Sandra’s New Neighbors Ch. 02

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Sandra’s dad was home and drinking a beer in the kitchen when she walked in. He nearly choked on the beer before spewing it into the wall next to him upon seeing her practically naked. “Who are you and what have you done with my daughter?”

The man was in his early forties. He stood at five foot nine inches and weighed two hundred pounds. He has brown hair with gray hairs starting show. His neatly trimmed mustache is also brown with gray streaks. He’s got laugh lines around his deep brown eyes. His hands are the only things that look old on him. Being an auto mechanic your whole life will do that. He secretly wishes his daughter does not follow him into the job for her whole life. At this moment he is wearing a pair of combat style boots, a pair of dark jeans, a white t-shirt and over it all was a jumpsuit. The jumpsuit was hanging from the waist and covered in stains from his work.

“Dad, knock it off. I was helping the new neighbors move in. Their house is almost set. They invited me over to go swimming,” she replied in a singsong voice. She leaned against the counter and unconsciously thrust her chest out. She was still riding the high, from when Jill had put suntan lotion on her and practically stripping her, even though it was very slight by now.

“Sandra, what’s come over you? You have more skin showing than not. You seem drunk. Where are your clothes?” concern lacing his voice. He had noted the moving truck in front of the neighbor’s house and the three young women unloading it. He just did not know that one of the young women he had ogled for a few minutes when he got home was his own daughter until she had walked in dressed in just a white sports bra slightly stained with sweat, black jogging shorts that were just longer than hot pants, and ankle socks and tennis shoes on her feet.

“I’m OK dad. Jill helped me with suntan lotion. She wanted me to help, but didn’t want me to be injured or anything. It got hot today and if I had stayed in my own clothes I could have gotten heat stroke or something. All I’ve had to drink today was water. I forgot to get my clothes out of Jill’s bedroom before they left to return the truck.” She danced over and hugged him. She then grabbed a soda from the fridge and flopped on the couch in the living room. His eyes were as big as dish plates at how his daughter was acting.

Sandra was a tomboy. She wore steel-toed boots, jeans and plain t-shirts. He did not know what her underwear was anymore, she did the laundry and the shopping. She was generally so reserved and quiet, unless it was yelling at the TV or at the game for any sport.

He shuffled into the living room after her and sat in his chair still in his dirty clothes from work. “I’ll clean the wall and this chair,” he said before she could even attempt the rip his head off for sitting in the living room in his work clothes. “Did I hear right? You were invited to go swimming? What are you going to wear? As far as I know you don’t have a suit.”

“That’s right. They said they’d be gone for about an hour. I’ll wash these shorts and use them to swim in. I’ll also grab one of my older and looser bras. But that all depends on what you have planned for the evening,” she said sitting up and looking at him anxiously. She really wanted to go; he could see that. She felt like a real person talking to Jac and Jill, the twins that moved in next door. She felt like they were becoming friends, something she’s never had.

The phone rang at that moment. Her dad grabbed the handset off the cradle next to him. “Hello. … Yeah, I know the car. … You what? … OK. OK. I’ll be down there in a few minutes.” He hung up. “That bitch is trying to kill me. I keep telling her to watch the fluids, but apparently she can’t. She’s either going to destroy a nice old car or she’s going to kill me for all the extra work that has to be done. She always asks for me to do it too,” he grumbled, getting up and heading for the garage door. Sandra knew that the ‘bitch’ in question was none other that Bobbie Sharp. The woman her dad actually liked enough to allow her to manipulate him this way. He liked to work on that car, too, and Bobbie knew it. For all Sandra knew this was a ploy to hide them hooking up. “I guess I’ll be at the garage until the car is fixed again. From what Ernie was saying it could be nine or ten before I will be home again. Have fun at the neighbors,” he called walking out the door to the garage. After the outside garage door closed she started moving.

She grabbed the phone and kissed it then stood and dropped the shorts to the floor. She kicked them away toward the garage door and sat back down to remove the shoes and socks. She tossed the shoes toward the front door and the socks at the shorts. She stood again and just before she picked up the shorts and socks she took off the bra. She then took everything to the garage and threw the items into the washing machine.

She was reveling in the feel of being nude in the daytime and not in her room. She normally only sleeps in the nude. She is five foot six and one hundred fifteen pounds. eryaman escort She has been shaving her crotch since she started shaving her legs. It was just an extension of shaving her legs. There were red pressure lines running around her body where the bra had been because it was actually a cup size too small. She’s a B-cup it was an A-cup.

She wandered the house, just to tell herself later that she had been nude in every room in the house, then went back to the living room and the TV program she had started watching when her dad left. She got engrossed in the program to the point she did not even think of her nudity. She stayed undressed when she took the clothes out of the washer and outside to hang on the line to dry under the sun. The back of the house got the afternoon sun.

While out there she walked over to the fence between the twins’ house and hers. She looked over the fence at the pool just because she could. The pool was a kidney shape with the larger, deeper end on the far side of the pool from the house. She was surprised to see both Jac and Jill lying next to the pool near the house. Even more surprising was that they were both naked. After getting over her surprise she got confused.

“Why are they back and didn’t come get me?” she asked herself. “Why are they both naked? What are these two up to?” She stopped talking to herself when she heard them talking. Their voices were light and she had to strain to hear.

“What did you think of Sandra?” asked Jill. She was lying on her front and propped up on her elbows. She had released her hair and it was wet now. When Jill was carrying boxes and stuff in her hair had been in a ponytail.

“She was cute in a garage workers way when we met but when you two came out of your room she was hot. I couldn’t believe how beautiful her pale skin was next to your tan skin. I think she was close to cumming then. What exactly did you two do in there?” Jac was also on her front. Sandra was torn between admiring the two beautiful soft feminine asses and then she remembered that these women were identical twins, but that didn’t stop her eyes from bouncing between the twins’ asses..

“I’m not telling. That is just between us girls. If you ask real nice maybe she’ll tell you. One thing I’ll tell you though is that I was very close to eating her while we were in there. She had a sweet, untouched scent to her.” Jill had turned onto her side to face Jac. Her backside was to Sandra. She had her right hand holding her head up and her left arm was draped along her body. Her left hand was idly rubbing her hip.

“Really? Why didn’t you do anything about it?” asked the sister on her front. Sandra agreed with the question, shocking herself. Then she remembered that she was about to strip in front of Jill when Jac had knocked on the door.

Sandra’s hands had started to roam over her naked flesh. She was starting to feel the same way she had felt when she when Jill was putting lotion on her. She could feel the heat between her legs and liquid start to flow.

“You happened to knock on the door.” She giggled and gently pushed Jac’s right shoulder. “If you were in a room with her what would you do?”

Jac did not answer. Instead she rolled onto her right side and stood up. She walked away from Jill to the deep end of the pool and the diving board. Sandra’s eyes latched onto the movement of Jac’s ass, the soft jiggle of the nicely muscled yet soft rear end. Her hands found the swell of her breasts and started massaging and kneading them.

Jac turned back to look at the pool and Jill as she stepped up on the diving board. This was the first time Sandra had seen the front of another woman. She never showered at the end of her gym classes, since all of them were at the end of the day. She waited until she got home.

Jac’s chest was firm and her breasts were perky. Her nipples were sitting high and were a little hard. The skin around the nipples for maybe an inch in a triangular shape was much paler than the rest of her skin. She also had tan lines near her crotch. The top line was about three inches below her navel and there were vague lines that ran all the way to her hips. She had a short, thick landing strip of hair above her vagina. In her navel was a blue sapphire stud.

When Jac turned back to look across the pool at her sister, Sandra’s hands found her nipples. Operating on instinct they started to pull and squeeze on the nipples. This brought a small, “uhh,” from Sandra’s lips and shot electricity from that touch to her groin.

Jac answered Jill while standing at the back of the diving board, “I would have accidentally done this.” With that she took her right hand and making sure Jill, and Sandra by default, could see, she slid her middle finger into her vagina. Jill giggled, Sandra felt a little weak in the knees, and Jac pulled her finger out before diving into the pool.

She swam the length of the pool underwater, only coming up when she reached the steps. Jill had turned onto her back and sat up sincan escort as she watched her sister. Jill had tan lines too. The entire breast was pale compared to the tanned skin next to it. Jac climbed out of the pool, her nipples harder now, and said, “Depending on her reaction she would have seen this or not.” The ‘this’ that Jac was referring to was another act. She again stuck her finger into her vagina then pulled it out and sucked it into her mouth, moaning.

“What if her reaction had been negative?” asked Jill as she stood and gathered up the towels.

“Then she wouldn’t’ve seen or heard me do that and I would’ve apologized until I turned blue,” answered Jac with a shrug. “I really don’t think that hot little brown haired girl would have given a negative reaction though. She seemed to look at you with lust a few times when you weren’t looking.” She grabbed one of the towels from Jill and playfully snapped it at her sister. She then ran into the house, Jill chasing close behind.

Sandra shook herself after the sisters disappeared into the house. She then realized where she was, what she was doing and what she was wearing, or rather not wearing. Her hands had moved off her breasts and were touching her thighs near her crotch. The realization scared her and caused her to run to the clothesline, snag the damp shorts off the line and run into the house. Upon entering she pulled on the shorts and ran to her room. She pulled out a stretched out white sports bra and shrugged into it. Then she grabbed a loose gray t-shirt and put it on. It hung just to the waist of the shorts, that were once again pulled tight to her vagina, a position that she was learning to like them in.

After dressing she calmed down and went back into the living room. She plopped back onto the couch and grabbed the TV remote. She started to surf the channels with the remote in her right hand. Her left was draped over her middle and the thumb was idly rubbing at the point of contact. She focused on what was on the TV to the point she didn’t realize what else was happening. The rubbing of the thumb moved to rubbing of the hand on the shirt, then the hand moved the shirt and was rubbing bare skin right at the waist band of the shorts. Just as her fingers slid under the waistband, there was a knock at the door.

Sandra jumped at the knock, set the remote down and walked to the door. She looked through he peephole to see two blonde women standing on the porch. Opening the door she took in the twins. They both wore smiles for her. Both were an inch or two taller than Sandra. They also out weighed her by something between five and ten pounds.

Jill, the one with the longer hair that was pulled into a ponytail again, was wearing a teal baby tee and cut off jean shorts. The shorts were shorter than the ones Sandra wore on top and bottom. Riding above the shorts were the blue strings of her bikini bottoms. She had her Oakley’s in her hand and slide on gray sandals on her feet.

Jac also had her shorter hair in a ponytail. Her sunglasses were perched on top of her head. She was wearing a pool cover that looked a lot like a robe, only this robe barely covered her ass. The robe had a zipper on the front and she had it zipped half way up. Sandra could glimpse a green string peeking out between the open sides. On her feet were green slide on sandals.

Sandra smiled and said, “Hi, guys. My dad had to go back to the garage and won’t be back until after dark, so I’m free. We going swimming?”

“Yep,” the sisters answered.

“Do you own a suit?” asked Jac as she sized Sandra up. Sandra wasn’t dressed much differently than earlier, just the t-shirt and no shoes.

“No, I don’t have a suit. The last time I went swimming was when I was in grade school. Jill knows that I have not led a normal girl’s life. Maybe I’ll get one when I go shopping with Jill tomorrow,” she snapped defensively.

“Ok. Sorry. Jill didn’t tell me anything about you. Shopping sounds fun. Mind if I join the trip?” Jac was placating and had raised her hands to try to clam Sandra.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to snap, but now that I met you two I didn’t realize what I didn’t have. I’ve never had a friend. Your friendship is welcome and new to me. Please forgive in advance anything I do to you that might offend or piss off.” Sandra spoke to the twins’ feet.

“That’s ok, honey,” said Jill as she drew Sandra into a comforting hug. Jac slipped behind and hugged her too. This brought a heartfelt smile from Sandra that stayed with her through stepping into a pair of shoes, locking the door, walking to the twins’ house and jumping in the pool.

She jumped in about halfway along the pool and doggie paddled to the shallow end. “I forgot how swimming felt. I loved it when I was a kid. I just never followed my love into high school.”

“That’s nice to know,” said Jill from the diving board. Sandra, standing in the pool, turned to watch Jill, who had revealed a tiny dark blue string, thong bikini. The top was about the size etlik escort of Jac’s tan lines. Jill was standing at the back of the board. She took tow small steps then did a cartwheel that put her feet half over the edge. Then she sprang up with the board and did a somersault before slicing the water like a pro-diver. She swam right to Sandra’s feet underwater then popped up with a grin.

“That was awesome!” exclaimed Sandra. “How did you learn that?”

“I was a college diver. The judges would have rated that about nine point five. I was sloppy on the board and I hit the water off angle.” Jill was trying to downplay her dive. She never liked all the praise that she got from non-divers.

“None the less you probably would have medaled with that dive, Jilly Bean,” said Jac sitting on the edge with her feet in the water. She had the pool cover on her shoulders, but it was open to show off the forest green bikini she was wearing. The triangles were showing a small line of pale skin all around.

“True, but I’m not in a competition. I bet with some work Sandra could be just as good,” replied as she moved to the stairs. Sandra started racing her with a huge grin on her face. Sandra won by less than a hands width. She raced Jill, not because she wanted to learn to dive, but to be playful, something she never let herself be before. They climbed out together.

Jill ran her hands down her body to push some of the water off and sat on a lounge chair. Sandra watched Jill then looked at herself. She was surprised to see the bra was very close to being transparent. Her chest was almost bared to all. Panicking she wrapped her arms around her chest and cringed.

Jac saw the whole thing and with a small reassuring smile turned to Sandra and asked, “Do you mind nudity?”

“What do you mean?” asked Sandra.

“You know. No clothes. Bare to the world. Nudity. What are your thoughts on nudity?” pressed Jac.

“The only time I’m nude is at night when I sleep or in the shower. I don’t have a problem with it. The only time I’ve ever been nude other than the times I mentioned was today after my dad had to go back to work. He left and I stripped to wash the clothes. I walked through every room and then watched TV. After the clothes were done I hung them outside. About fifteen minutes later I pulled the shorts on, grabbed another bra and the gray shirt,” blurted Sandra. She was blushing and week kneed.

“OK. Would you mind if we were nude?” pressed Jac, again.

Sandra stumbled slightly to the nearest lounge chair. After sitting she looked at both the sisters and shook her head. “I don’t think I would mind. I’ve never been anywhere with anyone that was nude.” Her blush was expanding down her neck. With that admission Jac stood, dropped her cover from her shoulders and tossed it to her chair, then did the same with her bikini top. Sandra watched transfixed. “Damn, you got a nice rack,” she mumbled, remembering a dumb jock phrase she had heard them say to the girls with big chests at school. The statement caused the sisters to giggle.

“So do you. You just need confidence to know it. A B-cup is not too much smaller than a C,” said Jill, her right hand lifting her still covered breast as an example. “Come here, let me show you.” She stood and walked to a covered area near the window to the Master bedroom. Sandra followed, curious. Jac knew what Jill was going to do and went to watch.

“What’s this?” asked Sandra as she entered to find an easel and a couple lights. There were a few palettes and stools stored against the outside wall of the house.

“This is my own little art studio,” answered Jill. “It’s nothing more than a hobby. Hold on a second and we can see the true difference between sizes.” Jill moved a light around to point directly at the easel and set a stool in front of the easel. She flipped the light on, handed Sandra a pencil, and took her top off. As she sat on the stool she said, “Now take the pencil and draw the silhouette of my chest.” Sandra gave her a perplexed look then shrugged. A couple minutes later there was a rough drawing on the paper of Jill’s chest. “Now it’s your turn. Take off the wet bra and take a seat.” Jill raised the seat an inch and when Sandra, still trying to cover herself even though she took the bra off, sat the top of the drawing matched closely with the top of her chest. Jill pulled Sandra’s arms down and then drew her profile. She was a lot quicker.

When she was done she told Sandra she could stand. Jill shaded the very small space between the profiles. There was just a little less than an inch of space between the two. Sandra was stunned to see how close in size she was to the twins. She was staring at the drawing so hard she didn’t see Jac step behind her and mimic slapping her ass. Jac’s act brought a smile to Jill face.

“You have a nice rack, too,” Jac whispered in her ear, making Sandra jump. “Your breasts are firm and nicely shaped with your perky nipples sitting dead center. They look better than almost every porn starlet. I think you should be a C-cup, but you wear those sports bras. They bind the chest so women won’t hurt when they exercise. They weren’t meant for everyday use. Plus you look like you don’t eat enough. Maybe with us around you’ll become the woman you were meant to be.” Jac stepped around in front of Sandra and smiled a reassuring, heartwarming smile. Sandra smiled back.

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