Road Rage Ch. 03

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Tanya awoke as heat crawled all over her body, she took a deep breath taking in the warm masculine scent from the man who had his beefy arm wrapped around her. She sighed as she felt his manhood brush up against her ass. Even when soft he was big she thought, she carefully peeled his arm away from her and pushed it against his side.

The moonlight streaming through the window was of great use to her as her eyes trailed over his firm chest and stomach. Looking at all the muscular ridges carved into his skin, she licked her lips as she reached out and touched the ribbed muscle of his abs. Her fingers tingled as she made contact with his slightly damp skin. The almost silky black hair brushed her fingers as she tested the tautness of his muscle.

She wanted to do a more thorough investigation without him waking up and spoiling her fun, she wasn’t done with her hunky cop yet. She stealthily slipped out of bed and pulled open one of her dresser drawers, she dug through piles of her lingerie and dug out her silk stockings. She cursed under her breathe when only three came out, one of them was missing. She quickly looked back at him as he stirred slightly.

She grinned suddenly realizing what she could use as a substitute, she quickly dashed out of the room holding the stockings and made her way to the kitchen. She picked his pants up off the floor and detached his cuffs from the belt. She grinned wickedly as she returned to the bedroom, playing with him was going to be a lot of fun she thought.

She approached the bed again and drooled over how the light shined over his huge body. She was going to enjoy this and sate all her wicked desires, she hoped he would go along with them. Quickly before he decided to wake up, she pulled the sheet from him and tied his ankles to the bed, his legs spread wide. She licked her lips at the sight of his thick manhood nestled between his thighs.

She’d get to that soon enough she thought with relish as she heated up the handcuffs with her palms so he wouldn’t wake from the contact. She wanted sometime to explore before he became aware so she needed to start teasing. She quietly attached one of the cuffs to the bedrail and tightened it to the maximum setting locking the cuffs in place on the bar. Then she pulled up his arm and secured the cuff around his wrist.

She grinned admiring his muscles as they stretched out to accommodate the position she put him in. She quickly secured his other wrist to the rails and looked down at him, finally she could do what she wanted to do without distraction or interruptions. She trailed a nail down from his stubble roughened jaw over his corded neck.

She wanted to taste him there, his hot breath fanned over her, her tongue tentatively traced the cords of his neck his taste exploding over her tongue. Strong, rich earth and the taste of salt, his masculine flavour was making her hot. The power she felt right now was exhilarating, there was nothing that he could do to stop her from taking pleasure in his restrained form.

She placed her palm over his chest feeling the pulse of his heart. Her cop was not going to know what hit him, she chuckled evilly to herself as she leaned over him and licked one of his nipples her nails trailing lower to explore his ridged abs. She sucked the nipple into her mouth and sucked, a shiver trailed through her as his nipple stiffened in her mouth.

He groaned slightly in his sleep as she scraped her nails over his abs and her teeth over his nipple. She slid her tongue down his chest to his abs taking in the salt on his skin from their earlier activities. He tensed and shifted slightly as her tongue ran down the trail of black hair, he muttered something she couldn’t make out.

She reached down and teased his cock as it started to thicken as her teeth and tongue played with the tight muscles of his abs. She grinned as they pulsed under her tongue, he gasped and muttered her name. It wouldn’t take much more of this to wake him, she knew her quiet time of exploration was nearing its end.

Tanya moved her nails down to play with his balls, his breathing was faster now what she was about to do was sure to wake him from his sleep, he certainly had gone down pretty deep. She knew she wasted him last time. She hoped that this time would be even more explosive, ankara escort she quickly moved down and swallowed his cock, the head nudging her throat. Again she praised the fact that her throat muscles were lose enough to prevent an unpleasant reflex action.

Brennan was leaning back in his office chair in his study room as the scorching hot woman that he had pulled up for speeding was sucking his cock. Swallowing him down, he groaned as bursts of pleasure ran through his body. He called out her name as he reached to bury his hands in her hair but he found his arms stuck to the chair.

He groaned as another burst travelled through him, he went to move his legs to push her in closer but found his feet rooted to the floor. Her teeth rasped against his cock and suddenly he was awake and aware that his dream wasn’t a dream at all. He looked down and groaned as he saw Tanya’s head buried in between his legs sucking him mercilessly as her nails scraped over his balls.

He reached down to bury his hands in her hands but his wrists jerked back. He pulled again and then looked at the bedpost he cursed as he saw the moonlight reflecting off his handcuffs. He growled at her as he tugged at his ankles feeling that they were also securely tethered. “What are you doing woman?”

“Having a snack, you look delicious all tied up like this, I think i’ll keep you like this. I’m going to have my way with your deliciously hot body Brennan,” she said huskily before descending back down on his cock.

He growled and tugged hard at the restraints and said, “Release me or you’ll regret it Tanya.”

“What are you going to do Officer? Arrest me? That sounds like fun,” she purred she scraped a single nail up his cock and over the head making him tremble.

He cursed and demanded, “Release me damn it.”

“I think not, you’re not being very nice to me,” she said huskily before sucking his cock back into her mouth her nails reaching under him and scraping the nerve bundle.

He jerked in shock and hissed as the please shot up his spine and spread over his body like an electrified web. He groaned as the pleasure burned him, his cock ached, he didn’t know how it was possible for him to have become so aroused again. Tanya certainly did something crazy to his system that was one thing for sure.

She needed to spice this up further she thought as she casually looked around the room stroking his cock her nails gently dragging upwards. He shuddered under her and groaned, he yanked at the restraints again. She grinned at him and said, “They aren’t going to break, that’s silk it’s not going to tear.”

He growled at her, “You’ll certainly regret if you don’t let me go now.”

“Ooh, you’re threatening me now, I don’t respond well to threats,” she purred. She slid off the bed and walked over to her bedside table and opened the bottom door. She pulled out her favourite vibrator. This was certainly going to be fun for sure.

Brennan watched her carefully, she was up to something. Once he got free of these bindings he was going to torment her and make her beg for him to end it. He was brought out of his thoughts as a buzz sounded. He looked at her, watching her mischievous grin, he didn’t like the sound of it. Where it was going either, he growled at her warningly, “What do you think you’re doing with that?”

“I’m testing something out, I think this might be fun,” she said. She knew that he had a reaction when her nails ran behind his ear. She grinned evilly and leaned over him, she reached behind his ear and pressed the vibrator to the pulsing skin.

His body arched as sensation zapped through his body he groaned as she pressed the vibrator against the sensitive spot. That area had always been super sensitive to touch, especially now as his muscles quivered under her touch, he groaned he would resist this and he would get out of this. He yanked harder at the stocking binding his wrist.

The damned thing stayed firmly attached to the bedrail, he growled at her but it came out as more of a groan as she slipped the vibrator down his neck and over his chest. He arched again as the sensation buzzed over his nipple. He groaned, she was certainly torturing him now, he knew that she wanted to hear him beg for mercy. He wasn’t going to break, he wasn’t going to give her that etimesgut escort satisfaction.

He gasped as she rolled the vibrator further down , it was music to her ears, though she couldn’t help but feel the need to rush things a little. She wanted to drive him wild at the same time as she wanted to drive his cock deep inside of her. He was panting hard now, she relished the look on his face. Caught between bliss and tension, his chest gleamed as his sweat reflected the moonlight.

Tanya licked her lips and grinned devilishly, she knew what she needed to do next. She leaned down over him and sucked his cock all the way down while she scraped her nails down his abs with the vibrator resting it against his thigh where she caught sight of a silvery mark she hadn’t noticed before. He grunted as she sucked harder on him while her nails traced the scar the vibrator resting against his balls.

He bit his lip to stop a whimper from escaping, it was so good he felt like he was going to explode any moment. But he knew she wouldn’t let him, a harsh groan escaped as his thighs trembled when her nails raked over the injury that had almost killed him. He couldn’t keep it in any more he cursed loudly as her nails and that damned vibrator moved under his balls. She had complete access the way she had restrained him.

Her free hand curled around the base his cock and squeezed hard strangling off his oncoming release. He cursed her again as the burning pulse of pleasure was trapped, locked inside of him. He needed to resolve this quickly he had to get out of the restraints or he’d combust from the heat of his denied release. He yanked as hard as possible against the stocking and grinned at her as it ripped ever so slightly. Then he wrenched it back again and with a sharp ripping sound came loose, he growled at her and rolled her off.

She was in shock, she couldn’t believe he did that. Her body quivered at the thought of all that raw power. The piercing hot look he game her made her tremble as he reached over to the bedside table and grasped the key. She grinned as she made him growl, her nails scraping his balls the vibrator running over the head of his cock.

“You’re one evil woman Tanya,” he grunted as he tried to fit the key into the cuffs. He groaned again as one of her nails reached under him and scraped his ass. He bucked and almost dropped the key as her torture ramped up. He finally got the key fitted into the lock and grinned in triumph as the cuffs opened. He twisted his ankles around and grabbed hold of her waist and shoved her down on the bed.

He wasn’t so out of control that he couldn’t control what he did, he knocked the buzzing vibrator out of her hand and trapped her wrists against the pillows. He leaned in and nipped her neck and said, “My turn vixen.”

The darkness burning his eyes made her shudder, she bucked under his forcefulness, his bite against her neck inflamed her. She groaned rubbing against his heavy sweat damp body. She reached up and nipped his ear making him growl. “It’s not going to work this time Tanya, I’ve got control of myself. You might need to get stronger restraints next time.”

That was a naughty thought, she had enjoyed playing with his body. Something she’d look forward to indulging herself with in the future as well.

Brennan groaned as her body pulsed under him, he needed to get the upper hand. An idea sparked in his head, suddenly he knew what was to be done. He grinned evilly at her and scooped the still buzzing vibrator off the floor and reached over to the handcuff and quickly locked it around her wrist. He kept a tight grip on her other wrist as he slid down the bed. He flicked his tongue against her lips while he pressed the vibrator against her clit.

She squealed out his name and thrashed against the bed, the cuffs rattling against the bed. “That’s it Tanya, scream my name,” he growled. He flicked his tongue against her lips again as he rubbed the vibrator now set to maximum over her clit.

She screamed her nails digging into the bed deeply, but before she could get her release just hovering inches from her. He stopped, pulling back from her, she groaned and glared at him.

“Payback is a bitch isn’t it?” he chuckled. He grasped her hips and before she could do anything he entered her roughly, ankara etimesgut escort filling her completely.

He hissed as the pleasure shot up his spine, he manacled her free hand to the bed trapping her nails. He thrust harder into her as she writhed under him, pleasure searing through her body. “Brennan… fuck,” she groaned and bucked against him.

He grinned and leaned over her, nipping her neck. “Take some of your own medicine for a change,” he growled as he rubbed his cock against her walls. She clenched him tightly her orgasm almost there. He grinned devilishly and pulled back from her, straddling her hips. He rubbed his cock against her thigh. “Damn it Brennan!” she growled.

“What do you want Tanya?” he asked huskily.

She groaned and fell back on the bed, he was going to make her beg, she felt sure of it. She had to be ready next time he was in her she’d trap him, her legs weren’t tied up like his. The heat coming from his chest surrounded her she groaned as he brushed his cock against her thigh. How could he maintain a level head after so much blew her away.

He was loosing the battle to not just bury himself inside of her, his control was shot full of holes around Tanya. How she managed it he could never even guess at it. He growled and slid deep inside of her, he gasped and tried to pull back as her inner walls clamped over him and rippled around him. He shuddered, groaning as it sizzled up his spine.

“Give it up Tanya, you won’t win,” he said panting.

“You so sure about that?” she asked, one of them was going to lose this battle and it wasn’t going to be her. She always had perfect control of any situation, she fluttered her muscles again making him groan. His grip on her hand slackened, she pulled it out and dug her nails into his ass pushing him in deeper her legs wrapping around his thighs.

He growled and slammed into her again and again rubbing against her g-spot, she screamed as her nails dug into his ass. He snarled at her and slammed his cock in savagely, he picked up his pace. He was moving too fast now for her to torment him with her muscles. She just resorted to fluttering her muscles as he slid in and out.

Brennan was going to combust, she had set him on fire again, he had never come so much in a night before, he was going to be wrecked in the morning. But he didn’t care, all that mattered right now was what was happening. He groaned as her sharp nails bit into his ass deeper, he was probably going to be carrying yet more mark there as well. The sharp bite of the pain kept adding that extra spice.

Over every pass his hot ridged chest and abs slid over her body, she arched into him with every thrust. Suddenly the pleasure became too hot for her to handle as she tightened on his cock like a clamp and screamed his name.

Brennan gasped and shuddered as she clamped over him, he roared as his orgasm ripped from him. He shuddered as each pulse shot through his body. He panted and rolled over her, he reached over to the table and unlocked the cuffs dropping them back on the table. Then fell back against the bed.

“Don’t even need words to describe that one,” he panted. He looked down and tugged ineffectually at his tied ankles. He was too exhausted to even want to do anything about them.

As his words flowed over her she grinned, she had done it again. She was proud of herself, she’d lost count how many times he’d gotten his release. Let alone knowing how many times it happened for her. She looked down and saw his legs still tied, slowly she reached down and untied the stockings then laid against him their sweat rubbing together.

“You owe me a stocking mister, these are expensive,” she said smiling.

He grinned wickedly and said, “Of course whatever my lady desires,”

“How did you get that scar on your thigh?” she asked. She was curious it hovered right over his artery.

“It was a bank robbery I got shot there, I nearly died that day. If it wasn’t for my partner I would have,” he said.

She slid down and kissed the scar, fine tremors travelled through him. “Well that was a long time ago then I suspect?” she asked.

“Yeah it was a few years ago,” he said. He slung an arm over her and pulled her against him. He wrapped his legs over hers and rested his head against her neck. “You wear me out woman,” he muttered.

“Well you do the same for me tiger,” she purred. She rested her head against his neck and leaned into him. Revelling in the hot press of his firm muscles, sleep closed in over her as her eyes flickered shut.

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