Returning Soldier

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I was finally returning home from my tour in the military. It hadn’t been easy the last few months. I had to grit my teeth and keep my head down in order to survive. I got a royal greeting from my parents and my sister Natalie. To be honest, it was my sister that kept my spirits up.

She would write me letters saying she couldn’t wait until the day I returned. You could say she was my number one booster. I needed someone like her in my corner. When I walked into my parent’s house Natalie threw her arms around my neck and kissed me flush on the mouth. I certainly wasn’t expecting that. Even my Mom and Dad made a face of surprise.

The first couple of days back I just wanted to decompress. Mom and a Dad gave me my space but Natalie wanted to be with me all the time. I loved my sister but at twenty years old, she didn’t understand what I just went through. When the new week arrived, my parents went back to work. That left Natalie alone at home with me. I was just resting on the couch when my sister arrived in the room.

I must have drifted off. I suddenly jolted up when my sister touched me.

“I’m so sorry Kent, I didn’t realize you were asleep.”

“It’s okay Natalie, I shouldn’t be sleeping anyway,” I told her.

Natalie knelt on the floor in front of me.

“I know you think I’m a pest but I’m just happy to have you back,” she told me.

I said that she was the one person who kept me going while I was in the Army. My sister reached out and she rubbed my leg. I wanted to ask her to stop but I couldn’t make myself do it. I hadn’t been with a woman in such a long time. Natalie was making my dick rise by just touching my leg. I think she noticed my bulge. She moved her hand closer to my crotch.

“I want you to know that I love you so much Kent. You were in my thoughts every day.”

These were tuzla escort words that were getting me aroused. Plus the fact that my sister was touching close to my dick. I didn’t know what to do. My sister settled matters. She reached for my zipper and she pulled it down. She managed to release my cock from my briefs. There was silence in the room. I didn’t tell her to stop. Natalie moved closer and took me in her mouth.

I threw my head back. Natalie was bobbing up and down my rod. She would also lick the underside of my shaft with her tongue. It didn’t take long before I was rock hard. When Natalie was happy that she worked her magic on me, she stood up and undressed. She basically did a strip tease for me.

My sister is on the thin side with small hips but her boobs are large. There was just a wisp of hair around her folds.

“I dreamed about this this daily Kent.”

Natalie got onto the couch. Her legs were outside of mine. She wiggled her slit against the tip of my cock and then she lowered her body down. My sister was tight. I placed my hands onto her hips and I pushed down. God, did she scream. She cried out that she had been saving herself for me all this time. She was no virgin but Natalie was damn close to one.

I began thrusting up into her pussy. I didn’t care that this was so wrong to be doing this with my sister. I had to have her now. I needed to fuck her tight pussy. Natalie had her arms around my neck. I moved my face forward and chewed on her small nipples.

“Oh fuck Kent, bite on them!” My sister screamed.

I gave my sister a hard fucking. That much I was sure of. I stretched out her pussy with my thick rod. I soon moved my hands to her asscheeks. I pulled them apart each time she lowered her body onto my lap. I’m sorry to say I didn’t hold out longer than I did that first time. I did have tuzla escort bayan a large load stored up.

I didn’t bother to tell my sister I was close. I blasted her tummy with a load of my thick seed. Natalie’s body tightened when she felt me release my cream into her body.

“Give it to me Kent, all of it!”

I did just that. It was one explosion after another. Natalie gripped me tightly as I gave her my love cum. I do remember us both panting like two heated dogs. Eventually we calmed down somewhat. Natalie kissed me repeatedly on the mouth,

“That was exactly how I thought it would be,” she said to me.

I took that to be a good thing. I sure enjoyed it. That was it for that day. We were all cleaned up by the time my parents arrived back home. I kept looking at my younger sister the whole evening long. I wanted her more than this once. So began a love affair between us. Natalie couldn’t get enough of my cock. Those first few days I was home, I fucked her repeatedly. We did it everywhere. On the living room floor, her bed and my bed and even on the dining room table.

I did find out that Natalie was on birth control, thank God. I lost count of how many loads of cum I gave my sister. She just couldn’t get enough of me. I actually think she was wearing me down. Natalie loved to take it from behind. Her face would be buried in a pillow as I pounded her pussy. We would get a little rough also. I would pull on my sister’s long brown hair as I used her quim.

My sister was a screamer. There were times I thought the neighbors might hear. She really got vocal the first time I took her ass. Natalie said she wanted me to be the first to fuck her ass. My cock felt like it was in a vise when I tried to enter her. It must have taken nearly a half an hour until I was completely inside my sister’s bottom.

I escort tuzla pounded her hard after that. She screamed that it hurt but I should keep going. My hands were on her hips. I was guiding her motions as I fed her cock. We did finally come to a climax together. I sent a scalding load of my seed deep into her bowels. I ended up collapsing on top of my sister’s back.

I had to come to some idea of what I was going to do with my life. My plan was to get a day job and then take classes at night. It would take some time but I would be working towards a degree. Natalie was worried, where would she be fitting into my plans. I told my sister I would need an apartment to live in. I needed some space away from my parents.

Natalie said she could take a job and help me pay the rent. I didn’t know how my parents would take it, brother and sister living together. I just told my folks that Natalie could stay with me until she got onto her feet. I never said how long that might take. I now have a job and so does Natalie. She works in an office as a clerk. She was always good at typing.

My days are busy with work and school. Late in the evening I like to take the edge off. I am usually buried deep in my sister’s pussy. Tonight I had Natalie’s legs up on my shoulders. I stretched out and fed her every hard inch I had. Natalie says she can feel my thick shaft hitting deep in her belly. The best part is when we orgasm together.

There is something about squirting your cum load into your sister’s body that is a total turn on. I have always hated condoms. Feeling Natalie’s muscles wrapped around my bare cock is something that is hard to describe. Sometimes Natalie will plead with me to coat her eggs. I think I know what she is hinting at but I can’t bring myself to ask.

Sometimes I have thought about what would happen if I impregnated my sister. I know the can of worms it would open. The other times my dick gets so hard knowing that my sister would be having my baby. For now I am content sliding in and out of my sister’s pussy almost every night.

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