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When I first met Sarah, the day she interviewed to work in my office, I was immediately struck by her beauty. She was 23, fresh out of college, and her obvious physical gifts were matched by a confidence that made her the easy choice for the job, which was essentially to be my assistant.

She was about 5’2″, petite and very fit, the result, I soon learned, of her daily early-morning workouts at the gym. She wore her wavy, light-brown hair at shoulder length. Her smile was a lovely one, always accompanied by a twinkle in her brown eyes and adorable dimples on her cheeks. Her perfectly proportioned body – perky tits, a tight ass – meant that she looked great in anything she chose to wear, whether it was jeans on a casual Friday or business-casual attire for a meeting.

I knew my boss, John, would be pleased when I hired her, because she met his two most important criteria: she was competent, and she was hot. See, John and I went way back, both professionally and personally. It had been about five years since he hired me, fresh out of college like Sarah was now, to assist him as he got his start-up company off the ground.

We had quickly found that we had an excellent working relationship; I was able to anticipate his every need, and my skills exactly matched those things that John didn’t particularly enjoy doing. In other words, I was able to take care of the day-to-day details of the business so that John could concentrate on more important things, such as expanding the business into new areas and recruiting new clients.

He also appreciated my discretion as I began to serve some of his, um, other needs during the work day. I was more than happy to oblige, as I’d had a huge crush on John since the day I met him. It was only a few months after I started working for him that he first called me into his office, closed the door, and a few minutes later I ended up on my knees, sucking him off right there in his office. In the years since, we had maintained an effective professional relationship, making sure the the company was thriving, but we had also developed a hot and kinky sexual relationship as well.

It didn’t take long after I’d hired Sarah for John to start teasing me about how she was younger and perkier than I was. I was, after all, 28 to her 23. I tried pointing out that he was 45, and therefore might not be one to talk, but that only resulted in a spanking session in his office. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t mind this one bit; this was one of our favorite games: John meting out punishment for even the smallest of transgressions on my part. But Sarah’s presence in the office added a new dimension to our activities; John made no secret of his attraction for her, and took every opportunity rib me – often as I was pleasuring him – about how he wished he could feel her perky tits, or spank her tight little ass, instead of mine.

I was much taller than Sarah – 5’7″ – and had always been a bit jealous of women who were more petite. Don’t get me wrong, I know I’m hot as well, with my long blonde hair, big blue eyes, and perfect C-cup tits, but I did have to admit that John’s teasing sometimes got to me. But there was no denying that Sarah was incredibly hot, cute, and in absolutely perfect physical condition, and I knew it was probably only a matter of time before he pursued her.

Two weeks ago, I scheduled a meeting with Sarah to discuss how things were going with her position and her performance. Just before the meeting, I went into John’s office for a pep talk. Why the pep talk? Well, I tend to avoid confrontation, and therefore sometimes have trouble telling people when they aren’t doing a good job. John doesn’t have this problem, because he has an easy time putting it in the perspective of what’s best for the business and the bottom line.

“It’s not personal, Kaitlin, it’s business. It’s great if 95% of her performance is strong, but you still need to address that other 5%. Sarah’s smart and energetic, she’s certainly capable of improving if you give her the opportunity. Just think of what I might say to you, and you’ll be fine.”

“So, you want me to threaten to spank her if she doesn’t improve?”

John smiled, pulled me close to him, pinched my left nipple hard, and said, “Well, you might want to lead up to that.”

I went into the meeting with Sarah wet, my left nipple still tingling from John’s expert touch. I beat around the bush for a little while, praising Sarah for this and that, before finally getting to a few areas of concern. She was surprisingly receptive, asked lots of questions, and promised to do better in the future. All in all, I felt as though the meeting was very successful, and proudly reported to John that I was confident that the few issues I’d had with Sarah would be resolved.

A week later, I discovered that some of the mistakes I had confronted Sarah about were still taking place. A few of John’s appointments had not been confirmed, causing him great frustration, and there were still some issues with late billing. All bursa escort in all, Sarah was handling a large workload with great capability, but these isolated slip-ups were really beginning to frustrate me. After all, any poor performance on her part would reflect on me, as her supervisor.

I pulled Sarah aside later that day and confronted her with the errors I had found in her work.

“Sarah, we talked about this, and you said you would come to me with any questions or concerns, but you haven’t, and the problems are still there. What can we do to resolve this?”

It was then that I saw a side of Sarah I hadn’t before – a willingness to take on a defensive tone and then question the validity of my concerns.

“Oh, but I did confirm those appointments, I swear. And I thought you said you were going to finish up those invoices for me; remember, that was the day I had a doctor’s appointment.”

I was so surprised to see this kind of attitude from Sarah, especially that she would even go so far as to blame me for her mistake. I decided it was time to put my foot down.

“I’m surprised to hear you take that tone with me, Sarah. I won’t be able to help you improve your performance if you don’t take responsibility for your mistakes.”

Sarah blushed and her eyes fell, obviously embarrassed for snapping at me. “I’m sorry, Kaitlin.”

“I appreciate that, Sarah, but what’s really important is that we get these issues resolved as soon as possible so that they don’t impact the business. Why don’t we plan to talk with John later this afternoon; I know he has an hour free on his calendar.”

“OK, Kaitlin, no problem. Sorry again.”

“Please don’t be sorry, let’s just focus our energy on improving. I’ll brief John at 2, why don’t you plan to join us at 2:30?”

I went into John’s office, closing the door behind me, a few minutes before two. He motioned for me to sit down while he finished up a phone call, and I considered one of the chairs across from his desk, but finally settled on the huge leather sofa on the other side of the room.

A few minutes later, John hung up his phone and walked across the room, joining me on the sofa. “So,” he said with a smile, “how about you fill me in on the situation with Sarah, and meanwhile, I’ll fill you with something as well?”

“Sounds like a plan,” was all I was able to get out before gasping as he grabbed my tits and used them to pull me close. I unzipped his slacks and pulled out his soft cock, which quickly began to harden in my hands as I began stroking him.

While stroking his cock with one hand and fondling his balls with the other, I shared with him how defensive Sarah had been, how disappointed I was, and how I hoped he could help the situation. I guessed he’d heard all he needed to when he firmly pulled me down so that I had no choice but to take his now rock-hard cock into my mouth.

I kept one hand on the base of his cock and the other on his balls as I sucked his full length – he was about 7 inches when erect – deep into my mouth, holding him there for a moment before beginning a steady up and down motion. In between satisfied moans, he shared his fantasy about the appropriate punishment for Sarah’s behavior. Spankings, tortuous attention to her nipples and inner thighs, hair pulling, all were part of his fantasy. I knew the fantasy could probably never come true, but it certainly was a turn on to listen to him talk about it, and his words spurred me on to suck him off with even more intense passion.

Whispering in my ear, he said, “We only have a few more moments before Sarah knocks on that door. Do you think you can make me cum?”

“Hmmmm,” was all that came out as I tried to answer in the affirmative without letting him out of my mouth.

“Good girl, that’s it, just like that.”

He grabbed my hair tightly in his fingers as I intensified my speed once again, and then struggled to keep up a steady rhythm as he began to jerk beneath me. After a few last strokes, I felt him jerk one last time, before shooting a huge load of cum deep into my throat. It was all I could do to keep it all in my mouth – one of our most important rules for these office encounters, so as not to leave any evidence dribbling down my chin.

I had just pulled away from him and watched as he re-zipped his slacks when I heard the expected knock at the door.

“Enter,” John said, using his most authoritative and formal voice.

Sarah entered, meekly, and somewhat awkwardly chose a chair next to John’s desk, quite a distance from the sofa where John and I still remained. As she sat down, her knee-length business skirt slid up a few inches, and then even further up her thigh as she crossed her legs. I’m sure she noticed as both John and I stole glances.

“So,” John said loudly enough to cause Sarah to sit up straighter in her chair. “I understand we have a few issues here. Nothing that can’t be resolved efficiently, I’m sure. What do you think, Sarah?”

“Well, um, I’m just so embarrassed bursa escort bayan about the way I talked to Kaitlin earlier. I’m really sorry.”

“I’m sure Kaitlin appreciates your apology, Sarah, but that doesn’t really get at the heart of the issue. I understand there are still some mistakes that need to be resolved. I expect my employees to strive for perfection, and it doesn’t sound like you’ve been doing that. What do you think would be an appropriate punishment?”

Sarah raised an eyebrow at the word ‘punishment’, and then surprised the hell out of me with her next comment.

“What do you mean, like a spanking?”

I would have thought it was a joke meant to ease the obvious tension in the room, except there wasn’t a hint of a smile on Sarah’s face, and she still sat at attention, back straight, legs crossed, proper as could be, facing John and waiting for his reaction. I was so shocked I couldn’t have possibly formed a coherent sentence, but John had no problem keeping his cool.

“Well, that could be arranged.” The room fell silent for a few moments. After getting no objection from Sarah, John continued, “Who do you think should do the spanking?”

“Oh, um, well, I assumed it would be you, John.”

“Are you sure that would be most appropriate, Sarah? After all, Kaitlin is your supervisor.”

John looked at me, his eyes sparkling as they did only when he was most turned on, but otherwise maintaining his professional demeanor.

“Um, yes,” I stammered before gaining my composure, “I think that sounds like a good plan.”

I stood up, walked over to Sarah, took her hand, and led her over to the sofa. I positioned her willing body so that she was bent over John’s knee, her forearms on the arm of the sofa, her legs spread just slightly, and then meekly swatted her ass. John gave me a disappointed look, so I made another effort, swatting her harder this time, so that she squirmed and let out a tiny squeal.

“I don’t think this is going to be sufficient, Kaitlin,” John said, “perhaps I should take over.”

He reached up, grabbed her skirt and roughly pulled it up so that her silky black panties were completely exposed, and slapped her ass firmly with a flat hand, making a sound at least five times louder than my spanking had done. Sarah tried to move, but John pushed her back into position.

“I don’t think you understand, Sarah. This is going to be a punishment you will remember. I want it to stick with you as a reminder of what I expect of you, and the respect you owe Kaitlin. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir,” Sarah moaned, the tone of her voice making clear that she understood his authority, and also that she was enjoying the attention just enough that had no intention of trying to stop the activity.

He swatted her a few more times, then turned to me and said, “I think it’s time we remove those panties, don’t you, Kaitlin?”

I blushed, but feeling no resistance from Sarah as I wrapped my fingers around the waist of her panties, I pulled them down past her hips, watching as the fabric pulled away from her wet pussy. As her panties fell to the floor, I couldn’t help but to reach up and touch her, my fingers exploring the folds of her pussy lips. She responded immediately, grinding gently against my hand, as John watched and then began spanking her again, several times in rapid succession, very hard.

Just as I wondered how much more of this she could take, John took her gently by the arms and pushed her down to the floor, positioning her on her knees with her face and hands in his lap, then quickly unzipping his slacks once again. She needed no instruction to pull out his cock and began giving it attention with both her hands and mouth.

Meanwhile, John wordlessly motioned for me to position myself behind Sarah. I began fingering her again, this time inserting one, then two, fingers as deep as I could into her pussy. Remembering that I was supposed to be punishing her, I pulled out of her just as she began grinding against my fingers. She groaned in disappointment, but continued her motions up and down on John’s cock.

“Good girl, Sarah. Now, I think you need a bit more punishment,” John said as he reached down with both hands, pulled her tits out of the cups of her bra, and began kneading them and pinching her nipples. She pulled up off of his cock in protest, complaining in a whiny voice, “Oh, that hurts, my nipples are so sensitive!!”

“Good, Sarah, I’m glad it hurts. Let’s see if you can learn a little discipline. Get back to work on my cock before I pinch them even harder!”

I then began stroking her clit with my fingers, pinching her occasionally, but never giving her the pleasure of actually entering her. She was moaning and writhing now, on the verge of cumming but never quite able to reach her climax as John and I both tortured her. I looked up at John and could see in his eyes that it wouldn’t be much longer before he would cum.

He let go of her tits and moved his hands to her head, gently escort bursa winding his fingers through her hair so that he could control her motions on his cock with gentle tugs. I pulled up closer to her, keeping one hand on her clit and the outside of her pussy, and moving my other hand to her tits, alternating between the two of them, kneading and pinching.

“Sarah, I’m going to cum, are you ready to swallow?”

“Ummm hmmmm,” she moaned, and after a few more moments, I watched as John arched his back against the sofa and Sarah stopped bobbing up and down long enough to catch and swallow his load of hot cum.

“Um, yummy,” she said as she stood up and straightened her clothes, pushing her skirt back down and reaching for her panties.

“Excuse me, Sarah, did I tell you that you were dismissed?” John said sternly.

“Oh, um, no?”

“We’re not quite done with her, are we, Kaitlin?”

“No, John, I think a bit more punishment is in order, just to be sure Sarah has something to remember.” Turning to her, I gave her an order: “Take off your clothes, all of them.”

I knew John would enjoy seeing her body in its full glory. He gave me a look which I understood to mean that he wanted me to undress as well, so I stood up and unzipped my dress, allowing it to fall to the floor, before also removing my bra and panties. John then stood up and pulled off his slacks and boxers, his cock again beginning to harden, jutting up under his dress shirt.

“Now, Sarah, it’s time for you to truly show Kaitlin how sorry you are for your lippiness earlier.” As he spoke, John took me by the hand and positioned me on my back on the sofa, my head against the arm, and then spread my legs wide.

“Please, Sarah, show Kaitlin the attention she so obviously deserves and desires.”

Sarah joined me on the sofa, kneeling between my legs, and began stroking my pussy lips, very gently at first, then more aggressively as I responded to her touch.

“Now, lick her,” John instructed.

Sarah did as she was told, and I relished the feeling of her gentle tongue on my clit as her fingers continued to explore, finally entering my pussy. I looked up at John and smiled, watching as he stroked himself, his cock growing rock hard as he watched us.

“Now, Sarah, no matter what I do, I want you to keep all of your focus on Kaitlin’s needs. Do you understand?”

“Umm hmm….”

John climbed onto the huge leather sofa behind Sarah, pulled her ass into the air, shoved her knees apart and pounded completely into her from behind in one smooth motion. She cried out in what I could only assume was a combination of surprise and pain, and John promptly responded by swatting her ass firmly.

Meanwhile, I was quickly moving closer to orgasm. The attention that Sarah was giving me, her petite fingers gently but quickly moving in and out of my pussy as her tongue explored my clit, probably would have been enough to push me over the edge – but to watch John pound into her ruthlessly from behind was the icing on the cake.

He continued to slap her ass periodically, sometimes gently, sometimes very hard, constantly keeping her on edge. It was one of these hard slaps, and her reaction to it, which was to thrust her fingers deeper inside of me and gently nibble my clit as she licked it, that finally sent me into an incredibly powerful climax.

I moaned and squealed and squirmed beneath her as I came, and rather than slowing or pulling away, she continued her motions throughout my orgasm, which only served to prolong and intensify it. Just as I was coming down from my high, John began to moan as he pounded Sarah so hard that she collapsed against me. I held her, our nipples rubbing together as John held her by the hips, keeping her ass in the air as he made his last few strokes.

John slapped Sarah’s ass a few final times, the force pressing her even closer to me, before he finally came with a huge groan and sigh.

“Oh, my god, Sarah, that was amazing,” John said as he pulled out of her. “Now, Kaitlin, there is one little task I have for you before we all go back to work.”

“Yes, John?”

“Well, I do think most of the responsibility for these recent problems was Sarah’s. However, you are her supervisor, and therefore should share in some of the responsibility.”

“Yes, I agree. What should my punishment be?”

“I would like you to lick Sarah clean. I can’t send her back to her desk dripping with cum, now, can I?”

“Good point, John.”

I rolled Sarah onto her back on the sofa, and dropped to my knees on the floor next to her. Spreading her legs wide open, I slowly and diligently licked every drop of John’s cum – a favorite delicacy of mine- from her pussy. Sarah sighed beneath me as I worked, and John watched intently.

As I licked all around Sarah’s inner thighs, around her pussy lips, up to her clit, and down to her asshole, searching for every trace of John’s cum, she began writhing beneath me, and I realized how frustrated she must be, not having cum in spite of all of our attention. I glanced up at John as he walked to the back of the sofa, reached down, and began kneading Sarah’s tits once again. He nodded his approval, and I proceeded to intensify my pleasuring of Sarah.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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