Rio, Ex-Pornstar Pt. 03

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9 — Friday

Rio and Jay woke late. They slept through seemingly never-ending sirens caterwauling in through an open window. Jay opened his eyes and rolled over to face Rio who looked to be in a deep, peaceful sleep. Jay wondered what he was dreaming about. He could still barely believe he’d woken up next to this hunk of a man after last night. Jay let him sleep more as he quietly got dressed and went to the bathroom for a morning pee. After washing his hands, he came back to bed, hoping to be spooned again. Unfortunately, he’d accidentally woken Rio up.

A part of Jay was scared. He expected Rio might wake up, thinking ‘why is there a dude in my bed,’ and completely lose his shit.

Rio stretched and yawned. “Hey, Jay,” he said.

So far, signs were good. Or maybe it was just too early in the day to tell. “Hey, Rio. Good morning. I’m not used to waking up with someone else, so …”

Rio ignored that. “Sleep well, man?”

“Yeah, and hey thanks for letting me stay over. Your bed is very comfortable.” Jay wanted to say something like ‘I could get quite used to sleeping in your bed, especially after you own my boipussy, you beautiful big-dicked stud,’ but even though he’d *totally* be joking if he said something like this, he wasn’t confident about how it’d come across. It was still far too soon. It’d only been a few short days since they’d first met face to face, and the last thing Jay wanted to do was to fuck things up. Besides, he had no idea where he stood with Rio right now, and he didn’t want to frighten or confuse him.

“Got plans for the day, Jay?” asked Rio. ‘Well, at least he’s not regretting last night or kicking my ass,’ Jay thought to himself. Maybe Rio was a little more comfortable with the situation than Jay thought he’d be?

Jay had no significant commitments for the day, but he felt the need to invent some. He wanted to give Rio the impression he was a busy man with an active calendar and things to do. After Rio invited him over last night, he’d arranged last-minute to take today off work. This was more in hope than anything. On the remote off-chance that he’d have a big night with Rio, he didn’t want to be rushed in the morning. The upshot of all of this was that Jay’s schedule was free today. But the other reason he invented plans for the day was so Rio knew he wouldn’t mooch around, that he’d have his house back to himself before too long, and everything in Rio’s immediate universe would be back to normal soon. He knew he’d been invited to sleep over last night, but the next morning can usher in freshly different perspectives, and while he didn’t want to scurry away at first light, he also didn’t want to crowd Rio.

“Yeah, just catching up with a buddy this afternoon. Probably need to go home first,” said Jay. “You know, get changed, have a shower, freshen up. I’m probably a bit stinky.”

Rio stroked his chin in mock-thought. “Hmmm, meeting up with a bud, hey?” It was none of Rio’s business who Jay was meeting up with and he knew it, but he couldn’t help wondering if Jay was meeting a friend with benefits. Jay had no idea that this was where Rio’s mind had gone.

“Yeah, just some dude I went to school with, we keep in touch. We’re heading out for a bike ride this afternoon.” All of this was complete bullshit. Jay had no actual plans for the rest of the day to speak of. If he went home and slept until Sunday morning, it’d be a small achievement. He’d have loved to stay with Rio all day, in his apartment, in his embrace, moaning in pleasure as he got slowly skewered by Rio’s fat penis, but he didn’t want to crowd the man. “Cool if I have a coffee before I hit the road?”

“Yeah, course, bro, I need one too. Let me get up and I’ll put the machine on.” As Rio threw the bedsheet off, Jay glanced down to drink in the sight of Rio’s beautiful, huge, flaccid, delicious cock. His penis was an absolute work of art. Rio stood up and pulled his briefs on, and Jay’s mouth watered as he noticed how prodigiously they bulged at the front. Rio would’ve loved to fuck Jay again, but Jay had already said he had plans for the day. Rio respected Jay’s word, and he didn’t want to impose.

They walked to the kitchen together, not speaking or touching. Rio pulled two coffee mugs from his kitchen rack and set them on the bench. He filled the machine with water, added some coffee grounds, and flicked the switch. Technology did the rest. Jay watched Rio’s thick fingers.

Jay wasn’t a morning person. Morning conversation for Jay was excruciating until he’d had at least one coffee. He wasn’t to know in this moment, but Rio was the same. The silence between them felt a little awkward for both, they both felt psychologically uncomfortable, and neither could wait until the machine binged. Rio filled their mugs. He offered milk and sugar, but Jay politely declined. They both drank it black.

“Good coffee, Rio. Thanks,” said Jay. “Really need a good, strong coffee to feel human in the morning.”

“I know exactly what you mean, man.” They clinked mugs. “Looks like it’s gonna be a nice day for your ride.”

“Huh? What?”

“You Demetevler Escort were just telling me you’re going on a bike ride with a school friend.”

Jay was nearly busted. “Oh, *that* ride! Yeah, should be good. Looking forward to getting some fresh air in the lungs.”

There was a little more small talk as they finished their coffees. Rio reminded Jay about the Raiders match on Sunday night, and they made plans to have dinner at a sports bar before they watched the game. They hugged goodbye, but didn’t kiss. Jay would’ve loved to feel Rio’s tongue in his mouth as they said goodbye, but he knew there was an invisible line somewhere out there that he didn’t want to cross, and he didn’t know where it lay. It had only been a few days since Rio became at least semi-OK with being anything less than 100% straight. He was still dealing with shit. Too soon. Fucking waaaaaaaay too soon.

Jay left. He was in no particular hurry to get home, so he pulled out his phone and researched the public transport options in Rio’s part of town. Unsurprisingly, he faced a mile-and-a-half walk to the nearest connection, but he was in the mood for a stroll. He had a new presence in his life, and things were on the up. He eventually found his way home, opened the door to his apartment, changed clothes, and went back out for a late breakfast at his local café. Over eggs on toast, accompanied by another strong coffee, he relived the past 24 hours of his life.

Some dude he’d lusted after since like fucking forever had suddenly materialised in front of him. He learned they lived in the same city. He was invited over last night. They ordered awesome food and watched a bad movie together. They sat on his couch, got drunk and a little stoned. They kissed. This hunk of an alpha sucked him off. They kissed again, and they went to bed in each other’s arms.

Yet this man was clearly wrestling with an internal dialogue, and Jay knew what it was like to be in that situation. Jay didn’t know for sure that last night was the first time Rio had ever kissed another man or had a penis in his mouth, but given Rio’s prior attitude, it was a solid assumption.

‘… don’t, Jay, just fucking don’t … leave him alone, let the man breathe … this could be good, like, really fucking good, don’t fuck it up …’


Jay got home and had a shower. He had choices. One: avoid the sun, evade the day, pull the blinds down and sleep. Two: get changed, go outside, enjoy the day, see what happens. He chose the latter. The afternoon weather was perfect. Summer was on the way. He walked through the main streets of the city and noticed that as the weather got warmer, the skirts got shorter. He also noticed a few particularly confident guys walking around shirtless, and he ogled their bulging pecs. Fuck, he loved summer, and …

A booming voice interrupted his thoughts. “Hey, Jay!”

Shit, that sounded like Rio! A few seconds later, Rio’s magnificent frame entered his field of vision. Unfortunately for Jay, Rio was wearing a t-shirt. “What you doing here, man? I thought you were going for a bike ride?”

Shit, that fucking bike ride. Jay followed one white lie with another. “I got stood up, man. Friend texted and said he couldn’t make it. I thought about riding on my own, but I couldn’t be bothered. Thought I’d just come into town to pass the time. Hey, there’s some thick booty bouncing around today, some pretty skimpy skirts, too. I’m just kicking back and enjoying the view.”

“Hey, now *that’s* a plan fit for a Friday afternoon,” said Rio.

They looked at each other. The noise of the city bubbled around them, but for a moment, neither spoke.

“Can I join you for a while, Jay?”

“Absolutely, man. There’s a pretty cool bar across the street. Let’s grab a beer and watch the world go by.”

They crossed the road and sat at a table on the sidewalk. A server approached, and Rio ordered two beers. They arrived, ice cold. They clinked glasses.

“Shame about the ride, man,” said Rio. “Would’ve been a great day.”

Jay felt the need to come clean. “Hey, so I need to be honest with you. There *was* no bike ride planned. I took today off work, but I didn’t actually have any plans. I made an excuse this morning so I could get out of your way. I didn’t want to keep you from whatever it was you had to do.”

Rio raised an eyebrow. “I appreciate you thinking considering me like that, but you didn’t need to make up a story. Be honest with me, bro. I’ll be honest with you.”

Jay worried that he’d disrespected Rio. “Thanks for saying that. But the other thing is … I wasn’t sure how you’d react to waking up next to me this morning.”

Rio wasn’t sure he wanted to have this conversation in public. Anxiously, he lowered his voice. “I hear what you’re saying, but can we talk about this later? Yeah, I’ve got some things I need to talk with you about, but not here and not now.” Jay worried if he’s accidentally crossed that invisible line. “For now, let’s just enjoy the beers, the sun, Otele gelen escort and the view.”

Jay felt relief. “Fuck yeah, man. Course.” He took a deep swig of beer. He gestured toward a pedestrian. “Fuck, look at her. Walking toward us. She’s fucking hot.” Rio laid eyes on her. Huge fake tits, botoxed lips, and a fat ass encased in a tight leather skirt. The kind of bitch he’d pick up at the casino.

“Wooo, Jay, your taste in women is excellent. Fuck, I’d love to plough her ass.” Rio paused. “You ever had a woman like that, Jay?”

Jay coughed. “Errr, fuck no, Rio. Way out of my league!”

“So tell me about your ex, Jay.” Rio wasn’t just making inane conversation, he was genuinely curious about his new friend’s past.

“OK. Ummm I’m not sure what to say. We’d known each other for a year or so before we moved in. We got on well. She was pretty average-looking, I guess. Not ugly, but not necessarily the kind of woman who turns heads either. She’d never have a career in modelling, movies, porn, whatever. But hey, I wasn’t complaining at all. I thought she was cute as hell. She was smart, we had some pretty deep conversations, and she had a good job. Sex was OK and she gave good head, but I still jerked off a lot. I think my drive was much stronger than hers. After a while, her job took her interstate, so it was a choice between her career and me, but I always knew her career would be more important. We talked for a while about whether we should try to stay together long-distance, though we knew it’d be difficult and would require emotional sacrifices. I think we both decided that it would be too much effort for too little gain. I mean, it’s not as though we fell out of love or anything, but sometimes, life gets in the way. And I didn’t really know what our future would look like anyway. Even if she didn’t have to move, I don’t know whether we’d still be together now or not. There wasn’t anything tearing us apart — I mean, I never cheated on her and I’m pretty sure she never cheated on me — but there probably wasn’t enough to keep us together. We still keep in touch, but it’s fairly tenuous.”

Rio nodded. “Yeah, relationships can be tough, hey. Probably why I haven’t had very many of them.”

“By choice?”

“Largely, yeah,” responded Rio. He stroked his chin in thought. “I mean, it’s not easy to have a relationship when your day job is porn. Some people can manage, but in most cases, their relationship is with someone else in the industry. It can get very messy when one person in the relationship is in porn and the other isn’t. I’ve never been there myself, but I’ve seen it happen so many times I just know I never want to put myself in that same situation. Jealousy is a curse. Most people think fucking on-screen is easy, and that it takes exactly 30 minutes to shoot a 30 minute scene. In fact, it can take hours, and it can be exhausting.”

“Why is it exhausting, Rio?”

“You ever tried staying continuously hard for 6 hours without cumming? And then there’s the camera guys and the sound guys, and the continuity guys … they’re the fucking worst … sometimes it’s not easy to fuck some bitch when there’s a dude with a camera pointing halfway up her pussy … and then there’s times I’m in a groove and someone yells ‘cut’ because the boom mike got into shot and I’m like fucking hell, man, I’m doing my job, how ’bout you do yours. There have been days where I get frustrated and lose patience and it’s a total fucking grind just to get the end of the scene, and when I eventually nut on her face it’s a relief just to get there because you know the scene is done … and the last thing I’d ever want to do after that is to leave the set, pick up my girl, give her flowers, take her out to dinner and then fuck her, because by the time I’ve finished the scene, I’m totally fucking spent, in just about every sense of the word. All I want to do at that point is take a shower, collect, and go home.”

Jay had always assumed that making porn was probably more difficult than it seemed, but he’d never had an insight into how emotionally and intellectually taxing it could be. “Yeah, I think I see what you mean.” He thought some more. “Imagine what it’d feel like to bust on someone’s face, and you think to yourself ‘job done’, but then someone says ‘sorry, Rio, there was some dust on the camera lens and we need to go again'”.

“That’s never happened to me, but if it ever did, I’d want to punch someone’s lights out.”

They fell silent for a while, watching the view.

“Do you still consider yourself to be a pornstar, Rio?”

Rio stroked his chin in deep thought. “Nah, Jay. Probably not. I never thought of myself as a ‘pornstar’ (he did the airquotes), if you want to call it that. I’m an independent businessman, and my medium is porn. I don’t think of it as a job. I’m not employed by anyone. I work for myself.” Rio paused to organise his thoughts. “I know I don’t get anywhere near as much work from the major studios right now as I used to. I must’ve pissed a few people off Balgat Escort along the way. It happens, and I think I’m OK with it. But it sucks that so much of my work is out there, all over the internet, and people can watch it for free. I keep wondering where my royalties at, but the studios themselves have already lost control over the content, so there’s no chance of me getting paid.” Jay felt a pang of guilt. He’d fapped to clips of Rio so many times he’d lost count, but he’d never paid a cent for the privilege. Rio continued. “That’s why I upload my own content on onlyfans now. I know the platform takes its cut, same as they do for everyone else, but I’m more in control of my own material these days.”

“Do you earn as much as you used to?”

“Sadly, no. Not from porn. The audience is smaller. But it’s give and take, right? I might make less money, but I have more control over what I do. But I got other gigs besides porn. I’ll tell you ’bout ’em one day,” said Rio.

They sipped their beers and watched the human traffic.

“So what do you do for work, Jay? If I can ask? You have a job?”

“Yeah, course you can ask, man. It’s not a national secret or anything, but I’m afraid it’s boring. I’m a librarian,” said Jay.

“I don’t think I’ve ever met a librarian before. Well, not outside a library that is. And I don’t think I’ve been inside a library since school. How’d you get to be a librarian?”

“First of all, I like books. I read a lot,” explained Jay. Rio wasn’t a big reader. An occasional magazine to pass the time was probably as far as he went. Movies were much more his thing. Movies were easier. “And … umm … I like putting things in order, I guess. I wouldn’t say I’m a neat freak, but there’s something satisfying about making sure things are lined up how they’re supposed to be, because it makes them easier to find again when they’re needed. It’s not a difficult job, and it lets me read at work.”

“So you work at the government library in the middle of the city?”

“Yeah, that’s where I work,” said Jay. Some days I’m on the counter, but some days I’m downstairs in the stack.”

“The stack? Is that like a stack of books?”

“Pretty much, but it’s not a disorganised pile of crap. Most libraries have more books and other objects in their holdings than they have physical room to display, and the stack is like a basement of books that are important, but that don’t get requested often. They’re usually books researchers like to use, and academics, but hardly anyone else. We list those books in a catalogue that anyone can access online, and if someone wants a book that isn’t on the shelf, it’s generally in the stack, and I find it and bring it up so the reader can check it out.”

“So do you have to climb ladders all day?”

Jay laughed. “In the past, people would’ve had to, yeah. These days, it’s semi-automated. Machines do some of the work.”

“Are people allowed into the stack?”, asked Rio.

“No,” replied Jay. “At least not in our library. Like I said, there’s machinery. Besides, do you have a library card?”

“I think I’m gonna have to get one of those. If I did, would I be allowed into the stack?”

Jay smiled. He wondered if Rio was flirting with him, and he flirted back. The corners of his lips rose in a sly smile. “Maybe I could make an exception one time. But it’s a workplace, so you’d need to wear … protection. You know, like … a hard hat.” Jay poked his tongue out the corner of his mouth.

Their server came to their table with refills.

Rio didn’t seem to pick up on Jay’s incredibly unsubtle innuendo. “A library. Never in my life would I have thought I’d ever want to go into one of those ever again, and you’re in one five days a week!”

“You hate libraries, don’t you, Rio?”

“Nah, don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate ’em, I just got no use for ’em. Libraries are for people who are smart. I wasn’t good at school. I hated homework so fuckin’ much. Like, I knew I was never gonna need trigonometry in my life, so why’d I have to learn it? And before you say it, I know I use trigonometry every day because I have a phone, but fuck, someone else can crunch the numbers for me. Fuck that shit. I fucking hated having to go to the library to research something completely pointless that I couldn’t give a fuck about just to turn in a shitty paper. I couldn’t fuckin’ wait to get out of school, and libraries remind me of school.” Rio paused. “I don’t think I could ever work in an office or anything like that. I’m not smart enough, and I don’t think I’d have the concentration. If I didn’t have this big dick, I honestly don’t know what I’d have done for money. But I like that you work in a library. That’s cool.”

Jay was reminded that different people have different skills, abilities and gifts, and sometimes it takes some time for people to work out what they are. In Rio’s case, it was pretty fucking obvious what his gift was. His huge, delicious, fat penis. He wondered when Rio first knew he was big, but that’d be a line of inquiry for another day. Jay glanced down to take a sneaky glimpse of Rio’s crotch. He knew the monster that was curled up inside those pants and he wondered when he might see it again next. He desperately wanted to coax Rio into the men’s room, guide him into a cubicle, pull his pants down and suck him off until he swallowed a fat load of semen, but it wasn’t likely right now. Not with all this talk about libraries.

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