Safe House

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This job is going to be easy, I thought as I appraised my charge from across the bar. ‘Bar’ was a bit of an overstatement, this was a place where business people came with clients to act snooty, drink overpriced wines, and seem cultured. The object of my professional attention looked extremely uncomfortable here, though she probably would’ve been uncomfortable in a real bar, too. I didn’t care. I always met new clients here, it was a public, well lit place that would make you think twice before trying anything messy.

Karen Shaunessy was a small woman, about 5’4″. Everything about her, from the dark glasses and trench coat to the severe bun she had her deep red hair tied up in was calculated to scream ‘Don’t look at me’. Unfortunately, she looked more like a female Sam Spade wannabe from a late night noir movie than someone trying to avoid a death sentence. Like I said, this was going to be easy. I found myself uncharacteristically wondering what this young girl, barely out of her teens, could possibly have done or seen to warrant the contract that had been placed on her head. Then I shook my head and started to get down to business. I never ask my clients ‘why’ or ‘what’, only ‘who’ and ‘how much’. Better to be the hired bodyguard than someone who actually knows something.

She finally notices the blue carnation in my lapel, our prearranged identifier. I’ve been here five minutes; if I wanted to I could have killed her twenty times over by now. This one definitely needs protection.

“Mr. Blades?” she asks hesitantly.

“Jack”, I reply.

“Interesting name for a man in your line of work” she smiles.

I don’t tell her the name is a fake. I never give my real name, and I like to have a little fun with my pseudonyms- my fatal flaw, if you will. Probably get me killed someday, but I don’t exactly have a pension in this job, anyway.

I offer her my arm, and we walk out into the night. My car is right outside, thanks to my handicapped plates, courtesy of a grateful client at the DMV. To the untrained eye, it’s just another Lincoln Town Car, like any of the cars for hire in this city, but I’ve güvenilir bahis added quite a few enhancements. It would take something like a tank to keep us from reaching our destination intact, and since there were no tanks in sight, we do.

The safe house I take her to isn’t really a house at all, more like a bunker. Think Bat cave with better accommodations. We are under a fairly prominent building on our fair city’s skyline, but nobody working there would ever know we were here. I built the place myself, taking over an old unused subway tunnel. It’s fortified, soundproof, and very, very private.

As soon as we are safely inside, I offer Karen a drink as she removes her ridiculous trench coat to reveal a surprisingly elegant tailored suit and silk blouse. She accepts the brandy with one hand she releases her hair with the other. With a few shakes of her head, her mane cascades – corny, but no other word for it – down her back. She’s stunning, and she knows it.

“It’s nice to be myself again. That get up was killing me.”

I laugh a little on the inside at the irony of that statement, and then continue my circuit of the hideaway, checking security monitors and making sure everything is as I left it.

When I return to Karen, she’s already made herself at home, suit jacket draped over a chair, shoes off, and her glass considerably fuller than when I left her. She’s already found the stereo, and put on a Jeff Buckley CD. Whatever her sins were, bad music wasn’t one of them. With her jacket off, I have a better view of the body I’m supposed to be guarding. She’s lean and athletic, couldn’t be more than a B-cup, but perfectly shaped and firm. As she bends over to put her glass down, I catch a glimpse of what has to be very expensive lingerie through her open blouse.

“See anything you like?” she asks as she catches me looking.

“Very much” I reply.

She comes close, the top of her head just under my chin, and surprises me with a tight embrace. My heartbeat races as she lifts her head to me and whispers “I’ve been so afraid, but I feel safe now with you, I want you to make me feel türkçe bahis alive, too.”

As she rises up to kiss me, I realize that this is probably a huge mistake, but the way my cock is stirring pushes such concerns aside as I kiss her back. Her lips are soft but insistent; her tongue making quick darting forays into my mouth. ‘Lover, You Should’ve come Over’ plays in the background as Karen starts to writhe against me. My hands slide up her back until they come around to find her breasts waiting for my attentions. Her bra falls away to give me her nipples, I pick her up to reach them and she wraps her legs around my waist. I carry her to the sofa; she hops off of me and turns me around so that I’m the one sitting down. She kneels before me, never breaking eye contact as she undoes my belt and pulls my pants down. She relishes in taking back some control as she reaches for my now liberated cock and starts licking the shaft. I love this, sitting back as she goes down on me. I’m bigger than I’ve ever been, I feel enormous as she cups my testicles in one hand as strokes me with the other, all the while never releasing the slippery suction of her wonderful lips. I’m getting ready to come, and she knows it, starts sucking even harder. Suddenly the hand tugging my balls disappears and I feel a firm pressure at my sphincter as she pushes a perfectly manicured finger into my ass. I explode into her throat with a gut wrenching orgasm that leaves me breathless and blind for a minute, two, as I try to recover.

Karen lifts herself up onto the sofa and pushes me back as she straddles me. Somewhere in the last few minutes she has shed the rest of her clothes and she smiles down on me as she lowers her self onto my already revitalized cock. She rides me slowly, clenching me as she rises up, only to release me as she plunges back down on me. This goes on for an eternity until finally y her shrieks become louder and louder until she collapses on me, spent and quivering.

I carry her to the bedroom and get her under the covers. I make another quick circuit of our safe house, turning of the lights and gathering up clothing güvenilir bahis siteleri as I go. As I return to the bedroom I realize that Karen is no longer there. Cursing, I reach for one of the many blades I keep hidden around the place. This one is more like a razor than an actual knife, but still has quite the point on it. I’m already feeling better just holding it. I move to the bathroom, only place she could be, otherwise I’d have seen her come out. As I carefully push open the door, I’m relieved to see that she’s alone; no killer in the night has breached my hideaway.

She’s still naked, back to me, and smiling at me in the mirror. “Do you fuck all your clients?”

I laugh, “Only the gorgeous ones”

I grab her waist and bend her over the sink, sliding my erection into tight ass all the way to the hilt. She gasps hard, and pushes back against me once then forces my cock out of her, with a grin

“Not on the first date”, she says.

Then she backs up into me as I slip into her again. As I start stroking in and out of her I catch her eyes in the mirror. Gone is the scared woman needing protection, in her place is something fierce and predatory. I start to realize my mistake, but keep fucking her anyway.

“You didn’t really need a bodyguard did you?” I ask.

“No, I didn’t really need a bodyguard”

Slowly the implications dawn on me, “The man who hired me to kill you?”

“He’s waiting outside to help me with your body.”

“Is this personal?” I ask, still sliding my cock into her.

“Does it matter?” She replies holding my gaze in her reflection.

“I guess not”

I reach around to cup her breast and pump into her that much harder, hoping to distract her a bit while I bring the knife behind her. It seems to work, but only because she’s trying to distract me from the gun in the sink that she’s already reaching for. She never has a chance, as my blade has slipped between her ribs and sheathed itself in her heart just as surely as my cock remains sheathed in her tight little cunt. As her life slips away she never takes her gaze from mine until suddenly her eyes glaze over and I’m fucking her corpse.

I have no idea what awaits me outside these doors, but for tonight I am safe. I shower, get dressed then pour myself a drink. I raise my glass to Karen, a worthy opponent, and drink in her honor.

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