Revelation 10 – Saturday 1

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Previous chapters in order of publication:

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Revelation: 2 – Friday
Revelation: 3 – Saturday
Revelation: 4 – Sunday
Revelation: 5 – Monday
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Revelation: 9 – Friday (Karen)
Revelation: 9 – Friday (Ken)
Revelation: 9 – Friday (Jill)


Revelation: 10 – Saturday 1 – Morning

“Well, this is interesting!” Josie picked up the discarded clothing lying on the deck and walked back into the kitchen where Kate was pouring herself a cup of coffee.

“What do you have there?”

Josie held up the clothes, “Appears to be a black bikini and a pair of men’s shorts and a shirt.” She held out the shirt so Kate could see and said, “And the shirt appears to have been used as a towel to wipe off something!

“Oh, really?” Kate took the clothes from Josie and looking the pieces over; especially the shirt chuckled and said, “Well, it appears that your son may have begun to solve the problem of your sister Jill.”

Josie laughed. “From this evidence I’d say you’re probably correct. Damn, leave it to Ken! I hope he is having lots of fun and success. What do you think, should we go and find them?”

“You’re the psychologist, not me.”

“Well, maybe not. I think we’ll just leave them alone…for now!” She chuckled, “But I really would like to know what went on out there last night, not that these clothes don’t give us a pretty good idea.” She reached out, took Kate’s coffee cup out of her hand and put it on the table then she gently sat down on Kate’s lap and pulled Kate’s head to her breast and her mouth to her nipple.

—– Ken & Jill —–

I woke to feel the presence of a warm body next to me and for a split second thought it was Karen but then I remembered that I was in Jill’s bed. I looked over and she was lying on her side facing away from me and evidently still sleeping peacefully so I lay there for a moment just thinking about how sweet she tasted last night and immediately George woke up. My aunt is one hot lady and when she decides to let herself relax and enjoy being herself she will be an absolute joy to have around. Maybe, just maybe, she may have made up her mind to join the family last night but I’d have to wait and see how she felt when she woke up. Morning after guilt can sometimes be especially difficult to deal with.

Not wanting to wake her until I had my coffee I slipped quietly out of bed and went into the bathroom to take a pee, wash my face and brush my teeth using Aunt Jill’s toothbrush. I know, it’s not considered polite to use another person’s toothbrush but when you’ve had your mouth and tongue on and in their pussy, what the hell difference does it make?

When I came out of the bathroom she was still laying on her side and with the top sheet partially pulled off her ass was exposed. She does have a very nice ass! She may not work out like Mom and Kate but age and gravity have been very kind to her posterior!

I went into the kitchen as quietly as possible and started a pot of coffee. While it was brewing I briefly toyed with the idea of slipping downstairs to get some sticky buns but then thought better of it. I had better be here when Jill woke up.

When the coffee was ready I got the biggest cup I could find, filled it and went over and sat down in the easy chair next to the bed. I relaxed, sipped my coffee and enjoyed the view of my aunt’s backside. Blessed caffeine! George was fully awake now and wanted some attention so; with the caffeine beginning to pump through my system I played with him while admiring the view of Jill from behind and contemplating what it would be like when we fucked.

—– Karen —–

Karen was riding Brad like he was a racehorse and they were on the final lap. She had her face buried in Gracie’s pussy while Melissa was behind her working a dildo in and out of Karen’s ass in counterpoint to her strokes on Brad. She had no idea of how many times she had cum over the past 12 or so hours but one thing she knew was that she had only had about three hours sleep and that was almost all just short naps and she was starting to feel the lack of sleep. Adrenaline could not make up for the sleep she needed. Christ could these people party!

Knowing he was going to have to drive today Paul had excused himself and slipped off to sleep in Lenny’s bed about 3 A.M. That left Lenny and Brad to take care of the ladies and they didn’t complain, not one time! When those two were tired or temporarily recuperating the three women partied on with fingers, tongues and a wide variety of toys.

Karen was getting close to climax and figuring that this might be her last cum worked hard to make it a really good one.

—– Sarah & Helen —–

Sarah woke up and looked over at her mother sleeping the sleep of sexual exhaustion. She smiled. She felt great! She had never known that her mother was that wild or adventurous. God, did they have fun pendik escort last night or what? She was thinking that she just might prefer having sex with her mother over having sex with Ann. Hmmmm, how could she have sex with both at the same time?

She never in her wildest dreams would have believed that her mother and her would have had sex but after coming home and finding her mother and Ken sitting there nude and playing with each other and then fucking in front of her there was no doubt in her mind that she was going to fuck her mother!

Unbelievably, her mom was one of the best pussy eaters she had ever had the pleasure of having the pleasure of! She was even better than Ann! She hoped that she was as good for her mother as her mother had been for her.

The alarm went off and Helen woke and sleepily reached over and turned off the alarm. Then in a sudden realization and remembrance of last night’s events, rolled over and looked to see her daughter looking at her and smiling.

Taking a deep breath and smiling back she brushed her hair back out of her face and said, “Well, sunshine, good morning! Sleep well?”

Sarah rolled over and leaned down and kissed her mother. “I slept very well and I feel wonderful, here, want to see?” She took her mother’s hand and put it on her pussy.

—– Kate & Josie —–

The doorbell rang and Josie got up off Kate’s lap and went to the security intercom. It was the cleaning crew of Barbara, Ann and Kali. Without bothering to put on any clothes she buzzed them in and went back to the kitchen and sat down at the table across from Kate. She drained her now cold coffee and poured herself a fresh cup.

When the girls came into the kitchen Barbara looked mildly surprised to see Kate and Josie naked but after Wednesday it wasn’t totally unexpected. Ann and Kali both giggled.

Kate smiled. “Good morning ladies, would you like some coffee and doughnuts before starting?”

They accepted her offer and sat down at the table drinking coffee and chatting. Ann and Kali were scooping Josie and Kate out while they ate their doughnuts and drank their coffee. Barbara was trying valiantly to act as if sitting and eating doughnuts and drinking coffee with naked employers were routine. Kate and Josie were not unaware of the attention they were getting from Ann and Kali or Barbara’s feigned casualness.

“I want to thank you all for coming so early today. We are having a little get together tomorrow to welcome Josie’s sister Jill home and the caterer will be in early this afternoon to begin setup. Now, I don’t want you to go crazy with cleaning, just check everything out and if you think it needs tweaking do it.”

—– Ken & Jill —–

Jill woke up and, unlike Ken, immediately remembered last night. She felt a flush when she remembered how nice it felt with Ken’s mouth on her pussy and the feel of his cock. She always liked to feel a man’s cock in her hands and in her mouth and she wondered what it would be like to have him cum in her mouth? Hmmm, maybe she’d find out today. She also remembered how surprised she was when she saw that Ken shaved his pubic hair. She didn’t know that men shaved around their cocks. She liked that, it was not only sexy and very smooth but now she wouldn’t have to worry about getting those little hairs in her mouth.

Without opening her eyes she reached her hand out behind her to see if Ken was still there and when she didn’t feel him felt a note of panic. She opened her eyes, lifted and turned her head only to see him sitting in the chair next to the bed playing with himself, sipping coffee and smiling at her.

“Morning beautiful, coffee?”

She felt an immediate sense of relief and happiness and, looking at his cock, desire. He hadn’t deserted her and he made coffee for her too! Jill loved her coffee in the morning along with her cigarette. Well, better forget the cigarette. Gotta give them up!

Normally she had to be the one who got up and made the coffee for her husband, ex-husband but no more! She didn’t ever remember him making coffee for her like Ken had. Ken is wonderful! God, how she loved her nephew!

She smiled in return. “Good morning Ken, good morning George,” and giggled. She was now trussed up in the sheet and realized that it wasn’t really serving any purpose so, feeling a little nasty she kicked the sheet completely off and rolling over onto her back made a show of stretching and spreading her legs. She liked having him look at her and judging from the condition of his cock, he liked looking.

Rolling over onto her side facing me she rested her head on her hand and said, “I’d love some but first I have to pee, wash my face and brush my teeth. God, I have got to give up those damned cigarettes, they make my mouth feel like shit,” she laughed.

I nodded. She should give them up but damn I enjoy watching her when she smokes. I gotta ask Mom what it is that makes a woman look so seductive and sexy with a cigarette in her hand, probably the implied oral sex.

With a big smile, she wiggled her eyebrows at him escort pendik and slowly stretched again and sensuously ran her hand down her breasts and between her legs. She sat up, swung her legs over the edge of the bed and got up and walked around to where Ken was sitting and stood in front of him smiling.

I reached out, put my hands at her waist and pulled her slightly toward me and kissed her stomach. Looking up at her I said, “Christ but you are beautiful, even in the morning! Don’t take too long, okay?”

—– Karen —–

Karen felt Brad cum into her. She felt each shot and she loved how it felt. How much cum had she taken in her pussy? A quart, a gallon? She knew she had swallowed almost as much and then there was her ass! Kenny had the most amazing amount of cum when he shoots that she had ever seen and it didn’t seem to fall of much cum after cum. Oh, to be 19 again! This group fuck thing was definitely the way to go but she also realized that she would be a basket case if it went on much longer.

Gracie was cummin. She pulled Karen’s face tighter against her pussy and kept moaning and when she was finished didn’t have the strength to remain standing but slumped down on the bed and closed her eyes. Gracie was done!

Karen felt Brad’s cock slip out of her and she rolled off him. Brad had his eyes closed and looked like he was finished as well.

Melissa looked down at Karen and smiled. She shifted around, swung her leg over Karen’s face and settled her pussy directly onto Karen’s mouth, buried her face in Karen’s pussy and continued to work the dildo in and out of Karen’s ass while trying to suck all of Brad’s cum out of Karen’s pussy. They were the last two standing, or lying, as the case may be!

—– Sarah & Helen —–

“You are a vixen, aren’t you?” Helen laughed. While petting Sarah’s pussy she leaned over and kissed her. “You dad and your sister are going to be home soon and then we have to drive over to Grandma’s and get your brother. We have to get up. I certainly don’t want to have to try and explain this to your father!”

“I know, but Mom, do you think we can get together sometime today?”

“Damn girl, give me a break. I’m not 18 you know. She smoothed Sarah’s hair. “I loved our time together last night but Sweetie, I have to tell you that I’m having some serious concerns about this.” She stopped playing with her daughter’s pussy and put her hand alongside Sarah’s face and looked at her closely, “Baby, we have already crossed into a really tricky area and I think we should stop while we are ahead.”

“But, Mom…”

“I know! I promised about tomorrow and I will keep that promise. I really want to be there for you…and also for me!” She smiled. But I think that’s going to be it.”

Sarah started to say something but Helen put her finger on her lips and silenced her. “Sweetie, right now we can write this off to curiosity and experimentation. If it continues it will absolutely change everything between you and me and, if they ever find out about this, our relationships with your sister and father will change forever. This is very dangerous ground!”

—– Kate & Josie —–

The cleaning crew had scattered to begin their workand Kate and Josie finished their coffees. Josie got up and went over to the intercom and called Ken in his room in the pool house and got no response. She came back to the table.

“I’ll bet I know where he is!”

“Want to go find out?” Kate looked at Josie with a smile and raised eyebrows.

“Yeah, I do. I want to know how Jill is doing this morning and if he is there then I will feel a whole lot better.”

Smiling Kate got up and put some sticky buns on a plate. “Might as well bring gifts. Should we get dressed?”

“No, it’s better that she know we are not going to change our habits because she is here. Besides, if Ken is there then this will come as no surprise to her and, I have to admit, I feel a little naughty to go before my sister naked.”

—– Ken & Jill —–

I sat there drinking my coffee, stroking George and thinking about the transformation in Jill. You have no idea how relieved I was that she woke up so cheerful and even happy. This is going to be a good day! This morning she was very much the old Jill. It looks as if she has made the decision to join us without reservation. Yes sir, this is going to be a good day!

Jill came out of the bathroom and walked into the kitchen and came back with her coffee. She put it down on the table next to mine and then reached down and holding George so that he was not squashed, sat down on my lap. Once she was settled she arranged herself and George so that he was nicely positioned between her legs nestled up against her pussy.

“There, that’s better. Oh, my!” She wiggled her ass a little. “Are you always this ready first thing in the morning?”

“Depends on who I spend the night with! But, in your case, how could I not be ready?”

She pulled my head to hers and kissed with me some passion. I, naturally, returned the kiss and my hands wandered to her nipples.

“So, pendik escort bayan what’s on your schedule for today?”

Before I could answer there was a knock at the door.

—– Ken & Jill, Kate & Josie —–

Jill looked at the door and then looked at me. I shrugged but I had a suspicion who it was.

Jill took a deep breath and called out, “Who’s there?”

Mom answered, “Me and Kate. You decent?”

Jill started to get up, probably to get a robe to cover herself but I put my hand on her thigh and stopped her.

“No. But come on in. anyway.” Jill looked at me as if I was crazy.

Mom and Kate, both naked, walked in carrying a plate of sticky buns. They walked up to where we were sitting and Kate held out the plate, “Thought you might be hungry.” Seeing us sitting, as we were, naked with the tip of my cock sticking up from between Jill’s legs she smiled broadly and walked over to the coffee table and put the buns down.

Mom, also smiling, stood in front of us pointedly looking down at my cock protruding between Jill’s legs said, “Well, you look like you two are enjoying yourselves. Are you sure that we aren’t interrupting?”

Jill watched her sister as she walked over to them. She was naked and so was Kate and they shaved their pussies! God, their pussies were beautiful! She was feeling that sense of confusion she felt when she looked at naked women but she also felt a little guilty for feeling sexually stimulated looking at her naked sister. Here she was, sitting on the lap of her hunky nephew, her lover, with his cock stroking her clit and she felt horny looking at naked women! Jesus, what was happening to her?

Jill suppressed these thoughts and looked up at Josie and smiled. “Well, seems you have caught us en flagrante.”

Mom laughed, “Seems so. Would you be more comfortable if Kate and I left?”

Jill shook her head. “No, please stay! Kenny made coffee!”

Josie looked at Kate who was smiling. “We want to stay too. But, don’t let us disturb you. Continue with what you were doing. We’ll just sit over here, have a cup of that coffee and a sticky bun and watch if that’s okay with you?”

Jill leaned down and kissed me, patted my face and whispered, “God, I’m hornier right now than I was last night! Sweetie, come with me, we’ll have some breakfast and then…..” She giggled like a little girl.

Forgetting all about Mom and Kate she leaned down and put her hand behind my head and kissed me.

Jill and I got up. She went over and sat on the couch across from the chairs that Mom and Kate were sitting in. I got up and walked into the kitchen to pour coffee for everyone

With George leading the way I came back with a tray and four cups of coffee, passed them out to everyone and sat down on the couch next to Jill.

Mom looked at me and said, “On the hunch that you might be here we brought some sticky buns,” and Mom pushed the plate toward me. “Jill, one thing you need to know about your nephew is that he is an addict. Not, as you might think, to sex but to sticky buns! He is a total slave to his addiction. It is so shameful to have someone in this family that cannot control their desires. Oh, the shame!” She put the back of her hand to her forehead in the manner of a 30’s movie heroine. Kate just sat and looked at her and shook her head.

Jill laughed and reached over and patted my stomach, “At least he doesn’t show any ill effects of his addiction.” She let her hand drift down and lightly wrapped her fingers around my cock. Looking up at her sister, almost defiantly, as if expecting her to make some comment she said, “And just how did you figure that Ken might be here?”

Mom handed Jill the bundle that she had been carrying. Jill took it and opened it up to find her bathing suit and my shorts and shirt. She took one look at the clothes and burst out laughing. “Fairly damning evidence I would say!”

She examined the shirt and saw the cum spots all over it and damned if she didn’t blush. Holding it up for me to see she said “Seems that I have messed up your shirt.”

—– Karen —–

She awoke to find that Melissa was next to her sound asleep as was Gracie, Brad and Lenny. She had no idea of how long she had slept and wasn’t sure why she had awoken. Maybe it was Lenny’s snoring? Then she saw movement and looked up and saw Paul leaning on the doorjamb and smiling at her. He raised his fingers to his lips in the ‘be quiet’ sign and gave her the ‘come here’ sign with his hand.

Karen got up and stumbled toward him. He moved back out of the doorway and to the table and sat down. Karen flopped into a chair across from him and brushed her hair back out of her face. In front of her were fresh, hot coffee and some buns. She looked at Paul and smiled

Hungrily taking a bun in her hand she took a bite and poured herself a cup of fresh hot coffee and took a large swallow. “Christ,” she thought, “this is even better than sex!”

Neither of them spoke while Karen ate the bun and finished her first cup of coffee and poured another. Only then did she lean back and look at him. “Damn, he is a good-looking man!” she thought. “Gracie has a really good thing going here!” Then she wondered if they had time for a quickie and got the giggles thinking how silly that was.

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