Runners High Pt. 02

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Another Saturday afternoon. It was about 3 pm and I was finished at the gym. I ran a quick 5 miles on the tread and then hit some weights at very high reps. I was drenched in sweat and my lungs were screaming for air but my endorphins were through the roof!

I grabbed my bag and jumped in my car and let the AC kick on and wash over me. Fuck I get so horny after lifting or running! I thought as I felt my cock stiffen in my shorts.

I adjusted myself and before driving home, I grabbed my phone and checked my messages. A couple previous hookups were messaging, but the one that caught my eye was my friends little brother, Blake.

We had fucked last week and it was a lot of fun. Not going to lie, I also got a kick out of the fact that he’s a good friend of mine’s little bro.

His jiggly 18 year old booty fit so well in my hands. And those lips and ass of his were perfect for my big dick.

I clicked open his Snapchat and saw a pic of about half of his naked left asscheek reflected in a mirror. What a tease. He had a caption that read, “I miss your big cock…”

I smiled to myself as my cock stiffened more. I quickly typed back a chat, “and what are you gonna do about it?”

He replied back with another pic. This time on his bed, his phone barely capturing his ass up in the air. “Whatever you want me to do…”

“I’ve got some ideas…”

He sent back just a chat this time. “Are you free now Daddy?”

“Come by in an hour.”

I smiled as I tossed my phone in the passengers seat and raced home.

I showered off and put on a musky cologne while I checked my body out in my full length mirror leaning against the wall.

I couldn’t wait to fuck this hot piece of ass again. I was ready to bust just thinking about my thick cock disappearing into his ass.

I tossed on a pair of black athletic shorts and a white tee shirt with my chain necklace and poured myself tequila over ice and wait for the little slut.

Right on cue, he was knocking on the door of my townhouse after an hour.

I went up to the door with a drink in my hand and opened it, smiling at him.

He was biting his lower lip and smiling back at me.

“Hey Daddy.” He said as I let him into the house.

“Oh I like that, I might keep inviting you over if you keep talking like that!” I said as I shut the door behind him.

“Well if you like the way I talk, you’ll love the way I act too!” He said as he was already stripping off his shirt.

I leaned against the foyer wall and watched him undress. Shirt. Then his shorts. The little slut was wearing a tiny jade green thong for me.

He spun around and showed off his ass, “You like?”

“Daddy likes!” I said as I went over and pulled in into my arms and kissed him deeply.

His little lithe body felt so soft and fuckable in my arms. I broke our kiss and took another sip of tequila and offered him some. He sipped from my glass as I held it up to his lips.

“Good boy.” I told him.

Our lips wet with tequila he returned to kissing me. Our lips wet and warm. Our tongues hungry. He dipped his head and started to kiss my neck, shoulders, and upper arms while we traded off sips of the tequila until the glass was dry.

I moaned and let him know I appreciated him worshipping my body.

“I’ve got something for you.” I said calmly.

Blake stopped kissing me and looked up at me. “Oh really? What is it?” He asked as he reached towards my bulge.

I slapped çankaya escort his hand away making him pout, which made me smile. Then turned and opened the closet door and pulled out a leash with a thick black leather collar.

I watched him gulp and I could feel his body heat rise as he got turned on.

“Is that for me?” He asked.

I nodded.

“I’ve never had one of those around my neck before.”

“First time for everything huh?” I told him.

He slowly nodded but I could tell he was apprehensive.

“I think you’re going to love it too, but if it’s ever too much, you tell me and we’ll be cool, ok? I’m going to push your limits as we play together, but you let me know if I’m approaching any lines and we can slow down.”

He nodded again.

“Good boy. Now get on your knees.”

He slid down onto his knees on the rug in the doorway and looked up at me with his big doe eyes.

I opened the collar and fixed it around his neck. Maybe leaving it a little tighter than it should have been for the first time. He coughed and stretched his neck as he got used to it.

I held the leash in my hands and softly tugged it. Jerking his head just slightly and making him gag a bit. I stepped up and faced him with my bulge inches from his face.

“Ok? You still want this big dick?”

“Fuck yes, it’s not as bad as I thought.”

“Good boy.” I said again and then started walking to the living room with the leash in my hand. I felt him stand and follow me and I quickly stopped and turned around.

I tugged the leash a little and made him startle. I winked at Blake, “Just making sure it was tight enough. Also, when you wear this leash, you crawl.” I said casually and smirking at him.

I starting walking again, glancing back to see him following me on his hands and knees now.

I smiled as he crawled behind me. His thong framed ass stuck in the air.

I walked him to my big patio door. He glanced out and and saw some people grilling in their backyard down the block and gulped visibly.

“Don’t worry they can’t see you in here. But if they could they’d just be jealous.” I said as I moved him to have his back against the window sitting his butt back on his knees.

He stared up at me, waiting as I held his leash and then used my free hand to tug my shirt off. I saw him checking me out as my muscular frame gleamed in the post gym pump and the light from the sunset.

I pushed my shorts down to the ground and revealed my thick, hard cock. I was fully hard for this little slut. I heard him visibly draw in a breath and I smiled at his reaction. I stood up straight and showed off my naked glory in front of him.

“Grab your ankles, keep that booty and the back of your head against the glass.”

He did as I told him and kept his eyes watching my cock as it waved back and forth. My free hand cashally swinging it back and forth.

“You want this big cock in your mouth don’t you?”

He nodded.

“This is Daddy’s big cock and you’d do anything for it won’t you?”

He nodded again.

“Open your mouth.” He did and I moved to just an inch away from his lips. He desperately wanted to moved forward, but he kept the back of his head against the glass like an obedient slut.

I waited for a moment and let him stir then told him, “Kiss my cock.”

He moved forward fast and wrapped his lips right around my cock head and licked it around keçiören escort and around before I pulled away.

He groaned and I leaned down to face him and tugged the leash tight around his neck. His eyes bulged out as I stared into them, “I said kiss my cock, not suck it do you understand?”

He nodded.

“How do you want to be punished for disobeying?”

He looked at me. “What, what do you mean?” He stammered out.

“You disobeyed me and now I’m going to punish you. It’s the first time so it’ll be light but I’ll let you choose. I can twist those sensitive little nipples or slap you across the face. Both cheeks. Choose.” I said and tugged the leash firmly again.

He gulped and looked at me, “Um god, I don’t want you to fucking slap me or twist my nipples!”

“Choose or I will. And I might choose both.”

“Fuck I guess nipples then I don’t want to be slapped!” He finally said.

I smiled at him and stepped up to him again.

“Good boy. Hold those ankles tight.” I said before reaching down and twisting his nipples at the same time. Rougher than I would when fucking but not crazy hard either.

He cried out and squirmed a bit, but kept his ass against the door.

I stood up and let my cock dangle in front of his face again. “Now. Kiss my cock.”

He leaned forward again but this time obeyed. He spread kisses all along the head of my cock and down the shaft. Then the underside and all along my balls.

I moaned down to him so he knew I appreciated it. “Now suck my cock.”

Blake gripped his lips around my head and started to suck me. He swallowed about half the length of my cock before he was hitting the back of his throat.

“Just like that, just like that, keep going.” I encouraged him.

He sped up his pace, his throat making the glug sound as he hit the back of his throat repeatedly.

“Fuck you are a good little cocksucker!” I moaned down to him.

“Hm hmm!” He moaned up as he kept sucking me.

I pulled away and pulled my cock from his lips. His head kept bobbing and he looked up at me begging for more.

“Keep your head against the glass.” I told him.

He pressed the back of his head against the glass.

“Open your mouth.” I said and shoved my cock into his mouth all the way to his throat as deep as possible before his throat was stretched out. He moaned and gagged as I started to slowly fuck his mouth.

“Good boy, you’re my little cocksucker huh?”

“Uh huh!” He moaned up to me around my shaft.

“You’re going to suck this big dick whenever I want huh?”

“Uh huh!”

“You going to tell your friends about how your my little slut?”


I moved back and pulled my cock away.

“You going to tell your friends about how your my little slut?” I repeated.

He nodded slowly.

“Too much?” I asked to check in.

He shook his head no and said, “No, no it’s ok, I think I’m mostly just surprised at how fucking much you are turning me on!”

I laughed, “I like it too, can’t you tell?” I said shaking my dick that was rock hard.

He laughed and glanced down at his lace covered diamond hard cock. “Me too!”

“Then open your mouth.”

He assumed the position again and I resumed slowly fucking his mouth.

“Now back to my questions. Are you obedient to my cock?”

“Yes!” Was the word I could make out as he mumbled around my cock.

“Good boy…such etimesgut escort a good slut.” I commended him.

I admired Blake as he worshipped my cock. Sitting obediently on his heels, his hands gripping his ankles. My thick, long cock driving in and out of his wet lips.

I could feel my balls stirring as I got closer to an orgasm.

He took my cock like a champ! In and out, my cockhead bumping against the back of his throat. His little moans and squeaks escaping out everytime I pushed in.

“Good boy. You love my cock don’t you?”

“Yes sir!” He mumbled.

I withdrew all the way from his lips, holding the collar tight to hold him in place and admired his red, tear soaked cheeks. He gasped in air and looked up at me with big eyes as I smiled down at him.

Then I leaned forward and he promptly opened his mouth and accepted my cock into him again.

Thrust. “Mmm!” Thrust. Gag. Thrust. Saliva slipped out his chin and onto his thighs. Thrust. “Mmm!”

I could feel myself getting closer and I pulled all the way from his lips. Blake looked shocked and like he wanted my cock in his throat forever.

“I’m going to nut soon down that pretty little mouth, I wanted to see you prone while I did.” I said to Blake as I held the collar and walked to my bedroom.

He followed behind me on his knees, catching his breath.

When we got to my bed, well made with dark sheets, he climbed up and laid prone towards the edge of the bed and opened his mouth.

I moved in front of him and slid my cock between his lips. I resumed my steady thrusts and admired his lace framed ass on my bed.

The sounds of face fucking filling the room.

My balls tightened as I sped up slightly. My slick cock was starting to swell and my breath grew heavy.

Blake gripped the sheets with both hands and moaned louder as he could feel me getting closer.

In one hand I held his leash. My other hand gripped his fat ass as I leaned over him and fucked his face.

Soon my breathing turned to panting and then to grunting. His noises became louder as I thrusted harder into his throat. My cock head entering him further and further until…

“Fuck!” I cried out as my cock began to gush down his throat.

Blake started to swallow fast as I came hard, but I could feel some of my cum spill down his chin.

I leaned up and admired his swallowing my cum hard down his throat as I came. My cock squeezing and spurting into him.

Blake slowly moved to sucking me as I stopped thrusting and he continued to slurp up all of my nut.

I ran my hand through his hair in appreciation. His face was covered in cum, tears, and bright red. Some of my cum had dropped onto my sheets.

I let him suck me for a minute more until I became too sensitive and then pulled away.

I twitched the leash, “Clean up my sheets.” I told him.

Blake dipped his head and licked up the cum he had missed. Swallowing it quickly.

“Thank you sir!” He said.

I smiled, “Good boy.”

I leaned down and undid his collar and tossed it onto the bed.

Blake reached down and started to play with himself. I grabbed his hand and held them away from his cock.

“I want to cum so bad too!” He begged.

“Not today, maybe I’ll let you cum tomorrow.” I said watching his eyes grow big as if he would die if he couldn’t cum.

“Please, please…” he stammered and squirmed.

I just shook my head no. “Come by same time tomorrow, and don’t cum, I’ll know. And there will be a punishment.”

He agreed, but his eyes continued to plead the whole time he dressed and we said our goodbyes.

We kissed at the door and he pressed into me. I could feel his cock stiff as a board and I knew the next 24 hours would be the hardest challenge he’d ever faced. Pun intended.

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