Sarah Has Feelings, Too

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“Well, what do we have here?” a woman’s voice said in a loud voice.

“What… what..?” I mumbled as I awoke from a drowsy, satiated nap.

“What the hell is going on?” the voice repeated.

My eyes opened to see Kat, the woman whom I had met on the internet and had begun a year long sexual affair with. She was standing in the doorway of the bedroom, looking sexy as always, casual summer clothes clinging to her womanly body in all the right ways.

My heart stopped when I heard a squeaking noise next to me. My naked 18-year-old daughter Sarah was lying next to me.

“Oh god..” Sarah said as she pulled the sheet over her head.

“Well, uhh…. “ I stammered. “I uhhh … ohh fuck…”

“Hmm?” Kat asked again, the beginnings of a sly smile beginning to appear on her face.

“Busted” I said, a smile also growing on my face.

“I guess”, said Kat, “Did you forget we were going to the lake today?” Her husband, “The Jerk” as she fondly called him, had gone fishing with his buddies, but Kat knew the kind of fish they were angling for. Not that she cared, on the contrary, she saw it as a way to spend a leisurely, sex filled weekend with me.

“Oh god” a muffled voice said next to me. Sarah had always been a bitch around Kat. For Kat’s part, she thought Sarah’s jealousy was cute which only tended to piss Sarah off even more. Kat had told me she knew Sarah didn’t want to share her Daddy with anybody and saw Kat quite clearly as a threat.

Kat had frequently teased me about how sexy Sarah was. As the last year had unfolded, I had privately begun to agree with her. Thus had begun the series of events, which had literally climaxed with my finally fucking Sarah the night before. When awakened by Kat, I was dozing after having just deposited a thick load of cum in Sarah’s delectable ass.

“Well,” I sighed with a smirk on my face. “Yeah I guess I did. Something just came up”.

“I guess” Kat repeated, laughing.

“Bitch” came Sarah’s reaction from under the sheet.

“Sarah!” I snapped. “Apologize to Kat!”

“Like hell” came the muffled response.

I yanked the sheet down, exposing Sarah’s young, beautiful, naked body as well as my own, cock languid but still aroused from the morning’s visit to Sarah’s ass.

“That’s it, young Lady” I said parentally. I sat up in the bed and pulled Sarah hard across my lap. This is how it had started last night, a thought which did occur to me, as my palm came hard on Sarah’s luscious full ass.

“OUCH!” Sarah screamed, “DADDY DON’T….”

SMACK! Another hard spank came down on her ass, in seconds leaving a clear hand print in red.

“You will apologize to Kat” I said firmly. When there was no response, except for her wiggling around, my hand came down yet again.


“Oh My” I heard Kat murmur. I glanced up at her. She obviously enthralled by the spectacle before her. Her fingers were already beginning to trail over her own body as she stared at Sarah. When she glanced up to make eye contact with me, with both smiled.

SMACK! SMACK! My hand came down in quick secession. This time there was a whimper from Sarah. I recognized it from the night before.

“I think Sarah likes being spanked”, I said to Kat.

“I think so too” said Kat in a low sexy voice, her hands now starting to move across her breasts and down to her pussy. I knew Kat dabbled in BDSM, while mostly a submissive to me, she also loved to be a dom with women.

“Do you like being spanked, Sarah?” I asked in a calm voice, as my hand cracked down SLAP on her now flaming red ass again.

“OOOoooohhh” altyazılı porno was Sarah’s only response but she was obviously writhing with each spank.

“I asked you a question, Sarah!” I said firmly.

My next spank came down even harder. It caused her hips to jump off my lap.

“OWWWW!” squealed Sarah but a moan and obvious squirming almost immediately followed it.

“Yes, Daddy” she said in a little girl’s voice.
“YES, WHAT?” I roared.

“I love to be spanked by you, Daddy” she said, tears forming while her hips rotated on my lap.

She wasn’t the only one turned on by the spanking. There was nothing half hard about my cock now, as it pressed hard into Sarah’s abdomen as she writhed about.

Kat was leaning back against the doorway, openly fondling herself through her clothes.

“How about that apology, now Sarah” I intoned, the lust heavy in my voice.

“I am sorry, Kat”, Sarah said meekly.

SMACK! My hand came down hard again.

“Owwww Daddy Please….” Sarah cried but her pussy was grinding against me.

“I don’t think that is good enough,” I said. “Do you Kat?”

Kat just shook her while continuing to play with herself over her clothes.

“Go over to Miss Kat and apologize properly” I said standing up and pulling Sarah with me.

“Go apologize” I said firmly, my hard cock sticking out from me.

Sarah started to walk slowly over to Kat.

“ON YOUR KNEES, SLUT”, I ordered.

Sarah whimpered but sank to her knees and began shuffling over to Kat who had slipped her hand down the front of her shorts and was playing with her pussy.

I stroked my hard cock as I watched my daughter struggle across the room, her breasts bouncing, her ass emblazoned from my spanking. Damn she was hot.

By the time she had made it over to Kat, she was staring at Kat’s hand moving in the front of her shorts.

“I’m sorry, Ms. Kat” Sarah quietly, now kneeling directly in front of Kat, not a foot from Kat’s moving hand.

“Kiss my hand, Sarah” Kat said, pulling it out of her shorts and holding in front of Sarah’s face.

Sarah hesitated.

“DO IT!” I growled in a low voice.

Sarah quickly took Kat’s hand and gave it quick peck.

“Not good enough” Kat said evenly, “Lick it”

Sarah moaned softly and glanced back at me. I just stared coldly at her as I casually stroked my cock.

Sarah grabbed Kat’s hand and stuck it into her mouth and began sucking on it.

The room was dead quiet except for the sound of Sarah sucking Kat’s fingers followed by a quick moan from her. Sarah had begun to play with her own pussy.

“Oh god” I heard Kat say. “What a hot little slut she is”.

“Oh yes,” I agreed as Sarah continued to suck Kat’s fingers and play with herself.

“Take Kat’s shorts off, Sarah”, I said walking up behind her.

Sarah moaned again and reached up and pulled down Kat’s short’s revealing black thong panties.

“Very good, Sarah” I said as I stood next to her and stroked her face with my cock, the pre-cum streaking across her cheek.

I leaned over and kissed Kat and felt Sarah’s lips around my cock.

“oooohhhhh” I heard myself say.

I gently pulled my cock out of her mouth.

“Now take off her panties, Sarah”, I said quietly.

Kat and I both stared intently as Sarah bent close and slowly pulled Kat’s panties down.

Kat’s shaved pussy was glistening and heavy lipped only inches from Sarah’s face. Sarah was staring at the deep pink pussy before her, Kat’s clit already amatör porno hard and exposed. Sarah’s fingers were alternately rubbing her own clit and dipping into her pussy as she stared at Kat, her face flushed.

“Lick her”, I said slowly in a deep voice.

Sarah moaned and brought her face forward, tongue out finally touching Kat’s pussy.
Kat spread her legs as she leaned against the door jam giving Sarah more access to her.

“Eat me Sarah”, I heard Kat say, her voice also heavy with lust. She grabbed Sarah’s head with both hands and pressed it into her pussy. There were simultaneous groans from both Kat and Sarah.

Sarah started licking and sucking Kat with a vengeance, smearing her face in Kat’s now soaking pussy. I could hardly breathe. My cock was rock hard, pre-cum now coming out continuously.

I leaned over and kissed Kat deeply again, my cock pressing against Sarah’s face. She turned, giving the head of my cock a long slow suck in her mouth. She went back to feasting on Kat, while taking my cock in her hand and began jerking me off.

Kat’s hand was on the back of Sarah’s head, gently playing with her hair as she licked and sucked Kat’s pussy.

I helped Kat pull off her top, exposing her black bra and her beautiful, full womanly breasts. I quickly removed her bra, bent and took one of Kat’s nipples in my mouth, my own hand joining hers on the back of Sarah’s head. I suddenly wanted to see more.

I reached down and pulled Sarah up to her feet, her face a frown of disappointment as she stared at Kat’s shaved pussy.

I held up one of Kat’s breasts to Sarah. Sarah lowered her face and began sucking on Kat’s long, hard brown nipples.

Kat reached down and began to fondle Sarah’s young breasts, as Sarah sucked noisily on hers.

Kat kissed me again and in a deep, husky voice said “I want to see you fuck her, I want to see you fuck your own daughter”.

I moaned into Kat’s mouth as Sarah moaned herself, Kat’s big, hard nipple between her sucking lips.

I led them both over to Sarah’s bed and lay down on my back. I stared at the two naked women standing next to me.

“Somebody better fuck me”, I said after a few seconds while everyone took in the intense erotic atmosphere heavy on us.

Sarah quickly jumped on me and began kissing and rubbing her beautiful young body on top of me. As we kissed and squirmed against each other, I felt Kat’s hand on my cock, as she first teased Sarah’s pussy with it, then put it against Sarah’s lower lips. A quick thrust of my hips and I was in her again. I was fucking my daughter again. I was fucking Sarah.

Sarah sat up and began moving herself on me, my cock hard and deep in her pussy, her clit hard and pressed against me.

I was so turned on I knew I would not last long despite having cum in Sarah’s ass earlier in the day.

“I brought my toys, you know” I heard Kat say.

I looked over to see Kat holding up a strap-on dildo. She obviously had plans for the beach.

I smiled at her. Sarah was lost in her own world, rubbing herself on me. Kat reached over and grabbed her hair, roughly turning her face toward her. She bent over and kissed Sarah, her tongue obviously in her mouth. I almost came.

Stepping back, she quickly stepped into the dildo harness and pulled the straps tight, the six inch dildo bouncing obscenely in front of her.. She again grabbed Sarah’s hair pulling her mouth down to the dildo. Sarah sucked it in like it was my cock. I could almost feel it.

She rubbed the base of the dildo against her clit, staring arap porno at Sarah sucking it. She suddenly pulled the dildo out of Sarah’s mouth.

Sarah startled eyes followed every move of Kat, staring at her with lust crazed eyes and open mouth as she continued to fuck herself on my cock. She stared as Kat feigned masturbating the dildo, producing a small plastic bottle of lubricant, which she used to thoroughly cover the dildo.

As Sarah’s her eyes followed her, Kat got on the bed behind Sarah.

Her fingers coated with lubricant, Kat stuck first one, then two into Sarah’s still tender ass. Sarah closed her eyes and moaned. I felt Kat’s finger inside of Sarah against my cock.

I felt Kat’s other hand also lathered up with lubricant begin to fondle my balls. I was really close but I was trying not to cum.

“Ooohhhhh” I heard Sarah moan again as both my cock and Kat’s fingers filled her.

Looking over at Sarah’s shoulder at Kat, I saw her pulling hard on her own nipples, her eyes focused on Sarah’s ass.

“OHHHHHHHHHhhhhh” Sarah said even louder as I felt the hard dildo enter her ass and press against my cock.

“I am so fucking stuffed” Sarah managed to say with clenched teeth. But she began to move against me again, rubbing her clit against my abdomen.

“How do you like me now?” I heard Kat mutter as she began to pound Sarah’s ass with her dildo.

For several minutes there nothing but grunts and groans as the pace of fucking began to accelerate. I watched as Sarah rode my cock and Kat as she fucked Sarah.

Sarah came first and hard.

“FUCK………. DADDY FUCK ME ……FUCK MY ASS”, Sarah screamed as both Kat and I continued to pound into her. I watched as the blush rose from her beautiful breasts up to her face…. She tried to stop with each wave, but Kat and I had other ideas.

“Agggggghhhhh YES FUCK ME…… AHHHHhhhhhhh” Sarah continued moan and scream as her orgasms rippled through her again.

“OHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhh Fuck” I groaned as the first load of cum throbbed into Sarah as her pussy spasmed on my cock.

In seconds, I heard Kat’s distinctive low guttural moan as her pleasure found her. The hard dildo rubbing against her clit as she fucked Sarah in the ass finally put her over… She reached around and grabbed Sarah’s breasts and squeezed them hard…. Sarah was still cumming hard herself and gripped Kat’s hands, as they pulled hard on her young breasts.

Through my own eruption, I watched in awe. Kat would pause as each wave hit her and followed by another thrust into Sarah, which would send them off again. Even as my cock began to subside, Kat and Sarah were feeding each other’s orgasms.

“OH GOD FUCK MY ASS…”, Sarah screamed yet one more time. Kat began to slap Sarah’s ass as she continue to ride her dildo into Sarah.

Again Kat’s body shook with her own orgasm, “ahhhggggggg” she groaned.

At last, they began to slow. Sarah arched her back against Kat, the dildo still deep in her ass, my cock still half hard in her pussy. Kat was running her hands over the Sarah’s breasts and tummy as she pulled Sarah against her, pushing her own hard nipples into Sarah’s back.

Kat began to nibble on Sarah’s neck, and giving her little kisses. Sarah turned her head and their lips came together in a long, sensuous kiss.

Finally, Kat let the dildo slide out of Sarah’s ass and they collapsed on either side of me.
I pulled them to me and cuddled them in my arms. Sarah continued to sigh as she began to idly play with my softened cock. Kat nuzzled against me, kissing my neck, her dildo still sticking up and glistening from fucking Sarah’s ass.

In the half sleep drowsy world of after sex, I gently played my fingers across the naked warm body of my both my daughter and my lover; now…. Sarah’s lover. It seems Sarah has discovered new feelings of her own.

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