Role-play with the Andersons

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“…And I believe that just about wraps everything, ladies and gentlemen,” announced Elliot Anderson, turning from the display screen inside the company boardroom to face the table in which sat the company’s major stock-holders and the chairman, as he finished his presentation regarding the company’s share-holdings for the remainder of its fiscal year. He took off his glasses to wipe his face with his handkerchief while everyone seated round the table gave him a standing ovation. His glasses back on his face, he gave them a boyish smile, shook hands with them and said ‘thank you’, before taking his exist; he didn’t think it prudent for him to keep being there. Once he stepped out of the large room into the corridor, he breathed a sigh of relief and congratulated himself on a job well done before then heading towards the elevator.

Already the news had travelled down to the floor where his office was situated regarding his performance, and several of his colleagues were hovering by to shake his hand just as the elevator doors let him off. The meeting upstairs was over a half hour before lunch break, and his boss called his line to tell him how pleased he and the rest of the board had been pleased with his presentation, and also to let him know that as it was already on the notice board that one of the company’s executives would be retiring in the next couple of months, he’d already submitted Anderson’s name to take the vacated spot when it happens. Elliot was more than elated to hear this.

Lunch break came, though Elliot remained in his office to go through some work files on his computer, though at the same time waiting for his secretary to come knock at his door to let him know she was heading out for lunch, as she almost always does. As expected, she did just that a minute later; he’d left home with some sandwiches which Myra had made for him, thus he wasn’t planning on going anywhere.

He looked at his watch, gave himself five more minutes before first going over to lock his door, and then returning to his desk, reaching for his cell phone and dialling his wife’s number — he dared not make use of the office phone; his conversation wasn’t something he’d wish for the company to keep records of. Myra would be at her law firm office located near the city’s Supreme Court building which was about ten blocks from where he worked. He knew she too wouldn’t be going out for lunch, at least not today, and that she was just as anxious to await his call.

Her line rang three times before finally she picked it up. “Hello, darling,” she said.

“Hey there beautiful, he smiled. “How’re you doing?”

“Ah, nothing much,” came her reply. “I was just sitting here at my desk, pretending to do some serious work while just waiting to hear from you.”

“Really? So was I.”

He stood up from his chair and went to stand by the large glass windows of his office. The windows were tinted from the outside so no one could see in. the company, it seems, was generously afflicted with keeping in-house secrets, but Elliot couldn’t have cared less, though it was why whenever he made calls such as this, he preferred his cell phone. He as well came to work with his laptop computer in case he needed to surf the net for some porn, which was something he did on a regular basis. Especially the ones filmed by his wife whenever she was at home in bed with herself, while he was stuck here working late nights. Often she would put on her web-cam and fuck herself with her various dildos … or other times she would let Josh, their twenty-one year old son, come and fuck her. Though Elliot very much enjoyed it when it involved the three of them — Myra, Josh, and Cathy, their eighteen-year old daughter. He would lounge back in his chair, unzip his pants and whip out his cock and be watching while stroking himself to a climax, at the same time wishing he was there to enjoy the fun with them. The urge only south to drive him with yearning anticipation, to want to hurry up and get done for the day so as to get home and have fun with his family.

Yes, fun. That what they enjoyed most, and recently he and Myra had thought up an idea, which was the reason of his calling her right now; she too knew why he was calling. Today was their designated Role-play Day. It was marked out on their calendar; it was a day they’d all be hoping to arrive sooner, and now it has.

“You still in the mood, darling?” she said to him.

“Oh yeah, more than ever. But what about Josh and Cathy, how’re they doing?”

“I spoke with them a half hour before you called. They’ll be getting off school soon. And you don’t have to worry — they both took their role-play clothes with them to school, and they’re just as anxious as you and I are.”

“Good. That was all I wanted to hear.”

“How about you, honey? You going to get set soon?”

“Oh yeah, of course. I’m going to be here at least for another hour, and then I’m going to be off. The boss loved my presentation today, and he’s even promised a job opening İstanbul Escort very soon. Looks like I’m going to be a major player anytime soon.”

“Oh honey! That’s wonder news, I’m so happy for you!”

“Not as happy as you’re going to be when I grab that hot, round ass of yours,” he grinned.

“Hmmm, macho talk,” his wife purred into his ear. Just as he’d expected, talking to her was giving him a boner; she always knew how to work her magic on him even when they’re on the phone with each other. “You’re going to have to do more than just grab my ass, mister. Today, you’re going to be my bitch, and I’m going to make you eat my pussy from start to finish, or else I’m going to be the one doing the spanking.”

Elliot couldn’t help himself. He held unto his phone with one hand while the other hurriedly unzipped his pants and whipped out his already hard cock with pre-cum oozing out of its head. He began stroking it while hearing his wife talk on the other end of the line.

“…I’m going to ram my dildo up your ass till you cum,” she said. “I’m gonna wear that hot strap-on you bought me last time we went to Vegas, and I’m going to fuck that tight pussy of yours while you suck on Josh’s cock…”

“Oh yeahhhh,” he moaned dreamily. His eyes were half shut as he imagined himself getting fucked by his wife while his mouth choked on his son’s rod.

“…and before you begin to fuck me, I’m going to wrap a belt around your neck and you’re going to fuck me harder than you’ve ever done before. I want every inch of your cock jammed up in my pussy … you’re going to fuck me like a bitch that you are, and then when you’re done, you’re going to do the same thing to Cathy. Hmmm, am I getting you all hot there, darling?”

“Ohh babe, you have no fucking idea. Go on, don’t stop now.”

“You’re such a naughty fellow, darling,” she laughed. “But I love you for it, and that’s why since this week I’m been looking forward to our Role-Playing Day. I want to see you in those panties and leg stockings, you and Josh. I’m going to make you beg to lick my pussy. I’m going to punish both of you not to touch your cocks while Cathy and I get busy with ourselves. And if any of you dares to touch your cock, I’m going to take a whip to both of your asses. You’re going to beg me to come and suck you off. I know you get off that just as much as you love watching Cathy and I eat each other up.”

“Oh yes,” Elliot groaned. “Oh yes, I love watching you both very much. So very much.”

The pressure in his cock was building fast to a hair trigger and his moans got uncontrollably louder (a good thing his office walls were sound-proof, thus no one could possibly hear him even if they had their ears plastered to his door). Still his hand didn’t let go of what it was doing, and just then it turned into a stuttered groan as the first jet stream of cum shot out of his cock and splattered on the surface of his glass window. He kept on jerking his cock, letting the rest of it splatter on the carpet, some of which even stained the leg cuffs of his pants. He was still gasping as he stumbled backwards and slumped on his chair, with his glasses nearly slipping off his nose. He brought the back of his hand to his brow and wiped sweat from there; there were wet stains in the armpits of his shirt as well.

“Shit!” he muttered as he gazed down at his pants leg and saw the stain of cum that was there. His cock by now resembled something like a deflated balloon, with cum still oozing out of it. It was a good think his office had an inner rest room, as he then got up and went into it to wipe off the stain. He returned with some tissue paper and cleaned off the river of cum that had stained his glass window as well as on the carpet — wouldn’t want to leave that up to the cleaning ladies, now would we? We most certainly would not, he thought to himself.

He tuned up the AC unit to the highest so as to get rid of the sweat from his face. By the time his secretary returned to his desk fifteen minutes later he was back to his former unexcited self and back at work. Though he stayed for just another hour as he’d told his wife he would, before switching off his office computer and straightening back his shirt before wearing on his jacket. He told his secretary a lie about not feeling too good, and that he was going to take the rest of the day off. He hurried out of the office before anyone, most especially his boss, would want to come over to check on him.

Down the elevator he rode to the bottom garage where his Sedan was just as faithfully waiting for him. It was his wife’s car — he’d opted for her to take his BMW to work while he took hers for anonymity purposes. A minute later he’d driven out of the company’s gates and rode up Scarsdale Avenue, before taking a right turn. He wasn’t heading for home, at least not yet.

He drove out into the city’s major highway, heading towards its outskirts where houses ended and gave way to untouched landscape. Elliot knew very well where he Bayan Escort was heading to as he drove off the highway and found a dirt road which led him into a bushy farmland. He had spotted it once when he had nothing better to do than take a lazy drive around the city, and not finding anyone around, he liked the place instantly as a very much discreet zone. He parked the Sedan and got out, went to its boot and took out a knapsack bag from within. He opened the bag and took out the female clothes Myra had long packed for him the previous night as part of their role-playing game: he and Josh were to dress in their clothes while the women — Myra and daughter, Cathy — were to wear theirs.

Elliot first did a quick survey of the bushy area, wanting to make absolutely sure that he was alone, as he figured he couldn’t be the only one in the city who’s used the place for a rest stop. Satisfied that he was alone, he set down to work first by taking off his jacket, followed by his pants and shirt, and then his boxer shorts, stockings and shoes, all of which he folded in the Sedan’s backseat, before taking out first a pair of his wife’s pink panties. He wore on the nylon stockings she’d left for him, then the bra, though it felt rather inconveniencing on his chest, but eventually he figured he would manage it just fine. Myra had visited a shop the previous week and bought herself a skirt similar to one she already has, although this one carried his exact waistline measurements, which he wore on next, followed by her blouse. A pair of low-heeled shoes was inside as well, and they were the exact size as his feet (she’d as well bought one with his shoe size in mind). There was a blonde wig resting in the bag — the final apparel — along with a makeup kit. She had shown him how to apply the lipstick along with the mascara and eye pencils. All these he did while looking at his face with the aid of the rear-view mirror. All in all, it took him about an hour to finish transforming himself into a near image of a woman.

He took a while still checking himself out in the mirror, nearly falling in love with the image his eyes were seeing. He practised walking in the clothes, forcing himself to be comfortable in them. Though the shoes were kind of tough, he reasoned it was only for a short while, at least until he got home. When he felt satisfied with his new makeover, he threw his clothes along with the makeup kit into the knapsack before jumping back into the Sedan. He started the engine and then drove out back onto the highway, this time his destination was home.

He was in traffic when his phone started ringing — it was Josh calling. He told him that he and Cathy were right now at home expecting him. Elliot replied that he would be there within the next twenty minutes. Cathy took the phone from her brother and said to him to hurry up, that Mom’s pussy was waiting and so was hers. Elliot had to tighten his grip on the steering wheel as his cock shot itself to standing at attention through the ladies undergarments he was putting on. There was serious traffic while he drove for home. In a car stuck in the second lane right next to his, the middle-aged man who was behind the wheel winked at him and then blew him a kiss. Elliot felt emboldened and self-assured that the man didn’t mistake him for who he really was, and in response, he flashed his eyes at the man and waved at him as the traffic began to ease along.

He got home just in time as it was almost early evening already. He honked his horn twice as he entered into the driveway and parked his car behind his BMW. His wife was standing by the open doorway waiting for him. She was wearing one of his shirt and his favourite pair of shorts, trying to give the appearance of being the man of the house.

“Get in here, bitch!” she snapped at him with the sharp tone of a Marine drill sergeant and slapped his behind as he went past her into the living room.

Josh and Cathy were there too, though just like him, his son was as well dressed in his sister’s outfit while she was putting on his jeans and Metallica t-shirt, and at the moment he was leaning over the couch holding up his skirt, giving everybody a view of his panties-clad ass, while his sister was smacking a palm against his butt.

“This will teach you to be a good bitch when I need you to be!” Cathy said to him while at the same time administering slaps to his butt. Josh moaned each time she slapped him, and Elliot wasn’t surprised to note his son’s erect cock. Myra noticed his erection too as well as the hungry look that gleamed in her husband’s eyes.

“You want a taste of his cock, don’t you, you silly bitch?”

“Oh yes, yes, I very much do,” Elliot licked his lips.

“Well then go over there and show me just how good a cock-sucker you are then.” She pushed him down to his knees and made him crawl towards the couch to fix his head between his son’s legs.

Josh looked down and saw his father’s face under his crotch. He pushed down his panties to Eskort let out his cock. Elliot kissed the head of his son’s cock, got a taste of pre-cum oozing out of it and liking it, before stretching his head to take in more of his shaft.

“Yeah,” Myra sneered down at him. “Go on and suck that cock, you big bitch. Suck your son’s cock good.” She slid her feet between the under of his skirt to feel her husband’s throbbing erection pleading to jump out of his panties. “I bet you love this dress I gave you? I’ll bet you enjoy walking in my lacy stockings don’t you?”

Elliot mumbled an answer him his mouth was still enclosed around his son’s cock; he was loving every minute of it even as he reached his hand into his son’s panties to tug at his balls. This furthered more excitement on Josh, forcing him to utter a throaty gasp.

“Tell me Cathy, how was Josh feeling when you wore him your clothes?”

She giggled. “Oh he was just as happy as a stupid bitch that he is, mom. My girlfriends hardly even recognised him as we walked back from school. Though he fretted when we rode the bus, and that’s why I had to punish him for it.”

Myra laughed. “Maybe next time, we’ll dress them both up as hookers and go drop them in a gay bar.” She turned to sneer at her hubby. “How about that, bitches? Would the two of you like for us to do that someday — dress you two up as sluts and then leave you out to get picked up? Answer me, both of you!”

Elliot took his mouth off his son’s erection and both of them answered in near tandem: “Oh yes, we’d love that very much!”

“Good. We’re going to have to set that up for our next Role-Play Day. What do you think, Cathy?”

“Sounds sweet!” she grinned impishly. “I’d really like to see Josh getting fucked. His pussy has been getting quite sore, I know.”

She gave her brother’s ass another slap, making him howl with delight. The soreness of his ass was intermixed with the pleasure he was getting from my dad’s mouth.

While mother and daughter conversed and laughed, Elliot went back to sucking his son’s cock. Josh held his dad’s head and jerked his hips back and forth, heading him with the length of his shaft. A surreal wave of ecstasy coursed through his veins, coupled with his mounting groans. Elliot sensed his son was soon going to cum, and thus speeded his sucking. Josh by now was breathing heavily as he then pulled his cock from his dad’s mouth and jerked his load of cum into his Elliot’s gaping mouth. When he was done, he slid down on the couch, and at that moment, his sister grasped his cock as it was her turn to pounce on him. Myra leaned towards her husband and shared a deep, lingering kiss with him, licking her tongue around his lips so as to get a wanting taste too of her son’s precious seed. Though she was always jealous whenever he fed his semen to either his father or sister and saving her to take up the dregs, still it was a gift for the family.

Feeling satiated, the four of them retired to the master bedroom, with the women pulled their men via their cocks as if they were a pair of house slaves, which at the moment they virtually were.

In the bedroom, the women stripped the men of their clothes, save for their lacy stockings, though in Josh’s case included a garter belt. Myra and Cathy climbed up on the bed and began rubbing their pussies; the men stood there gaping at both lovely women with their cocks nodding their reptile-like heads. Each man was thinking just the same thing — wishing to grab hold of their shaft and start stroking. The women too could sense this.

“No touching your cocks, you bitches!” Myra commanded them.

Thus each man remained at attention by the edge of the bed and watched as the women took out their individual dildos and began fucking themselves with it. The room echoed the lovely sound of their moans; father and son could do nothing but watch in miserable silence. Mother and daughter turned their heads and shared a passionate kiss whilst their hands kept up the momentum of the self-screwing. It wasn’t long before they both achieved orgasm. Myra waited till she’d recovered before signalling the men over to clean them both up.

“Get to work, boys,” she held her legs apart, displaying the richness of her wet, dripping cunt. “You know what to do, so hop to it!”

It was the opportunity father and son had both been waiting for and neither of them wasted any second jumping onto the bed and attacking mother and daughter with their lips and tongue. In no time, the women’s moans were matching each other as the men slurped their gushing juice. Josh finger-fucked his sister’s pussy while sucking on her clit, sending shards of ecstatic daggers up her body.

“Uhhh-Ohhh yeah,” Cathy pinched her nipples, moaning at the same time while rotating her hips under her brother’s questing mouth. “Ohhh Josh, you’re so good with your tongue!”

Her words sounded dreamy; Josh felt invigorated by it to probe her pussy even further.

Myra too was exploding with pleasure from Elliot’s tongue. “Oh yes, yes … Oh God, you’re my favourite bitch!” she writhed and fanned her head left and right, caught in the impounding hotness of ecstasy. Elliot was having as much fun with her as he knew she too was getting.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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