Road Trip to Texas

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It was spring break at college, and I had no plans except to stick around the house andhelp dad with some yard cleanup and repairs to the roof. He was a plumber and had no projects going on.

Out of the blue during dinner, Dad said we should take a trip to see my brother and his wife, who just had their first baby. My brother lived halfway across the country, and even though I was up for getting away, did I really want to go with my father somewhere? He was still getting over my whore mother taking off on him, and he kept talking about that. I know it was therapuetic for him, but it got real tiring real fast.

I agreed to go, and we packed up the truck and took off for northern Texas – we figured it would be about a 12-hour drive. I like to travel and it would be fun to stop and eat dinner — hopefully at some truck stops — but I saw this as helping my dad get through a rough time.

Off we went starting at 2 o’clock in the afternoon. About 10 that evening, Dad pulled off the interstate and found a truck stop/motel to stop at. He said he was very tired and felt he needed to rest before the rest of the trip. We would get up in the morning and go the rest of the way, no problem.

I was a little nervous at the prospect of sleeping in the same room with Dad since I’d never seen him completely naked, just with his shirt off. That was enough, though. I doubted there was skin on his chest since it was completed covered in black and gray hair. I only had hair below the navel down to my bush, I don’t know why I wasn’t hairy like he was. He had a huge horseshoe moustache and always a three or four-day growth of beard…very rugged looking.

I waited in the car while Dad checked us in, and when he got back in the pendik escort truck, he said he had bad news.

“They only have one room left and it has one queen-size bed, is that going to be OK with you?”

Fuck, although I was very excited at the thought of sleeping next to my dad, I said “As long as that’s all they have, I have no problem with it.”

“OK, be right back,” he said.

While he was inside paying, I started getting hard thinking of the possibilities the night would bring. I’m sure nothing was going to happen, but I could always fantasize, right?

We opened the door to the room — each room had a separate door from the outside, as most of the older cheap motels did — and it was stuffy so we left the windows open and went out and sat on the sidewalk. A couple cars came and went, and one semi pulled into the lot next door, and about 10 minutes later, two truckers walked toward the office. They were both in the 50s or 60s, very manly, one with a cowboy hat and beard, the other in tight jeans and a rather nice “package”.

As they passed us, they both said hello, made silly comments on the weather, and went in to get a room. Well, guess what? They came out looking pissed off, and they looked at us and said there were no rooms left. Dad offered them to stay in our room, I could sleep on the air mattress we brought and Dad slept better in a chair anyway, so after much hesitation, the two truckers accepted our offer.

Dad looked at me and said he hoped I was all right with him offering, and I said “I guess so,” faking my disappointment and realistically cheering his offer. I got to sleep in the same room with three hunks.

We went to dinner up at the restaurant portion of the complex, escort pendik and came back about 9 o’clock. Dad explained our mission to the truckers and that we were both tired, and we turned in for the night. The truckers followed suit and started taking off their clothes to get into bed. Hot damn, they were both as furry as Dad, and I tried not to stare.

About 2 o’clock in the morning, I heard whispering, and I opened my eyes and took advantage of the porch light casting its rays on our room. I could see the two truckers in an awkward position, and realized one of them was getting head from the other, and trying to stay quiet. I was now rock hard and Dad was sawing logs. I stood up, the truckers freaked out a little and covered up, but I whispered to them that I would like to watch. They had no problems with that, so they went into a “69” as I sat there drooling at the cocks and the body hair. Then I heard a scary question.

“Son?” my dad called. I said “Yeah Dad?”

“Why are you awake?” I told him point blank “Our trucker friends got horny and decided to do something about it.”

At that, my dad opened his eyes, got up and closed the curtains to the outside world, turned on the light, and smiled at what he saw.

The truckers invited both of us to the bed, and I stayed back to watch Dad get blown and his sucker get fucked. Dad had his eyes closed moaning, and I gestured to the trucker to let me finish him off, so we switched, and took Dad’s cock in my mouth and tasted some pre-cum. I licked up and down the shaft, and pretty soon his hips started fucking my face, I backed off and he squirted 3 or 4 huge ropes of cum onto my face. He still didn’t know the trucker and I had switched places, and when he opened pendik escort bayan his eyes, he was shocked.

I said “Thanks Dad, I hope you aren’t pissed.”

“For Christ sakes, I didn’t know you were gay,” to which I took the other trucker’s fat cock into my mouth just as he was about to erupt. He added his cum onto my face to mix with my Dad’s, and Dad called me to his chair, where he grabbed my head and gently drew me to him to kiss my face and lick off not only his own spunk, but the trucker’s also. I was shocked.

When we finally all fell back to sleep, me still with cum on my face, morning came quickly. The truckers had showered and gone, and my Dad and I wanted to get going for the second part of our trip. Instead, we got into bed and started kissing, and I played with the hair on my Dad’s chest and licked his full tits and big nipples. He still had some cum in his big droopy stache, and I told him that the trip was going to be fun on the way back and could we stay at the same place.

We did just that, went inside for lunch, and when I went to the bathroom, there was a grandpa type at the urinal beating off. I watched him, and since he reminded me of Santa Claus, I knelt down and told him to empty out his “sack” onto my face, which he was happy to do.

I got back to the table and Dad said, laughingly, “You whore, you got some cum still left on your chin, you lucky bastard.” Just then, my Santa Claus walked out of the bathroom, and I just looked at Dad and smiled.

Needless to say, the time since that trip has been full of fantastic sex with not only Dad but with some of his buddies, who Dad promised sexual favors from his boy.

Dad never was at a loss for sex after that trip, for I couldn’t wait to see that chest and kiss that face, even after I would cum all over that studly stache.

We didn’t explore fucking each other until about a year later, we both really enjoyed oral sex and were both cum fanatics.

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