Santa’s Lap

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She hated winter in Texas. It was 75 degrees outside, and the only indication Christmas was around the corner was the festive decorations that seemed to balloon up overnight in all the stores. The mall, especially, seemed to go overboard this year in the decorations. As if they had to make up for the weather by assuring everyone Christmas was still on its way.

She despised going to the mall at any given point in her life, but she especially detested it during the Christmas season. People seemed to loose all sense of sanity during this time of year; they literally fought over every last scrap of toy on the shelves.

Unfortunately, she was obligated to make this trip, every year, for at least a few more years. Her daughter wanted to so desperately to see Santa, to sit on his lap and tell him what she wanted for Christmas; she practically spent the last 2 weeks after Thanksgiving planning out what she would say to him. Now, her time had come, and Lauren agreed to dress her up and take her to the mall for the outrageously priced photo of her in Santa’s lap.

Katie oohed and aahed over all the decorations that were so meticulously covering every square surface of the mall, and Lauren fought to keep the distaste off her face, for her daughter’s sake. She did not want to be a scrooge, but she felt that people didn’t even remember why they celebrate Christmas anymore; they did it because it has always been done, and it will always be done for that same reason.

They stood in line for what seemed like hours to Lauren, though Katie managed to keep up all the interesting chit-chat a 4-year-old manages to come up with. It amazed Lauren the things she noticed, sometimes; things Lauren took for granted, or didn’t care to pay enough attention to. They managed to make it to the front of the line finally, and it was Katie’s turn to go talk to Santa. The moment she has been waiting for, she has planned out, knew exactly what she was going to say, and she froze. The poor little girl was so nervous, she didn’t even want to walk up to see him. Lauren coaxed her, trying to encourage her, slowly walking her up to the big man in the red suit himself.

As far as costumes went, it wasn’t the greatest, but it was functional. He obviously was not a fat man, and he didn’t have any real facial hair, but he did have the fake beard, and the wire-rimmed glasses, and the hat with the white hair, and the padding in the suit. As they approached him slowly, he tried to look as unintimidating as possible to this little girl who was obviously frozen with either terror or sheer nerves. Lauren knelt in front of Santa, whispering to the little girl about how a lot of little kids were standing in line behind her, waiting their turn, and if she didn’t want to talk to him, she didn’t have to, but mommy knew she would be very upset if she did not at least tell him what she wanted for Christmas. Lauren patted Santa’s leg, trying to coax her little one up there. She rubbed her hand in circles over his thigh, absently enjoying the feel of the velvet suit on her hands.

Katie turned to her and said, “OK, mommy, but only if you’ll sit up there on Santa’s lap too.”

Lauren was surprised; Katie was hardly ever shy about anything, and certainly was a little Miss Independent, wanting to do everything on her own.

“You want me to sit up there with you?” she asked her, clarifying her request.

Katie shook her head. “No, I want a picture of you in Santa’s lap, too; maybe you can tell him what you want for Christmas.” She said.

Apparently, in order to preserve the sanity of every mother in line behind them, Lauren was going to have to sit in Santa’s lap. She nodded at the little girl in agreement, letting her know that she would take her turn after Katie was through telling Santa her list. So, Katie climbed up onto Santa’s lap, and Lauren backed off to the side, out of the way of the picture taker but where she could still hear what Katie was going to ask for. The little girl still seemed shy at first, but by the end of the conversation, she had warmed up and spoke louder and was more animated when talking about Christmas.

When Katie was done, she skipped over to Lauren. “Okay, mommy, your turn!” She said excitedly, standing in Lauren’s spot and pushing her mother towards the man in red.

Lauren sighed, and made her way up to the chair the man was sitting in. She would have agreed to anything to get Katie to sit on Santa’s lap, but now that it was her turn, she was feeling a bit embarrassed, and wondered at how she would look; a grown woman, sitting on Santa’s lap. She was sure other people bursa escort did it for kicks, but they were usually pert little 20-year olds, goofing off. She was a mother; she was supposed to be more mature.

She stood in front of the man, trying to figure out the best way to sit without insinuating herself on him. She propped herself on one of his thighs, and looked at Katie. Katie waved her hands at her mom, and stage whispered, “Tell him what you want for Christmas!”

There was a small tittering of laughter coming from the crowd in the line, and Lauren felt her cheeks burn at the situation. She turned to face Santa, and was greeted by the sight of his bright blue eyes, hiding behind those wire rimmed glasses. This was definitely no old man; she couldn’t see much of his features, but she could see the smoothness of his skin around his eyes and mouth, and she knew that he was younger than the typical Santa type.

He was trying to readjust her so that she fit in his lap comfortably, but he was still visible to the camera. He scooted down a bit in the chair, so that he was sitting more on his lower back, and put his legs together, for her to sit on both thighs. He grabbed her wrist suddenly, which surprised her, and set it down in his lap. Lauren didn’t notice at first, but it soon became apparent to her that he had a growing erection under his red velvet pants, and he had placed her hand directly on top of it. She was already facing him when the realization hit, and she widened her eyes and opened her mouth in shock. She started to stand up, to move away, but he grabbed her hips with his other hand and pulled her closer to him, to the back of the chair, trying to swing her around sideways for the picture. Her body hid what was going on with their hands, and she continued to stare at his face, hiding it from the crowd.

He squeezed her hand, forcing her to squeeze his dick through the cloth. He winked at her, and then leaned forward to whisper in her ear, “is that what you want for Christmas, little girl?”

His voice was rich and dark, like something forbidden, and had a slight teasing tone to it. His breath tickled her ear, and she shivered a bit. He noticed appreciatively the goosebumps the shivers rose, and she blushed again, knowing full well her nipples were poking through the thin fabric of her shirt. He squeezed her hand again, and she complied by tugging gently on his erection, which caused him a deep sigh and a partial hooding of the eyes as he smiled at her, and winked again.

The camera lady called for their attention, and they both turned towards her to smile for the picture Katie had wanted. Lauren kept her hand on his hard-on, and he kept his hand at her hip, and they smiled for the picture. When it was taken, Lauren squeezed him once more, released him, and scooted forward to get off of his lap. He made a move to help her, sliding his hand across her hip and over her butt, and whispered at her again.

“See you around, sweetie.” She looked up at him, not really sure what to say, because she wouldn’t recognize him if she did see him again, and moved off to collect her daughter and her pictures. She studied them for a minute before showing them to Katie. Katie’s was darling, of course, with her little green Christmas dress on that complemented Santa’s red suit nicely. Lauren’s, on the other hand, almost looked like something that would come out of a dirty magazine. She was strewn across his lap, bare legs flashing the entire length of the photograph, skirt riding up dangerously high, and she was twisted slightly at the waist, so that her hip facing the camera was more prominent. And there was Santa’s hand, square on her ass. At least they were smiling.

After an exhausting few hours of running around picking out presents, letting Katie help her pick out a few for family and friends, Lauren handed Katie off to another mom, who would watch Katie while Lauren finished the final bits of the shopping she couldn’t do with Katie around.

She decided before going any further into her shopping spree, as she was not planning on coming back to this place before Christmas was over, she needed to take a break, and find somewhere to stash all her already purchased gifts. Luckily for her, down the hall where the bathrooms and the employee lounge was, there was a locker room, full of lockers to rent to stash stuff in that has been purchased. As she made her way down the hallway, sandals clacking on the tiles, she heard a whistle. She spun around to face Santa, still in his costume, standing in the doorway of the employee lounge, which she had just passed bursa escort bayan by.

“Hey, sweet thing, I got a candy cane for you to suck on,” he said in that richly dark voice. She stared at him for a minute, as if she was contemplating the offer, then turned and continued on down to the locker room. With some rearranging of the bags, she managed to shove all of her purchases into one locker, shut it, and took out the key. She shoved the key into her pocket as she walked out the door, back into the hallway.

She was unaware of her surroundings, debating on whether she should make a pit stop at the food court for lunch or just pull something out of a vending machine when she heard a noise. She looked over, and saw Santa, standing in another doorway. She didn’t know where that door led to; it wasn’t for customers, and it wasn’t the employee lounge. He was making small, soft chirping noises, trying to get her attention. He waved his arm at her, trying to get her to follow him. She smiled, and shook her head, and continued to move past him. As she neared him, he reached out and grabbed her arm, startling her, and pulled her into the room with him, shutting the door completely behind them.

The room was dark, and she could only make out a few of the shapes closest to her. It looked like a storage closet of some kind. He had her pressed up against the door, and leaned into her, closer to her ear.

“Hey, sweet thing, I told you I’d be seeing you around,” he said, licking her ear as he talked. She shivered and tried to push him off of her, but he just laughed and pinned her wrists down by her side.

“What’s the matter? Don’t you want to play with Santa?” he asked, his voice doing things low in her body that no man’s voice should have been allowed to do.

He sucked on her earlobe, trailed kisses down her neck, collarbone, to the hollow of her throat, and continued to make his way down her front. He bit and pulled at her nipples through the cloth of her shirt, and she shuddered and gasped. With his fondling and crooning words of sex and dirty things, he seemed to unlock her inhibitions, and she began to respond to his touches.

She pulled him up to her mouth for a kiss, and he eagerly complied. The beard was sort of scratchy, and almost got in the way, but when she reached up to remove the almost mask of hair, he stopped her and refused to remove it. It sort of thrilled her, not seeing, not knowing who she was with. They continued necking for a while, and he had her pressed so hard up against the door, she could feel his prick through his pants, pressing up against her. She groaned as he nibbled on her neck some more, and reached down to undo his pants.

He helped her with the belt buckle, which was the only thing holding the baggy trousers up. The pants dropped to his ankles, and his boxers followed shortly after. She grasped his very stiff cock, and slid her hand over it gently a few times. He moaned so loudly, and seemed to stop to savor the sensation. Lauren sighed at his reaction, and dropped to her knees, placing his very large erection right at face level.

She stared up at him from this position, watching him watch her, an almost fearful look in his eyes; hoping she would do what he thought she was about to do. She smiled wickedly, and continued to slowly glide her hands up and down his shaft, over his head, and back down. She reached out and licked the tip of it, getting another groan out of him. She licked it again, and then put just the head in her mouth, and sucked it while swirling her tongue around the tip. He groaned continuously now, and rocked his hips back and forth, trying to push it further in. She wasn’t through teasing yet, though, and pulled it out of her mouth completely.

He signed, almost sadly, when she pulled him out of her mouth, but she dipped her head and licked the underside of him, from his balls all the way back up to his head. She did that a few more times, and he could feel his legs shaking. Finally, she put her mouth over him, and took him deep into her mouth, working him in. He placed his hands on either side of her face, and alternated between watching her work her magic and throwing his head back in pleasure. Her tongue worked actively in her mouth, and it wasn’t long before he could feel the beginnings of the place where there was no turning back. Reluctantly, he pulled out of her mouth, and lifted her up off the ground.

He pushed her back up against the door, and started teasing and nibbling on her neck again. He trailed down, as his hands rode up, inside her shirt, lifting it up over her breasts, escort bursa and then taking it off. Once her shirt was off, he grabbed her breasts through her lacy bra, squeezing them together and rubbing them with his palms. He pulled her bra down, so that her breasts could pop out, and he took up her hard nipple in his mouth, flicking it with his tongue, tugging with his teeth, rolling it in his mouth, enjoying hearing her moan. Not wanting to leave anyone out, he did the same process to the other nipple, all the while she moaned and groaned and ground her pelvis forward at him.

He reached down with his hand and touched her thigh, and slid his hand upwards, pulling her skirt up over her hips to her waist. He rubbed her pussy through her satin panties, and he felt the moisture there already, hot and thick and sticky. He hooked his fingers through the straps on her hips, and slowly pulled her panties down, bending down with the motion. She had her back up against the door, and as he had her step out of her panties, she threw her legs wide, exposing the smooth flesh of her sex. He inhaled the sent of her arousal, and gently probed the soft folds of her inner lips with his fingers. As she threw her head back and gyrated her hips forward, he pulled the Santa beard down off his face, and flicked his tongue across her lips, then stabbing in, exploring her. He sucked on her clit, and slipped his tongue in her hole, all the while she thrust her hips forward, seeking more of the same sensation.

He couldn’t stand it anymore, she had him so hot, so he stood up, adjusting his beard on the way, and pulled her away from the door and towards a table. He pushed her hands flat on the table, which had her bent over at the waist, hips thrust backwards invitingly. He stood behind her, dick in hand, and tested her wetness with the fingers of his other hand. She moaned and offered herself to him by pushing her hips further back, so he positioned the head of his penis at her opening, and pushed in. She was so tight; so wet, but so tight, he had to ease in, then pull out, and ease in some more. God, she was so tight, and so hot, her sex seemed to clutch at him, not wanting to release him as he pulled out. He spread her ass cheeks wide, so he could watch the view, held onto her hips tightly, and thrust into her, hard. She groaned loudly as he bumped her cervix, and then leaned forward onto her forearms on the table, pushing her hips back as far as they would go.

He continued to pump into her, in and out, and all the while, she thrust her hips back, meeting his thrusts, begging for more. He thrust into her harder, his balls slapping at her clit as he drove his dick home at the end of each thrust. She reached her arms out towards the other end of the table, lowered her upper body as far as she could, and held on for dear life as he pounded at her pussy. Oh, he felt so good, filling her up, slamming into her almost painfully, and as she felt herself riding the peak, she felt him rub his thumb across her asshole, and she moaned and bucked more. He rubbed it more, and gently worked his thumb inside her as he continued to bang her as hard as he could. The extra stimulation he was causing her pushed her further and faster to orgasm, and she screamed as she came, screamed as her knees nearly buckled under her, and she nearly dropped all of her weight onto the table. The waves kept hitting her, and she didn’t know if she was still screaming, but she was still coming, and it was so good.

He gave three hard, deep thrusts, and then came too, spewing inside of her, semen hitting her cervix and bouncing back to ooze out of her as he pulled out. She lay on the table, panting for a few minutes, and Santa rested his hands on his knees as he caught his breath.

Finally, he stood up straight, slapped her ass, and lowered her skirt. He pulled his pants up, buckled them, and adjusted everything into place.

“Damn, Lauren, you are one naughty girl,” he said, as he opened the door. “I’ll be seeing you around, sweetheart,” he said, as he slipped out of the closet.

Lauren lay on the table, too spent to move right away. She was vaguely aware that he had left her, and it was a few more moments before she was able to push herself up off the table. She adjusted her clothes, and looked around for her panties, but they were no where to be seen. He must have taken them, as a souvenir. Then she realized, he said her name. He knew my name! She thought. What the hell is going on?

She rushed to the door and opened it, but he was long gone, having the advantage of the employee hallways behind the stores, and not having to walk through the crowd like a shopper. She was so drained, she didn’t want to finish her shopping, but she didn’t want to come back to the mall, either. Well, maybe she did, she thought wickedly at another tryst with Santa.

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