Room Mates Pt. 10

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Champagne hangovers were the worst. Generally Jake didn’t drink the stuff but on this occasion.

His mouth felt like the bottom of a bird’s cage and all he wanted was liquid. Standing shakily he made his way to the door in an unfamiliar house. Winding down the stairs he entered the kitchen and opened the fridge, relieved to see the bottles of cola in the door. A few drags and he felt the life return to him as the sugar hit his blood stream.

What a day… what a night. Bracing his hands against the worktop Jake stared out into the night and sighed, he was in over his head and frankly, he loved it.

Sammie Barrett was everything he’d ever wanted and she was so close he could and had, tasted her. She wanted him bad which was good because he wanted her more. Something about her made him whole again, made him feel better, greater. Those moments when he’d been inside her had thrown all of his other liaisons into the wilderness, no other woman had ever existed.

He’d never been so hot, so hard, so involved. She was the sun around which he orbited. Lost in thought Jake didn’t realise he wasn’t alone and as she spoke he winced, wrenched as he was from his thoughts,

“If you hurt her, I will chop you into little tiny pieces.”

Jake turned and saw Sophia pour herself a glass of water. He blinked and she smiled sarcastically before drinking the entire glass,

“I’m serious. I like you Jake. We’ve been friends for a long time. But if you hurt her in any way you will rue the day.”

Jake gulped, Sophia was beautiful, sexy and undoubtedly dangerous. If she wanted to cause him pain she could and would.

“Soph, I don’t want to hurt her. I want to make her happy.”

“How? You planning on marrying her? Making babies? Setting up house?”

Jake paused, wanting to shout out yes to everything but fearful,

“Soph, I just want her to be happy.”

Sophia stalked towards him, empty glass in hand and he balked,

“Like I said Jake, you hurt her you pay for it. She loves you. She might have loved you for years and whilst I’m all about the quick fuck I don’t think she is. Be careful, I don’t think you want to hurt her, and I don’t really want to hurt you!”

Jake snatched the glass from her hand and placed it on the counter,

“Soph, I won’t ever hurt her either but damn it, I don’t know what she wants!”

Sophia grinned and Jake saw her as the indomitable woman she was. Clad in her underwear, beautiful, sexy, dominant and yet not even rating a stiffy,

“So ask her Jake. Be a man. What have you got to lose?”

The drive home was fruitful. Rosie was hungover but the introduction of a motorway station bacon roll worked wonders. She was still riding the Jake and Sammie wave and as Sophia glowered at Jake through the rear-view mirror she waxed lyrical about the benefit of their hook up.

“You could actually be my sister!! That would be awesome Samurai! I always wanted a sister and your brother sucks as a sibling so it would be perfect… think about it?”

Jake bristled,

“And what if Sammie doesn’t want to be with me Rosie. Thought about that?”

Rosie laughed,

“You’re hot Jake. Even I see that. She’d be mad not too!”

Sammie tensed in her seat, uncomfortable with the conversation. Sophia was unreasonably quiet and Jake… Jake just wasn’t himself. He glanced at her and smiled weakly. Her discomfort making him bilious.

“Rosie!! How about not pimping your brother out? Maybe he was just being nice? Did you think about that? Maybe he was just being chivalrous and helping me out?”

Rosie sniffed and glared at Sammie,

“I’m just looking out for you Sammie!”

Sammie bristled at the lack of her nickname hating that her best friend was pissed off at her,

“I know that Rosie Puds and I love you for it but the party is over and we are going home. Jake did a lovely thing and I owe him for it but you can’t force people together. Sometimes you have to just things be and if they work, they work. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri I’m fine Rosie, honestly!”

Rosie mumbled and Sophia hugged her, smiling at Jake in the driver’s mirror.

As they dropped Sophia off Sammie got out the car to hug her. Her friend swept her up in her arms and Sammie felt the tears spill down her cheeks,

“He cares Sammie. Believe that!”

Sammie clutched at her and Sophia kissed her cheek,

“I sort of… threatened him and well, he didn’t back down. He likes you Sammie. Ride the wave.”

Sammie blanched as Sophia swept her bag out of the boot and sashayed into her flat.

Buckling her seat belt, Jake glanced at Sammie as she turned to Rosie, caught between the two most important women in his life,

“Rosie puds… Pizza or Curry?”

Jake laughed as his hanging sister mumbled “Pizza with everything!” from the back seat before falling asleep.

Thankfully they got home late and each of them went to bed quickly. Jake lay there, his thoughts whirring around his head. He liked her, hell, he might just love her, but what could he offer her? At 30 he had one failed relationship and a long line of one night stands to his credit. He adored the girl she had once been and was really attracted to the woman she was now but how did you know?

He’d thought that he loved Olivia and that had crashed and burned and now… now he had a taste of Sammie, Olivia didn’t even register. But what next? Marriage was premature, especially considering they hadn’t even had sex yet. He liked her and shit, he wanted to date her, find out more about her… but what next. There were no guarantees.

His sister and her best friend would kill him if he hurt her and Jake smiled as he imagined Sammie taking her own revenge. Sammie knew the score but did he? Was fucking her really worth the emotional fall out?

Sleep came swiftly and Sammie dreamt of babies. Twin boys with her colouring and Jake’s features. Waking abruptly she winced, what the hell?! Babies were so not on her radar and this thing with her and Jake was practically a joke. Bundling into her pillows Sammie took a deep breath and prayed for a peaceful sleep.

“Helen’s Cafe. 1pm. No excuses”

Sammie read the text and smiled, Sophia was now in the know and nothing would stop her. Walking towards the cafe, Sammie winced, knowing that she was walking towards a level of honesty she probably wasn’t ready for.

Finding Sophia, she sat, her Caramel Latte ready and waiting for her. Within seconds, Helen sat down beside Sophia and they both stared at her. Sophia spoke first.

“Here’s how I see it Sammie. You like him. He likes you. I’m guessing you haven’t done the deed yet and I think you should. Don’t commit yourself until you know what he’s packing. So as much as I fear you getting hurt, I have to trust that you know best.”

Helen grinned and Sammie wondered what the hell was coming next,

“If he hurts you I will destroy him, “

Helen nodded vigorously and momentarily Sammie feared for Jake,

“But I trust you enough to believe you know what you’re doing so…”

Sophia took a sip of her coffee and Sammie almost died inside,

“Helen and I are going to Paris for the weekend, you know, eat lots of government endorsed cheese, take in the art and go to the Crazy Horse… and I thought that Rosie might enjoy the break…”

Sammie gasped,

“It would give you and Jake a bit of time alone to see what you really felt about each other wouldn’t it?”

Sammie stared at Sophia as Helen grinned,

“I think she means that you can screw each other blind without interruptions!”

Sammie drained her latte and set the cup down,

“Soph, you may be friend ever in the history of the world.”

Sophia turned to Helen and winked before turning to Sammie,

“You know it babe… and you owe me! Which means I’ll want details!”

The days dragged and Jake memorised güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri every second he had with Sammie. Rosie was always there, eating breakfast, drinking coffee, just there. Not one date, not one night out, he been forced to sit there as they watched TOWIE and Masterchef and Eastenders and Holby.

He could have avoided it all but the lure of Sammie’s scent was too alluring. Finally on Thursday night as the duff duff duff of the Eastenders theme tune echoed through the flat Rosie stood and announced her need to pack,

“Samurai… I need you!”

Jake sat as Sammie stood, turning to him as she spoke,

“Rosie is going to Paris with Sophia for the weekend.”

Reigning himself in from the shock, Jake felt his cock pulse in exultation.

“Sounds like fun.”

Rosie grinned and Jake stared at Sammie, whose eyes were dark as she stared at him. Rosie shimmied,

“I can’t wait! Going to get my Parisian freak on!”

Jake laughed,

“You and me both!”

As Rosie slammed the door behind her, Jake and Sammie stared at each other. Jake felt every nerve in his body tense as he stared at her, wanting to leap off the sofa and take her, yet knowing he had to take her leave. He strained, hearing his sister get in the car and it drive off and he watched as Sammie relaxed, the subtle change in her posture making his cock twitch,


Jake was up and upon her in seconds, his mouth hovering over hers as his hands mapped her body. Sammie shivered and Jake swept his hands up her back, hoping to calm her despite his rampant desires,

“Now Jake… Take me to bed!”

Sammie almost swooned at Jake swept her into his arms and charged into his bedroom, his strength and desire for her written across his face. Placing her on his bed, he started to strip, his movements economic as he pulled his tee from his body and unzipped his jeans, standing naked and wanting before her within seconds.

“Baby… you need to take your clothes off…

I’ll lose it if I do it…”

Sammie knelt and slowly pulled her top off revealing her bra. She slowly pulled down her yoga pants, revelling in the hiss of his breath as she revealed her thong and leant back to shuck them from her body. Naked, his cock pressing against his stomach, Jake stared down at her, her body clad in nothing but utilitarian underwear and grit his teeth, hoping to stop his cock spewing forth.


Sammie slid her panties down and sat on her knees unclipping her bra and flinging it across his room. Settling back on the pillows, she smiled, raising her arms out to him, naked and unashamed as he stared down at her, her body aroused and wet for him. Jake bit back the urge to thrust deep and settled himself over her, shivering as his erection buffered against her stomach. He kissed her mouth, slowly, lavishly and felt her tremble beneath him.

“Now Jake… Please!”

He kissed her, muffling her pleas and started a slow trail down her body, licking and kissing every inch of her skin. He laved her nipples, sucking and biting her as she bucked against him, her cries music to his ears. He licked down her stomach, long strokes up her inner thighs moving closer and closer to her cunt. Sammie cried out, her fingers clutching his hair as he teased her, sucking her pussy lips into his mouth before moving up to kiss her stomach,

“Please Jake… I’m ready. Stop dragging it out!”

He huffed out a laugh and settled his mouth over her clit, sucking hard as she squealed, his tongue lavishly sweeping across her. His thumbs pulled her wide and he licked deep, tasting her creaminess as she bucked beneath him. He mumbled as he thrust his tongue inside her, feeling her needy pussy clutch against him and returned to sweep his tongue against her clit, revelling in the undulations of her body,

“Please Jake… Take me!”

Jake fastened his mouth to her moist slit and sucked her, his tongue flicking the sensitive bud as güvenilir bahis şirketleri his fingers reached up to tweak her nipples. Sammie cried out as he sucked harder, feeling the taut skin between his lips and as she bucked and cried beneath him, spilling her orgasm into his mouth.

Jake fed from her, hungry for more. As she shivered, he pressed two fingers inside her pussy and thrust, lapping at her clit as she pulled his hair, trying to still him as she pressed him closer. Her thighs wrapped around his head as he licked her, his mouth clinging to her thigh, her mound, her clit. He ate her, latching on as she bucked beneath him , screaming and squealing her delight.

Jake heard his blood thumping through his veins as Sammie’s thighs pressed against his ear, holding him tight. He held her arse, lifting her to sweep his tongue into her pussy, to lap her juices into his mouth. Glancing up, Jake saw her, her head thrown back as she plucked at her nipples, undulating against his tongue and felt his spine tingle with his orgasm.

His balls hitched and Jake felt his body tense, the roar of blood in his ears as his cock filled, ready to spray his cum into her. No way was he going to get to fuck her the way he wanted, he didn’t have the time. Jake sucked her clit and licked up her body, squeezing her tits together and sucking them hard.

She cried out and Jake kissed them, murmuring words of adoration as he moved up her prone body to take her mouth. Kissing her, his tongue melding with hers, Jake relaxed, and felt his cock tighten against her cleft. He rocked, thrusting his tongue into her mouth as Sammie clung to him, whimpering as her pussy leaked her juices on to the bed.

“I’m going to cum Sammie… I wanted to cum in you but I can’t wait… can’t hold out…”

Sammie gripped his arse and rocked against him, her creamy cunt slipping against his cock and making him crazy,

“Come on me Jake. Come on my pussy. Come on my tits.”

He heaved air into his lungs,

“I wanted to come inside you Sammie… I wanted to make you mine…”

She squeezed him, her thighs tight around his hips as he bucked and leaked onto her stomach,

“I am yours Jake. Come for me, mark me, let it go”

Jake groaned as his cock surged, spraying ribbon after ribbon of cum over her skin. She dug her nails into his arse and he spurted again, higher this time and marking her breasts as she sighed, sliding one hand up to rub his ejaculate into her skin.

He shuddered, aching as his body tensed, trying to keep his weight off her as his cock pumped another wave of spunk onto her body. Sammie groaned and slid her hand between her legs, rubbing his cum into her pussy, the wetness of her arousal loud in the air.

Jake slumped, his balls empty and his cock waning as she stroked herself, her fingers thrusting deep, pushing his cum inside her pussy, He wanted to look at her but didn’t yet have the energy and after a moment he lifted his head and watched as she sucked her fingers clean.

Jake revelled in her sexuality, of her lust for him and stared as she swept her fingers back down into her pussy to sweep up more of their juices before offering them to him. Jake opened his mouth and sucked her deep, tasting their orgasms on his tongue, her sweetness against his saltiness and felt his cock twitch back into life. Withdrawing her fingers, Sammie lavishly licked each one clean as he rested between her thighs,

“Just think Jake… How good is going to feel when you actually fuck me?”

Jake growled and rubbed his face between her tits, shivering as she hugged him, pressing her breasts closer to his face, almost smothering him in her warm flesh,

“Give me ten minutes baby and I’ll blow your mind!”

Sammie moved down the bed, pressing her face against his and kissing him, her lips firm against his as Jake tried to calm himself,

“Jake… you are already the best sex of my life. Anything more is a bonus!”

Jake laughed, pushing his tongue deep as his cock hardened,

“Then prepare yourself Sammie… I’m not stopping until you are screaming my name as I’m as deep inside you as it is possible to be!”

Sammie shivered and wrapped her thighs around him, pressing his burgeoning cock against her wetness,

“Two day… three nights… Bring. It. On!”

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