Sarah’s Big Backdoor B-Day

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“Do you really think you can fit that big of a dick in your ass?” Laura asked Sarah. “He might just bust your crack, you know.”

It was Sarah’s nineteenth birthday, and they were discussing her big date with Tommy tonight as they watched an online porn clip Sarah had downloaded. It was Friday, they had just gotten home from school, and were in a tizzy over the weekend’s upcoming event.

Laura was enticed by what they watching: a young woman enjoying two buff men, their swollen equipment dangling in her face. She loved the feeling of being tea bagged. But she knew what Sarah was focused on was the well-hung dude sodomizing the woman as she sucked off the other two. From the time they began discussing sex and watching porn it was clear that one, Sarah was a Size Queen; even though she’d only had two boyfriends and one casual encounter, bigger cock was always better cock as far as Sarah was concerned. And two, she loved anal sex; talking about it, watching it, and of course doing it when she dated someone willing to service her petite ass. It made her climax harder than regular sex, vaginal or oral.

Sarah stood watching the screen intently, “are you serious?” she replied, “Making it fit in my crack will be half the fun.”

She gave Laura a look. “Taking it all balls-deep is going to be the real fun challange though. I want it in every position possible too, like with me on top riding him so I can either take it inch by inch, or just slide down on it and take it all at once.” She continued to relish the anal porn playing on Laura’s computer screen, “really though, I just can’t wait ’til he pounds that beautiful horsecock up my ass!”

There was an awkward silence, broken by their sudden burst of giggles. Laura flopped stomach-down on her bed, thrusting her ass up and down, exclaiming “Oh yeah baby! Pound me! Stretch my asshole out!” Sarah stopped laughing, “and that’s a bad thing?”

“Nothing wrong with it at all. I’m just a little surprised that you’re actually going to go through with it, you little ho. Well, maybe not so surprised…” she said, teasing her friend.

“It’s what I’ve fantasized about for the past three years! I just need to experience what it’s like to be that filled up back there, ya know, like being over-stuffed. Going to the next level. I mean that’s what anal sex is really about anyways, pushing your limits and boundaries. And you know that size definitely does matter.”

“Shoot for the stars, sister,” Laura said, and then added tentatively, “and to be honest, I guess I am a little jealous. Especially since I helped arrange it for you…even though I dunno if I could handle a whopper like his up my pooper. Well, maybe…yeah, I guess it would be fun to try.” They giggled nervously. Laura was happy for her friend but secretly was a tad jealous Tommy had set his sights on Sarah first. She knew she only had herself to blame.

Laura’s older brother was in college, and she’d met some of his friends over the past few years. She didn’t let on though that she was already well aware of Tommy, a junior at her brother’s college, who, as reputation and rumor had it, was endowed with enormous sized equipment, and apparently loved banging horny freshman chicks in the ass with it.

A few weeks ago while at a frat party she and Sarah attended, Tommy had approached her while Sarah was off flirting. He came up from behind, giving her ass a firm squeeze. As she turned to face her groper, she felt herself blush. As they made the usual chit-chat he began asking about “her blonde friend with the hot little ass.” Perhaps she wouldn’t have been quite as frank had she not been so thrilled to be talking to him. And, well, she had been drinking. Knowing his reputation, she summed up Sarah for him: they had been friends for three years, she was a senior volleyball player at Jefferson High, loved porn and anal sex, and more than anything was hoping to find a really hung guy. She flashed on an idea, adding “it’s her birthday in two weeks ya know. She’d probably love to hook up with you. You may be just her thing.”

Tommy, who didn’t drink, was smiling at her in a way that gave the distinct impression that he hadn’t believed a word of it. “Well then. I gotta split now, but have her get ahold of me sometime.” He had started away, stopped, brought his wallet out, removed a small piece of paper and handed it to her. “See ya ’round.” It was his e-mail address.

Sarah was all aflutter upon hearing about Tommy, his reputation, and the conversation he and Laura had. Not wanting to get her hopes raised too high, however, she remained slightly skeptical regarding the supposed enormity of Tommy’s cock. Just how big was it? She had taken his e-mail address, and the next day called Laura, ecstatic. As proof, she requested that Tommy e-mail her a picture of his big schlong. He did, and that sealed the deal for her: she requested his thirteen inch long, seven inches around kong-dong up her butt as her nineteenth birthday present, gaziantep rus escort and Tommy had promised her he’d slam it home! It was about all she could think and talk about the last two weeks, and the Big night had finally arrived. They were still looking at porn in Laura’s bedroom.

“You know you could film it,” Sarah suggested.

Laura’s mouth fell open. “Dude! That would be so awesome! As much anal porn as you watch, now you’ll have your own private one!”

Once again Laura grew tentative. “I could also, you know, sort of help out too. Like you know how they do it in porn, with a girl down by the other girl’s ass, helping putting it in and taking it out and…”

Sarah was looking at her, sporting a devious smile, “and sucking it, ass to mouth.”

Laura blushed, trying to pretend that’s not what she had in mind. But Sarah’s gaze remained fixed on her, and realizing it was now or never, her inhibitions melted away.

“I know it sounds gross…” she started, but Sarah interrupted her, sitting down on the bed next to her friend. “No, no it’s not. You don’t have to feel embarrassed about it. I did ass to mouth with Dylan a lot. And remember that guy I did when we were playing Springville last October, the one who kept hitting on me? We did it in my mom’s van that night, and he had to stop every so often so I could suck him cause we didn’t have much in the way of lube. Luckily I had some lip gloss in my gym bag. It drives guys crazy! …well, if they’re backdoor lovers, that is. Now Steve, on the other hand…” They both laughed again. She then added, “And besides, it’s not like I haven’t fantasized about doing it with you.”

“Really?” Laura was studying her face carefully. Suddenly her face brightened, and she jumped up to her knees, undid her jeans, pulled them along with her panties down and shook her rump at Sarah. “Mmmmm…Wanna taste?”

Sarah got up and faced her friend’s behind. After moistening her middle finger she slowy placed it in the center of her friends ass cheeks and carefully pushed the tip into Laura’s anus. Laura was looking over her shoulder at Sarah, not quite sure of what to make of this since neither of them had ever expressed any interest in the other. Their eyes remained locked as Sarah pulled her finger out, raised it to her lips, and moistened it again before returning to Laura’s ass and pushing it in as far as she could. Laura moaned, arching her body as she pushed back. Sarah again pulled out and this time moistened three fingers. Laura reached back and spread her cheeks as Sarah worked the tips in one at a time. Bringing one hand around she found her clit. Now perspiring she pushed back against the probing thrusts of her friend finger-fucking her asshole. They wondered where this was leading when the sound of Laura’s mother coming home from work broke their odd spell, spoiling the moment. Each went about regaining her composure. It was time for Sarah to head home and prepare her big birthday wish. “Call me when you’re on your way to pick me up, k?” Laura said, studying how her friend’s ass moved within her jeans. “Will do,” Sarah smiled and made her way out into the evening air. ========================================= The two had become close confidants during their sophomore year in school, ever since they discovered their shared interest in sex and porn. Somehow it lessened each’s anxiety over topics they otherwise couldn’t be quite at ease about in the company of other friends.

From the first time Sarah had watched anal porn it became her primary fantasy. Her pulse would quicken, she’d become moist, her bottom tingly as she’d watch, glued to the screen. She contemplated the seeming improbability of expanding such a small orifice. If only she could hook up with a guy with a really big dick…! That her friend Laura found anal sex pretty hot too made it easier for her to admit she wanted it and was hoping to find hung men who would want to buttfuck her. During her volleyball games she’d wonder how many men out in the bleachers were looking at her ass, wanting to sodomize her. As she began to explore her interest in anal sex, she realized other girls at her school preferred it too, a few of them even garnering exotic reputations in some circles. Contributing to her excitement about anal sex was knowing that since the majority of girls apparently dreaded the idea, hated it even, by default then, wanting an extra-large cock in her butt made her feel very rebellious, naughty, unique within a sea of commonality. She fancied herself as the Backdoor Girl Next Door.

She had lost her anal virginity during her sophomore year at a post volleyball game rally. That it had finally happened came as a complete surprise. She had climaxed so hard from it, openeing her up, in more ways than one, to a level of lust and desire she’d not experienced with vaginal intercourse. She had gone to the rally directly from the game, still in her volleyball outfit, and hadn’t planned on sticking around very long before going back home to clean up for a date she had later on with her then boyfriend Steve. They got along so well in many ways, had much in common, but the sex was lacking. Typical Yawnsville. She had given him hints about wanting backdoor sex but he made it clear he couldn’t be any less interested. And since she didn’t want her first buttfucking to be with someone who, at best, was ambivalent, begrudgingly doing it on her behalf only, she always kept an eye open for bigger and better opportunities.

She had been standing around gossiping with friends in Laura’s parents backyard when out of nowhere, Dylan, a senior she had a minor but recurring school girl crush on for some time, approached her and began hitting on her. Before she could get her bearings they were talking, laughing and went inside the house. She had been somewhat embarrassed that he had made this move when she wasn’t as presentable as she would’ve rather been for this quick turn of events. She felt gross not having showered the game’s sweat off. Still, she was confident, and Dylan had made his move. She knew guys checked her out alright. Five foot, 110 lbs, blonde, a petite yet athletic build, a bright smile and big green eyes. Many guys, and even a few girls, paid compliments to her little heart shaped bubble-butt and enjoyed the social attention her rump provided her. But it was time to expand her horizons…

…And so it finally happened. Once inside the house, on the way up the stairs, she went ahead of him, moving slowly, presenting herself to him, and when he reached out to caress her shapely rump, she froze, hoping the Big Moment had arrived.

Not knowing what else to do, she slid her volleyball shorts down and exposed her smallish, creamy smooth ass cheeks to him, grateful she had decided to wear a thong that day. As he continued caressing her, she pulled the thong from between her small crack, took hold of his hand and coaxed his fingers toward her tiny hiney hole. Luckily he wasted no time working one of them in as she squealed with delight. They ended up in Laura’s brothers room, her volleyball shorts pulled down just enough to display her popped out butt, bent over the edge of the bed with Dylan trying to work his swollen cock into her virgin anus.

“Hold on…” she said, and quickly ran to the bathroom and flung open a cabinet door. Smiling, she immediately seized on the yellow jar.

The Vaseline made easy work of Dylan’s cock entering her virgin asshole. At long last she was being buttfucked! Waves of pleasure overtook her as Dylan’s strokes became steady, rhythmic, deeper. Sarah experienced her first penetrative orgasm, something that for her had never occurred during vaginal sex. She had wanted to ask if she could suck his cock when he shot his load, but long before she had wanted it to be over, he intensified, not accustomed to working out on virgin girl butt, forcefully thrusting all the way in and out of her anus as he ejaculated in powerful spasms, overflowing her rectum with semen, a sensation she felt was beyond comparison. She had been affected deeply, her life’s course forever altered. =========================================== Sarah picked Laura up and they left for Tommy’s dorm. She had been beside herself all week, day dreaming and soloing it to the picture of Tommy’s huge cock. She even accidentally burned a few loaves of bread at the bakery she worked at, imagining Tommy’s big dick slowly rising like an enormous wad of dough. He promised her that if she really wanted it, it would be the best and biggest buttfucking she’d ever had. To Sarah’s ears, Tommy was quite the smooth talker.

When they last spoke on the phone she had told him that Laura wanted to take some pictures and join in too. “Hey, the more the merrier. See ya tomorrow.”

“You will baby,” but he had already clicked off. She could tell he still didn’t believe her. She had certainly ignored and blown-off other guys before, even a few who she knew were sweet and had genuine feelings for her, yet she wasn’t about to disappoint Tommy and his monster cock!

She had only had anal with two other boys, but neither of them even came close to Tommy’s size. And what’s more, even as vigorously as Dylan took to cornholing her, a term that made her giggle any time she heard it used, she instinctively knew that Tommy would be far more intense, and not based on his size alone; the inflection in Dylan’s voice had signified tenderness within their casual friendship, but Tommy’s tone filled her head with more dark, sinister thoughts which drove the good girl in her wild! On an unconscious level, she instinctively understood that Tommy would menace her ass, enjoy doing so, and that lit her passions high on fire.

And what had he meant anyway by saying “if you really want it?” She supposed he figured there was a very real chance that she would be all talk and no action, despite her attempts to convince him she was the real deal. If only he knew just how badly she craved it! As her and Laura listened to the radio, she realized she was finally going to the next level: her first monster-sized cock up her ass! She wasn’t about to fritter away the chance for such a huge buttfucking. The two bounced along to the radio as they headed out of town.

They reached the campus, parked and found Tommy’s dorm. The door opened and Sarah was certain she caught a glimpse of surprise from behind his cool exterior. He was clearly uninterested in them for anything beyond sex, and made little small talk, which relieved Sarah, since she too was there for one thing and one thing only. He invited them in, got them drinks, and with greetings and niceties aside, Sarah reached out and felt the buldge of his package. “Sorry. I have to…..” she trailed off. Taking it out, she squated down and began licking its head. “Oh my god Laura, look at this cock!” The two began to play.

“Why you naughty little thing, you…So I understand you want my big monster up your little ass….as your birthday present? Sarah was beaming as she tried, and failed, to wrap her lips around his cockhead.

“You better not be setting me up for disappointment, little momma.”

“Uuh-auh! No! I mean, auh, yes. I want it. I want it! Just ask her, I’ve been geared up ever since you sent your picture. Just make sure you can hold out, okay? I don’t want it to end as soon as it begins” she fired back, all smiles.

“Okay. Show me baby. Show me that ass.”

Sarah pulled her tight, low-cut jeans down and wiggled her little butt. She hadn’t bothered with undies for this special ocassion. Having pulled her jeans down just enough to display her little bubble-butt, she spread her cheeks and exposed the tiny pink pucker within.

Laura knelt down next to Sarah’s ass. “Let’s size this up…” she said, guiding Tommy’s enormous cockhead against Sarah’s tiny butthole, gauging the vast size discrepancy.

“My, my, my…Laura, where did you find this girl?! ..and why am I just now meeting her?!” His horsecock looked cartoonishly huge alongside Sarah’s butt crack. Laura exclaimed “Wow! that looks so hot, Sarah. Should I get a before shot of your ass before he rams you?”

Sarah giggled. “Yeah, and grab the KY in my purse.” Tommy rubbed his huge dong along Sarah’s butt crack, growing harder by the second. She moved ahead a few paces and leaned over the side of a cozy armchair, her little butt at the perfect height for Tommy to slam it. Laura handed him the KY, clicked a few pics and knelt back down to spread Sarah’s cheeks. Tommy forcefully slid a lubed finger third knuckle-deep into Sarah’s pink hole, making her gasp at the sudden intrusion.

“I’m not fuckin’ around, you little butt-slut. You say you’re here to get fucked, then you are gonna get Your. Little. Ass. Fucked. Are you sure that’s what you want, Sarah?”

Her mind was reeling. She felt wonderfully naughty being called a butt-slut. “Yes, yes…do it baby, buttfuck me” she said with panting breaths.

He looked at Laura, “should I make her beg for it?” Sarah’s legs were shaking like noodles, her pussy wet with anticipation. “Pretty please…” she plead.

Tommy guided the three inch-plus wide tip of his cockhead up to her lubricated anus and pushed. Laura tried to accomodate by spreading Sarah’s butt cheeks, but Tommy’s cock was so big that the head itself did a good job of pushing them apart. As the cockhead finally forced entrance into her obedient circumference, expanding it open wider than Sarah had ever felt, she clenched her anus tightly around the head, then pushed out and back, gripping the chair, bellowing in deep moans as a grin spread across her face. “Oh yeah…” Laura marveled at the sight of Tommy’s huge cockhead slowly being stuffed into Sarah’s little pink butthole. Cheek to cheek, she began licking the thick shaft which hadn’t even begun to sink its entirety into her friend’s anus.

“That’s it baby, help your little friend work my big crank into her ass,” Tommy said as he let loose a powerful thrust that sunk another few inches in. And again. And then some, yet deeper still. Sarah began making primal guttural noises as Tommy’s dong sank half the way in. She reached down and began rubbing her wet clit while Laura’s hand was around the base of Tommy’s cock, pushing and pulling with his thrusts. Sarah demanded in deep gasps “all of it…all of…do it, my ass…owww it hurts so good baby. Pump me full.”

Laura could hardly believe her eyes as she watched Tommy oblige Sarah’s request for the full thirteen inches long, seven around pummelling, steadied himself, firmly took hold of Sarah’s slender hips, and at once heaved her little rump towards the gigantic ramrod, brutally shoveling the entire length of his kong-dong into her frightfully engorged anus, held it a moment, grinding into her – she was sure Sarah had to feel it tickling her tonsils! – and then slowly withdrew the veiny shaft before jamming the glistening bulbous back into her anus, producing a sinking squish as its long shaft sank to the hilt, Sarah’s face grimacing and contorting, enraptured.

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