Remy, the Handsome College Jock

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I am happy to share my stories. But, French of origin, thank you for your understanding for my English which remains very imperfect!


This story goes back a year ago, I was then 18 and at college (freshman). I felt gay but I had never taken the plunge.

The supervisor had asked me to take a document to the sports teacher. I opened the door to the locker room, there was plenty of water vapor: the sophomore students were taking their showers. I stopped, allowing my eyes to adjust. The shapes in the vapor then became much sharper.

I walked straight to the small teacher’s office on the other side of the room, passing by naked students. The prettiest boys in college were there next to me stripped naked and showing me everything.

I tried not to look too much so as not to be spotted, but the urge was too strong. While advancing towards the office of sports teachers I watched like crazy.

I stopped when I heard a familiar voice. I turned around and saw him standing in a corner talking to some of his classmates. Remy was the handsomest boy in our college and the brother of my best friend, Denis.

In my erotic dreams Remy figured prominently. He was 20 and stood there wearing only a pair of socks and boxers. I’m there, staring at him from head to toe, his body was really superb: a well-muscled chest, some hair on his nipples and some at the level of the navel, well-defined abs, strong furry legs, a well-rounded ass and a solid bulge in his boxer.

I felt like I was dreaming when I realized they had stopped talking and were staring at me. “What are you looking at?” cried Remy. “Is it my dick you want to see?!” He grabbed his huge package and gave it a squeeze.

I understood that I had been spotted, moreover the bulge in my shorts left no doubt. Without answering, I ran to the door of the teachers’ office to give the paper. When I came out, Remy and his friends had fortunately left.

The next day, I was with my best friend Denis in his home. We were looking hd porno at straight porn pictures in magazines that Denis had found in a trash can, when we heard the slamming of the front door and the footsteps of two people coming up the stairs.

The door to Denis’ bedroom suddenly opens.

“Damn, Denis! What are you doing?” Says Remy. Remy is together with his close friend Thomas, 19 years old, another very handsome dude.

Remy comes straight up to me and grabs the magazine from my hands. He flips through some of the pages and then looks at me.

“Looks like you like cock, don’t you? Yesterday he was checking out the naked guys in the locker room!”, He says, looking at me.

I grab the magazine and says it’s Denis who found it, and that I’m not a fag. Remy and Thomas then turn to Denis. This bastard tells them that it’s me who has brought it so that we jerk off together.

Remy says, “That’s what we’re going to see!” They grab me and Thomas stuck my head at Remy’s crotch. He’s already hard, his cock is impressive, it has to measure at least 8″ long and close to 2″ wide.

Denis doesn’t move, he watches. Thomas says to me, “Well, go on, suck his lollipop, otherwise we will use another way.” Remy finally lowers his jogging and his fat long cock jumps up like a meaty spring that comes to hit my face. It smells of sweat. He then grabs my head and forces me to open my mouth. I have for the first time in my life a dick in my mouth and in addition to the most handsome guy in college! And what a cock!

Not wanting to sound fagot, I rebell a bit but he’s holding me down tight and he starts sliding his cock into my mouth. I start sucking his dick like it is a candy cane and Remy says, “You see, the little freshman like big dicks! I told you! I’m sure is pussy is already wet!”

Thomas and Remy take off all their clothes. Thomas has a very nice circumcised cock, a bit smaller than Remy’s. Not everyone can be as hung as this piece of a hunk that Remy is. He comes next to Remy and approaches his marvelous cock to my hungry mouth. japon porno I suck it with much appetite: it tastes delicious. For a few minutes, I go from one cock to the other one. Staring at those upright big dicks at full stretch is like a waking dream. I even manage to enter both guns in my mouth!

Remy yells at his brother, “Hey, little virgin! What are you waiting for getting naked?” Denis obeys like a robot. He undresses. Despite he’s already 19, his penis is very small… OK, he doesn’t have yet a hard-on.

Remy orders me to suck it. I suck my best friend. After a minute his cock is a normal 6″ size. He starts to encourage me to stroke my head. During this time, Thomas and Remy undress me.

Remy introduces a finger into my ass. He is coming and going. I shout, “No. I don’t want to. Stop, please!” Remy asks his brother (he has the smallest cock) to come back me and bugger me. He positions himself and slowly he pushes his rather small prick into my hole. Still, It hurts a lot. His glans manages to get in. The pain slowly becomes bearable. Then he pushes again and his cock is completely inside. He waits a few seconds: the pain has vanished. I begin to get pleasure. Then Remy tells his brother, “Now, Denis, you’re no longer a virgin… You’re a man and your boyfriend is a queer who likes to get fucked!” He then orders me, “Come on! Suck our fat cocks! Get them wet, because then we’re going to fuck you!”

Denis leans towards my ear and whispers to me, “I’m sorry man… I have to” while buggering me more and more strongly, he soon comes, crying out in ecstasy. I feel his sperm escaping from my butt. Denis withdrows, then Remy says to him, “Look at me. I’m going to show you how to fuck a fag for real!”

He then stands behind me and positions his fat long cock. He then pushes hard, his cock lodged deep in my ass. The pain is enormous despite Denis’ sperm which has somewhat lubricated my tight unused hole. I open my mouth to scream my pain: Thomas takes this opportunity to put his cock in my mouth.

Remy starts to bend me down, lezbiyen porno giving big thrusts. He holds me firmly by the hips. Remy keeps commenting on these acts for his brother like, “Look that’s how you fuck a fag, look how open he is (pulling back to show my gaping asshole), a real garage for cocks!” Remy is also thrilled to show off his big cock! My buddy Denis says nothing. He just stares, dreaming he could have such a big prick on his own like the one his brother is proud to display.

Thomas is tugging on my head so he could go deep into my mouth. I suck him as best I can, running my tongue over his glans, tickling his meatus, sucking his cock as much as possible.

Rémy maintains his movements for at least a good ten minutes, his breathing becomes more and more rapid… He then, in a last powerful thrust, pushes his cock to the hilt and ejaculates deep in my ass. I’m in ecstasy: this handsome jock has just filled up my ass with his gooey spunk! I don’t need more to release my own juice. I endlessly come, emptying my freshman balls!

He collapses on my back. I feel Thomas’ cock twitch then he ejaculates a very large amount of cum into my mouth. I swallow as much as I can but some jizz manages to escape from the corner of my lips.

Remy and Thomas stand up, their cocks softening between their legs. They get dressed and Remy says, “Come back and see us whenever you want, we’ll always be there to get you down and feed you with our white protein mix!”

Then they leave the room. Denis comes to me tenderly to wipe the semen that is flowing from my ass and my mouth and then says to me, “I’m sorry, dude!”

I answer him, “It doesn’t matter… I think that, after all, they’re right.. I must be gay because I took a lot of pleasure in it!”

“I can just tell that you came really a lot! Look at the carpet of my room: you just spoiled it!”

This remained a secret between Denis and me, we never spoke again or slept together again (since Denis has now a girlfriend). But on the other hand I came discreetly and regularly to his house to have hot fucking sessions with his BIG brother. Always delighted to get his jizz in both my holes!

Remy and I have just moved together into an apartment. We have a wonderful sex life. He has just made his coming-out to his parents and his brother who was not much surprised!

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