Roomies 03: Shared Learning

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They showered together, dressed together (eventually), made out some more.

It was noon before they sat in the kitchen with fresh, hot mugs of tea and warm toast coated in honey.

“So, what got into you?” Kate asked Siobhan.

“We’ve got this new part time tutor running this workshop on acting technique,” Siobhan said taking a bite from her toast. Kate watched the honey drip from her friend’s lips. Jess leant over and licked the honey away.

She giggled. Jess had really come alive in the last few hours, maybe more so than either Kate or Siobhan.

“She was talking about living in the moment,” Siobhan continued, “saying that acting isn’t pretending, it’s feeling and raw and actually embodying every energy and element of you are in your performance.”

“She was very spiritual,” Siobhan continued, clearly enthused. “Very inspiring. Really compelling ideas. She said if you don’t live your own life to it’s fullest, how can you possibly exist as someone else?”

Siobhan smiled wickedly. “And then she fucked me behind the stage.”

Kate spluttered her tea, Jess nearly choked on a piece of toast.

“What?” Kate said. She didn’t think she still had it in her to be shocked.

“I stayed behind after the workshop, to ask her some questions,” Siobhan explained. “She’s really beautiful, dark hair, really deep, knowing eyes. Full sensous lips…”

Kate looked down to see Jess was rubbing her hand in the crotch of Kate’s jeans. Kate returned the favour.

“She asked if I’d ever had things I’d wanted to do and hadn’t had the courage,” Siobhan said. “Next I knew she was kissing me, undressing me, pleasuring me. I collapsed into a pile Büyükesat Escort of costumes waiting to be dry cleaned. She told me I should do a little… extra curricular work. Then she threw my clothes to me and left.”

“She fucked you and then just walked away?” Jess said, her cute little canadian drawl made the word fuck deeply arousing. The way she was teasing Kate’s pussy helped too.

“Yeah,” Siobhan smiled. “Then I got dressed up all ready to go out, and when I saw Kate looking so stressed… I decided to share what I’d learned.”

“I’m glad you did,” Kate said.

“Me too,” Jess added.

“I think we need to return the favour,” Kate said, a delicious thought forming in her mind. “I mean, you’ll need to show her you’ve been working hard.”

“Oh, yeah,” Siobhan smiled, “Yeah, I think you’re right.”

It was about six o’clock in the evening. Kate and Jess were in bed together, wearing their sexiest underwear. They’d got bored of waiting and been kissing and toying with each other for about half an hour when they heard Siobhan let herself in, and the voice of another woman.

The door to Jess’ room opened…

The woman was stunning. She was French-Moroccan, a truly stunning woman. She had dark hair with streaks of red. She was everything Siobhan said she would be.

She was wearing tight jeans, a pair of leather boots. She had a loose fitting jumper and Kate could see a red and black lacey bra underneath. And bangles, lots of bangles.

“Well, I’m glad to see you took my lesson to heart,” the woman said, “but I thought you wanted to rehearse your scenes?”

“Practice Elvankent Escort does make perfect,” Siobhan was leant against the door, blocking the woman’s exit. She was already unbuttoning her shirt, revealing her free and gorgeous breasts.

Kate and Jess climbed out of the bed and approached the woman.

“Kate, Jess, this is Esme,” Siobhan said removing her jeans.

Kate and Jess surrounded Esme, who was now blushing and flustered to be surrounded by three such beauties.

“We’d just like to thank you for last night,” Kate said.

“Last night?” Esme asked perplexed.

“Yes, we found what you’d taught Siobhan here very enlightening,” Jess said, running her hands over Esme’s body.

They kissed at her neck, rubbed their hands across her body. Esme’s brething began to quicken.

“Oh my,” she gasped.

Siobhan, wearing only a pair of black laced knickers stood behind her now, cupping her Esme’s large breasts. Esme shivered at the touch of the younger woman under her clothes.

She felt juices rushing to her pussy.

The girls were undressing her, covering her in kisses and sensual touches.

Siobhan pushed her down onto the bed.

Jess and Kate climbed onto the bed next to her, and continued to kiss and carress her magnificent body. Siobhan dropped to her knees and parted Esme’s legs. She kissed Esme’s thighs, her shaved pussy.

She licked at it, her fingers teasing inside her.

One finger, now two, deep inside her. The younger woman’s tongue expertly playing with her clit.

Esme had been teaching drama for years. She was a passionate Beşevler Escort theatrical actress and had been the cause of many broken hearts and relationships having enjoyed many lovers of both sexes. Once she had seduced a fellow actor one night, and his actress girlfriend the night after.

She had always preferred the touch of a woman.

Esme’s fist gripped the girl’s bedcovers as she came for the first time that evening…

Hours seemed to pass as the girls selflessly pleasured her. They seemed to be taking their pleasure purely from the taste of her experienced pussy and the effects their tongues and hands and lips were having on her.

They dominated her, teased her, enticed her. Their beautiful bodies, their excited spirits…

She had rarely felt such pleasure.

It was nearly nine o’clock by the time they collapsed exhausted together.

“I should go,” Esme said, rising unsteadily. Her legs were weak, so vigoruous had their attentions been. She began to pick up her clothes.

Kate and Jess began kissing, Siobhan displaying her moist sex to the older woman.

“Thanks for a lovely evening,” Esme said, pulling the jumper over her head. She didn’t bother putting on her bra so effectively had the young women torn it from her.

“I’ll be looking forward to what you bring to next week’s performance,” Esme added a wry smile on her face.

“Oh, me too.” Siobhan said.

“Can we watch?” Kate giggled.

“Watch?” Esme said, “Have you learnt nothing? I expect you to join in.”

And with that she was gone.

Kate and Siobhan fell into each others arms as Jess stood up and walked to the shower. She didn’t bother with a towel.

“I’m so glad we could finally be ourselves,” Siobhan said, “I’m so glad we could finally do this.”

“Me too,” Kate said, “But what about Jess? I mean, are things going to get complicated between?”

“It’s not complicated,” Siobhan said, kissing her, “She’s in the shower… and we should go join her…”


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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