Rich in a Bar

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Rich wasn’t sure how he and his wife and drifted apart, but after so many years of marriage he decided it wasn’t totally abnormal. He sat sipping his drink in the nearly empty bar watching the younger crowd dropping money in the juke box and dance ever closer to each other. He wasn’t really a dancer himself but after a few margaritas or even a beer or two he could feel himself loosen up. Rich’s friends, all married men like him, played on the under-sized pool table at the other end of the bar. None of them are really any good at the game, it was really just for fun.

Rich noticed the young blonde sitting with her friends early on. She seemed to be glancing in his direction from time to time and Rich swore he saw a smile creep across her lips as she glanced away. He knew of course it could be the margarita that was smiling at him and not really the blonde. In fact, in was more likely Margarita than the stranger laughing with her friends.

It was getting late for the local crowd and the bar had cleared out to just the few clusters of friends who hung at opposite ends of the bar like shy teenagers at the school dance. Rich had walked up the to blonde, emboldened by his friends Sam Adams and Margarita, to ask her name and if she would dance with him. Deidra wasn’t interested in dancing with married men and he had returned to sit at the bar. Rich’s friends were wrapping up their game and saying their good nights. Rich waved goodbye as they filed out into the street. He wanted to finish his beer and then have the bartender call a cab for him. He heard the chair to his right scrape across the floor and surprisingly found Deidra sitting next to him.

“Looks like you friends ankara escort have left you alone,” she seemed to show the same clouded smile Rich thought he saw most of the night.

“I’m leaving when I finish off the rest of this beer,” he swirled the bottom inch of brown liquid around his glass. Rich noticed Deidra was facing him sitting sideways to the bar, her legs slightly straddled his stool. “I thought you didn’t talk to married guys?”

“I said I don’t dance with married guys. But it looks like your married friends are gone. You know my family and Mike’s are really close”, she explained, dropping the name of one of the guys who walked out moments before. “How would that look if he told his family you and I were dancing at the bar?”

“It would look like we were dancing.” Of course being the small town that it is, it would look like a lot more than dancing was going on. Rich knew that. He took another sip of beer and pondered his reflection next to hers in the mirror behind the bar. He realized they were alone, with the exception of the female bartender who had wandered off to clean a table or something. It began to feel like she was much closer to him that she was, like he could feel her inside his psychic bubble. “So are you saying you want to dance now?”

“No,” Deidra replied quickly, “I said I don’t dance with married men.”

Rich turned to look into her blue eyes, “then what..”

Deidra cut him off by stepping up on the supports of the bar stool. Somehow she had managed to slip her right leg out of her shorts which ended up dangling from her ankle. Rich was shocked as he watched her naked leg swing around him as she planted herself on the bar. She etimesgut escort wore no panties and her dark blonde pubic hair was neat and trimmed close. “I’m more interested in seeing what else you can do with that mouth. I know you can drink. I know you can talk. Let me see what else you can do.”

Rich wasn’t sure what she was expecting. He was sure that there was a beautiful blonde daring him to do something other than talk. Daring him with her eyes to put up or shut up. Deidra dared him with her legs spread on either side of him, her cute ass sitting on the edge of the bar. Her pussy was wet, Rich could smell the heat of it. He could see the moisture glistening on her womanhood. He tentatively leaned forward parting his mouth to take in the taste of Deidra’s wet mound. She wrapped her thighs around his head, pulling his face into her wet, tasty pussy. Rich loved licking pussy and was sure that he did it very well. He could feel her lean back on the bar thrusting her wetness into his face.

“Lick my clit,” Deidra ordered Rich wasn’t sure what had come over him or her for that matter as he obediently sucked the engorged clit into his mouth. His tongue teased at her clit as he let it slide back across his teeth. Rich spread her lips with his tongue swallowing the juices that were now flowing freely from her love canal. His tongue pierced her as he curled it up inside her trying to lick her g-spot. He knew it was too deep inside to reach with his tongue, but it was fun to try and Deidra twitched as he withdrew his tongue only to plunge it back between the folds of her lips.

He could hear her moans muffled by her thighs against his ears. Rich smiled to himself. “God I love ankara etimesgut escort to eat pussy,” he thought as his mouth smashed against her. As Deidra leaned further back Rich was able to slide his tongue further into her. He started flicking his tongue more quickly across her clit. Rich slowly moved his hand from its place under her thigh, caressing her leg in the process. He placed two fingers at the opening of her pussy. Her juices were running freely now, wetting the length of her reddened lips, dampening her tangle of hair tickling his face.

Rich began to grow more daring as he plunged his fingers deep into Deidra. Her ass lifted from the bar as she pulled his head more firmly against her musky, wet crotch. He could feel her twitch as his fingers rubbed the top of her love tunnel, finding the spot his tongue was too short to reach. He teased at the muscle protecting Deidra’s anus stretching the tiny opening with a free finger. Deidra uttered a tiny, “ungh” as her hips moved away from and then towards his mouth. Her asshole sucked his finger inside in a single thrust. She grabbed the back of his head, grasping a handful of hair to push his face even harder into her throbbing pussy. Rich eased another finger into her twitching asshole. He could feel her muscles rhythmically squeezing his fingers as her ass started bouncing on the bar. Rich could hear her sweat-covered ass cheeks each time they pulled away from the bar.

“Make me come! Lick my pussy!” Deidra yelled at him, “oh, god, yes!”

She pushed his head away. Rich felt as drained as Deidra looked. “Ok married man, you better wash your face and get your cab. You wife might wonder why you’ve been out so late tonight. At least you can tell her you weren’t dancing with a younger woman.”

Rich stood outside waiting for his cab. The cold air was soothing his unsatisfied hard on. “I might just have to wake my wife when I get home,” he thought.

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