Restocking The Minibar

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For Queennylon.

Thomas did the drive in record time. He was looking forward to his stay at the Hotel Beaumont in London’s West End and desperately needed to get away from the hustle and bustle of the airport and cure his jetlag with a beverage and a plush bed. He booked the The Beaumont on recommendation that it features Art Deco architecture that would “please the most astute critic”.

“Period furniture from the twenties that work effortlessly with their modern refurbishments. A bit pricey but well worth it!” Remarked his art nerd friend, Jess.

Stepping out of his Porsche 911, Tom greeted the bellhop that offered to park his car and gestured at the entrance where he was greeted warmly by the doorman. “Give this tag to Evelynn at the concierge, she’ll have our team bring your luggage up.” The doorman, James (as his namebadge would suggest), smiled and uttered.

With that Tom paced his way over to Reception. In view were checkerboard floors in black and white marble, the rounded contours of retro-inspired furniture shapes and decorative columns detailed with bands of gold and brass, ornate gilded frames containing the finest oil paintings, and highly polished mahogany wooden wall panels drench it in exquisite glamour.

“Welcome to The Beaumont!” Exclaimed a bubbly, charming voice. The owner of said voice wore a smart, form-fitting blazer in navy with a matching shift dress. The shift dress featured a diamond jacquard trim around the waist and collar that makes a perfect nod to the Art Deco heritage of the hotel. To Tom, Evelynn was definitely easy on the eyes.

“Nice to meet you, Evelynn.” Tom said as he glanced at her brass namebadge. “Hoping to check in under the name Thomas Bradford?”

“Just Eve is fine! Nice to meet you too. I’ll just need you passport, a card that I can hold for incidentals and your booking details please.”

“Quiet day? I would have expected a place of this size to have at least two concierge.” Tom tried to make small talk as Eve checks for his reservation.

“Oh, Danielle is on her break at the moment so it’s just me holding the fort down.”

Something caught the corner of Tom’s eyes as Eve waltzed over to the back counter to fetch his keycards, Eve’s legs appeared smooth and blemish-free and her modest heels had Tom’s racing for more than a second. “I wonder if she’s wearing nylons. That’s so rare even among concierge these days.”

“Here we are, since it’s off-season I’ve taken the liberty of upgrading you to our Deluxe Suite which has a king bed and a spa! Room 1306, it’s on Level 13. We have your card on file so you can have that back. Welcome to The Beaumont once again. Oh, don’t forget to try the cookies. We just had some brought up from the kitchen. I’ve been caught stealing them more than once.” Eve giggled then handed Tom his keycards, a brochure with information about the hotel and a brief guide to London.

Tom shoved the keycards into his pocket, grabbed a couple of the bite-size chocolate cookies that were resting on a gorgeous square tray near the reception area and headed for the elevator. As he rounded he corner, he glanced back over his shoulder toward the concierge desk to see Eve give the other girl, presumably Danielle, a hug as she returned from her shift. Danielle then glanced around and lifted the hem of her dress to pull up what appeared to be matte nude stockings; giving the bands a tug to ensure they’re secure. The cookies disappeared almost instantaneously as the elevator doors opened. “Hmm, Eve was right. These ARE good.” That little encounter definitely worked up Tom’s appetite.

Tom was delighted to find that not only was his luggage brought up and already in his room but also arranged neatly in a dedicated corner. On his plush king bed was a handwritten welcome note from the Concierge team that ended with “Dial 0 for Concierge if you ever need anything.” Tom thought it was nice touch and the hotel was meeting and beating all of his expectations so far; thinking that he might just take them on that offer to test their service.

The elevator hummed with efficiency and John Coltrane’s “Mr. Day” was playing quietly in the background as the button for 16 was pressed. Before he knew it, Tom was greeted with a lavishly designed suite that was fit for anything discerning şanlıurfa seks hikayeleri traveler; featuring a plush King bed, as promised, and a gorgeous view of the Grosvenor Square and beyond.

He headed straight for the minibar to grab some ice, and casually threw a handful of cubes into the nearest tumbler and poured himself a drink from the complimentary selection. “Lagavulin 16, my they really shouldn’t have!”

The thought of over-indulging never really occurred to Tom but after a quick shower and shave, he gravitated back towards the bar and made himself a couple more drinks. “Why not indeed, I am on vacation after all.” Before he knew it, the geometric carpet was spinning before his eyes and had blurred into a kaleidoscopic mess. With a thump, he collapsed like a wounded beast on his king bed…

Upon regaining consciousness, Tom turned toward the window, immediately winced. “What time is it?”. A look at the ornate palm-shaped analogue clock answered that question: “9:45”. “Shit. I slept through the bulk of the afternoon and completely ruined my plans for the evening… Better get something to eat.”

Satisfying his hunger seemed to be his number one priority as he wandered down to the hotel bar, hoping that it’d be open for a quick bite. Fortunately he was in luck and got the before the kitchen’s closing time of 10:30 and was able to sneak off with a couple of sliders to fend off his ringing headache and grumbling stomach. “I don’t presume you’d like a drink with that, sir?” Joked the bartender with a polite, understanding smile. “No, unfortunately I had too much of a head start on the account of your well-stocked minibar and overdid it! Thanks for the offer though.” Tom replied with humour.

Tom headed back to his room and was his disappointed in himself for the sorry state he left the room. He cleaned up all the bottles and replaced the tumbler after thoroughly washing it. “That’s better. I do need a firmer pillow though. As nice as this is, it’s like sleeping on a marshmallow.”

“Concierge, how can I help you?” The voice on the other end was familiar.

“Oh Eve! I wasn’t expect you to still be around. I am actually in need of a firmer pillow. The one you guys have me sleeping on is really more like a marshmallow.” He repeated the wisecrack that he thought up moments ago. “I’ll have someone bring a couple of firmer ones up and you can choose from that.”

“Excellent service as always.”

“My pleasure, have a good night now, Tom.” The call ended with a click and a long tone.

Knock, knock, knock. Three knocks at the door signaled pillow delivery. “It was my last task for the night so I decided to bring these up myself.” For Tom, this was music to his ears as he had hoped that he’d see Eve again.

Tom grabbed the pillows from Eve, set them on his bed and handed Eve a 20 pound note. “Thanks, you’re too kind… Here’s a little something for personally bringing them to me.”

“Appreciated! Erm, I notice that you’re missing a couple of bottles from the Minibar as well. I’ll be right back.” Eve quickly dashed off and headed for the inventory room which just happened to be around the corner from the room 1306.

Eve swiftly grabbed the bottles that were missing from Tom’s minibar as well as a small package in plastic. She stacked them strategically into a wooden crate and headed back for the room.

Knock, knock, knock. “Coming!” Tom unlocked the door. “Well really, this is too much now. I was only after the pillows. Don’t you have someone that comes around to do this in the morning?”

“Yeah but isn’t this a lot better? What if you were gonna have friends over in the morning or the cleaners forget again?” Eve retorted casually as she bent down to restock the minibar with her supplies. All the while, Tom sat there stunned at the efficiency and the kindness on the display before him but also getting slightly arouse by the sight of Eve’s legs on fully display as she knelt in front of the minibar. The matte fabric seductively on show under the dim bedside lamplight with the bed casting a shadow around Eve’s lower calves and modest heels.

“I am wearing Wolfords by the way. Pure 10s…. You seemed interested.”

“What do you mean?” Not quite catching Eve’s drift.

“Please, you’re gonna play dumb with me? I noticed the way you were looking at Danielle’s legs as she was adjusting. Also, you’re not exactly the most subtle guy in town.” Eve winked mischievously.

“Oh, sorry, erm, yeah…. I mean, I’ve got a thing for….”

“You definitely have a thing alright! The thing you’re pitching rivals the size of small mountains there! So is it my legs or my tights?” Eve eyed Tom off whilst getting up and grabbing a pillow from the bed.

“I’d say it’s a little bit of both… The most luxurious, softest tights can’t dress up a bad pair of legs.”

“A fencesitter answer but a good one nonetheless.” Eve put the pillow she grabbed and plopped it at the end of the bed. “That’s the soft one you won’t be using anyway. Lie on the floor with your head on the pillow.” Eve’s tone changed, her voice commanding and showed that she wasn’t playing around. Tom, in a moment weakness did as Eve asked and didn’t even question her intention or motive.

“After such a long day of standing around and greeting guests these nylons have developed quite a unique….” She paused for a moment, sliding her delicate feet out of her polished, black heels. “Scent. Hope you don’t mind down there.”

“As I was saying before, these are Wolford Pure 10s. Really no ordinary tights, Tom. Feel how soft they are. Feel the ” Tom, by this point was thoroughly entranced. Was it the alcohol? Was it Eve’s casual, yet seductive allure? Either way he was appropriately hypnotised by the sheer caress of Eve’s feet. Its aroma was musky, with hints of vinegar and carpet mixed with fabric softener. Drawing circles over Tom’s face and smothering his nostrils, he found himself licking the nylons and appreciating their soft and remarkably even texture. This was rudely interrupted by Eve removing her feet off his face as Eve reached for Tom’s trousers and adeptly undid his belt, unbuttoned the top button and unzipped them in a series of moves akin to trained choreograph.

Eve then used her feet to work the front of his boxers down his thighs a few centimetres. But, the back of them still clung to his buttocks and was keeping her from lowering them any further.

“Lift your butt up for me, I need to get these off!” Eve’s command needed no repeating as Tom did his best to arch his back so Eve can get to the underside of his underwear. Eve would not be denied. She slipped her feet between Tom’s legs and pushed them back, her nylon covered toes and insteps sliding boldly under his testicles, wiggling playfully as they went. The sensation of nylon on the underside of Tom’s balls was evidently mindblowing as Tom uttered an audible, sensual gasp.

Eve’s feet now completely inside his boxers, she pushed at the material that formed the seat portion, grabbing it with her toes, while she worked up his backside as they captured the material. Pushing outward with her feet, and curling up the material of the boxers in her toes, she managed to eventually grab the waistband with them. Once captured, her toes could now pull down and slowly lower the back portion of his boxers. Once the hard part was done, she used both feet to pull the boxers off his slender yet toned legs. “Success!” She yelled with the triumph of a tennis player winning the final match of their tournament. Tom was thoroughly impressed and amused at the same time.

“You probably thought you knew what was coming next don’t you? Well not so fast. I’ve been on my feet all day, you have to take care of these soles before I go any further.” Tom started rubbing Eve’s calves, his hands tingling from the smooth sensation of the nylons. He increased the pressure and he drew firm circles around the back of her calves and repeated this motion whilst moving down her left calf. He then repeated the same thing with the right calf.

As Tom was massaging Eve’s right foot using a series of techniques he learned from his visits to his local remedial clinic, Eve slide her left foot down to his shaft and started a gentle massage of her own. She teased the underside of Tom’s shaft and pressed it against his stomach and slowly applied firm pressure on the return stroke. “Something to keep you motivated. Feels amazing by the way. Probably not your first time doing this huh?” Tom shook his head in response. “I’ve got a little treat for you to take home since you’re doing such a good job. But first, don’t neglect the left foot now.” The left foot was indeed not neglected as Tom focused his attention on the left arch and worked his way towards painted toes wrapped in that delicious, gossamer fabric; rubbing said fabric into each toe whilst moaning in ecstasy from the teasing that he was receiving from the right foot.

Eve then freed her left foot from Tom’s grasp and formed a sleeve with her right foot around the base of Tom’s length and started shifting them up and down. Up and down. Up and down. Each heavenly gyration was felt and the reply was an audible sigh that grew to be animalic groans and occasionally visceral gasps.

Still stroking Tom hypnotically, Eve let out hums of her own as the air slowly filled with his musk and aroma of sweat and excitement. She took the package that she brought with her and unwrapped its contents from the plastic packaging. She then unrolled what appeared to be two black stockings slowly and slipped her hand into each one as if they were opera gloves; pulling them taut and ensuring the seams at the subtly reinforced toe area are out of the way on both hands. “Now for your “little treat”! You’re gonna have to get up and lie next to me on the bed for this part. These are also Wolfords by the way.” “No complaints here. You’re gonna have to give me a moment… That was… Something else.” With that, he stood up…. Well, stumbled up, with whatever strength he had left.

“Took your time, I am glad you decided to join me here.” Eve patted with her stockinged hand the spot where she wanted Tom to be. “I’m gonna edge you for a bit but I’ll let you cum. Don’t worry.” With that, she wrapped her left hand expertly around Tom’s balls and her right formed a fist that fitted firmly around his shaft. In a rhythmic fashion, Eve made the most of the sheer, smooth fabric’s natural slipperiness as she draw circles around Tom’s balls and teased him with small flicks occasionally. Each flick drew a tingle up his spine almost electric and tactically unpredictable, each evenly placed upstroke and accompanying return trip kept its victim in a trance. “That’s it, feel how soft these stockings are. You’re gonna have to cum soon though or people will start asking questions.”

Even accelerated her strokes; occasionally bringing her right hand up to assist her by forming a soft, diaphanous sheath around Tom’s member. This had the effect of dialing the already surreal sensation up to 11 as Tom was visibly shaking as his uncontrollably spasms rustled the sheets underneath him as they created small waves of their own. Eve then stopped stroking and paused, sensing that Tom was at the edge. “You’re gonna cum harder than ever before and that’s not speculation, that’s a promise. I really wanted to give you another round but it’s getting late.” Eve then resumed this rhythmic routine and edged Tom once more, going beyond her promise.

Building him up once again, she turned her attention back to his balls and used the unbelievably smooth nylon on her left hand to cradle the entirety of his sack and polished them in a round motion by dragging all her fingers and utilising her wrist to create the circle. Her right hand coaxed Tom to his climax by stroking firmly, not so firm as to strangle, but relying on the smoothness of the fabric to reinforce the sensation. She built up her pace and hummed excitedly as she felt the cum at the base of Tom’s shaft. The hot, volcanic, white fluid erupted creating contrast with the fabric it covered. Eve scooped up the residue and elegantly took the stockings off her hands. She then proceeded to clean up the rest off of Tom’s cock with her tongue; darting across the head to tease him one more time.

“As promised, these are for you to keep. Think of them as a souvenir of your time here.” Eve whispered as she handed the freshly soiled pleasure pile to Tom.

Tidying her shift dress and ensuring that there is no visible staining, Eve slipped her heels back on her dainty feet and strolled out of Room 1306 casually with a smirk and a splash of cum on her lips leaving Tom to replay the images of the evening over and over in his mind wondering if it was all a fantastical dream… He drifted off, exhausted, spent but satisfied….

Whilst waiting for his ride, Tom lazily searched for Jess’s number and dialed. “Jess, the hotel you recommended… I honestly want to live here…”

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