Sara and me_(1)

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Double Penetration


It was the day my dad died. Sara was/is a close family friend. She is married, has 3 kids, and is 24. Sara, being in her twenties, is really hot. She has curves in her ass, her legs, and has nice, big boobs. She is dirty blonde.

So i was in my room, sitting there in my grief of losing my father, by playing my drums. Sara walked in, with a nice, tight fitting jacket that is pink. Under it was a shirt that was really low-cut, and showed some belly. She was also wearing some skin-tight black tight pants that gives me a boner when i see her in them. So she sat down, and started talking to me about what was going through my mind. She said that she was going to be around a lot more, to help with my mom, and to see how we were doing. I just listened. She must have noticed that i wasnt paying attention, and she put her hand less than 2 inches away from my dick, which somehow, even got harder. So when she saw that that got my attention, and i looked over, she had a crooked smile on, and a twinkle in her eyes, and i knew that she knew i had a boner. So she said a couple more things, got up, and waited. After about 5 seconds,
she said, “arent you going to give me a hug?”
I got up and gave her a hug, with my butt and my crotch away from her.
She said,”thats not how you give someone a hug,”
and stepped closer to me. Instantly my dick was between her legs, pushing up, so there was no way she didnt notice. She pulled me into the hug tighter, and i thought i felt her nipples. Then after a second, i found out they WERE her nipples!! As if it was anymore possible, my dick got even harder, and
she said,” excited there Elazığ Escort Anthony?” i was so embarrassed, i pulled away from the hug. She hurriedly said,” No, dont be embarrassed, i liked it.”
I was stunned. She stepped forward, and said,” ill tell your mom that im taking you to go get ice cream from sonic. dont let THAT go away.”

So in about 5 minutes, we were in her car, and she had her hand in my lap, stroking my dick. She pulled off of the highway, pulled onto a neighborhood street, and opened her garage door. When we pulled into her garage, she turned and looked at me. She leaned foward, and lightly kissed me on the cheek. Then on the other. She kissed me on the lips, and when she pulled away, pulled my bottom lip. That made me a little more confident, and i leaned in and kissed her. This one wasnt fast. It was a long, slow one. In the middle of the kiss, she poked her tounge into my mouth, and i welcomed it like a long lost friend. Our tounges chased, and when we finally pulled apart, she said,” anthony, i want your dick INSIDE of my pussy right now. You have made me so horny, i cant take it.” she literally ripped her tight pants off of her, and pulled her panties off. She looked at me, and started to feel my dick through my pants. I started to pull my pants down, and then my underwear. Once she saw my dick, she gasped. “Thats bigger than my husbands!!” i thanked her, blushing the whole time. Then she climbed up over to my seat, and unzipped her jacket and pulled her boobs out. She sat there, and said,” i will let you put your dick inside me when your ready. I know that a persons 1st time should be special.” i slowly grabbed Elazığ Escort Bayan my dick, and lined it up with her pussy. She looked at me, and i nodded: i was ready. She sat down slowly, letting her pussy adjust to my  size, thwn she started to move. I thought that heaven came down to earth, and made everything beautiful, but forever. Thats what she felt like to me. We rode eachother for 30 minutes, until i started to feel the boil in my balls. I hurriedly asked her where. She said,” keith has been cheating on me for months now, and i want payback. CUM IN ME ANTHONY, I LOVE YOUR BIG, FAT, COCK IN MY PUSSY. YOU BELONG INSIDE ME” and the gates of heaven opened up, and i saw god. We nodded at eachother, and then i was back in the car with sara on top of me, in orgasmic bliss.

After about 10 minutes of us sitting there, her nude body on top of me, the boobs i had dreamed about for so long mashed up against my chest, the tight pussy i had wanted for, and wanted for, around my dick, and the ass, in my hands, with me massaging each cheek slowly. She looked up at me slowly, and looked into my eyes.
“I love you, Anthony.”
Then she kissed me, a soft, loving kiss. I said back to her,
“I love you too, Sara” Then, she got off of me, and when my dick ledt her pussy, i suddenly felt like it wasnt the full me. We started to get dressed, me putting my pants back on, and my shirt, her having to go upstairs to her room to get new clothes, but she let me keep her panties. So when we got going to the sonic, she said,”Anthony, do you want a blowjob?” i said i do. She pulled off the road, and got out. I went over to the driver side Escort Elazığ door, opened it, and got in. Once i had pulled back onto the road, she started to undo my pants. When she pulled my dick out, she started lightly, with kisses on the head, and and light licks down the shaft. Then, she surprised me, by putting my whole dick in her mouth, down as far as she could go. Then, i felt this feeling, as if she opened up the back of her throat, and then she went farther down. She held her head there for about 15 seconds, and then came up, gasping for air. She started to jerk my cock, and came up to me with a kiss. Then, she aent back down on me, and started a full blowjob. I started to grunt, and she started to make little humming noises, making my dick vibrate. It wasnt long after that that i started to feel the urge. Sara must have noticed it too, because she started to go faster, and then, i felt like i was up on cloud 9, flying around, so filled with joy and bliss. When i came back down, i pulled into sonic. When i stopped, i buttoned my jeans, and zipped them up. I pressed the button, and ordered some shakes for my family. The wait was a little bit, so Sara and i started to talk about girls, sex, and how i was doing in school. When the shakes came, i payed the lady, who sat there shocked. I hadnt noticed, but i had a boner, and the shape of my dick was outlined in my pants. Sara leaned towards her and said,”if you like it, he will give you his number so you guys can hook up.” i turned pretty red at this, but she said,”i like it.” so i gave her my number, and learned her name. It was Isabelle. So when i pulled out, she stood there, waving, and said,”i will call you later!!” i smiled at her, and started driving back to my house. When we got back, my siblings were happy to see that something good had happened today. They got ice cream.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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