Room 307 Hotel CA

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She was the first thing I noticed when I walked into the hotel lobby. Her long dark hair and perfect curves caught my eye. She turned to glance my way and I saw she was wearing dark glasses and she raised a disapproving eyebrow. She seemed to be stern, and I thought she must be a school teacher or someone who yells at people all day. She stood at the reception desk and seemed to be waiting. I started my check in with the odd man behind the counter and at the end he said “You’re in 307, please sir if you need anything just let me know. Enjoy your stay at the hotel California” I stole a last glance at her as I picked up my bag, I noticed her silky muscled calves and pointed black heels, stockings and a skirt with enough length to say professional but short enough to say dangerous. She seemed angry to be waiting, and I thought whoever is about to meet her is in for a cruel surprise.

Getting to my room was a relief after so much travel, I looked around tested the taps and opened my bag. Got ready for a well deserved shower. I wasn’t there for more than a couple of minutes when I could hear something out side. I stopped the shower to realize someone was knocking at my door. I grabbed a towel and was about to yell “hold up” but when I opened the bathroom door, she was standing there.

“How did you get in my room?” I said trying to get the towel around my waist.

She slapped my face.

“Who told you to speak?”

“What are you doing…” I tried to reply.

She slapped me again.

“Maybe you don’t deserve this you stupid…”

“Look lady if this is your room…?”

“My room?! My room!?”

I had said the wrong thing. The fire in her eyes got hotter. She grabbed my hair and started to pull me out of the bathroom and into the room. She stood me in the center of the room and removed my towel. She moved a plush chair and sat in front of me. She crossed her legs. She stared at me and I felt so shy, embarrassed. This Woman was looking at me like a wolf hunting prey.

She laughed “Perhaps you will do. Are you scared little boy?”

All I could do was stand there.

“I asked you a question!” she demanded.

I tried to speak but couldn’t.

She stood up calmly but with more lust in her eyes. She clamped her right hand around my throat. It wasn’t too tight but I had to work for air. She got close to my ear.

“You are mine. My toy. If you displease me you will not like what happens to you, if you please me, you will be rewarded.” and she bit my ear lobe.

“Owww” sex izle I reacted foolishly. She slapped me again and I froze.

“Let me see…”. She stared to walk around me slowly. Touching me with one finger, across my back and over my chest and slowly she circled around lower, and just when she was about to touch my cock that was almost full she stopped.

“On your knees”.

I fell to my knees and she wrapped her hand around my hair and pulled my face into her dress.

She pulled my face in close and I felt her leg twitch just a little. She pulled me away and laughed at me.

“You like that don’t you?” she said.

“yes” I weakly muttered.


“Yes! Please can I have more?

“Now you are beginning to learn.”

She slowly slid down her dress, her black lace underwear against her milky white hips pulled my eyes attention. She turned around to show me perfect ass, round and just enough bounce. I moved my face closer but she stopped me.

“If you are good…”

“Thank you” I blurt out pathetically.

She laughed cruel at me.

She removed her top and I could just see the edges of her breast from behind.

“Sit in the chair and you may touch your self.”

I move quickly to the chair and reach down and it feels so good to feel how hard I am.

She moves around so I can see her remover her bra, her luscious breast fall a little as the bra lets them go. She moves them close to me as I sit and stroke myself. I can feel them brush against my face. So close to my mouth and yet so far. I try to lick them and she moves them away.

She slaps my hand away from my cock.

“No! You break the rules you don’t get to please your self. I never said lick. Hands and knees!”

“But I am sorry I …”

She grabs my throat as I sit in the chair. Don’t speak you…” She leans and she whispers in my ear “Hands and knees now.”

I get down on my hands and knees and she sits in the chair.

“Get me a glass of water!”

I start to get up.

“Did i tell you to stand?” and she kicks me down from behind.

I crawl to the bathroom, not knowing what will come next. I try to bring her water crawling and when I look at her she sits legs spread bare and I can see her soft pink glisten.

I give her the water. She gestures for me to come closer. She grabs my hair and brings my face closer.

“Please me with your tongue.”

I start to lick gently and I melt at her taste. I look up and she is drinking her water sikiş izle looking away seemingly bored. I stop holding back and pure passion takes over and all I want is to make her cum, make her scream with pleasure. Suddenly I understand my purpose in life. To please her every sexual desire. I moan with pleasure as I swallow every drop she gives me.

She pulls my head away. She smiles. She lays me on the floor and slowly stands over me. Lowering herself to ride my rock hard cock. She sits and slowly slides me inside of her. I can feel me filling her. Her eyes give away her pleasure. When she reaches the bottom and starts to grind her hips with slow cruel twists. Reaching down she puts her hand on my throat. My throb with pleasure and she knows I am hers to play with. She slaps me with her other hand.

“Speak.” She says and lets go of my neck. I gasp for a breath and I let words flow faster than I can think.

“You are so beautiful, so passionate, so cruel, your tits are amazing your ass is perfect…” and on and on. Telling her every detail about how she is everything I ever desired, very inch of her is a wish, a dream come true. She laughs at me with such heartlessness. She wraps both hands around my neck and a struggle to talk.

“I can’t hear you toy? I said speak!” She grinds deeper. I can’t speak or even form words in my mind, my eyes roll up in my head and all I feel is pleasure. Suddenly I have breath and she slaps me.

“You are so disappointing. Sad little boy.” She gets up and sits in the chair. She inspects her nails as I catch my breath and feel my face sting and my dick scream for more as her lust drips down my balls.

I crawl to her and beg her. “Please may I have more… I need to please you.”

“You think you deserve more?! Haha. Look at me! Look at this body, my skin, my tits, you think you deserve my perfect hard nipples. You think you are even in the same dimension as me! Haha. Sad little boy!”

She raises her foot and places it on my head, and lowers it to the floor. I must kiss her feet. I do. And before I can think I am licking and sucking her toes. She laughs again. She speaks but I am gone, grabbing her ankles and licking faster, sucking harder.

She reaches down and grabs my hair, she pulls me slow and hard, and I resist her pull just to feel it more.

She stands pulling me along and she pulls me past her on to the chair. I land sitting and when my eyes focus she is on her knees. She spreads my legs. “Don’t watch me you pig.”

And türk porno I close my eyes…

Every move, every lick, every suck is a blur of pleasure. Long licks, fast deep sucking with strokes of ecstasy. Slow long hard licks that make me quiver. Moves I could never describe. I forget who I am with and I move my hands to her head and I take over. She moves her hands away and lets me push deeper. I feel her moan as I reach deep to her throat. she pulls up and she drools all over me. I started to hear her speaking. She had let go and was telling my rock hard cock that she loved having it in her mouth and hands. and suddenly she groaned. “Look at me!” she smiles knowing she has me. she reaches and feels my balls. Clamping my dick at the base, she smiled and kept on stroking me hard and mean. As we looked into each other eyes she smiled at my fear, I knew I would do anything she asked. I knew there was no way I could deny her the slightest pleasure. I was her slave. Her toy. Her anything.

She looks over glasses and says “Follow me.”

She moves over to the bed and crawls on her hands and knees. I get up and keep giving my dick a work out.

I move closer to the bed and she says to hurry and I jump fast to move inside her. I start to fuck her hard and fast. Getting as deep as I can.

“Pull my hair!” she demands, and I twist my fingers deep in her hair, move her head down pull and push even deeper inside her. I pull and thrust over and over. I see her toes curl and I pull harder. I reach to feel her breast. It fills my hand perfectly and I start to pinch her nipples.

“Oh fuck!” she screams out. I feel her pussy get tighter as she orgasms and I can’t hold back. I cum hard. The cum pulses out of my cock with hard rhythmic beats. She feels my release and her whole body shocks and we look into each others eyes and she starts to smiles shyly. I start to see her as a shy, sweet, innocent, kind person, and suddenly I’m in pain. She has slapped me again. She pushes me away and again on to the floor. She moves to sit down on my face,

“Who told you to cum you selfish boy! I never should have thought you could please me.” and she sits hard on my face and I can feel my warm cum on my lips. I start to lick deep trying to get all of my cum from her. “Mmmmm good boy” she moans.

Slowly she stands and gets dressed and I lay on the floor, my legs twitching, convulsing between fits of euphoria.

As I see she is dressed and ready to leave I try to get up but stumble, my legs are still numb. I get half way when she leans down and kisses me, tasting both of us on my lips.

“Maybe we will meet her again little boy, maybe.” and she laughed her self out of the room. All I could think is there is so much more I want to do to please her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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