slow strokes, squeezed the skin of his buttocks and squirmed in her efforts to keep him from reclaiming her,

‘But you still asked me to be here like this…to have sex and take you out of yourself…to screw…for us to make love…call it what you want. I care enough to want to help you through in every crazy way that you want…wanted from me moments ago, and even from the first times we shared in this.’

His blunt ways of speaking astonished her for the expression of a truth.

‘I don’t know what to do…about any of this,’ she moaned in dismay.

‘Yes, you do…wonderfully so. I love every moment with you and what I can touch and kiss…all of your body.’ She sought to push his questing hands away as Lothar held her to him. ‘Harriet…please?’

She reached between them and clamped a hand to his prick that stabbed into her belly, then slid between her thighs, to feel it arousing the gnaw of longing coursing through her body with every slicked caress. escort iskenderun She heard his low, persuasive voice, felt his breaths on her enervated skin as Lothar sought her concession to his ways once more. He couldn’t force himself on her, now that she had given voice to her conscience, but that ignored the effect upon him of being able to hold her, naked, in his arms and to have claimed her moist heat. They had shared in the tempestuous acts of loving and spending and done that in each other’s arms. He’d offered solace of a wayward but passionate kind and wanted more of her.

‘Darling, you know I get lost in these ways with you…’ She met a slow kiss to her face, then lips as a questing hand simply cupped her mound and two fingers pressed slowly into her slit.

‘And I can’t turn these feelings off, just like that,’ he said petulantly.

‘I know, and neither can I…I realise again, now. I needed special moments again…but can’t bear to think too far ahead. Everything is still so raw…Andreas played on that…took advantage of me.’

‘But I never did…and I was helping you through those moments, as I did again tonight…’

He gazed down wonderingly at her breasts, so full and round, and he bent to kiss their tips, felt Harriet’s hands guide him in his claims upon them. She caressed his hips with her thighs and clung to him, breathed in their shared heat and the musky aroma of the sex that had been shared.

‘You can show me what you feel in other ways…’


Lothar paid no further attention to what she said to dismiss what had happened and what he wanted from her again. His weight bore down upon her, and he pushed on her thighs to have her spread them wider before he slowly thrust into her warmth, Harriet’s muscles soon clamping on his questing prick. He proceeded slowly and judged whether what she had told him were just words to delay the inevitable and what her horny son needed from her.

‘You’ve helped me through again…but don’t force me to do tis again! I’ll get through…and you need help with what you ask of me!’ She gripped his hips to slow his slow, sinuous, movements as he moved to coax her into abandoning any thoughts of stopping what he was doing, and the slow rise of pleasure, and unquenchable yearning, that his ways in her aroused.

‘You really want me to see that counsellor again?’ he asked derisively, his breaths hot on her face, ‘when she’s done nothing but talk…wants me to accept that our dependency on each other is somehow wrong. I sure know that, and won’t say how far that has gone, but the cure’s harder to accept…when you’re all broken up and need a special friend…comfort of a different kind and I bring that to you.’

Throughout his explanation he kissed and caressed her, slowly moved deep within her and she had struggled to resist his ways, Lothar’s intuition that her restrained responses still revealed a wish to love with him again.

Her boy was in her and all that had to happen was for her to concede and a tempestuous fuck, for there was no other word to describe what they shared in, could resume or be pursued once more.

She slowed him still further in his ways, yet felt the flare of unbearable yearning for him, how his gorged penis filled and stretched her, caressed the walls of her pussy as he gave her time to accept what would happen again.

‘Please, Lothar!’ she gasped, pushing feebly on his hips, her feet thrashing on the bed as his moves slowly increased in tempo, his long strokes followed by a rush of quick strokes then easing back to slow, rhythmic, thrusts. ‘Please stop…talk to your counsellor…’

‘I get more sense and understanding from you…’

He kissed her into silence, then claimed her breasts in his mouth as the tip of his arcing penis caressed her opening, teased her with its width, before he thrust in without restraint until he could go no further.

‘Lothar!’ she yelled, knowing that she’d lost it, that she was a goner in restraining him or stopping their wild rut She stopped struggling and instead chose to lie still on her bed. Her legs were spread wide, her knees up to her shoulders, and he gave her no chance to lower them. He wanted her to close around him and to work him, bring him on and for him to really fuck her body, to feel her legs and arms wrapped around his body as he brought the wildest of comfort to her and pleasure to him.

‘You…you just spear me…spear your mother with that penis of yours! Let me feel it…let me know that you love me in what you ask of me!’ she cried out, his movements within her arousing responses, had her buck her hips and her muscles to clamp on his prick as if she’d tear it from him, her practised movements making him gasp or to silence his cries against her breasts. The bed slammed against the wall, but they thought it of no consequence. No one would hear the noise they made, their calls and the rhythmic creaking of the bed iskenderun escort bayan an accompaniment to their soaring need to be like this.

‘Do you still want me to stop…you beautifully passionate mother…Harriet?’

Lothar stared at her, smiling, knowing the effect his big cock had on his passionate yet neglected mother until he had stepped in to help her. He lay flat on her naked body, crushing her big tits under his chest. Harriet waited anxiously, then felt him move to thrust his prick deep, all the way into her, stretching and easing, rolling from side-to-side to caress all of her slicked haven.

He groaned in his efforts, knew that he was stuffing her as if for the last time, if that damn counsellor’s words achieved their purpose; that she counselled was an obsession for a mother figure in his time of need, or bereavement, and that had yet to be given its true name if he disclosed just what they had fallen into pursuing with each other.

Harriet groaned. ‘Uggh…uugh! Oh, Lothar what have you brought on me?’

‘Love of a different kind!’

The wonderful, full-breasted woman with her beguiling ways raised her legs as high as she could, draping her ankles over his shoulders. Then she frantically started wiggling and humping his plunging prick, pumped her wet pussy onto the slicked penetrating shaft of his cock. Soon the passionate woman she had revealed herself to be and her devoted, wayward and lustful, son were humping in rhythmic unison, their bellies slapping together and the bedsprings squeaking as they fucked feverishly and hungrily.

‘Still want me to stop, Harriet? Well…do you?’

Harriet responded by twisting him around, surprising him with her strength, pushing him onto his back. Now she was on top, her knees planted on the bed to either side of his hips, where she could control the speed and energy of their fucking.

Harriet gripped his shoulders, her breasts with their hard, proud, nipples swaying heavily over his chest. Her face was flushed and contorted, a mask of uncontrollable passion to be seen, her gasps of effort and moans of pleasure becoming one.

‘The last time…this is the last time you have me…or I have you!’ she yelled, wiggling and humping her ass down again on him, shuddering as she slammed back into her ragingly tight pussy, his penis moving like a piston in its well-oiled sleeve. ‘Fuck me,’ she gasped, unaware of the words she now uttered. ‘Fuck me, Lothar! Please, please, please, my darling boy…let me remember this…the comfort you brought…that…that’s…’

‘That’s no replacement for Carsten…your true love?’

She leant forward and kissed him into silence, yet Lothar felt Harriet nod her agreement to what had been said.

‘Yes…I won’t deny it!’ She gracefully swept back her hair and moved to ride him., rocked and bucked her hips, clenched her muscles to work his prick as she felt the approach of her orgasm.

Lothar had looked up at her as she said it. He now watched how his penis slid in and out of her tight pussy. Then he started bucking to meet her strokes, lifting his hips off the bed and ramming his aching cock deep inside her. They were fucking in rhythmic unison, Harriet groaning and sharp sighs announcing that she felt herself drawing closer to a violent, orgasm.

‘I’m yours this one and last time, darling!’

‘Then it’s back to how it was?’

‘Never…you should know that!’

The bed springs squeaked in protest as she humped her ass in a frenzy, banging her hairy pussy onto the root of his prick.

Harriet felt a violent orgasm welling up in her loins. She fucked her wonderfully hung son like a bitch in heat, her face contorted in ecstasy, thinking of nothing but the satisfying stiffness of his huge, pounding cock, and how he had distracted her once more. Rampant pleasure had been seduced from him.

‘Love me…keep on loving me and my body…I’m…I’m coming!’

Lothar heaved his hips off the bed, impaling his prick into her and burst in searing rushes; jerked and spurted his seed into her body, pulled Harriet down onto him as she shuddered, her squeals of delight and dismay silenced on his mouth as he kissed her deeply.

Harriet squealed as she felt the spurted loads of his sperm slick the itchy walls of her pussy as they closed around him. She whispered endearments, saw his hooded look as he basked in the pleasure she had bestowed on him. Yet, she was also thinking of how ashamed she felt, how sinful it was for a mother, even a widowed and lonely mother to willingly give her body to her devoted, passionately devoted, and intensely loving son.

She moved off him and she could not keep Lothar leaving their bed, soon hearing the power of his jetting stream as he pissed in her bathroom.

‘Shall I bring you a flannel and towel?’ he called out to her.

‘No…I’ll be with you!’ his consideration touching her.

She rushed from their bed to be with him, to clean herself and saw the marks on her body; on her breasts, her belly and the insides of her thighs. Most of all, she felt his semen slick her thighs, how it matted her pubic hair.

‘I love you,’ she whispered, clinging to him and pressing her lips to the skin of his back. ‘I’ll never live this down….wipe it all from my memory, but we have to stop being like this, my darling….’

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