Revenge is Sweet Ch. 02

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After our brisk morning walk around the gardens, we went back to our room. We were certain the chambermaid would be there, and that she would have had the time to pick through the carefully strewn clothing and jewelry we had left lying about. After all, Ems and I rehearsed this often enough.

As expected, the door to our room was closed. Ems grinned at me. We knew it was hotel policy for maids to leave the door open when they cleaned the guest rooms, so it meant either of two things: That the maid had already cleaned up the room, which was highly unlikely, given how quickly we’d returned; or that she had discovered something worth taking a second look at, and didn’t want anyone walking in on her.

Quietly, we opened the door and stepped inside. The living area was empty and clean, and we could hear movement within the bedroom. Ems was the quicker, and she drew the doors open with dramatic flourish. I dallied behind, not wanting to make my presence known to the person in our bedroom.

I heard her exclaim, and Emily, demonstrating her practised cool, saying sharply: “And what do you think you are you doing, young lady?”

“Why, I was just cleaning up in here.” I heard the insolence in the maid’s voice and took that as my cue.

“What is going on in here, Ems?” I said loudly as I strode into our bedroom, not pausing even as I noted the naked back of the girl who was facing away from me. She was looking defiantly at Emily, so she had not noticed my presence until I announced myself.

She gave a start, turned and saw me, and turned pale. She was very fair, and her features were delicate — her eyes large, her nose sharp and turned up at the very tip. As I’d walked in, I noted that her back was smooth and unmarked, which was rather unusual for a young woman employed as a chambermaid. I smiled, knowing we had come upon our intended prey.

“Isn’t that your dress, Ems?” I enquired, maintaining a stern demeanor and tone. “What is this girl doing wearing the dress I bought you yesterday?”

“She was wearing it when I came in, darling,” was Ems’ reply. “I had no idea…”

“Take it off!” I roared, startling the girl once more. “Take it off right now!”

“B… but…” she stammered. “Please, sir, I…”

“I said take it OFF!”

“No! I’m not… wearing…”

“Ems, is this how you repay my kindness… by giving away my gifts to some pitiful servant?” I said sarcastically. Ems grinned at me because the girl’s attention was fully on me, and she could not see what Ems was doing. Which was how Emily managed to take her completely by surprise, pulling the dress off her shoulders so it fell to the floor at the girl’s feet.

It took her a moment to realize what had happened… then the girl screamed in shock. She was completely naked under Ems’ dress, which was a nice surprise. Her breasts weren’t as sumptuous as Ems’, and her figure was more girlish than womanly, but it was sufficiently feminine to evoke a reaction in my pants. Her pubic hair was sparse, and as red as the hair on her head… though not as red as her face was at the sudden revelation of her body.

“You..! How dare…” she sputtered, her hands rising quickly to her chest and pubic area in a vain attempt to preserve her modesty. I leered at her to let her know I’d seen her bodily secrets and didn’t let her finish. Her indignation would give her courage, and we needed to keep her off-balance.

“How dare we? We walk into our room to find the maid wearing a dress I’d bought as as gift to my wife, and you ask how dare we..? I daresay we ought to be asking YOU, how dare you!”

She shushed up right away, her eyes still defiant, but now tinged with wariness. She knew she was standing on very shaky ground right now.

“Ems, we’d better get the manager in here right now,” I said, looking at my partner-in-crime. “Tell him we’ve got a naked little thief in our room.”

“No! No, please,” the girl pleaded. “You can’t…”

“Oh yes we can, young lady!” I said triumphantly. “Ems, if you’ll please…”

“You don’t know who my mother is!” the girl blurted out, her eyes looking wildly about. She couldn’t bring herself to look into my eyes, which suggested she was panicking, thinking of what she could do to get herself out of this predicament. “Mother… she’ll…”

“Tell you what, dearie, I’ll call in the police as well, and we’ll see just what it is your mother will do,” I smirked at her. “I’m sure the police will get here rather quickly, and you won’t have any problem explaining your side to them in your current state.”

“I… you… you bastard!” she exclaimed.

“Now, shall I take it then that you would like to give your statement to the manager and the police officer? I’m sure your mother will be most concerned about how her daughter is in such a state, and under arrest to boot.”

I waved my hand in her general direction, and saw her shoulders droop in defeat. Good. She knew there was no getting out of this. Her hands remained firmly in place, though, Akseki Escort and her knuckles were white with strain. Next step.

“OK, Ems, will you call the manager in right now?”

“NO! Please. I mean, he’s a creep and I… I don’t want him to know…”

“You should’ve thought of that before you came in here and put on my dress,” Emily said, as she picked up the handset of the phone. “I wonder what we’ll find in the pockets of your uniform.”

“No. No, please,” she begged, her eyes moistening, her voice turning into a whine. If she was pretending remorse, the girl was a pretty good actress. “Please don’t.”

“Well, something has to be done about this,” I said firmly, remembering what the manager, Mr. S. had had to say about this little scamp. A real handful, he said. She uses her wiles to get her way — flirts when she has to, then making accusations of improper conduct. She was such a poor worker and so quick to help herself with the guests’ belongings that he would have fired her, if not for her mother. No one crossed her for the sake of her mother, and the girl knew it and took full advantage of it. Mr. S. would most certainly have been pleased to find her in this state. “We can’t just let it rest like this.”

“I… ummm… I could make it worth your while,” she suddenly changed her tune, her eyelashes fluttering coquettishly. Or so she hoped. I’d seen enough women to know when it was a put on, and this was definitely a put-on. Besides, her hands remained firmly clasped across her breasts and on her groin, so I knew she wasn’t about to offer her body. She was only playing for time while she thought of a way out.

“And how do you propose to do that?” I said to her, making sure my leer was obvious. “What do you have to offer?”

“I could… I could bring you champagne and stuff for free,” she said, her eyes darting about my face nervously, her hands clutching even more tightly at her body. “If you would kindly let me dress…”

“Do you hear that, Ems? She can bring us stuff FOR FREE!” I guffawed, startling the girl once more. “Wow, what a treat!”

“In case you don’t realize, young lady, that dress you were wearing cost more than you would earn in two years,” I glared at the girl. “What I have is money. I have no need for any “free stuff” from you!”

She shut up and cast her eyes downwards, biting her lower lip. The girl appeared to be struggling with her own thoughts and unable to come up with a response.

I decided to press my advantage, adopting a gentler, but still sarcastic tone: “Generous as that offer may be, I’m afraid I have to decline. I have no need of free stuff. Especially not if it happens to be “free” because it has been retrieved from someone else.”

She looked up at me, shock showing in her face. Perhaps she was surprised we had cottoned on to her dirty little habit?

“I suppose we shall have to revert to our original plan. Ems? If you’d please..?”

“No, wait,” she pleaded, her eyes betraying her desperation. “I can’t… please spare me.”

“My dear young lady,” I put on my best lecturing voice. “It’s obvious to me that this is not the first time you’ve done something like this. It would be very remiss of us to not report you for your crime, because you would only continue with your merry jaunts into this fine hotel’s guestrooms. No, something must definitely be done about this. Ems?”

“NO. Please, sir, allow me to make amends for my error,” she begged once more. “I… I said I would make it worth your while. And I will. If you will ask your lady to leave the room, I will…”

“Ah, my dear, there is one thing you must understand. There are no secrets between my lady and myself. Whatever it is you wish to propose, you will propose in front of her.”

I smiled at her grimace. I wasn’t sure what it was she was planning, but I presumed she intended to keep it private so that it would become a matter of just my word against hers. Keeping Emily in the same room ensured she had to deal with two people, not just one.

“Well? What is it you wish to propose?” I smirked again. We were very much in control of the situation.

“I’m sure you would prefer if we were alone…”

“Not at all. You can be sure I very much prefer that Emily is here to bear witness.”

“But… but I… uh…” she stammered, unsure of what to do next.

“If you have nothing more to say, then I presume we are done speaking and we should proceed with notifying the relevant authorities of your misdeeds. Ems?” I insisted, pushing her to commit to her only remaining route.

“NO. No, please,” she pleaded once more, trying to draw an iota of sympathy from me with her piteous whine. “I… I’ll do this…”

At that, she dropped her hands from her body, exposing her fright-hardened pink nipples and the cute little tuft of flame-colored pubic hair down below. Her hands fluttered like helpless butterflies, but remained at her sides. Her eyes remained fixed on the floor, her breathing Akseki Escort Bayan harsh and loud in the silence of the room. She was either scared or excited. Or both. The reddish hue on her face deepened as it spread to her shoulders and the tops of her breasts.

“That’s nice, my dear,” I said appreciatively. I meant it too. She did have a nice body, although Emily was by far a better specimen of womanhood. “Very nice indeed.”

She turned in a slow pirouette, keeping her eyes downcast, but giving me a good view of her entire body, front and back. She had a nice ass, round and perky, which bounced as she moved. But then I’d already evinced that fact from the quick look I’d had when I first walked into the room.

When she faced me once more, I noticed that her breasts were rising and falling at a faster rate than before. Interesting. Her very first time naked in front of a man, and she was actually excited. I wondered if her mother had lied about her daughter’s virginal ways, but rejected the notion right away. There was no way Madame L. would have allowed her daughter to set a foot wrong. Not if she wanted to maintain her pristine image in the community. No, any daughter of Madame L.’s would have to be as much a paragon of virtue as she was. Or rather, appeared to be.

I smiled, noticing that her hands were not fluttering anymore. In fact, they were held determinedly at her sides, as if she was proud to show off her maiden wares. Her eyes met mine. She looked defiant once more, almost as if she was challenging me to keep looking at her. I allowed my eyes to drop, linger at her breasts, then slide down lower, towards the barely covered mound with its lovely pink slit.

I kept my eyes trained on her sex, noting her slight trembling, and smiled. “That is certainly a delightful sight, my dear,” I said appreciatively.

My continued observation of her nude body, and particularly, her uncovered slit, seemed to unnerve her. She fidgeted a little, then made her move towards her clothes.

“Now that you’ve seen all, I shall…”

“Not quite,” I replied quite firmly, stopping her in her tracks. “I said it was nice, I didn’t say it was sufficient.”

“Why you…” she started, glaring angrily at me. Clearly, she thought she had made amends. I had to ensure she realized how wrong she was.

“Before you continue, I think you should have a look at Ems over there,” I gesticulated towards Emily. The girl had apparently not noticed the rustle of Em’s dress as it settled on the floor, but she certainly did notice Em’s nude body. Her mouth fell open.

“You may think you’ve given me a once-in-a-lifetime thrill, young lady, but as you can see from Emily over there, I’ve seen better.”

“But I… no one’s ever seen me like that before!” her petulance knew no bounds. “You’ve taken advantage of me, you bastard.”

“Not at all,” I said evenly, smiling as I looked into her eyes to show I meant what I said. “There are two people here who can testify to how you sneaked into our room and tried to make off with my lady’s new dress. And only one who will say otherwise. Now, who do you think the police and manager will believe? My wife and I, or a little chambermaid with sticky fingers?”

“I can… I can say you were both… you took advantage of me!” she was determined not to give in, even as her desperation raised the tone of her voice.

“Yes, well, let’s just call the manager and the police and let them decide. Ems?”

Her head dropped, her eyes cast onto the floor as her bluff was called. She clearly had no cards left to play. And I hadn’t even pulled out my trump card yet.

“As I was saying, you can see that your exposing yourself to me hardly qualifies as ‘making it worth my while’. Not when I’ve got a far better eyeful every night with Emily.”

“But… this is my first…” she stammered, unsure of how she should continue.

“Young lady, it doesn’t matter to me whether you’ve shown yourself to a hundred men, or if you’ve been cloistered away for the last 18 years. You did promise that you would make it worth our while, but thus far, I’ve not seen anything worth my while. Yet.”

I let slip that I knew her age before I could stop myself, but thankfully, she did not seem to notice.

The girl turned to face me again, fiery defiance in her eyes. She did look a lot like her mother did when she was railing against immorality and obscene behavior. “So… what would I have to do, for it to be worth your while?”

“What is your name, girl?” I pretended ignorance.

“I… Phyllis,” she replied, her gaze not leaving my face. I kept my own eyes on hers, making her flinch even more than when she thought I had been perusing her naked body. “What do you wish, sir?”

Emily answered her question from the bed, to which she had moved while the girl turned her attention to me. “We’d like you to make a mess of this bed.”

“What?” she turned around to look at Ems, who was lying with her Escort Akseki legs spread on the bed. “What do you..?”

I could observe Phyllis’ expression in the mirror on the wall next to the bed, and almost burst out laughing at the look on her face as her eyes alighted on Ems’ delightfully plump and denuded vulva, now gaping a little and inviting further investigation. Damn it, Ems was always able to get a rise out of me. My cock felt constrained in my pants, and I longed to take it out.

“She said, you should make a mess of the bed,” I said helpfully, suppressing my laughter. She really did look quite comical, with her eyes and mouth wide open like that.

“You mean you want… No. Sir, I am sure you would prefer…”

“I am certain I would prefer if you help my lady out, over there. Yes, I do mean you should put your face down on my Emily’s pussy over there and lick it till it becomes messy.”

Her eyes widened even more. She turned and looked pleadingly at me.

“But I can’t. I’ve never…” she was shaking her head even as I nodded mine.

“There’s always a first time for everything. Besides, how would you know you wouldn’t like it if you haven’t ever done it?”

“But… it’s wrong! I can’t… maybe I can clean your room. Naked,” she said, her words coming out in a rush. She was truly desperate now. “You can both look at me all you want. You can… you can even touch me… all over…” she shivered, and I wasn’t sure if it was from fear or anticipation.

“I repeat — I have that. I look at that every night. And I touch that every day,” I said, gesturing at Ems’ naked form. “I’ll grant that you are different from Ems, but I have no desire to experience anything less than what I already get regularly.”

I felt bad speaking that way, especially in front of Ems, who had assured me she had no issues with being referred to as an object to be used by men… but whose feelings still mattered enough to me to not want to show such disrespect. But it was all part of the game we were playing, and we knew we wouldn’t achieve our objective if I played nice.

“I don’t know… what do I..?” she said hesitantly.

“Simple. Like we said, make a mess of the bed. Start by going over to Ems,” I instructed her, and she looked at me beseechingly once more. I returned her look with a determined stare and she knew she was beaten. She would have no other way to get out of this, other than to comply with our commands.

Silently, she turned to face Ems on the bed. I observed her expression as she walked slowly to the edge of the bed, stopping in front of Emily’s spread legs. Her eyes were fixed on Ems’ exposed privates, her face colored red. She was both embarrassed and excited — I could see from the rise and fall of her breasts that her rate of breathing was speeding up again — and probably embarrassed again by her excitement. Her nipples had shrunk to tiny little pink knots on her chest.

“Now, be a good girl, get down on your hands and knees and start licking,” I said, and Phyllis’ head whipped around.

“What? I… I can’t. I’ve… I think I should…” she protested, turning around and trying to move past me, away from her prescribed punishment.

“Oh no you don’t!” I grabbed her shoulders — but not too hard, so there wouldn’t be any marks on her skin. “You’re staying here like this.”

Speaking over her head, I directed my next comment at Emily. “Ems, it appears that our Phyllis would rather that we report her to the manager and police. If you’ll get dressed while I hold her here so we can tell them how we came upon her in our room…”

“No! Please. I beg you, kind sir. I can’t… I mean, I won’t…”

“Ah, therein lies our little problem, Phyllis,” I said, my hands firm on her shoulders. I made sure there was no other contact between us even though she was close enough for me to touch her naked body. “You won’t. In spite of your promise to make it worth our while, you won’t. You leave us with no choice.”

“But… but I’m… she’s a woman… we can’t…” she protested. She wasn’t really struggling in my grip, partly because I kept my eyes locked on hers, staring down her resistance.

“Oh? Perhaps I ought to explain, my dear Phyllis. On every woman is a little magic switch,” I smiled at her protest. “I’m sure you would have found your own… or at least had some experience of how that switch works.”

She turned a deeper shade of red, and turned her head away, perhaps to hide her embarrassed acknowledgment of my suggestion. I paused, waiting for her to collect her thoughts, and noticed that she was staring at Ems’ puffy lips again, her eyes locked on the mysterious split of her groin.

When she turned to look at me again, her eyes were bright with lust. “How did you know I..? Ummm. Does it show on my… on me?”

“Oh no, not at all, my dear,” I replied. “I just expected that a pretty young woman who is as… matured as you are, would have naturally found out how her body works.”

She said nothing, her attention back on Emily. Or rather, on Emily’s finger, which was sliding into the slippery groove of her cunt. Her finger gleamed wetly as it appeared, then disappeared back into her luscious cleft.

“Oh my…” she breathed, and I caught the note of excitement in the girl’s voice.

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