Sarah and Jenny Ch. 03

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And so it was settled. Despite Jenny’s misgivings, she and Sarah were going to remain lovers. Sarah was delighted that her pretty next-door neighbour was going to be what is crudely described as her fuck-buddy. She had no desire to leave her marriage, and she loved her husband as much as the day they got married, but she knew herself very well and had discovered years ago that she needed her fill of pussy from time to time. She loved the female body, with all its softness and roundness and its wonderful smells and tastes, and to be quite honest, the female body was quite simply sexy in a way the male body was not.

She loved the male body, but in a different way. She loved the hardness of the male, the strength in the muscles, the raw and simply overwhelming power of a strong male body. Her femininity responded in an animalistic way. She wasn’t a timid or shy retiring female by character, but when it came to sex with her man she loved to feel dominated and taken by him.

It was different with Jenny, the sex was different, it was more sharing and intimate and giving. Maybe that was just because they were both the same gender and therefore had the same things to bring to the relationship, rather than entirely different things as was the case in a male-female coupling, but whatever it was she realised she needed both. She needed her man and his hard cock and his forcefulness, and she needed Jenny and her soft wet pussy and her sensitivity.

She did wonder though where their relationship might go as it developed and grew, these things had a tendency to wander into territory not imagined at the beginning. Jenny seemed to be a very innocent woman in many ways, but most people had their dark sides which only became apparent once they were exposed to new situations. The thought of Jenny having a dark side quite excited Sarah.

Jenny found herself in a happy place. Her liaisons with Sarah seemed to have taken the edge off her troubles with Tom. She knew things hadn’t been right for some time, but they had got on with life and produced two more children and were muddling through. Tom seemed happy enough, he didn’t ask much of Jenny as along as she keep the home ticking along. He knew that in some ways Jenny was too good for him, ‘a cut above’ his mother had said, but she chose him so what had he to complain about?

Jenny for her part had found Tom’s honest, almost childlike, approach to life quite appealing after the complex and competitive legal family she had been bought up in, and she had settled for a life which involved children, sporty weekends, fishing and barbeques. That was until Sarah came along.

Sarah… She loved saying her name. Sarah was more the sort of person Jenny should have married – bright, sassy, uninhibited, willing to try new things, aware, sensitive, alive… all the things that Tom was not, and she, Jenny, found appealing. Having sex with another woman had never been on Jenny’s agenda, but somehow it all seemed natural now, and, well, right. Did that make her a lesbian? She still had sex with Tom, and she knew Sarah still had sex with her husband, a lot by the sounds of it. ‘He’s always fucking me,” she had said. So were they lesbians or not?

They obviously had lesbian sex, but did that mean they were lesbians? Did it really matter? Not to Jenny. She was so happy to have this little secret in her life, and such a powerful, astonishing secret at that, that she couldn’t care less what labels belonged to what. She loved having sex with this woman and it made her happy, so what did anything else matter?

One afternoon Tom came home with some news.

“We’ve been asked out to dinner,” he said.

“Have we? Who by?” said Jenny, a little surprised. They didn’t have a lot of friends and dinner parties were not something they had much experience of.

“Sarah next door,” said Tom.

Jenny thrilled at the sound of her lover’s name. “Sarah? Well that’s a surprise. Does she say why?”

Tom pulled an envelope out of his jacket pocket and handed it to Jenny.

“It’s Dave’s 50th birthday on Saturday. She’s having a shindig.”

“A shindig?” said Jenny. “What’s that?”

“A party, a do, you know, a shindig.” Tom was smiling.

Jenny opened the envelope and took out a card. On the front was a photograph of a woman wearing a short black skirt, a white blouse and black black stockings, looking directly at the viewer with a caption “I’ll take no excuses – come or there’ll be trouble.”

“Racy card!” said Tom.

“Hmm,” mumbled Jenny. Her heart was beating fast as she opened the card.

Inside in elegant handwriting was a message.

“Please please come to dinner to celebrate Dave’s big milestone – 50!

We’d love you to join us – it would be so nice to catch up.”

Then there was the date and time and address, and at the bottom it said “Dress – appropriately.”

“Well?” said Tom.

Jenny closed the card. “Well what?” she said.

“Shall we go?” said Tom.

Jenny felt nervous. çankaya escort Excited, but nervous. Wasn’t this a bit risky? What was Sarah thinking? Suppose something came out about them? Some little comment after a bottle of wine that would give them away. Dave already knew that Sarah was sleeping with a woman, surely he’d get suspicious? But then, they couldn’t not go, that would look suspicious too.

“Do you want to go?” said Tom, holding out his hand to take back the card. He opened it again. “What does ‘Dress Appropriately’ mean”?

“Appropriate means in the right way, the correct way,” said Jenny.

“I know what appropriate means, I mean what does appropriate dress mean for a dinner party for a 50 year old?”

“Oh I see, sorry.”

“I’m not stupid, you know. But dinner parties are more your scene than mine, I don’t think I’ve ever been to one. Not a formal one like this one sounds.”

Jenny looked at her husband. “Oh, just smart casual I suppose.”

“What, tie and jacket?” said Tom.

“I’ll wear a nice dress,” said Jenny.

“So we’ll go then? You could wear your blue dress. You look good in that.”

Jenny nodded. She was thinking of her little black dress.

“Yes, we’ll go. It’ll be fun. I don’t have a blue dress, Tom.”

The next day there was a small brown envelope in the mailbox addressed to Jenny. Her pulse raced when she recognised the handwriting on the envelope. Sarah’s.

She carried the mail into the kitchen and threw the letters on to the table. She took out a small kitchen knife and carefully slit open the brown envelope, being careful not to disturb Sarah’s writing. Inside the envelope was a plastic sealable bag, and inside that was…some black material. Jenny’s heart raced. She unzipped the plastic bag, and slid a finger inside. She could feel a very light material, like nylon. She rubbed it. She smiled.

She withdrew her finger, raised the plastic bag to her nose, and took a long, careful sniff. She had to sit down. The smell was faint but unmistakable. She smiled even more. She put her hand into the plastic bag and slowly pulled out the folded item, which she placed in the palm of her hand. It was Sarah’s black knickers, the ones she wore that day when they first got together, that delicious morning not so long ago.

Jenny unfolded the material until she had the garment lying in her hand. She stared at it. Then she raised it to her nose and inhaled again. Ahh, the delightful, delicious smell of Sarah’s pussy! Wonderful! She then lay it on the table top, unable to take her eyes off it, and put her hand back into the brown envelope. Inside was a card.

The front of the card was a big, red lipstick pair of lips, which Jenny first took to be a print until she looked closely and she realised it was actually real lipstick. Sarah must have done this herself! Inside the card there were some words in Sarah’s handwriting.

“Remember these? I have been wearing them for two days just for you. I want you to wear them for two days too, Friday and then Saturday to the dinner. We’ll have to find a quiet moment so I can kiss them off you… Sxx”

Jenny looked down at the knickers, and then back to the card. She put her finger onto the cotton part of the material – it’s called the gusset, isn’t it? – and gently rubbed. Then she pushed her finger inside the knickers and turned them inside out, so that the part where Sarah’s pussy would have been in contact with the material was uppermost. There were two white stains. Pussy stains. From Sarah’s own pussy!

She just sat and stared, stroking the material and the white stains and wondering why, how, she had come to this! Intoxicated by another woman’s underwear! Life was bizarre. She shook her head. Bizarre, but quite quite wonderful.

Something made her turn her head and look towards the kitchen window. Perhaps it was the thought of Sarah, brought on by the sight and smell of her knickers? Jenny stood up and looked through her window into Sarah’s kitchen. There Sarah was, standing on her kitchen table, her arms above her head, gyrating slowly to music that Jenny couldn’t hear.

She twisted her body this way, then that, she bent over and wiggled her bottom, then stood tall and flexed her hips, she held her two hands above her head, and then waved them to one side then the other. Jenny was so transfixed watching her friend that she hadn’t consciously noted to herself, even though she must have registered it with her eyes, that Sarah was utterly and totally naked.

The dance continued. Sarah looked at Jenny through the two windows, and then blew her a big kiss from her wide smiling lips. Jenny could see that Sarah’s lips were dark blood red. She had seen those lips somewhere before! She reached down and picked up Sarah’s card, and she held it up next to her own lips and blew a kiss back. Sarah mimed that she received it, by tapping her hand against her pussy. She laughed.

Jenny held Sarah’s keçiören escort knickers above her head and swirled them round and round in her own style of dance, and when Sarah pointed at them with delight, Jenny brought them down and sank her face into them. Sarah sent her another kiss, and a big wide smile.

Then Sarah disappeared from view. She must have climbed down off the table, but she wasn’t gone long before she was back, and this time she had something in her hand. She started her dance again, and held her hand up to show Jenny what she was holding. Jenny couldn’t make out what it was. It was long, and green. Green? Sarah flew it around her head a few times, then brought it to a rest between her breasts. Against the pale colour of her skin Jenny could make out what it was… but surely not? What would her friend be doing with a… cucumber?

Jenny made a face to let Sarah know she didn’t understand, but Sarah was already moving onto the next stage of her dance. She slowly lowered the cucumber down between her breasts, an inch at a time, then down across her stomach, slowly slowly, gyrating her hips and swaying her body all the while. The cucumber reached the top of her mons, where she had a small strip of hair, and at the same time she started squatting and standing, squatting and standing, lowering the cucumber a little more each time. Suddenly Jenny realised what was going to happen, and she put her hand to her mouth and shook her head. Sarah returned her gaze, and nodded her head.

Sarah’s other hand found its way between her legs and Jenny watched astonished and mesmerised as she ran a finger along and into her pussy, then along and in again, then she bought the cucumber all the way down her pussy, tip first, right down to the bottom, she turned it around and in one long thrust she pushed the cucumber into her pussy and squatted down all in the one movement. Jenny gasped.

She watched Sarah’s eyes close, and she saw the cucumber emerge only to be thrust back in again. And again. Sarah started to ride the cucumber, up and down she went, she stood up then sat down, each time the cucumber entering then exiting her beautiful pussy, she was obviously enjoying the experience by the look on her face. Her eyes were closed. Her spare hand was employed at the top of her pussy, and Jenny could tell that her middle finger had found her clitoris and was working it. What a sight! Her beautiful lover fucking herself with a vegetable! That’s one for the grandkids, Jenny thought, bursting into laughter.

But her laughter was short lived. Out of the corner of her eye she saw a car pull into the driveway. She looked across and to her horror she saw Sarah’s husband Dave get out. She looked back to Sarah and tried waving at her but Sarah was too engrossed in her activity, she had her eyes closed and was clearly in her own little world. Oh God, thought Jenny. She saw Dave walk round the front of the house and disappear.

She knew the front door was only a few feet from the kitchen, so any minute now Sarah would be discovered. In an instant Jenny decided there was nothing she could do so she quickly stepped to one side to hide herself from view to the side of the kitchen window, behind the curtain. She could watch without being seen.

For some reason she suddenly became self-conscious, so she scooped up Sarah’s card and the envelope and the plastic bag and Sarah’s knickers, and she tucked them all behind the Nigelissima cookbook on the shelf next to her. Then she had second thoughts and she retrieved the knickers, which she put to her nose for a smell, then held in her hand, like some sort of security blanket. Or perhaps it just made her feel closer to Sarah.

In the time Jenny was sorting herself out, things had happened in the kitchen opposite. Sarah was no longer on the table fucking herself, in fact Jenny could not see Sarah at all. Dave was certainly there, she could see him standing leaning against the oven. He was talking across the room, where, presumably, Sarah was. Poor Sarah! Poor darling Sarah!

Imagine being discovered on your own kitchen table with a cucumber in your pussy! Fucking yourself! Tom would…well, Jenny had no idea how Tom would react, this was so outside the realm of anything he could imagine. Dave was a more enlightened man, but even so. The humiliation of it all! Poor Sarah.

Then something extraordinary happened. Sarah reappeared from the other side of the kitchen. She was still naked, and she was carrying the cucumber in one hand above her head like a weapon, like a club. She strode up to Dave, raised the cucumber as high as she could, and brought it down on Dave’s head with what looked like a blood-curdling yell. Jenny gasped.

The cucumber broke in two, one part shot off to one side and demolished the some plastic containers, the other part remained in Sarah’s hand. Dave and Sarah stood glaring at each other eye to eye, barely six inches apart. Jenny held her breath, etimesgut escort and put her hand over her mouth in surprise. Would they come to blows? Was Dave really angry? Jenny feared for her friend.

She needn’t have, for the next moment Dave’s face lit up and he burst into laughter. Sarah followed suit, and in no time they were locked together laughing their heads off, arms around each other’s shoulders, both shuddering from the laughing that was wracking their bodies. Jenny couldn’t hear anything, but she could imagine the noise coming from that kitchen.

She breathed and relaxed, and after a moment watching her friend and her man together, she started crying. She didn’t really know why, it just came to her and she indulged herself.

Then things changed again. Jenny watched as the laughing subsided and gave way to kisses, long, deep kisses between Sarah and Dave. Dave’s hands were all over Sarah’s back and hair, he pulled her head back and kissed her neck, she in turn started tearing at his clothes and Jenny watched in astonishment as her friend ripped the clothes off her man, leaving him as naked as she was.

Sarah stood back and admired her handiwork, then turned her back on him and lay herself across the table. Sarah opened her legs as far as she could, and grasped the table with both her hands. She was offering herself to Dave.

Without any hesitation Dave stepped forward, grasped his large erect cock in one hand, and guided himself into his wife. He went in slowly but he went in in one push as far as he could go. “Fuck her,” whispered Jenny as she watched the show. “Fuck her, fuck her!”

As if he could hear her, Dave started his slow rhythmic thrusts and he began the long slow business of fucking his wife. Jenny watched on from behind her curtain, intent on seeing every movement and expression from the two of them. She had never seen two people fucking before. She rather liked it.

“What’s so fascinating?” said a voice from behind Jenny. Before she could react Tom was standing right behind her. She didn’t speak or turn around. There were some moments of silence as the two of them watched the show opposite which was gaining in intensity. Jenny couldn’t move, she was terrified. Her heart was thumping in her ears. She thought for a moment that she might faint, she came over all weak and shivery, her eyes began to spot and lose focus. Then she felt a hand on her waist.

“You like that, do you?”

What could she say? Whatever she said would be the wrong thing, Tom wouldn’t understand, no doubt he’d be disgusted and leave her. What could she say?

“You’re home early,” was what she did say. Tom’s hand grasped the other side of her waist. They were both still staring at Dave and Sarah fucking in the house across the way. Sarah’s breasts were swaying with the rhythm of the action, loose as they were as she leant on her elbows on the table, and Dave was pulling out so far that the watchers could clearly see almost the entire length of his cock as he went about his work. “Not much bigger than Tom’s” was the thought that came into Jenny’s head. It’s odd the things that come to mind at times.

“I ran into Dave at the service station,” said Tom. He paused. “Not a bad cock on that man,” he said. Jenny was so shocked that she didn’t react. Tom went on.

“Yeah, so he said he was going home early to spend time with Sarah. He said he likes spending time with Sarah.” Tom paused. “I can see that,” he said. Jenny could feel one of Tom’s hands creeping down the side of her waist, and slowly start making its way across her belly.

“So I thought to myself,” he continued, “bugger it, I’ll do the same. I haven’t been home early for ages. I’ll surprise my wife.” His hand had reached the fold in Jenny’s wraparound, and with a flick of his finger he lifted he material and inched his hand under her skirt and onto her knickers. Jenny gasped.

“Cos you see, I like spending time with my wife too.” Tom’s hand moved slowly down the front of Jenny’s knickers, and then one finger found its way to the edge of the material where it met her leg. “And I was wondering,” he said, “if she likes spending time with me.” The finger suddenly pushed its way under the elastic of the knickers and into Jenny’s pussy.

In the other room Dave suddenly stopped. He grabbed Sarah and pulled her upright, spun her round, lifted her back onto the table, pushed her backwards, grabbed both her knees with his hands, pulled her legs apart, then stepped forward and, without any assistance or guidance, plunged his cock back into her pussy. Sarah pulled her legs back as far as she could and they started fucking again, harder and more urgently than before.

Tom moved his finger up and down Jenny’s pussy. “Wet,” he said. “But is that for me, or from that?” he said, indicating with a nod the goings-on in the kitchen opposite.

Jenny could find no words. She had never known her husband to behave like this before, but then she had never been in this situation before either, so she was at a loss as to how to behave herself. Fortunately Tom came to her rescue in the most unexpected way.

“But then who cares?” he said. He withdrew his hand from between her legs, grasped her by the shoulders, spun her round so that she was facing him, and said the words he used so often when he wanted pleasuring – “Blowjob”.

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