Return to Lover’s Alley

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Karen’s husband had her eyes blindfolded and she had no idea where he was taking her in their battered little car. She fought throughout the whole journey to just pull the blindfold down and see where they were going. She resisted even when she felt the car come to a halt. It was only when Tim leant across and kissed her lips. While returning her husband’s kisses she reached round and pulled the ribbon on the mask. Her eyes sidled sideways to look round and then she broke off the kiss, “Where are we?”

“Don’t you remember?” Tim’s sexy smile dropped and he frowned with worry that he had got the wrong place, “Where we first made out, don’t you remember?”

“Oh my god. I’d forgotten what this place was like.” She laughed at herself and Tim remembered why he loved his wife so much. He wanted to kiss her smile so it became permanent on her face. Her eyelids fluttered as Karen reminisced and he wanted to kiss those as well.

The sun was setting but there was just enough light to see the golden glow in Karen’s brown eyes and the glow of her tanned skin from their recent holiday. Karen laughed again as she remarked, “That was a good time wasn’t it and in your parents car and hopefully they never knew.” She gave him a cheeky wink, “What to do it again?”

Tim grinned, “Well, that was sort of what I had planned. It’s better then going out for the meal isn’t it?”

“Oh definitely.” Karen said slyly. What Tim wasn’t to know was that she had been planning mischief at the restaurant. All he would have to do would ankara escort slip his hand up her thighs and under the skirt of her dress to find that she wore no undies apart from the garter from their wedding night. She drew him closer to her and slipped her hand down to his groin while she kissed him. He moaned into the kiss, “Get in the back, more space.”

With a few giggles between them, they were feeling so like youngsters again, they stumbled into the back and Tim got a glance up Karen’s dress and saw she wore no knickers but said not a word. He grinned to himself; he did love his wife when she had her cheeky moments, which made her all the sexier and turned him on even more. He could already feel the blood rushing to his groin.

Once in the back they returned to kissing. Tim’s hands ran over Karen’s bare back and over her legs while his kisses moved from her lips to nibble at her earlobes and then over her neck where with on movement he undid the halter neck of her dress. Her hands were also busy, undoing Tim’s belt and unzipping his trousers to allow his growing cock more space. She even undid the buttons on his boxers so his cock popped out from the folds.

She moved back to give herself enough space to bent down over Tim’s cock and with it held in one hand she began to lick it’s hardening length while pulling back it’s little sheaf to reveal Tim’s red cock’s head. Willingly she dipped her head lower and took Tim into her mouth, slipping it in till the cock reached the back of her mouth. She continued etimesgut escort to lick all the way round his erection while he grabbed her hair and moaned at the effect her mischievous tongue was having on him. He would loved to have come in her mouth and watch her eagerly swallow all his cum but he wanted to have her riding him tonight considering she had specially made herself alluring by having no knickers on. Before he could come he pulled her head off him by her hair. She looked slightly confused but already his hand showed his intentions.

One of Tim’s large hands began to play with one of Karen’s plump exposed breasts while the other drew her closer to him by her hip. With her close enough he began kissing her and allowed his hand to slip over her skirt, which was already becoming hitched up, round her hips. His hand ran over her garter and then towards the flower that represented her sex. He found his finger easily glided, already she was growing wet. It was easy for his finger to slip between her sex lips and slid up her opening where he found her g-spot. All he had to do was curl his finger slightly and run against the lining of her sex and he would have her withering and moaning on his finger. He felt the palm of his hand growing damp and he rubbed it against her clit, stimulating her.

It didn’t take long for Karen to be unable to stand it much longer and she pushed Tim up against the back of the backseat. She lifted her dress before straddling her husband. Slowly she lowered herself on to him. Her eyes ankara etimesgut escort rolled back as she felt his large prick take her inch-by-inch. It felt larger then it had ever been before. Tim moaned into her neck, “Oh god, you are so tight tonight. Karen you are a sexy bitch, my sexy bitch.”

Slowly Karen began to move up and down on his cock while he kissed and sucked at her neck to restrain himself from coming too soon. One of his hands moved over her back and squeezed at one of her buttocks while the other slipped between them to rub at her clit. She threw her head back as she felt shudders run through her as she came. She gasped for breath but didn’t have long before she felt another one.

It was all becoming too much for Tim as with each orgasm Karen had he could feel her squeezing his cock with her internal muscles. It was becoming too intense and he grabbed hold of her buttocks with both hands and clutched at them as he forced her down hard on to him. He was deep within her and she could barely move on him as he was trying to keep her still but even the small movements were causing him trouble. His breath struggled to stay even as he tried not to come but then it became too much and with a yell of, “Oh fuck!” he felt himself come deep within her. He released her then and quietly she continued to ride him with a smile of delight on her face. She murmured, “I love seeing you come, it makes me feel so good that I have that power.”

“You are one saucy witch.” He remarked as they kissed again, “I think we’ll have to do this again.”

“Maybe… Or we could continue all of this back at home before we are caught out here.”

“True… But not yet.” He held her tight and continued to kiss her hard, not wanting to let her go just yet.

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