SAMBA Pt. 02

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(Reward, motivation and the sacrifices of wives and mothers)

The Preamble: – The usual applies here. All characters are fictional and over the age of 18.

This work is inspired the the stories ‘BTSC’ and ‘Room 209’ by the author ‘klrxo’. Also thrown in are elements of the many mom/son stories I’ve read over the last 25 or so years.

It started out as my own spin on the above stories, but soon took on a life of its own. Too big for one single story, so split over a series.

Part 2 continues the adventures of Mark, Mandy, Chrissy and Steve, but also begins to introduce a few other characters.


It was a Saturday morning and Mark was up early. These last few months on the SAMBA programme had given the boy renewed energy and focus. No longer did he waste half the day in bed or mope around without purpose in his room. What did surprise him was finding his dad down in the kitchen on a weekend, when he was in the habit of lying in with his wife.

“Hi Dad,” Mark greeted his father.

“Good morning, Mark,” though Dan didn’t sound particularly happy. “I got a damn call from work. Something’s come up and I’ll have to be in the office till at least the afternoon. Could you do me a favor and cut the lawn today?”

“Sure thing, Dad,” Mark said, hardly paying attention as he filled a bowl with cereal.

“Listen, Mark. I’m pleased you’re up and being useful these days. Your mom and I have noticed a huge improvement recently. Those people at SAMBA have worked magic, whatever it is. You have your mom to thank for investing all the time in that. I had my doubts at first, and it didn’t come cheap. But I am proud of you!”

“Thanks Dad.”

“See you later, son,” Dan drained his mug, grabbed his keys and phone and hurried out the door.

Mark at his breakfast, thinking about what is dad had said. The young man was pleased with the praise, but knew his dad wouldn’t understand the methods his wife had employed to achieve these results. He doubted that his dad would approve of his wife sharing her body with their son. He wouldn’t appreciate the very special needs that moms and especially sons had.

Neither Mark or his mom viewed what they did as cheating, but instead making sensible use of family resources. In her farewell speech, Dr Dearlove had cautioned against guilt, reminding them that it was an outmoded concept, as long as the sexual activity was kept for therapeutic value:

“Afterall,” said Dr Dearlove, “Dads too will benefit enormously from the sexual union of their wives and sons. They get to see their sons thrive and grow up to be someone that they can be proud of. And more directly, their wives become more sexually energised. What husband wouldn’t want his wife to look younger, happier and more carefree?”

And so, Mark and his mom had carefully scheduled their bonding activities around that of Dan Wheeler.

Mark was just clearing up after himself when he heard his mom calling from upstairs. Going up he knocked on the door.

“Get in here, Mark,” his mother said from inside, “Your dad left me in a hurry.”

Mark opened the door and went inside his parent’s bedroom. His mom lay only half covered in a dishevelled bed. The air smelled of bodies and sex. His mom flung back the covers, “Come on, hop in. I told your dad to ignore the phone, but you know how he is about work. He finished here in a hurry and forgot all about me!”

Mark stripped off in an instant and got in with his mom. The sheets were damp with scattered wet spots. But he didn’t mind at all. He loved being in his parent’s bed with his mom when his dad was out of the house.

Mandy drew her son close, reaching down to caress his smooth balls with her soft hand. His teen prick immediately began to rise to the occasion.

“Oooh, my little boy has such big balls,” Mandy cooed. “Bigger than your dad’s, just like your cock!”

Mark moaned in pleasure, burying his face in the crook of his mother’s neck and kissing her. He was intoxicated by her scent. He fondled a boob briefly, then ran a hand down her belly to her cunt. Her lips yawned open and she was very wet. Had his dad already cum there? Mark didn’t care; he was far too horny to stop now.

Mandy let go of her sons’ balls to give a few tugs on his penis, just to ensure he was sufficiently rigid to mount her. Her son knew the drill by now, so as his mom spread her legs, auto-pilot took over. He was up on his elbows above her, cock knocking for admittance. Once he felt his knob line up with the entrance to her vagina there was no resistance; Her passage was buttery smooth.

Mom and son began to kiss as few mothers and sons do, but still bursting with love; a sexual love in a way more intense than that between husband and wife. Mandy could credit this with the amazing transformation in her son.

The bed started to creak as the couple rocked their hips. On the outstroke, Mark noticed his mom clench her pussy around him. She had long ago mastered this trick and Mark never ankara escort bayan tired of it. Not quite the same as when she used her butt muscles on him, but wonderful all the same. The hot, raw pleasure of butt-sex was still king in his mind, but sometimes there was something special about returning to the place he had come from. He loved making sure her cunt received his sperm in addition to his father’s.

Mandy was clearly still worked up from her earlier session with her husband. When her thighs began to jerk, and she broke the kiss with a soundless howl, Mark wasn’t far behind. His sticky young cum squirted into her womb with great force.

Mark flopped on top of his mom, squashing her.

“I love you mom.”

Mandy still felt a few minor tremors sweep over her. Too overwhelmed with emotion to speak, her brain was awash in dopamine, oxytocin and motherly love.

Dr Dearlove’s research had indicated that this was the ideal outcome for mother-son relations, directly following the dissipation on male sexual tension. As her literature states:

“Mutual sexual bliss is always the preferred outcome if at all possible. But a maternal orgasm by itself does nothing for the mother-son bond.”


Meanwhile, in another house, in another town, Chrissy Nielsen sipped her morning coffee while sat at her laptop.

As she went through her inbox, one mail in particular caught her eye.


The blonde mom clicked on Dr Dearlove’s email and opened it up.

“Dear Moms,

We had great success with your group at the SAMBA academy! I appreciate all the feedback I get, and often incorporate it into the course. We can all learn new things! Thank you to those who have kept in touch. The work we are doing is invaluable. Ladies, you truly are making a better world!

I always like to follow up with a quarterly message. I feel it’s important to make you all feel involved as well as let you know that the door is always open here should you run into any problems. Hopefully, all is going great between you and your sons, and the practical steps that you have learned together are improving their lives and turning them into productive young adults. Your nurturing is priceless! Sons need moms! Remind yourselves of that each and every day.

Having said all this, it never hurts to go the extra mile, especially when our busy lives intrude and we lose sight of the bigger picture. To this end I always recommend after this initial settling in period, that the moms think of all the ways that they can to excite their sons and add a little variety to their bonding activities.

These can be simple things, like trying new positions, or dressing up in sexy lingerie for him. Perhaps you could ask him if there is anything new that he’d like to try with you. It is far better that he goes out into the world as an adult having experimented in the secure environment of the home.

If you haven’t felt brave enough to have anal sex again yet, let him experience that. Sometimes that’s all that’s needed for a course correction.

I know many of you have kept in touch with each other having built friendships here. We think that’s great and we’ve found that these smaller groups often get together, so that moms can teach each other’s sons. Boys seem to love this so it’s another useful tool to have in your box. Don’t be afraid to mix things up!

Again, please keep us up to date. Your stories matter!

Yours Sincerely,

Serena Dearlove (and the SAMBA TEAM)”

Chrissy read through twice and thought about the friends she made at SAMBA: Mandy and Mark Wheeler. She had always meant to met up at some point, and she knew full well that her own son Steve had a thing for Mrs Wheeler. He’d openly talk about her body and how he envied Mark.

A plan formed in her brain. What the hell, she thought, and picking up her phone, she tapped out a message before she changed her mind.


After her son had recovered enough to stagger to his feet and out of the door, Mandy herself arose, whistling happily as she began to strip the sheets from the bed.

Her phone buzzed on the bedside table. She picked it up and unlocked it. It was a text from Chrissy Nielsen:


Mandy, opened her mail app and scanned through the most recent from Dr Dearlove. She texted back:


Her phone soon buzzed once more:


Mandy had already been fucked twice that morning, but she was still flattered that she’d stuck in Steve’s head. Her tender pussy tingled, while her brain rationalized anything amorous as just helping out another young man.

Mandy replied:


She put her phone back down and gathered up the bed linen. Yes, she thought to herself, this could work out nicely all round. She felt sure that Mark was also attracted to the petite blonde.


Not unsurprisingly Mark was on board with the plan as soon as it was explained to him.

“That’s an awesome idea mom. It’ll be cool to see Steve again too,” Mark said. But mostly, he was thinking about Mrs Nielsen’s round butt and boobs.

Mark had been attracted to Chrissy right from the outset. He had caught sight of her naked body while at the SAMBA academy and thought she was easily the hottest mom there, after his own. Now he would get to explore the blonde babe up close and experience what sex was like with another mature mom other than his own.

But that wasn’t all. He knew, from what he had overheard and what his mom had told him since, that Mrs Nielsen was very experienced at anal sex, unlike his own mom. Steve had also been keeping in touch, updating him on his own progress with the SAMBA programme.

The whole event was arranged by text, with the venue being conveniently located on the route between the households; a bland corporate hotel, but cheap and clean.

The cover story for each husband was that they were visiting the others home for the night. Neither of the men seemed to care particularly, other than thinking it was a fine idea that his wife and son were socialising.

The rooms were reserved and both boys were restless with anticipation for the rest of the week.


During the drive over, Chrissy had become a little annoyed with her son. Little digs at her driving skills and asking if she knew where she was going. This was a return to ‘bad Stevie’ as she called the boy prior to SAMBA. Which was a terrible shame as his behaviour had been very good on the whole these last few months.

“Can’t you go any faster, mom?”

Chrissy rolled her eyes and sighed, “For Christ’s sake, Stevie, we’ll be there on time. They aren’t going anywhere.”

Much as she loved her son, the blonde mom was actually glad she was going to exchange him for another boy for a short time; Mark always seemed such a quiet well-behaved young man.

“I want to make the most of the time we have, Mom. Mrs Wheeler is such a babe. I want to try everything with her.”

“You mean you want to try her ass?” Chrissy retorted, knowing her son inside out.

“Yeah, that too,” Steve admitted, before jumping in his seat and pointing, “There mom, that’s the exit!”

They pulled off the road and into the parking lot. The place was so bland and lacking in character that they could have been anywhere. In fact, the anonymity was ideal and why Chrissy had chosen the place. Better to avoid the possibility of bumping into anyone they knew.

The drab concrete hotel had no doubt been used thousands of times over the years for illicit meetings.

Chrissy grabbed her overnight bag from the car and the two set off towards the main doors of the hotel. Within minutes they were in the lobby, where the other couple awaited them.

“Hi Guy’s!” Chrissy embraced Mandy and Mark. “I hope you weren’t waiting for us?”

“Not at all. We only just got here,” said Mandy.

“See, what did I tell you?” said Chrissy while glaring at her son. “Why don’t we check in, then all grab some food from the restaurant?”

The boys clearly didn’t have much of an appetite, at least not for food, and left half of their meals uneaten. Each couldn’t keep his eyes off the other mom at the table.

“Aww, look at those sad little puppies,” teased Chrissy.

“It’s not fair to make fun of us, Mom. Having a swap was your idea,” said Steve. “And anyway, what would Dr Dearlove say? Aren’t you meant to be building our self-esteem or something?”

“Actually, it was Dr Dearlove’s recommendation that we try this,” corrected Chrissy. “And both Mrs Wheeler and I thought it’d be a great experience for you both. If you want to be argumentative, we can always get back in the car…”

“No Mom! I wasn’t arguing!” Steve said, looking genuinely worried.

“I’m not sure I approve of you calling it a ‘swap’ either. We are broadening your horizons. Not every mom’s body is the same so this is educational,” said Chrissy.

“I don’t think we should make them wait any longer, we’ll give them performance anxiety,” laughed Mandy.

“You’re right,” Chrissy stood holding out her hand to Mark, who also stood and took it with his own shaking and sweaty hand. “Room 104, which means you guys are next door in 106. See you here for breakfast, say 8:00 AM?”

With that, they were around the corner and gone.

Moments later Steve was on his feet, ushering Mandy to the elevator, his hands all over her hips and ass.


Mandy etlik escort had always been loyal to her husband, and despite what had been going on these last months with her son, she still believed that she was. Besides, Dr Dearlove had assured all the mothers that sexual liaisons with their sons didn’t break any vows. But entering room 106 with Steve she felt very naughty. Was it really cheating though? Surely it couldn’t be, not with a young man under half her age? Nor was she doing it for love, but for educational and wellbeing reasons.

Once the door was shut behind them, Steve was all over her; hands up her top mauling her tits, another working up her skirt.

The boy kissed her repeatedly, “Mrs Wheeler, I’ve thought about you every day since the academy. I always hoped I’d have a chance with you!”

Mandy felt a lump in his pants as Steve pressed against her.

“Hey you, slow down,” The dark-haired mother said kindly. “We have all night. Why don’t you undress, while I do the same. Then I want you to lie back on the bed while this mommy takes care of you.”

Steve cast his clothes aside in no time, while Mandy was slower, folding and placing each item neatly on the chair. The boy watched with greedy eyes from the center of the bed where he lay on his back, slowly pumping his dick.

Once completely naked, Mandy crawled seductively into the bed, giving Steve ample time to admire her mature body. Gently removing the teens hand from his cock, the wife and mother had her first chance to get a really close look at another boy’s cock and balls.

Half again as thick as her son’s, though an inch shorter, the shaft had a slight backward curve to it, terminating in a very bulbous end. His foreskin still covered every bit of the head, which somehow made her even more curious to get to know it. Just like her own son’s it would respond to a mother’s touch. And very much she wanted to bring Steve the same relief that she brought to Mark.

Leaning forward on her forearms, her butt in the air, Mandy Wheeler stuck out her tongue and traced the curve of the dick from root to tip. The shaft quivered in the air.

“On second thoughts…”, said Mandy remembering her instruction from Dr Dearlove, and lowered her head scooping a large hairless ball into her mouth. Steve groaned. She rolled it around and sucked gently for a minute, before she let it pop from her mouth and replaced it with its twin.

“Oooh, Mrs Wheeler…don’t ever stop,” Steve squirmed.

It was very gratifying to Mandy to get such a reaction. She felt immense pride at what she could do for these boys. All too often husbands just took their wives for granted. She would teach Mark and Steve differently, like only a mother could do.

Steve pulled his legs wide to give Mandy complete access to his sack. She tried to cram in both at the same time, but it was too much and they slid out. Instead, she lapped at them with her snake-like tongue. When his pouch was thoroughly soaked with her saliva, she moved slowly upwards, then swooped down to engulf the head of his dick. Mandy’s active tongue circled the top, then down over the ridge.

“Ugh, yeah…just like that!” Steve hissed.

Mandy held the fat shaft lightly with the fingers and thumb of her right hand, while she nibbled and sucked on the glans. She wondered how she compared to Chrissy. Was she providing as much pleasure as his own mom would have done?

Mandy descended down the boy’s shaft, her lips an oval, until he hit the back of her throat.

“Arrghhh,” Mandy gagged.

Too far, she decided, but after that bobbed her head so that she nearly took him as deep again each time. Mandy sucked, slurped, choked and dribbled for another five minutes.

While she did so she was struck by a curious thought. This penis that she had in her mouth had been in both the vagina and anus of her friend, Chrissy. Now she was servicing it with her lips and tongue.

Finally, she slid her lips up the fat cock until only the head remained in her mouth. Her tongue danced, flicking rapidly about the tip, then with one last suck she let the meaty knob plop out to fall with the rest of the shaft onto the boy’s belly.

Mandy sat up, kneeling between the boy’s thighs, to survey her handiwork. The cock before her glistened from root to tip with her saliva, as did her lips, chin and neck! It had even run down to his balls and onto the sheets. She just couldn’t help it that it always got really messy whenever she gave someone a blow-job.

Not that Steve was complaining. Mrs Wheeler sucked his cock even better than his own mother. He would have loved to dump a load down that pretty throat right there and then he also hoped the hot mom had other plans.

“Steve, I hope you don’t mind but my jaw was beginning to ache and I thought you’d like to screw me instead.”

“Sure, Mrs Wheeler, but do you mind if we skip your pussy and go straight to the anal?”

Mandy paused and considered. She was still having difficulties taking Mark up her ass as much as he would have liked. And Steve was thicker too. The again, when she got going, she did love the stimulation, often times more than in her cunt. And when would she next get to try such a fat cock?

Steve could sense Mandy’s indecision.

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