Sadie and Marco

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She came in every Tuesday and Thursday like clockwork. 9:15 am. Her routine was pretty much the same each day: order a medium latte, make small talk with the cashier and be on her way. She had begun coming into the coffee house in early February, a month after I had started making it my remote office.

I liked the buzz and understated camaraderie of the regular crowd. It was anonymous, but friendly. I found this wireless hub to be a very productive space to work in – brick walls, tin ceilings, great music – it just all came together. It somehow seemed easier to concentrate in a busy public space as opposed to my tiny apartment. I always arrived early enough to claim a prime window seat and paced my coffee habit through the productive morning hours. And while I worked well in this space, I also loved watching people and being in the midst of the bustle of humanity.

I’m pretty sure I noticed her the first day she became a regular. She glided across the worn wooden floor with the grace of a dancer, which I thought she probably was. And even though her long navy blue winter coat hid her body, I could see that she moved with the assuredness of a woman who is blessed with a slender and exquisite physique.

She must have stood about 5′-8″, had hazel eyes and smoky blond hair that hung in long waves down over her square shoulders and bounced when she walked. Her posture, even under the layers of wool, was erect and statuesque. She had smooth clear skin, from what I could see from my perch, that was pale and almost luminescent. She carried a black leather dancer’s bag over her shoulder and flipped her flaxen hair as she waited in line for coffee.

I began to look at my watch on those Tuesday and Thursday mornings, hoping she would grace our presence for her brief caffeine transaction. I wondered who she was and where she was going? She could be heading to or coming from a dance or yoga class. Perhaps she was a student, a teacher, or a model. She looked to be in her mid to late twenties. I thought I detected an Eastern European accent from my remote eavesdropping, but I couldn’t be sure. One thing I did know: she was a stunning woman.

Her face was beautiful: dark expressive eyes, a strong nose, full lips and delicate bone structure. She never seemed to notice me staring, but she had the aloof air that all beautiful women seem to have. They are used to being noticed and stared at and they have learned to ignore the public ogling.

As February turned to March I found myself obsessing and fantasizing about her. Who was she? What was her name? Where was she from? What did she do? Did she have a boyfriend? What turned her on? What did that beautiful face look like in the throes of an orgasm? I couldn’t believe I was having such graphic thoughts about a perfect stranger.

One day I noticed her speaking to a male cashier whom she seemed to know. They talked briefly as acquaintances do, then she spun on her heels and headed out the door with her coffee. After she had departed I summoned the courage to carry out my plan. I let a few minutes pass and then approached the cashier.

“Excuse me. Was that Veronica Palova that was just here? The woman in the long blue coat?”

I tried to look innocently inquisitive and sincere.

“Who?” He stared at me blankly.

“The young lady you were just waiting on. The blond. I thought her name was Veronica.”

“Oh, you mean Sadie.”

Someone next in line barked an order at him and he forgot me in a flash, which is what I had hoped. I wandered back to my seat in a daze.

Her name was Sadie. I now knew her name. I felt like I had intruded into her life in some sort of weird way, just by learning her name. Sadie. It was beautiful and fit her so appropriately. Sadie. It echoed in my head.

I had a hard time concentrating that morning. I sat staring blankly at my laptop, my fantasies kicking into overdrive. I imagined saying her name softly as my cock slid between her full lips. I imagined calling her name as she arched her back to receive me from behind and flipped her hair as she looked back over her shoulder at my pulsing frame. I imagined whispering her name into her ear as I nibbled her lobe and kissed the soft skin on her upper neck. Sadie.

I somehow felt like I knew her more intimately than before, now that I knew her name. I imagined approaching her, calling out her name, having her turn to face me. She would finally look into my eyes. She would finally know I exist.

The New England weather began to turn warm as March ebbed, usually just a tease of things to come later. The first Thursday in April dawned bright and warm and I waited with unusual anticipation that morning, knowing that Sadie would probably not be wearing her long coat. I needed to confirm that her body was as magnificent as I had built it up in my mind.

I saw her approaching from my perch in the window. She strode with confidence. Her long loose hair bounced about her face and her hips swayed seductively in her Mersin Escort skin tight jeans. They caressed her thighs and hugged the secret curves of her pelvis. She was wearing a big smile, but no coat and no jacket. A snug top scooped low on her chest showing off her generous bosom, constrained, but bouncing firmly within the bra that lay beneath. I stared in awe. From what little I had seen of her body I had suspected small breasts. But she was remarkably supple in comparison to the rest of her slender figure and that day she wore clothes that left much less to the imagination than her winter cloak.

As she stood on line at the counter I admired her beautiful ass. It flared out generously from her tiny waist and formed a perfect bubble butt, firmly encased in denim. A sliver of skin peaked from between her top and jeans. I pictured her standing naked, comfortable in her body and proud of her own presence. I imagined sitting before her, grazing my fingers over her sinuous curves and silky skin. Her body vibrated in my brain. I closed my eyes and shook my head, but the glorious image stood firm. Could she possibly know the effect she was having on me as she stood so innocently in line for her latte? Somehow I didn’t think so.

I watched her over my computer screen as she departed and noticed that other eyes followed her line as well. Perhaps I was not alone in my closet fantasy. I watched her walk away and sadly realized it would likely be five days before her vision would appear again. I wanted to follow her and extend my reach. But I stayed put and tried to concentrate on my work.

So I am completely caught off guard when I see her today, Friday, approaching the coffee shop arm in arm with a handsome young man. My heart drops as I know from their body language that they are lovers. He looks Italian, dark-skinned, piercing brown eyes, a rough gallantry to his demeanor and looks. His black wavy hair is tousled and a bit too long. He carries a back pack and has his forearm gently dangling over Sadie’s shoulder; her arm firmly around his tight waist. They are smiling broadly.

Today she wears jeans again, but her line is different; high heeled boots lengthen her lean frame. She has on a white turtleneck sweater that doesn’t quite reach the waist of her tight jeans, exposing a line of luminous white flesh. The sweater form-fits her torso and highlights her beautiful breasts. They sit high and proud on her chest and I can just barely make out her nipples poking through the cable knit of the sweater.

He must also be a dancer, there can be no doubt. He has taken a train up from the city and has come to visit for the weekend. The shoulder pack he carries indicates he has just arrived, perhaps met at the station by Sadie. Oh to be met by such a beauty. They are stopping for coffee before heading back to her place. My mind races as the story unfolds.

They stand in line and can’t keep their hands off one another. He crooks his arm around her neck and pulls her head in for a kiss; she has her hand hooked into the waist of his jeans, her fingers dangling down on his tight ass. He is a few inches taller than her, but I can see that their bodies fit together well, especially with high heels adding to her stature. She leans in to give his cheek a kiss. He reaches down and squeezes her tight little butt. I let out an inaudible groan. I want to be him. What a lucky man.

When they reach the counter they disengage. Sadie’s cashier friend is again at the register and I think I hear her introduce her new friend as Marco. Sadie and Marco. What kind of morning is in store for them? They laugh freely, pay for their coffees and leave with big smiles plastered across their faces. She does not notice me hunkered in the misery of my jealousy. My eyes glaze over as I watch them walk off and turn the corner, casually entangled, her thumb hooked into the back pocket of his jeans, his hand clasping the bare skin of her hip.

They head back to her place, only a short walk from the coffee shop. They talk easily and are in good spirits. They haven’t seen one another in several weeks and a weekend together lies before them. Sadie’s roommate has left town and this makes her very happy. While they each have their own bedroom, she always prefers having sex with the apartment to herself. She is loud, so is Marco for that matter, and she doesn’t like feeling constrained thinking that her roommate knows when she is in the throes of ecstasy.

They arrive at her apartment and head up to the second floor of the two-story, two-family house. Her place is quite cozy, south-facing and warmed by the strong spring sun. Her downstairs neighbors will all be at work as well and she smiles with the thought of having the whole house to herself and her lover for the day.

Their relationship had blossomed while both had been part of a dance troupe in the city. She had left to be closer to her ailing father here in Connecticut, but she still got into the city when Mersin Escort Bayan she could to work and to visit Marco. He had stayed behind to pursue his career and wait tables at an upscale restaurant to make ends meet.

Sadie loves that he is in town and she has been looking forward to this weekend for weeks. She had been attracted to Marco the first time she had seen him at rehearsal. He was ruggedly handsome and had an incredibly lean muscular body with a nice tight ass, just the way she loved them. And it didn’t hurt that his considerable package was bound up in a nice round Spandex bulge that first day at rehearsal. So many of the male dancers were gay; she was delighted when Marco came onto her on the second day of rehearsal.

And Marco could hardly not notice Sadie. Certainly all the female dancers were lean and slender. But Sadie had a roundness to her bust and a sensuality to her movement that was hard to resist. Her long legs and perfectly shaped ass drew Marco to her, as did her exotically beautiful face. They had gravitated to one another and after a few casual dates had moved onto a deepening sexual union

Sadie is totally enamored of Marco at this point in their relationship. Love might be too strong a word right now, but certainly the potential is there. She loves his sense of humor. He never takes himself too seriously and has such a bright and funny outlook on the world. He makes her laugh, and she has always found that sexy in a man. His playful side is balanced by a thoughtful side, and she loves that she can have a serious conversation with him. He reads books, knows what’s going on in the world, and is a handsome devil to boot.

Marco is an excellent lover in Sadie’s opinion. The facts that he is smart and funny both play into his skills as a lover. He is gentle, yet forceful when necessary, and knows just how to touch a woman. He is never in a hurry to please or to be pleased; he is always in the moment and his antennae are always aware of her needs. He has learned her body and how to bring her to orgasm – over and over again. He loves to eat pussy and obviously enjoys it. He teases just the right amount, uses his fingers to great advantage, and always seems to know when to increase the pace and pressure to bring her to release. He is the best lover she has ever had.

And his cock. God, she loves his cock. She’s had bigger and smaller, thicker and thinner; but his is perfect in her eyes. His shape is long and elegant, perfectly proportioned in thickness and length. He is straight as an arrow and his generous balls hang loosely between his muscular thighs. She loves his erection, certainly, but she is particularly enamored of his cock when it is flaccid. It hangs so nicely on his body, like a Greek statue. He shaves his whole body, so his hairless cock and balls are a beautiful natural extension of his incredibly tight physique. She gets wet thinking about it.

And for the next three days he will be hers. He is here until Sunday. They will bask in the warm glow of the spring sun, drink coffee, read, relax, and, best of all, make love all weekend long. They will fuck. And Sadie is ready now.

Marco gazes at Sadie as she tidies up the apartment a bit. He has missed her companionship in the city. She is such a great listener and has a thoughtful, but practical approach to life. But she’s also fun and flighty and has an infectious giggle. Underneath her incredible exterior is an amazing woman: passionate, smart, and generous to a fault.

Sadie is an amazing physical specimen. She glides about the apartment with the graceful demeanor of the dancer she is. Her statuesque physique and posture seem almost proper. But he has seen her in the throes of orgasm, writhing with passion. He has seen her caressing and sucking on his cock. God, she loves to suck cock. And most incredibly of all, she loves to swallow his cum. She does it not out of a sense of responsibility or trying to solely please her man; she does it because she loves to feel her man’s cum in her mouth. She loves the power of making her lover ejaculate with her oral skills.

He has been with his share of women; rarely has he had a woman that gives oral sex with such a sense of craving and need. Sadie could suck for hours. Her technique has been honed over a few years and it is her pure desire combined with her experience that makes her so good. He stiffens thinking about the next few days to come. She bends over innocently to feed the cat and he marvels at the tautness of her thighs and the smooth curve of her rear end.

And it’s true: she does love to suck cock. She knows so many women that either won’t do oral, or do it, but don’t enjoy it. Yet she found back in high school when she began to experiment sexually that she loved the taste of cum, the feel of a pulsing cock in her mouth, her power to control and delight a man, the soft skin and bulging veins of an erection covering the steel flesh below. Sucking cock never fails to excite Escort Mersin her and always makes her wet and ready.

She just loves sex, plain and simple. And as she tidies up she can feel Marco’s eyes following her, admiring her, wanting her, already undressing her. He beckons her from the couch and pats the cushion next to him. He has his legs up on the coffee table, his coffee cup still resting on his lap, and a look of lust on his face.

She strides over to the couch, pulls off her boots, and sits at the end of the sofa, slinging her bare feet up onto his lap. She nestles her heels into his thighs and he responds by lifting up her heel and beginning to gently massage her foot. He does an expert job, caressing and kneading her foot with full, yet gentle pressure. The feeling goes right to her pussy and she feels herself swell. He lifts up her foot and takes her big toe into his mouth and sucks it ever so softly. She exhales and bolts of excitement ripple through her body.

He lets her foot down and asks her to stand, which she does obediently. He asks her to take her clothes off and she begins to do so in a trance. She sheds her jeans and top and stands before him in small white silk panties and a lacy white bra. The panties cup her pussy lips in a beautifully seductive pouch of flesh. He can see the crease of her slit and looks in admiration at the wonderful proportions of her hips and the compact little bulge of her silk-encased labia.

She reaches behind her and unhooks her bra. As it drops so do her breasts. She pulls the cups away and exposes her beautiful tits. Marco stares in amazement at their exquisite proportion. He has seen them many times before, but he never tires of their sheer perfection. Her pink nipples tip skyward and seem to be searching for a mouth to suck them. They stand stiff and distinct against the soft roundness of her delicate breasts. He smiles as they waver and bobble just beyond his reach.

She turns her back to him and spreads her legs slightly. She reaches her hands back and clasps her buttocks, spreading her ass and pulling her tight panties up into the crevice of her soft round cheeks. Marco gapes at the view and compliments her beauty with a groan. She pulls up her ass cheeks and lets them go. They bounce once and tighten back into their pert bubbles of flesh. She hooks her fingers into each side of her panties and begins their slow descent over her slender thighs. Her ass and thighs are a combination of beauty and perfect proportion.

As her silky panties hit the floor she reaches behind again and spreads her cheeks, giving Marco his first view of her swollen treasure and her beautiful asshole. Her lips hang down seductively and glisten with dew. She reaches in from the front and slides two fingers between her lips, spreading them for his benefit alone. The view is exquisite. He is in wonderment at the private show he is privy to.

He begins to talk to her and tell her how much he needs her; how much he wants to slide his tongue along her pussy; how much he wants to make her cum with his mouth and fingers. That’s all it takes for her to change course. She sits down on the sofa, her butt on the edge of the cushion and her feet firmly planted on the floor. She spreads her legs and opens herself up to his attention. She has a cute little tuft of pubic hair sitting atop the long wet crease of her smoothly shaved pussy. Her beautiful cunt is accentuated by her long slender thighs, open to only him.

He quickly slides onto the floor, kneels between her long lean thighs and takes in the view. Her pussy is open and swollen with passion. Her juices are already glistening on her distended labia. Her sexual aroma is almost overpowering in its magnetic pull.

The upper portion of her lips fold open in an inviting display of seduction. He leans in to inhale her aroma and blows gently on her open love. She moans slightly and reaches out to pull his head into her junction. He resists and begins to kiss her legs, working his way along and behind her right knee, then her left. She is beginning to writhe with the pleasure of knowing what is to come. He kisses and kneads his way up each thigh, alternating his attention from one to the other, slowly climbing toward his goal.

She is pulling on his hair, wanting his direct attention, but he teases her with his timing and caresses. He places his hands under her buttocks, already moist from the juices dripping from her depths. He comes closer, licking her upper thighs with long strokes of his wet tongue. She moans in pleasure and anticipation. Her hips begin to grind to show her approval. He moves over her open pussy and blows on her labia as he sticks out the tip of his tongue and barely licks the edges of her lips. She lifts up her hips to encourage him.

Marco begins to swirl his tongue in long slow strokes from top to bottom, squeezing her ass cheeks as he begins his gentle assault on her cunt. He begins to flick his tongue and lash her lips with his mouth. He quickens his pace and she obliges with a hiss of acquiescence. He works his way closer and closer to her bundle of nerves, and when he finally descends on her nubbin, she groans loudly with pleasure and encouragement. Her sexual aroma overwhelms his senses and spurs him on.

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