Ruth’s Therapy Ch. 12

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Daddy Daughter

We first met Doctor Robyn in Chapter 16 of the Hanson House series. She also starred in her own sequel.


“Tell me what is first in your mind,” ordered Doctor Robyn gently.

She’d insisted that Ruth come to the office early that day, as soon as possible after being fucked by the five men the previous night. The Doctor had strange, deviant methods of helping her patients. But she knew that the therapy could not have totally prepared Ruth for being gang-banged by strangers.

“I can’t believe it happened,” Ruth began. “I know its what I wanted. But, still, I am not sure.”

Robyn waited patiently. She knew that was the best way to help Ruth reveal her thoughts.

“How can a woman enjoy that?” Ruth continued. “Why was it so easy for me to accept what those men did?”

“Not every woman can enjoy sex with five men,” said the Doctor. “But your therapy has been intensive.”

“Yes, Doctor. I kept telling myself it was therapy when they did those things to me.”

“What did they do?” asked the Doctor softly.

“They used me, sexually. Treated me like a whore. Or… worse… an animal…”

“Therapy can be difficult. And it can be enjoyable. Did you cum for them? While they were using you?”

“Yes, I did,” Ruth said with a powerful blush and a tiny shudder. “It was so heinous. But I couldn’t help myself. Everything they did…”

“No, you couldn’t help yourself. Fucked by five men at once. Being so deeply submissive to their needs.”

“So many men. So many cocks,” blurted Ruth. “It was better than any fantasy. I felt disgusting and degenerate. But it was the most amazing experience. They did everything…”


“Oh, Doctor. I am sure you know the details. But it was exactly what I had dreamed about. Those dirty fantasies I had for so long.” Ruth paused, almost overcome by the memory. “I thought it could never happen. I thought it was sinful…”

“Your first gangbang,” said the Doctor with a wicked smile. “I think you were born for it.”

“Yes. That was how it felt. I was a little bit afraid. But I wanted them. And being afraid was exciting. Especially because I knew… I knew I could do it.”

“You submitted to them just as you wanted. You serviced them all sexually. And I am sure that the men were very happy.”

“They all came,” confirmed the patient. “In my mouth… in my cunt…”

Robyn understood that that was important to Ruth. She needed to be a slut and a whore for others. Robyn she could see the joy on her patient’s face.

“This is all wonderful news,” explained the Doctor. “I told you that your mind knows what you really need.”

“It was life-changing,” Ruth admitted. “After my worry and misery, I felt completely free.”

“Peter was very pleased as well,” said Doctor Robyn. “He was proud to see you overcome your old inhibitions, your old ways of thinking.”

The Doctor could see the grin on her patient’s face. She was feeling pride in herself, especially at pleasing Peter. It was obvious how important he had become to Ruth. But a cloud passed over her pretty face.

“Doctor, I… I don’t know. The new me… my new sex life… Doctor, it scares me.”

Robyn already had an answer. She understood that her patient still had doubts about her new sexual lifestyle and, naturally, her marriage vows.

“We will talk again in a few days,” the good Doctor said with a reassuring tone. “But submission is part of your sexual desires. And remember we agreed that includes your husband.”

Ruth nodded, unsure of where this was going.

“You will submit to him tonight — sexually. Give your body to him. While your husband fucks you, remind yourself that you are his slut as well.”

Ruth smiled at the Doctor. What a brilliant woman she was.

“I know you are still sore,” Robyn went on. “But that only makes it fitting that you should offer your cunt to your husband.”

Ruth agreed that this was the best way forward. It was true that she was sore. But her husband’s smaller size would not be a discomfort. And the Doctor was right — any suffering with her husband was right and proper for a submissive slut.

“As for what happens after, lets talk,” said Robyn. “You are in control. But I think now you can see that Peter is keen to fuck your arse whenever he can.”

The grin on Ruth’s face turned into a huge smile. In her heart, the once dutiful wife could not deny that she craved the opportunity to truly submit to a man. Nor that the man most in her thoughts was the quietly spoken Peter.

“Now, I have a friend who is a GP,” said Robyn, still very business-like. “His office is close. You have an appointment with him as soon as you leave here. He will check that you are in good health. A blood test is in order.”

While Doctor Robyn was confident that the men she’d chosen were all free of disease, it was prudent to check after. After all, there might be cause to arrange another gang-bang for Ruth in the future.

“Don’t worry,” she assured her patient. Çeşme Escort “Marcus is very understanding.”

Ruth left, then, to visit the GP. Robyn finished making some notes. She had noted something in Ruth’s responses. It seemed she was happy with the idea of enduring some suffering for the sake of her husband — a kind of penance, perhaps. The Doctor wondered if this patient would benefit from more regular atonement of her sins. It might be good for Ruth to take a wooden paddle across her rounded bottom.


Marcus was familiar with some of the deviant treatments that the therapist, his friend, used with special patients — those with difficult or perverse needs. He approved of very little of what Robyn did with her patients. Though he enjoyed helping by probing a patient’s holes and asking their wicked sex life. Their secrets were safe with him and vice versa.

He’d instructed this new patient to undress completely and now she was standing beside his examination table. A middle-aged woman, this one was in very good physical shape. And Robyn had explained that she had a large sexual appetite — mostly for the kinkier side of sex.

“Robyn asked for the appointment urgently,” he said in his normal, gentle voice. “You’d better tell me what has happened.”

“Well, Doctor… I had sex. I mean, last night I had unprotected sex.”

“I see. But that doesn’t sound unusual or urgent. I assume it was your husband. So why are you here?”

He could see that Ruth was already bushing uncontrollably. Her shame was writ large across her face. This was fun, indeed.

“No, not my husband…” she forced out, still blushing madly. “Some other men… Doctor Robyn said…”

“Oh, I see. Group sex. Well, that’s unusual for a woman of your age,” Marcus responded while trying not to grin. “With a husband and children. That is very adventurous of you to seek out multiple men.”

“No, Doctor…I mean, yes. Well, they forced me… I suppose…”

“Since Robyn, asked for this appointment, I assume it was consensual. That you wanted these men to have sex with you.”

“Yes, therapy…” Ruth replied in what was almost a whisper.

“So you asked a group of men to have sex with you. And since you were being so adventurous, I imagine it was not gentle sex, was it?”

Marcus was standing next to Ruth now, his hands caressing her bare breasts. They were a remarkable pair for a woman of her age, firm and high. He ran his fingers across the nipples — already hardening — and hefted their weight in both hands. Robyn had been correct and this patient, accustomed to being naked and being groped, was unfazed by the absence of professional behaviour.

“No, it wasn’t. They all… well…”

Marcus was now groping her bottom. This was a woman who had kept herself in good shape. Robyn had been correct that he’d enjoy giving her a check-up. Her butt was firm and nicely rounded.

“No need to be embarrassed,” the GP said to his nervous patient. “So what did you want from them? Vaginal? Or oral only?”

Ruth lost her tongue momentarily. It was humiliating to have to answer these questions. But Marcus knew the facts already.

“Anal sex?” he asked with feigned surprise. “Well, that is adventurous for a woman like you. Especially with strangers.”

He’d observed the faint mark around her neck. It seemed she’d been restrained during her sex play, likely a rope or strap of some sort around her neck. Robyn had mentioned kinky sexual interests. Happily, it gave him a reason to take a closer look at her bottom in case that, too, was bruised. There was no sign of damage, he was pleased to see. But that conclusion came only after much fondling and some gentle squeezing of her delightful buttocks.

“Hmmm… group sex with strangers. Lets give everything a proper check,” he said lightly and directed Ruth to lie on the examination table. “Just relax for me.”

Ruth did her best as the GP put his hands on her breasts. She noted, of course, the way he touched her — not at all like a proper examination. But, then, Ruth was no longer sure of what was proper where Robyn was involved. And Marcus’ hands were quite pleasant as he fondled and gently squeezed her flesh. The GP was pleased to see that this patient was all natural — women of that age often considered augmentation but Ruth had no need. Her eyes closed as he rubbed his thumbs across her nipples, trying not to sigh at the lovely touch.

“Alright, legs apart please,” he went on. “And please open your labia for me… yes, nice and wide.”

Marcus could see how easily this patient obeyed, using her fingers to splay her sex. Those lucky bastards must have enjoyed her luscious body.

“Well, after all that exertion, lets see how your sexual response is going today.”

Without warning, he stroked gently over the tip of her clitoris. He noted her reaction – the slight movement of her hips, the silent drawing of breath and the tightening of her hands. His friend, Robyn, had asked Çeşme Escort Bayan him to provide a little embarrassment for her patient and he was very much in the mood for that.

“Yes, that’s very good,” Marcus commented softly. He was still running a finger around the base of the now stiffening clitoris, gently stimulating the adulterous patient. “Your husband will be pleased with your response.”

Then it was time for a little deeper inspection. That was necessary after she’d been fucked by so many cocks in one night.

“Knees up, please,” he instructed. “Legs wide apart.”

Marcus noted that the middle-aged wife and mother was readily compliant. Perhaps that was due to her age. Or possibly her upbringing — trust in authority figures such as doctors. He noted a little swelling of the labia. Assuming that some of that was the result of rough sex with multiple men, Marcus gently stroked the patient’s cunt lips. It was so much easier when women removed their pubic hair. Was that Ruth’s choice or was it part of Robyn’s naught therapy?

“A little swelling,” he announced. “Not unusual in the case of adulterous sex.” He was still stroking her cunt lips. “If your husband is not aware of your adventure, you might ask him to be gentle tonight, when you are having relations.”

Marcus was ginger when inserting the tip of a finger inside the patient’s hole. It was clear she’d had a lot of fucking the night before and there was no need to cause her physical discomfort. On the other hand, it was obvious that she was responding to his touched. Some patients could not help themselves.

“I can see that you are aroused already. No doubt looking forward to giving some sedate pleasure to your husband.”

It was a delight to see her intense blush. The patient was practically squirming with mental anguish. Marcus continued to present a professional front, ordering Ruth onto her hands and knees.

“Good. Now, rest your shoulders on the table for me… Good, I need you to help with my examination.” He said it all with a calm, authoritative voice. “Please reach back and open your buttocks for me.”

Marcus was right that Ruth was generally minded to comply with authority figures. She Ruth was blushing madly but she followed his instructions.

“Yes, that all looks fine,” reported Marcus as he stroked around Ruth’s tight backdoor.

He inserted the tip of a finger again and was pleased to find her entrance both snug and nicely elastic. Did her husband use her arsehole? Or just her debauched lovers?

“All good. No problems there. I imagine you’re quite experienced with anal sex,” he told Ruth as he motioned her down from the table. “I’m surprised that a woman of your age indulges in that way. But there is no danger, of course, so long as those men continue to take a little care.”

Marcus handed the still naked patient a plastic specimen jar.

“Just a urine sample for me, please. Then I’ll take some blood.”

He saw that Ruth looked around, searching for a door to the toilet.

“Oh no, there’s no need,” Marcus said firmly. “Just squat and do it here for me.”

The GP had to hide his smile from the patient as she reacted at first with a look of mortification. Of course, Marcus watched intently as Ruth quickly overcame her doubts and her inhibitions. Feeling more exposed than with dog in David;s backyard, Ruth finally was able to unleash a tiny stream. It felt awful and disgusting and she was relieved that her soft stream made almost no sound as it landed in the plastic jar. But she was aware that Marcus was watching, waiting patiently till she handed him the jar with a nice sample of warm piss. She felt a smidgen of pride at being up to the challenge.

It took only a few more minutes before the blood sample was taken and Ruth was finally, and much to her relief, allowed to dress and to leave.


Doctor Robyn’s instructions had been to tempt her husband into sex that night. By the time the married couple were ready for bed, Ruth was almost boiling with need. The GP, Marcus, had left her feeling incredibly horny. It was not so much her wanton display of her most intimate places. His touch was something very special — did doctors learn that? She’d been surprised to feel such arousal so soon after being fucked crudely by five men. The again, he’d talked a lot about being fucked and Ruth had not gotten that out of her mind for the remainder of the day.

She surprised her husband by greeting him in the bedroom while naked. And she had assured him that she had been neglectful of his needs. The husband was not so sure why his wife would say that. But he felt it his duty as a husband to respond to his wife’s obvious provocation — as unusual as it might be.

It was not hard to become aroused by his wife. He was aware that she was more sexy than other woman her age. Her body remained firm and shapely. Few other women could boast of a bust so firm and luscious. It was not quite proper to lust after her so much and he Escort Çeşme often had to hide his erection when he saw her in a state of undress. The decision to remove the hair from her sex was strange but he had wished to be supportive and made no negative comments.

He also was aware that in recent months his wife had seemed to have become more amorous. She always assured him that it was because of her love for him. And a desire to keep him happy. And the artful attention she paid that night to his cock was more than enough to keep him happy.

He’d been on the verge of entering her sex when she’d stopped him with a shy smile.

“I want to give you something special,” she had said in a tiny voice. “Just this once, lets try something.”

Before he could ask, Ruth had rolled onto her hands and knees. Her bottom was presented in a manner that was crude and, yet, erotic.

“Its OK,” she had assured him. “I want you to. Perhaps you’ll enjoy it this way.”

Ruth was even more eager to take his manhood inside her. He was greying but was no less a man for that. And his manhood, only average in size she knew, still could stand wonderfully at attention. That was enough to feed her submission and devotion to him.

“Go harder, my love,” she had urged him. “I know you won’t hurt me.”

Her husband realised that he needed to hold his wife by the hips as he tried to thrust more forcefully into her. It was a vulgar position but most satisfying. For once, he allowed his own instincts to prevail as he took control their love-making. As a husband, it felt right to feel such lust for Ruth. And it seemed that she had experienced considerable pleasure as well, having made some unusual sounds that night. He had to assume that her climax was stronger in that position.

The husband most definitely enjoyed it. He felt a new relish for love-making as he took advantage of his wife’s body — her wetness and her heat and, not to mention, the sight of her shapely bottom as he filled her from behind. His own climax had been quite something — he’d never ejaculated so hard as when he could grip her tightly and penetrate her so fully.


Ruth was fully clothed as she sat in Doctor Robyn’s office. That was a welcome change for them both.

“Marcus was very happy with your examination,” the good Doctor said airily. “And your results came back all clear.”

Ruth could guess why the friendly GP was so happy. But, of course, she’d submitted to him so easily. She was sure that’s what Robyn had wanted. And, in truth, she’d enjoyed the naughty touching, the risk of being caught. It had meant she was super horny for her husband.

“Tell me about that night,” Robyn ordered. “Sex with your husband was satisfactory?”

“Oh my, it was the most wonderful thing,” Ruth blurted out. “I told myself to submit to him fully. To give him something extra special with my body.”

She paused then, still capable of being embarrassed about sex with her husband.

“I was so scared — and so determined,” she went on. “But I asked him to fuck me from behind. Doggy style. And he agreed. It felt so amazing to give that to him.”

“Wonderful,” cried out the Doctor. “What progress you have made — and your husband, too.”

“I came, Doctor. Which doesn’t always happen. But when I told him to thrust a little harder… well.” She was grinning broadly. “And I could tell that he came harder than ever.”

“From the fucking? Or from your submission?”

“I am sure that he appreciated my submission. I felt him… his screwing. He gave it to me in a way I’ve never felt.” Ruth went quiet for a moment. “I know he will never understand. But submission is so right for me.”

Doctor Robyn could not help smiling broadly. Her great love was to offer kinky, deviant therapy to her patients. And what better way to corrupt a woman like Ruth – once conservative and traditional. But good sex was good sex no matter how it was found.

“I hope you understand that you do not need to let every man use and abuse you,” the Doctor said softly. “But you are submissive. And you will need more of it.”

Ruth looked up at the therapist. Robyn had a way of knowing whatever was on the mind of her patient.

“You mean Peter, don’t you,” Ruth asked in a small voice.

“I think you know the truth,” came the answer. “You can never again be faithful — as you call it.”

Ruth no longer argued with the good Doctor. Her therapy itself had been an act of submission. But she knew she had more to give than being an obedient and dutiful wife.

“You need to give pleasure. And to more than one person.” the Doctor continued. “You can see now that being faithful, as you call it, is not right for you.”

“I can’t stop thinking about Peter,” Ruth admitted. “That night, he slapped his cock across my face. I felt like I belonged to him.”

“He is ready to be your Master. To use you in so many ways. To take everything.”

“Peter came inside me that night,” she remembered with joy. “Peter fucked my bottom and he came inside when he was done with me.”

“Tell me how that felt.”

“Oh, Doctor — when he came in there, in my arsehole, I was so happy for him. And happy to have served him so well. I felt pride at doing that in front of his friends.”

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