Revenge Ch. 04E

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After Kathy had called her husband Tom some other man’s name while they were making love, their lives became a living hell. Tom had gone crazy with revenge for her and Marvin her lover. But his love for Kathy kept him from killing both of them. While it wasn’t easy but he was trying to forgive her and things were finally settling down some.

After 6 months, Tom went back to work and Kathy became a mom and wife again. She didn’t finish school and decide she would rather stay home and take care of her family. She had not forgotten about Marvin, she would never forget him. But she was seeking professional help for her fixation of having a big cock fuck her half to death.

She met with the doctor twice a week now for over 10 weeks. Kathy felt better about everything that had happened to her over this past year. Kathy knew Tom still didn’t trust her completely and she worked very hard at staying true and proving to him that she was glad to be with him. Her sexual needs were still very high but she had learned to channel them into more productive ways to please Tom. She was giving Tom anything and everything she could to please him and to show him how much she appreciated him and his love for her. God what other man would have taken a woman back after what she did? None that she knew of. This only server to make her know what a wonderful man Tom truly was. It also showed her just how much he loved her.

Tom was becoming less and less concerned and had relaxed his fear of her leaving him or cheating on him with Marvin. He had even gotten a little less protective and didn’t interrogate her whenever she would leave the house or get home late. But Tom wasn’t a fool and he always watched for any signs of Kathy slipping back into her obsession. He still did things that she didn’t know he was doing. He would check her clothes or how many miles she had drove when she went out. He would also check to see if there were other signs that she was cheating on her. He realized this would take a very long time to get over. Tom was seeking professional help too.

It had been just about a year now and things couldn’t have been going better as far as Tom was concerned. It seems that during the year old Marvin had been busted for rape and beating a young college girl and for dealing drugs. She was a beautiful small, young, white, girl who it seems was living with him. But when he started beating her up she wanted to leave. He wouldn’t leave her alone. After the police had been to Marvin’s house for the forth time, her father got a restraining order against him. Her dad let her move back home. Then one day she was found on the side of road drugged and beaten.

When they took her to the hospital she was tested for rape. In fact, she had three different DNA’s in her pussy. She told the police it was Marvin and his brothers. She identified all three of them. They were found guilty and sent away for 25 years.

Tom was very happy since he was sure they were guilty. Kathy said that it could have been her and she was so glad he was finally in jail. Maybe someone there would make him their whore. That would be real street justice.

In fact her wish came true. Marvin was beaten to death by a group of inmates during his second year. Seems that even the criminals have an ethical code. They don’t rape young girls like Mary. Marvin was found beaten to death with a small 20-inch long PCP pipe up his ass.

After all that had happened, Tom wanted to take a vacation to celebrate and to get away from everything. After much discussion they both decided to take a Caribbean vacation. So in January when the cold weather hit they boarded a plane and headed to a little island near St. Thomas. It would be the first vacation they had had without the kids in 9 years. Just the two of them for a week in crystal clear waters, warm white sand and Tom had booked a room on the top floor of the hotel. They both were looking forward to the trip and both their doctors told them it was exactly what they needed.

They had first class air line tickets and booked a hotel room at the small beach resort out of the country. Arriving at the hotel, she found out that Tom had secretly booked the honeymoon suite. It had it’s own very private balcony and a huge bedroom with a gigantic bathtub. The room faced the ocean and had a spectacular view of the beach and the Caribbean.

Tom had taken just tested the big bathtub and shower. He came out wrapped in a towel. Kathy was standing on the balcony just looking at the beautiful picture postcard view. H came up and stood behind her and held her from behind with his hands around her hips. She rested her back against him and with one hand Tom moved her long hair out of the way so he could kiss her neck and shoulder. He told her he loved her with all his heart as he held her tightly as they stood there just looking at the sun setting on the crystal clear blue/green water.

Kathy turned her head to look him in the face and said: “Oh Tom it so kaçak iddaa beautiful. Everything is so beautiful.”

As he held her he told her: “Not anywhere as beautiful as you Kathy. I think you are the most beautiful woman in the world. To me you’re everything.”

Tom’s passion was so great for Kathy he always wondered that after sex, if he had satisfied her need for it to his and her fullest potential. She was without a doubt the most passionate woman he had ever known, and the most lovely he had ever been with in his life. While neither of them was really young, they were still fucking like mad dogs in heat!

When Kathy heard him tell her again how beautiful she was. She turned and kissed him hard and held him tightly against her. Tom could see and feel her nipples against his chest. She had pulled their bodies together and whispered in his ear: “I wanted to make love Tommy.”

He looked down and told her: “Oh yes! Oh yes Kathy. Yes! I want you so bad!”

As she felt his cock begin to rise in his slacks, she moaned: “Oh God I want you so bad Tommy! Oh yes God baby! Make love to me now Tom. Make love to me here on the balcony! Fuck me here baby!”

He undressed her slowly enjoying her beauty on the balcony in the sum. She only had on a sundress with absolutely nothing under it. With three buttons undone, tom was able to slid the dress off her shoulders and watched it fall down her beautiful body. She stepped towards him and they sank into the soft lounge chair on the porch. As the Caribbean sun started to sink into the sea, Tom made slow easy love to his beautiful wife. He licked her shaved pussy making her moan and lift her hips and ass up as she pumped her open pussy on his face and tongue. Hold his head she moaned over and over again: “Oh yes Tom! Oh god I love that Tommy! Lick me baby! Oh YES! OH YES BABY! Mumm! God your tongue is magic! Oh shit Tommy! That feels so good! So good! SO GOOD! Oh YES TOMMY! Oh! OH! Oh! Oh GOD TOM!”

Kathy’s body rocked on Tom’s mouth as he licked and sucked her pussy bring her to three orgasms in minutes. She arched her back on the last one and cried out with a rapture and desire and love for this man. “OH TOM!” she cried, as her hips bucked and her thighs squeezed his head while her pussy leaked her cum all over his face. She pumped and pumped her body faster and faster as she climaxed hard against his mouth!

Tom finally was pulled up from between Kathy’s beautiful legs. She was panting and Tom held her as her body quivered and shook from the stimulation he gave her. Tom’s cock was throbbing the same way. He wanted to ram his cock into his beautiful wife and fuck her wildly. But he held her and stroked her soft body as she recovered. She moaned and took his face and kissed him hard and long almost choking with her tongue. When they finally broke the kiss she said: “I love you Tommy. Now it’s my turn. I want you to cum so hard in my mouth it will be the best blowjob you ever had in your life.”

Kathy slid down and they changed places. As twilight started and the sun was almost below the ocean, Kathy sucked Tom’s cock hard! She was on a mission! All she wanted and all she could think about was sucking her wonderful loving husband hard and making him climax in my mouth!

It didn’t take very long. As Tom watched his beautiful wife in the evening light, he saw her going wild sucking his cock. He moaned out again and again as she sucked him hard. Her hand was flying up and down on his cock shaft squeezing it and milking it. Her other hand was rubbing his balls and feeling the weight of them. Finally after a considerable long time of sucking and licking her man, he told her: “Oh god Kathy! I’m going to cum! Oh here it comes!! Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhh! YESSSSSSS!!!!!!”

He had warned here but she either didn’t hear him or didn’t care! She wanted to taste him. She wanted to please him. She wanted to have him blow his entire climax while she had his big cock in my mouth!

She had tried deep throating when she had her affair with Marvin. S she tried it with Tom. She held my breath and took almost all of his thick 8-inch cock down my throat! While Tom was smaller than Marvin was, she still gagged and coughed and gagged again.

As she pumped her mouth further down on Tom’s cock she worked and worked until his cock hair was touching my face. She did it!! She had taken his entire shaft down my throat!!

Tom felt his cock head entire his wife’s throat and me moaned feeling the suction on his entire cock! He arched his back and held her head gently as his cock got harder and thicker! Then she backed off and let his cock move out of her throat. She took a few deep breaths and before taking him back down she looked him in the eye and asked: “Did you like that?

He moaned: “Oh yes! God baby! That was unbelievable!”

She smiled and told him: “Cum for me Tommy. Cum in my throat!”

Her mouth covered his cock and she slowly took him down her throat again and again and again. kaçak bahis He was moaning and lifting his as up off the lounge chair. Finally she gulped him one last time and he gently took her head and held it as started to cum. She felt the first of at least a dozen shots of cum. Some hit the roof and back of her throat! Then she swallowed the cum and took him deep into her mouth and down her throat all the way. He emptied his nuts shooting straight down into her stomach. She drained him as she held him there.

What little cum that didn’t go directly down her throat, began to leak out the sides of her mouth around his hard cock shaft. There was so much she had a really hard time drinking all of it. There was just so much of it!

This man really needed to cum and he had giving her all of it! God it was so much! She began to wonder if he would ever stop cumming! Finally he pull her face off of his cock. She smiled and swallowed what was left in my mouth. Kathy could actually feel the sticky thick liquid slipping up down my throat coating it. He wiped off the cum covering my chin and sides of my mouth. He pulled me to him and kissed me deep. She shoved her tongue into his mouth giving him some of his own cum back! Tom had done the same to her after eating her pussy a few minutes ago.

They tongued and worked on each other’s body for about another half-hour. As the sun set completely, the sky was almost dark now. His fingers and mouth did wonders to Kathy’s body. It only took about 5 minutes of his soft strokes to get her back to her sexual excited state. She was ready again. Kathy had never stopped jerking of Tom’s cock. It went from hard as a rock in her mouth, to semi-soft, back to hard as a rock in her hands!

Kathy told him: “Oh Tommy! Fuck me! Put your cock in me baby! Fuck me baby!”

Tom moved up on her body and she spread her thighs willingly and slowly pushed his hard cock head into her wet opening. They worked together to get his big head into my pussy. She held it and rubbed her slit getting it wet. Then as she slid it in they both moaned from the feeling two loves receive when their sex organs merge. Gently he pushed into her. She moaned: “OH yes! Oh yes Tommy! Fuck me Fuck me baby!”

Her hips lifted up offering him all of her sex! He took his strong hands and lifted her legs up on to his shoulders. Holding her up, Tom pushed one last time and was now fully inside her. She moaned : “Oh god! Oh yes! He’s all the way inside me! Oh god it felt so good!”

Kathy looked up at her husband and smiled saying: “Fuck me Tommy! Fuck me forever baby!”

He told her: “I can’t begin to tell you how good it felt to have you wrapped around my cock again baby!”

She said: “Fill me fill me completely Tommy! Oh god baby there are just no words! No words!”

She closed her eyes as his big thick hard cock pumped away inside her wet swollen pussy made her cry out in pure passion. She looked up at him and told him: “Fuck me Tom! Fuck me hard baby!! Fuck me long! Oh yes! Fuck me! Oh your cock feels so good baby! Fuck me TOMMYYYYYY!!!!!!”

And fuck her he did! This time he didn’t move softly, he didn’t move gently. He moved like a man who was about to go crazy if he didn’t fuck a pussy, her pussy!

And she wanted him to fuck her hard and long! “Oh yes, my god fuck me for as long as you can baby! Fuck me!!, she cried out as wave after wave of lust and excitement ran over her body.

Tom thrust his cock into her over and over again! Over and over he rammed it into her as she held her legs spread wide accepting his hard cock. Over and over she cried out in passion as Tom slammed his cock deep into her! Her desire to orgasm overwhelmed her and made her yell out with each of Tom’s strokes: “Fuck me Tom! Fuck me! Yes, baby! Oh yes!! Fuck me! Fuck me! FUCK ME! Fuck me! OH GODDD TOMMMMM!!!!!!”

Again and again he pumped his dick into her cunt! It wasn’t a pussy any more it was a cunt. And he wasn’t fucking her with his cock it was a dick, a big dick. And, it was ramming into her again and again and again! In all of her years she have never remembered any love session that felt anything this good, this loving, this caring. None with Marvin even came close to what Tom gave her. With Tom it was love and lust. She now had the best of both worlds. She knew it. She couldn’t related in words how it felt to be fucked and loved together.

Tom had her elevated up off the lounge chair and he rammed hard into her pussy. She truly loved him and said: “Oh Tom I love you so much. Fuck me hard Tom! Harder! Fuck me harder baby! Oh god I love your cock in me! Fuck me Harder! HARDER!! OH YES TOM I LOVE YOUUU!!!!!!!”

And she screamed and climaxed with suck intensity she almost blacked out! As he pumped he yelled down at her: “Kathy!! Kathy!! Come on baby! Fuck me!! Pump those hips baby! Make you pussy fuck me baby! I’m almost there!! Oh god here I go!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!1”

Tom let go with another huge load of cum, illegal bahis into her pussy, but she didn’t feel it. Kathy had blacked out from the sensations her body gave her brain. It had completely consumed her and she had passed out. He slammed into her until he couldn’t do it any longer. Then he realized she was unconscious.

He got scared and stopped fucking and shook her. He took the glass of water and used some of it to wipe her face. She started to come around. When she did, she asked: “What . . . what . . . what happened?”

He smiled and said: “I think you passed out Kath!”

She smiled. Then she laughed and said: “That’s because you fucked me so good!”

He picked her up and carried her into the room and the bed. It was a huge bed. Tom put Kathy on it and went to get her a drink. She smiled as she watched his cock swinging as he walked. She said: “Did I get you off Tommy? Oh god I’m sorry baby! I’m sorry I passed out! Did you. . “

Then she could feel his cum inside her pussy. It was slowly leaking out and running down the crack of her ass. She smiled and said; “Never mine. I know you got off.”

She laughed as he came back and asked what was so funny. She took the drink and drank half of it. She kissed him and told him: “Now where were we before I passed out?”

They were both hungry and finally decided to eat. But neither wanted to get up. He called room service and as she went to get cleaned up, he told her: “Oh Kathy! I almost forgot tomorrow I have reserved a boat and we’re going to our own private island.”

As she climbed into the huge shower in the bathroom, she wondered what it would be like to have this man alone in the warm blue waters of the Caribbean on their own island. Oh well she would find out tomorrow.

The water felt good on my body, but she didn’t want to wash his cum off of my tingling body! She used her hand to scoop out the cum in her pussy and rubbed it over her breasts. God he made her feel so good like a real woman!!

She loved this man and would have died for him now if she had too! She was so ashamed of what she had put him through this past year. Her affair with Marvin was so cruel. She would work twice as hard to make sure she pleased him in any way he wanted. She would work twice as hard to show her love for him and only him.

After the food arrived and they ate, Tom rolled her over and began to make love to her again. His lips and tongue circled her pussy again and his licking and sucking drove her wild with need. She arched her back and pulled his hair as she fucked his face hard having multiple orgasms. She then rolled them both over and kissed her way down his body. His hands gently pushed her head down his body until her face was directly over his cock. She took it into her mouth and sucked him and tried to deep throat him. After about 20 minutes Tom’s hips lifted and he began to cum. His load was taken in her mouth and she swallowed all of it1 She moved up on him and they held each other as they fell asleep.

The morning came and they both watched the sun come up as they drank coffee and ate breakfast on their porch that over looked the blue ocean. It was a great room and the view was perfect. They changed into swim clothes and started to get ready for their day of boating to their private island and the picnic the hotel had packed for them.

Kathy had purchased a very small French cut bikini, which was actually a thong in the back. The top held her breasts but covered very little. It was one of those suits that pushed your boobs up high and made you look like you had a great pair of tits. Now Kathy had a great pair and the suit made them look even better. The bottoms were cut very low with very high leg cuts. It required a woman to shave almost all of her pussy hair off so that none would show. She surprised Tom when she showed him that she was almost bald between her legs. She knew he would love it! What man doesn’t like a shaved pussy? Tom approved whole heartily when she modeled it for him!

They hurried and packed their stuff, picked up the lunch and headed off to get the motor boat. It took about ½ hour of sailing to get to the little island Tom called a clay! He was good with boats but then he had been in the US Navy! It was a great trip.

The island (Clay) was wonderful with a few palms, a very nice white sand beach and water you only see in magazines. In fact it looked like a scene you would see in an ad. The water was so clear when you stood neck deep, you could see the little fish swimming and nipping at your toes. They had planned to spend the day sitting in the sun, getting into the water to cool off and fucking until they couldn’t fuck any more. They were alone, very alone!

Tom said: “Let’s get undress and stay nude all day.” And they did. They each took off their suits and stay that way all day. Or, at least until they were afraid of the sun burning some of our tender parts. It was around 10AM when they put the blanket out and stripped down. As Kathy took off her bikini bottom, and Tom got a close up view of her shaved pussy he told her: “Oh God Kathy!! That looks so dam sexy! I got to touch it. Let me feel it come here babe!”

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