Right Number

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“Is this 555-9173?” I asked. It didn’t sound like my buddy Fred, this voice was feminine.

“No, it’s 9713, easy mistake. Don’t feel bad.” whoever this was, they had a great voice. Hint of a Southern drawl, a low contralto, full of humor, what I think of as a ‘whiskey voice’.

“No worries there,” I said, “I make mistakes all the time. Sorry to bother you.” She sounded so nice I didn’t want to leave a bad impression.

“Oh, it’s no bother! I was simply being languid by the pool.” She laughed, a deep throaty chuckle that made me feel warm somehow. “If you don’t mind keeping me company we could chat for a while. Unless you’re busy?”

I wasn’t. It was just Fred after all. I have to be pretty bored myself to call Fred.

“No, no, I was just seeing what an old friend was up to.” I put my feet up on my desk. I was in the library of my home. It was a Saturday afternoon and I was bored. Talking to a stranger with a beautiful voice was much better than anything Fred-related.

“I’m Jim, by the way, nice talking to you.” I smiled into the phone.

“I’m Carol, nice to meet you Jim.” She sounded happy, that made me happy. Aw shucks. “So Jim, what are you wearing?” She laughed.

She had a wonderful laugh, even better than her chuckle. I laughed with her at the reversal of the old joke. “Khaki shorts and a Hawaiian shirt!” I answered with a laugh of my own.

“Mm, I’m in my bikini of course, being poolside.” Her voice dropped conspiratorially.

“Ever hear of the brand Wicked Weasel? One of theirs, in white. Looks nice against my tan.”

Of course I’d heard of Wicked Weasel, they make the tiniest bikinis on the planet! “Really, how interesting!” I replied. “Getting many looks? I’ve heard stories…”

“Nope, no admirers. I’m all alone in my backyard.” I swear I heard her pout. “And I look so good too! Hmph!”

“If I were there I’d batıkent escort admire you, I’m sure,” I said. “Better than this dusty old library I’m in. Say I were to join you, got another chaise handy?” I liked where this was going, I wanted to keep her talking as long as she wanted, maybe, maybe we would both…

“Sure, there’s one right next to me. You’re welcome to join me! But I might just put you to work.” Carol sounded playful now.

“What work is there poolside on a lazy Saturday afternoon?” I asked, playing along.

“I need someone to oil my back of course!” Carol exclaimed. “I’m working hard to keep these teeny tiny tan lines going! Better get cracking, mister!”

Oh, yes, she was just my type, playfully horny. Looks like she wants to be in charge, I have no problem with that either. “Yes, mistress,” I said and started humming under my breath as I “worked on her back” over the phone.

“Like this?” I asked. I wanted her to know I was going along with her lead so she would feel safe. I wanted to see just where she would take the two of us.

“Mmm, yes, that’s nice. I imagine it’s nice. Oh, poo. Tell me, Jim,” her voice got suddenly serious, “really, what would you do if you were here? Keep your hands to yourself like a gentleman? Or, would you be bold? Well Jim?”

I swallowed audibly. Time to nut up or shut up. “I would grab that gorgeous ass right in front of me, the one with the tiny white thong on it. I would spread those beautiful cheeks, Carol, and I would attack that pussy with my tongue. How does that sound, Carol?”

I was already hard but I hadn’t touched myself yet, I was waiting breathlessly for her reaction. I hoped I had judged correctly…

“Oh, Jim, that sounds wonderful, yes, I would love to feel your tongue on my shaved cunt. Do you like eating pussy, Jim? Do you want to suck my clit?” Carol’s beşevler escort voice was getting hoarse, she was starting to pant.

“Carol I just love eating pussy, I want to eat you so bad right now! I’d stick my tongue up inside you and fuck you with it, I’d nibble your hard clit, I’d make you cum over and over, how’s that sound?” She was into it, just as much as I was. I grabbed my cock through my shorts and gave myself a hard squeeze.

“Oh, yes Jim, please do eat my pussy, oh it’s so wet for you Jim, your tongue is magic!” Her voice had gotten a bit faint, I was willing to bet she had set her phone down so she could use both hands on herself. The thought of her playing with herself as we talked was turning me on no end!

“Carol, you taste divine, so warm and meaty, love licking you. Oh Carol, I’m grabbing myself, I’m so hard right now. Our talking like this, it’s so fucking sexy, tell me, are you touching yourself Carol? Are you maybe pinching a nipple, finger-fucking that bald cunt?” I wanted to get her into the same head space I was, telling me everything.

“Mmm, Jim, you’re such a nasty pervert, saying all those nasty things to a stranger… on… the phone!” She was breathing hard now, I was willing to bet she was close to cumming. “Yes, Jim, I am fucking my wet cunt for you, is that what you want to hear? Oh, it’s so nasty talking like a slut! Oh God!” I could now hear liquid sounds faintly as she fingered herself to orgasm. “Yes! Yes! God, yes, cumming! Oh god!” Her breath was rattling in her throat, she was panting into the phone, it was so fucking sexy!

I unzipped and hauled my cock out, seven inches, already wet with precum. I was fisting myself as I listened to the so-sexy sounds of a stranger cumming for me! “Carol, you sound so fucking sexy right now, cumming into the phone for me, oh yes! I’m hard for you Carol! beypazarı escort So hard, stroking myself, god it’s good, picturing you cumming, aw yes!”

“Carol, what are you?” I was so close, I just needed that one thing more. “What did you just call yourself? Gonna cum for you Carol, gonna shoot my cum all over that ass, just say it, say it for me Carol!”

She was still panting, was she still playing with herself? Oh god, the thought of that, almost… “Oh, you mean… slllllllluuuuuuttt?” She drew the word out, hissing it into the phone. That was my cue.

“Yes, slutty Carol on the phone, cumming for you!” I had grabbed a fistful of tissues earlier, now I held them to my spasming dick as I pumped my load. I imagined I was shooting all over this stranger’s back and ass, moaning as the image flashed into my mind. I could hear Carol, she was breathing faster again.

“Oh, Carol, you’re so hot, so fucking sexy, I can’t stop cumming for you. Splashing my hot spunk on your back Carol, what do you think about that, huh? Feel me, dripping down into your crack, oh Carol, mmm, yes!” I had the phone to my shoulder as I came, throbbing in my hand to this stranger’s words.

“Jim, yes, god that’s hot, mmm, yes baby, cum on my back. Wanna feel you splashing on me while I cum, again, ah, ah… oh Jim, yes! Again! Cumming again! God!” Carol’s voice was climbing as she orgasmed yet again, turned on by the sexy talk, by the attentions of a strange man who found her sexy without knowing what she looked like.

I was throbbing, balls contracting, pleasure radiating from my entire being. God this woman was hot! She’d helped empty my balls in record time and had her own fun while doing it. “Wow, I have to say Carol, you’re quite the pleasant surprise! Not everyone is as, um… aurally aroused shall we say, as I am.” I chuckled warmly into the phone. “It’s been a pleasure, I really mean that in every possible way.”

“Mine as well sir,” she replied. “I’m keeping your number in my phone, Jim. Under something like Taxes or Legal, something boring, unlike you.” Her voice dropped to a throaty whisper. “Until next time I call, Jim…”

And then, a dial tone.

The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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