Restaurant after Close

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Jesse was tired, sitting at the fast food restaurant. There was nobody in the lobby, nobody in drive-thru… and she was still reeling from the train wreck she had stumbled into at five. Coworkers had never done a thing in lobby, not one damn thing and it had driven her ballistic.

Trash had yet to be changed after a few spurts of customers, leaving the remnants of food and their wrappers overflowing and spilling onto the floor. Tables were riddled in crumbs, and yet… even in the dead state of the store, the two people assigned to the front were piddling around, talking about their plans for the weekend. And the manager-in-charge, Tony, was furious and trying to cool down in the back. She knew she should go and talk to him. She had a way with people at the store, something that was an anomaly to most of the lower-ranked employees. Not to mention her young age of only eighteen.

However, it helped that her mother was the assistant manager of the place, and was best friends with the general manager for years. She had been called her mother’s “mini-me” more than once and with good cause. She was very similar, and it had drawn the attentions of a few of the male employees, and two of the females on staff. The latter had given Jesse unwanted shivers, just because of the close quarters. But there was one… the one she was supposed to close with… alone. Tony.

Tony had become her favorite manager and he knew it. He adored her and wasn’t very quiet about it. He was quite tall, about 6’3″ and darker skinned from years of sun exposure. He wasn’t overweight, but he had a bit of a gut on him from being well-fed, though he still maintained his otherwise muscular form. His black hair was short, with an ever-present five-o’clock shadow. He was the biggest and scariest member on staff with a white-hot temper. But Jesse had given him a nickname, calling him it often. She called him her “teddy bear.” When his temper was reigned in, he was sweet and kind, and Jesse was always doing things for him when he needed something small to keep him going throughout the day. And Jesse didn’t know, but he had referred to her often as “sweetheart,” something he didn’t call anyone else.

She grabbed a rag and roll of trash bags and began to work on the lobby, still agitated as all hell that she was the only one doing her damn job. Trashes were worse than she had thought, and Tony came blazing out of the kitchen.

“Why the hell is Jesse the only one working?!” he snapped at the other two working. Jesse kept her blinders on and continued to work without incident, just trying to avoid Tony’s wrath, though she knew she would never be subject to it.

Jesse moved into the small, glass-windowed room at the corner of the store and began to work on tables in there. She didn’t even notice when Tony walked into the room. He had always been exceptionally quiet, and loved to make Jesse jump. He got some enjoyment out of something, but she wasn’t sure what. And sure enough, she went to turn around and ran smack into the immovable wall that was Tony. Her arms instinctively wrapped around his frame to steady herself. And then he did the same… and she felt absolutely amazing in his arms, the feeling of strong arms around her. And then, just as it had began, it was over.

“You scared the shit out of me, Tony,” she said, trying to avoid how the last few seconds had been.

“I saw that. Jumpy much?” he asked, crossing his arms over his chest and giving her the same smile and sly look that he always did.

“Well, you’d be jumpy, to, if you turned around and ran into a ten-foot-tall wall,” she replied sarcastically.

“Hey, I am not ten feet tall! And you liked it.”

“You cannot prove that, dirty ol’ man.”

“That’s MR. Dirty Old Man to you. And I’m not that old either!” he protested, feigning mock hurt. He winked at her. “All right, time to get Şerifali Escort back to… yeah, this hellhole.”

She and Tony laughed before exiting the room. She couldn’t stop thinking about how it felt in his arms, though. How much she wished she were back in them. Little did she know, he would be proving something when it was just them


It was two hours later and the store was dead… absolutely dead. So Tony made the decision to let everyone else go home or to their respective places. Only another hour or so until close anyways and permission had been granted to close early if there was no activity within half an hour. There were major events going on at the complete opposite side of the city where other chain restaurants conveniently sat. It was doubtful that anyone would appear.

Everything was as done as it could be for the time being anyways. Ice had been stocked, freezers and coolers were filled to the brim and all that remained was the food preparation line. That could not be cleared until doors were locked anyways. Even all the dishes were clean, which was a first.

Tony sat in the office, busy mulling over paperwork and anything guest-related. It was a boring, tedious task that wasn’t envied by anyone. Samantha was bored and on her phone. Both had on headsets in case things would become randomly hectic, but Jesse stood dutifully at her post nonetheless… waiting… and waiting… and-

“Fuck it, we’re closing,” came Tony’s rough voice over the headset. Jesse jumped about a foot in the air, a camera aimed at her and all she heard after that was Tony’s booming laughter from the office. He came walking out of the back looking like a dog that found his bone. Jesse flipped him off with the hand that wasn’t covering her chest.

“Jesus, Tony! Don’t DO that!”

“Don’t be so damn jumpy,” he chuckled.

“I can’t help it! I mean, come on. have you SEEN you? You’re, like, eight feet tall!”

“Minor exaggeration…”

“Okay, but still…” Jesse huffed.

Tony went to lock the doors and turned off all the lights in the front. The two were shrouded in darkness, as the streetlight by the restaurant was out. Jesse turned and tried to find the big man, but as she did earlier, ran smack into him. And, once again, his arms shot out around her.

“Christ Almighty, you are a klutz,” Tony laughed again, but his voice was hushed. Noticing the change, Jesse looked up at him. She could see his eyes and features from the kitchen lights and had to admit that she was nervous. But there was this look in his eye that made her ache to the core for him.

“Um… y-yeah, sorry…” she whispered back, still not breaking eye contact with him. They looked at each other for a long while, tension in the air around them. And then, Tony reached one of his hands up and moved a stray hair from her face. His hand… so big and warm and coarse… Jesse leaned into the touch, and Tony cupped her cheek.

“God, you are so beautiful…” he mumbled and Jesse’s breath hitched. And then… he brought his lips down onto hers. It wasn’t forceful at first, but once she kissed him back he pressed his tongue to her lips, begging for entrance. She was quick to allow him in, the feeling brewing in her core fogging up her sense. His tongue fought with hers, and she noted mentally that he tasted of his energy drink. His scent invaded her nostrils. It was spicy, incredibly masculine and she felt her pussy throb. Jesse was aching, aching so badly and he hadn’t even touched her there.

Tony’s tongue battled briefly with hers for dominance before she gave in to him. She wrapped her arms around his muscular frame and held on for dear life. This was it… this was how she would lose her virginity…

She wondered for a split second if she should tell him that little tidbit, but he pulled his Göztepe Escort mouth from hers and moved to her neck, sucking lightly on the sensitive flesh. She threw that out the window; no way was her inexperience going to ruin this. And when Tony nibbled her ear, she just about lost it.

“I want you… Tony I-” Jesse was cut off by her own moan when he bit her earlobe. He pulled away, but barely…

“I want you too… And I will make you scream my name,” he assured her, his voice gravelly and deeper than usual. God, it was so sexy…

Jesse pulled her head back from his and began to kiss his neck, trying to emulate his own actions. She had made out before. It was simple… but when she felt his rock-hard length pressing against her, it finally registered. He really did want her, if even for a little while.

She slowly reached a hand down and rubbed him through his pants. He groaned in pleasure and Jesse was ecstatic that she was doing something right.

“I can’t…” he stopped himself as he picked her up and Jesse’s legs wrapped around his waist. He carried her to the storage area and sat her on the prep table there. Now there was full lighting and Jesse was terrified of him seeing her naked… yes, she had shaved, but she was so shy…

Tony seemed to notice the change in her demeanor and stopped. Now Jesse was even more terrified that she had done something wrong.

“Sweetheart, what’s wrong?” he asked. She went to look down at the floor in shame when his hand caught her chin and gently lifted it back up to meet his gaze. “Talk to me; come on.”

“I, uh… dunno. Just been a while since I’ve done this,” she lied.

“Don’t worry, Jesse; I will go slow. I want you to feel good; I want you to feel how much I want you… how much you mean to me.”

She wasn’t as assured by most of his words as she should’ve been, but she put on a brave face. Tony said he would go slowly… hopefully he would keep that word.

Tony urged her to lay back, and she did reluctantly. She felt his hands ghost up her leg and to her zipper. She bit her cheeks when he pulled it down and slowly began to slip of her pants, and in turn, her jeans. Her first instinct was to cross her legs, but Tony anticipated the movement and moved between them.

“Relax, Jesse. Let me do all the work, sweetheart.” And then he lifted her legs up knees bent over his shoulders.

“Tony…” She murmured, but it sounded like a moan. The growing ache in her pussy was beginning to take priority over everything else.

“Shhh,” was all he said before she felt his mouth on her pussy, hot and wet. Her hips bucked into him and she moaned embarrassingly loud. His tongue flicked her swollen clit before he licked her entrance. Another moan came out of her lips and she reached down, gripping his hair and pulling him closer. She wanted him… she wanted him NOW.

He continued to suck on her clit as he slid a long finger into her tight, wet pussy. He curled the digit upwards and she came all over it.

“There you go, sweetheart; cum all over my hand. That’s it…” His voice, how soft it was… it made her pussy clench and release on his finger quickly. He was slow, as promised, sliding his finger out of her, curling it over and over until another wave of her fluids coated his hand and began to run down her ass. He was standing now, watching Jesse’s face as he brought her nothing but pure pleasure.

“Are you sure you want to do this, Jesse?” he asked her while removing his finger. She was panting, heart racing.

“Tony, please… I need you…” she begged, trying to sit up but finding she was nothing more than jello.

“Move back for me. If at any time you want me to stop, tell me. Please,” he told her in a soft tone. She nodded and he began to unzip his own pants. He unbuttoned his bottom two buttons and let Ümraniye Escort his pants drop to his ankles. Jesse looked up from where she lay and saw Tony’s cock, large and hard as a rock right by her. She was suddenly terrified again. How was that going to fit inside her?!

“Relax, sweetheart.” He moved to her, crawling onto the table and laying over her. He aligned his cock with her aching pussy and slid into her only about half an inch before hissing. “Jesus, Jesse, your so tight,” he hissed. He didn’t have time to see the look of pain on her face before he started to push himself in and was met with a barrier. His eyes shot open and a sense of realization crossed his features. He looked at Jesse, the girl trying very hard to hide the pain. But it was difficult, because it was painful.

“Jesse… when was the last time you did this..?” Tony asked. But she couldn’t speak. Though, to her credit, she was handling her own as well as she could.

“Please don’t stop, Tony…”

He kissed her hard, holding her lips and he thrust past the barrier. His mouth muffled her cries. He was buried to the hilt, and his own face was contorted. Yes, Jesse was tight. He had never been in something so tight before and he seemed to be struggling.

“Tony… it’s okay. You can move.” Jesse whispered. Tony didn’t need anything else before she slowly slid within her. It still hurt as he stretched her, but Jesse held through it. He was going slow, and it was only a few more strokes before the pain ebbed and was replaced by pleasure. She began to moan, moaning quietly at first.

“Oh, my God… you’re so tight, Jesse.” Tony whispered.

“You’re so big- ah!” Her back arched, pushing her endowed chest into Tony’s front. He had hit a spot that made her toes curl and body twitch. There was a feeling building within her. It was strange, but she needed more…

“Harder,” she gasped breathlessly. Her nails dug into Tony’s uniform and he began to pick up his pace.

“Cum…” Tony whispered in her ear. “Cum all over my big cock…”

“Oh my G- ah!” Jesse’s fluid trickled around Tony’s cock and down her ass, spreading with every calculated thrust.

“There you go… keep cumming for me, baby.” His thrusts had become just that: thrusts. Then he began to tease her… he was barely inside her with quick thrusts.

“Please,” she begged. She was going mad.

“Say my name,” Tony whispered.

“Tony…” she whispered just as quietly.


“Tony,” she said, just a little louder as he asked.

“Louder!” And with that, he thrust all the way into her with force and it was her undoing.

“Tony!” Jesse screamed, her already tight pussy clenching around his cock. She saw stars, the pleasure too intense for her. Something inside her seemed to snap, and she twitched and writhed under his body. She rode her high, Tony’s name falling from her lips like a prayer.

The sound and tightness of Jesse’s pussy was enough to bring Tony to his own climax. He came… he came hard, moaning Jesse’s name and shuddering, gripping onto Jesse’s body. He was spent, barely able to hold himself up from crushing her. The only sounds in the room were of their panting.

When they regained some strength, Tony slipped himself out of her warmth and looked at her. She was looking at him, then away again.

“Hey… sweetheart, look at me…” he whispered. When she reluctantly obeyed, he kissed her forehead. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

She was quiet for a moment before saying, “I just wanted you… so badly. I didn’t want my inexperience to ruin everything,” she admitted quietly.

“Oh, sweetheart, no… If you wanted me… and I knew this was your first time, I would’ve done everything differently. I’m sorry I went about everything like this.” He looked guilty. Jesse wasn’t having it, and cupped his cheek.

“There’s nothing that could’ve been changed. I never told you. That’s on me, Tony. Please don’t think any differently of me-” she was silenced by Tony’s mouth on hers. He kissed her with passion for a few long seconds before pulling away.

“Never could I think any less of you.”

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