Rite of Passage

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A young boy comes of age in a week of love, lust and keeping it in the family.


Chapter 1

Jimmy Smith’s sister’s legs were thrown over each of his shoulders as he thrust hard into her tight tunnel. Looking down, he could see the white froth coating his cock and the soft, downy-brown of her pubic hair. The air filled with the squishy sounds of his cock pounding her juicy wet pussy. Her small breasts flew back and forth. Her shoulder-length brown hair surrounded her sweating face. Her eyes locked on his, her mouth open with a soft mewling sound issuing from it. Her full hips thrust up rhythmically, meeting each of his downward thrusts.

The rhythmic contractions of her vagina told him that she was close to another orgasm. He tightened his grip on her thighs and thrust harder. He could feel the mushroom head of his cock pressing against her cervix, trying to force entry. Their animalistic grunts and groans grew more strident as they reached the point of no return. As they had done so many times before, they pushed each other toward their orgasms.

“Oh fuck…oh, fuck…oh my God, Jimmy, oh God I’m coming, I’m coming!”

“Give it to me, Julie! Cum for me! I want to feel you squirting against me.”

“Fill me up, Jimmy! Pump my pussy full. This is your pussy and always will be. Now fill me up, goddamnit, fill me up!”

Jimmy began the short hard strokes that presaged his orgasm. The staccato slapping of flesh on flesh echoed in the room. He could feel her pussy contracting, gripping, and pulling his juices out of him. He thrust hard once, twice, three times, four times, releasing his seed into his sister’s womb. Finally, he fell forward, collapsing on top with her legs wrapped around his back. They lay like that for several moments, sharing gentle kisses and soft words of endearment.

“Oh my Lord, I’m going to miss this!”

Julie kept her legs wrapped tightly around her younger brother’s back. She loved to hold his sperm in her as long as she could; it added to the intimacy of their lovemaking. From their preteen explorations, to their early teen mutual masturbation sessions and finally to the first penetration, they shared an empathy that caused their sex life to be almost otherworldly in its intensity.

By a quirk of the calendar, he was 18, like his sister. They were born 10 months apart. Jimmy was one grade behind Julie because of the minimum age requirements for entering kindergarten. Julie was leaving for college while Jimmy was a senior in high school.

She was at once elated at the prospect and saddened by it. She gently stroked his sweating back and nuzzled his ear, kissing it softly.

“Mmmm, Thanksgiving seems so far away. And,” Jimmy laughed, “this means I’m going to have to find a real girlfriend.”

As he said this, Jimmy nibbled lightly at his sister’s ear lobe. He yelped as Julie brought a hand down smartly on his bare bottom.

“Whoever you find, Buster, she had better be prepared to take a backseat to me.”

Jimmy rolled onto his back. He leaned over, taking the nipple of her small breasts into his mouth. He sucked gently on her still-hard nipple. Julie’s hand caressed the back of his head, gently holding him.

“Hopefully, she will have bigger tits.”

Julie put both of her hands on her brother’s chest and vigorously pushed him off her. She then threw one full thigh over his waist and straddled him. She shook her finger in his laughing face.

“Oh, you mean like Mom’s big jugs? I’ve seen you ogling her when she’s walking around in those tight T-shirts.”

He raised his hand and gripped her waist. He let them slide lovingly over the curve of her full ass and back up to her waist. He repeated this several times

“Seriously, why do you think she started doing that? I mean, the past year or so she has been dressing absolutely slutty. Kind of like you!”

Jimmy quickly brought his arms up over his face in a mock defense. Instead of trying to hit him, she reached down and lightly tickled him. As he began to squirm, she rolled off him and lay next to him, her leg thrown across his leg, her head on his shoulder with one arm across his chest. She felt his body shiver as she kissed his nipple.

“I dress like that to tease you, silly. And I suspect that’s why Mom does it.”

“Get serious! Why would Mom be dressing like that for me? I mean, she’s forty years old and she’s got Dad.”

“Mom is thirty-nine years old,” Julie emphasized, “and she’s concerned about being forty and over the hill. I heard her talking to Aunt Anna about how horny she gets and how sex with Daddy has gone downhill.”

Julie began slowly kissing her way down her brother’s hairless chest. She let her tongue move wetly over his abdomen, tonguing his navel. She continued down, letting her tongue run from his navel down across his downy cum-soaked pubic thatch. She sucked gently on his sweat and cum-soaked pubic hairs. Lord, she thought I am going to miss this. She let her pendik escort tongue run through the tangled mess of hair until it reached his still hard cock. She let her tongue run from the base of his cock to the tip, licking off their combined juices.

“Hey, no fair! Turn around so I can taste you, too.”

Quickly, Julie turned, swung her leg over his head and lowered her pussy toward his face as she leaned down to engulf his cock. Her tits pressed against his stomach as she pressed her mouth down over his cock.

Jimmy reached up and wrapped his arms around her full butt. He caressed it as he gazed at the swollen moist lips of her pussy. Eagerly, he reached out with his tongue and drew a long slow stroke through her lips, caressing them and tasting her tangy wetness.

She groaned as she felt his tongue invade her dripping snatch. They both loved this so much. They had discovered oral before they discovered penetration. When jimmy had his first orgasm in her, he had tasted her and said it was the best thing he had ever tasted. Since that time, they always ended by licking each other clean.

“Lick me, baby. Lick me long and hard. Clean our juices from your pussy!”

As his cum dribbled out of Julie onto his chin, he eased his finger into her tight anus. The internet had been their sex education class. They searched it and experimented with the various things they saw there. He forced his tongue into her overflowing hole.

Julie took her brother’s cock in her mouth and slid slowly down its length, her tongue sliding around its circumference, licking up all of the precious juices. Her mouth opened in a silent scream as she felt the delicious sensation of her brother finger fucking her ass while sucking her clit. She redoubled her efforts, knowing that she would come quickly from his ministrations.

“Dear God, baby. You suck cock so well. I…I can feel me sliding down your throat!”

Jimmy worked his finger rapidly in and of his sister’s tight asshole. He knew how much she loved this and that it would put her quickly over the top. At the same time, he could feel his cock sliding effortlessly up and down her throat.

Jimmy homed in on the hard nub of her clit; circling his tongue around it and making her squirm and buck her hips on his face. He tightened his grip on her full firm ass to hold her in place

“Fuck fuck fuck oh shit I’m coooommmmiiinnnnggg!”

“Sonofabitch. I’m cuuummmmminnnnggg!”

As one, they exploded; Julie spraying her brother’s face while he emptied his load down her throat and into her belly. They fell next to each other head to toe, exhausted.

Julie swung her feet to the floor and sat up on the side of the bed.

“Come on! Let’s shower so I can get back to my room.”

Jimmy stood, wiped Julie’s cum from his face with his open palms, and started toward the bathroom

“By the way, were you serious about Mom?”

Julie turned and kissed her brother’s cum-covered face.

“Yes, little brother, I’m serious. Mom has a serious case of the hots for you. And if you do anything about it, you had better damn well call me with all the details. Now let’s get our shower.”

Jimmy watched his sister’s delectable bubble butt as she walked to the shower. He followed her swaying ass. He imagined it was his mother’s bare ass swaying in front of him.

* * *

Dinner that Sunday night seemed a little odd. There was an empty chair where Julie usually sat. Earlier that day the three of them stood in the driveway watching Julie and her girlfriend Caitlin depart in her fully loaded minivan. The two girls had an eight hour drive to campus. They promised to call during the trip and when they arrived.

Jenny Smith wore a loose fitting cotton A-line skirt with her now trademark t-shirt. Under that, she had on her new tan sheer bra and matching panties. Her legs were bare and she was barefoot.

Waves of emotion washed over her as her eyes moved surreptitiously from her husband to her son. More and more she was amazed at how similar they looked. Naturally, Henry was heavier, his face fuller. His gut reflected a love affair with beer for most of his 43 years. However, they shared the same dark eyes and brown hair – although, Henry’s was mostly gone.

Her son, on the other hand, was a lightly-muscled six-footer. He was still developing but she was sure that he would end up at least a 6’2″, 200-pounder like his father was in his youth. She wondered if his cock was as fat as his father’s was.

Jenny was instantly ashamed. For the life of her, she could not figure why her son’s body obsessed her. Her sister Anna teased her that it was the result of being married 20 years and getting ready to turn 40. She crudely called it “lack-a-nooky.”

“By the way guys,” she said, “Anna will be spending a couple of days with us. She and Caleb are having a few issues and she wants to get away.”

“Issues?” Henry laughed. “The only issue they have is that she wants babies escort pendik and Caleb is obsessed with his career. He ought to do less work at the office and more work in the bedroom.”

We could use a little more work in the bedroom around here, Jenny thought.

“Henry, don’t you be talking like that in front of Jimmy.”

“Aw, Jenny, the boy knows about sex. We had our talk a year ago. Didn’t we, Jimmy?”

Embarrassed, Jimmy nodded his head quickly. He recalled his father’s fumbling attempts to explain sex and procreation. A topic he and his sister had educated themselves about on the Internet and then practiced on each other. Thankfully, their mother put Julie on the pill a few years back. Her rationale was “just in case.”

As they ate dinner, Jimmy was entranced by how his mother’s breasts bulged outside the frame of her body. He could see the imprint of her nipples on the t-shirt. Like most boys, he sneaked a peek at her bra size and knew she was 38C.

“Jimmy! Did you hear me?”

“I’m sorry, Dad. I…I was thinking about Julie out there on the highway.”

“Yes, well, she’ll be okay. However, I want you to go out and clean the pool. The leaves are falling off the trees and I don’t want the filter to plug up again.”

Jenny mentally shook herself. She was aware that her son was distracted because he was staring at her breasts. She knew he was watching and she had enjoyed his attention. Maybe I need to see a doctor, she thought. I am not sure what the hell is going on with me.

* * *

Anna and her sister sat at the kitchen table sharing a bottle of wine. In the adjacent family room, Jimmy and his father watched Sports Center after Monday Night Football. It was after midnight when the boys said goodnight to Jenny and Anna. The women waved airily and went back to their conversation. Their florid, sweaty faces and eyes at half-mast attested to the number of glasses of wine they had drunk.

In his bedroom, Jimmy stripped to his boxers. Just before crawling into bed, he unlocked the connecting door to the bathroom. He and his sister routinely left these doors unlocked. Just as they routinely locked their bedroom doors. All hell would have broken loose if Mom or Dad caught them playing. However, with his aunt staying, he made sure the bedroom door was also unlocked.

Jimmy woke to someone pulling the sheet back and crawling into bed with him. At first, he thought it was Julie. As he crawled from the depths of sleep, he reached over. His hand touched not Julie’s delectable ass but his aunt’s big sweaty butt. He bolted upright, confused. He reached over and turned on the lamp on the nightstand.

“Aunty Anna! You’re in the wrong bed.”

She mumbled something incoherent, rolled to a sitting position and tried to stand up. She stood weaving for a moment and then fell back crossways onto the bed. Her knee-length cotton nighty flew up and landed across her abdomen.

In the low light cast by the lamp, he could see his aunt’s hairy pussy. Her pubic hair extended in a vee up her belly to just below her navel. It was a lighter brown than her hair. Her gleaming, prominent pussy lips were spread like butterfly wings.

Her belly was surprisingly trim, with only a small pooch. In many ways, she was a slighter smaller version of his mother but with bigger tits. They both had the same soft brown hair and dark eyes. Anna was a slightly shorter and thinner than his mom’s 5’6″, 190 pounds.

The sight of all this naked female flesh had his cock rigidly pointing at the ceiling. He could feel pre-cum running down the underside and over his balls.

“Aunty, I’m going to pull you to your feet and then help you into the other bedroom, okay?”

He put one knee on the bed and grabbed Anna’s arm. He pulled hard and got her to a sitting position. She slumped forward, her breasts hanging loosely from her chest. A thin sheen of sweat covered her body. Her mouth hung open and her head lolled from side to side.

“Just let me sleep here, Jimmy. I’m too drunk to get up.”

Low alcohol tolerance must run in Mom’s family, he thought. He knew when Mom and Dad went out that Dad sometimes had to carry her to their room.

He decided to sleep in his sister’s room and let Aunty have his room. As he turned toward his sister’s room, Aunty gagged.

“I think I’m going to be sick.”

Anna tried to stand and fell to all fours. Jimmy saw her back undulate in a dry heave. He quickly wrapped his arms around her waist. It was a major effort but he managed to get her to her feet. It was not lost on him that his hands were now crossed under her ample breasts. In addition, his leaking cock painted her lower back with his secretions. She was like a rag doll. That is, if a rag doll was 5’4″ and 170 pounds. Her breasts were warm and heavy on the back of his arms and hands.

“Hold on, Aunty. You can’t make a mess on the bedroom floor. Let me help you to the bathroom.”

He began to duck-walk her to the bathroom. pendik escort bayan Inevitably, he could feel her large breasts sliding back and forth on his arms and hands. His rigid cock poked her in the ass. Anna giggled.

“What is that you’re poking me with?” She reached back with one hand and grabbed his cock. Instinctively, he pulled back, pushing her away. She fell forward on her hands and knees. She finished the trip to the bathroom crawling. Her gown slid up around her waist. Jimmy could see her succulent pussy framed by her full thighs.

Jimmy was transfixed. He slowly stroked his aching cock as he stared at the gleaming slit of his aunt’s pussy. Between the wings of the butterfly, he could see a hint of pink.

The room filled with the acrid smell of vomit. Disgusted, he retrieved a towel from the linen closet and wet it in the face bowl. As he turned back toward her, Aunty had assumed the position that he saw his mom in many times after her women’s club meetings. She was hugging the toilet, her cheek on the bowl with the wall behind the toilet partially supporting her.

Puke stained the front of her nightgown. At this point, Jimmy prepared to bail. It was one thing to get free feels on his inebriated aunt, however, it was quite another to have to clean up her vomit.

“Aunty Anna, I’m going to wake up Mom and Dad to help you.”

“No…no! Your dad would bitch. I can manage.”

He watched as his aunt struggled to all fours. From this position, she tried to remove her nightgown. He sighed, realizing that cleaning her up and getting her to bed was up to him.

“Aunty, you got to take off that soiled nightgown and take a shower.”

“Jimmy, please help me. I’m too drunk to do it alone.”

Anna managed to get to her knees and then sat back on her heels. She struggled to pull the nightgown over her head. She managed to get both arms out but could not pull the gown over her head. Spent, she fell forward on her hands.

The acrid odor of her vomit assaulted his nostrils. However, his cock was rigidly hard as he watched her large breasts sway invitingly. He mentally shook his head to clear it and then stepped to the shower stall.

He pulled the shower curtain back and turned on the water. Aunty was still on her hands and knees, the nightgown hanging loosely from her neck. Bleary-eyed, she stared at his crotch.

“You’ve grown a lot since I used to change your diapers,” she slurred.

Aunty licked her lips and grinned. He was not sure what that meant, but he knew he had to get her in the shower. Gingerly, he pulled the filthy nightgown over her head and tossed it to the bathroom floor. Then he squatted in front of her and looped his arms under hers. He pulled her to a kneeling position, her cheek resting on his abdomen. Jimmy was winded. He paused to catch his breath and reposition his arms. That is when Anna grabbed his cock and licked it.

The shock went through his body. He looked down into the leering, sweating face of his aunt as she licked the pre-cum from the head of his cock. He knew he should push her away. He wanted to, however, her tongue sliding around the crown of his cock felt incredible. He stood there while she took his cock in her mouth. He learned that night there is a big difference between eager horny amateurs and a grown woman with experience.

Aunty’s mouth slid up and down his cock, taking it a bit deeper each time. Despite being drunk, her tempo was soft and sensual, as though she were making love to his cock with her mouth. Her mouth slid up and down with long smooth gliding motions, smacking her lips and sucking wetly, swirling her tongue about the head each time she pulled up, and massaging his shaft with it every time she went down. Her saliva ran wetly down his balls. With each plunge of her sweet, sucking mouth, she took more and more of his cock, eventually opening her throat and letting it slide in.

Unable to hold back, he erupted in his aunt’s mouth. His sister always teased him about how much he came. This time it was as if a string was pulled from his balls through his cock. He felt every excruciating inch of that string as he emptied his ball sac into Anna’s mouth. His aunt began coughing and gagging. She pulled back. Still he came, spewing his hot love juice like a volcanic eruption. When he finished, a white frothy mess covered his aunt’s face, neck and the tops of her tits.

Breathing heavily, he reached out with one arm and balanced himself against the wall. Anna slumped back, sitting back on her heels. She made a loose uncoordinated attempt to wipe his sperm from her face. When she cleared her eyes, she looked at her hands, looked around for something to wipe them on, and then casually licked her hands clean.

“Wow,” she mumbled, “that was a lot!”

He watched as her tongue flicked out lasciviously, ran around her lips cleaning cum from her mouth.

“Oh God, Aunty, “I am so sorry!”

Anna’s head was beginning to clear.

“Jimmy, just help me into the shower. You must never, never, never tell anyone about this! Do you understand?”

Diffidently he nodded. Aunty laughed a little and shook her head.

“Lord,” she said, “what have I done?”

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