Sati Ch. 01

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Chapter 01: A Rare Beauty

Here I am in bed with this unbelievably beautiful girl; she is asleep and purring, not snoring, if you know what I mean. Sati is Malay and incredibly beautiful, light brown skin, shoulder length blue-black hair, delicate features, big bright brown eyes surrounded by the most intense white I’ve ever seen, and a slim-tight figure on a 5’1″ frame that gets every guys attention.

We had met on the campus at NUS (National University of Singapore). She had touched me on the shoulder and handed me two books that I had dropped. She was so drop dead gorgeous, I just stood there. I then proceeded to drop ALL of my books. She laughed and said “I had better help you with these, don’t you have a book bag?”

“All of my stuff is still packed,” I said, “I only arrived yesterday and I am so disoriented and jet lagged I don’t know what I’m doing.”

“Where are you from,” she asked. “And my name is Sati.”

“England, “I said, still trying to get my act together in front of this goddess. “Ian is my name.”

“What are you here to study?”

“A Masters in Computer Science.”

“Really? “You look too young to be at that level.”

“I was lucky to have good teachers and don’t let this pale skin make you think I’m a kid.” With a big grin.

She smiled, what a smile, eyes, teeth, everything in it.

“What are you studying?” I asked.

“Computer Science but at the bachelors level, one year to go.”

“Would you like me to show you around the campus and help you with these books?” she laughingly asked.

“That would be wonderful.” I said.

So she showed me where all the lecture halls were that I needed to know about and the cafeteria then said she had to dash for a class. Dumb as I am I didn’t get any contact information from her.

So here I was, the pilot announced our arrival in Singapore, the doors opened and this wall of heat and humidity blocked the exit.

“Sir” said this soft voice, “We need you to move along.” Being from England and not well travelled I thought we had landed in hell. Well move I did, into the air-conditioned airport where I could still feel sweat gathering in my most intimate places, arm pits, groin, etc. Baggage claim was efficient but I was still hot. Then stepping outside to stand in line for a taxi was a short walk into Hades.

When it was my turn to enter a taxi the driver loaded my suitcases into the trunk and then got in.

“Would you like the windows open or closed sir?” Said the turbaned driver.

“If you have air-conditioning closed please.” I said.

“You are new here?” He stated, “There are very few air-conditioned taxis yet, but with the windows open we can get some air movement going?”

“Okay, but please let’s get moving.” I gave him the address of the apartment I had been given for the next three years and we started to roll.

The apartment was nice enough, a little kitchen with a fridge and small oven, nice little living room, nice little bedroom, bathroom with a bath and a shower curtain, nice little balcony overlooking the village main street. Notice the theme? Little. I had come from a small terraced home in England so this place felt palatial but hot, very hot.

Two weeks later, from my arrival, I had already had a couple of dates. One leading to an ungratifying experience. “I don’t do that, or that, or that.” Is pretty much the worst way to start an evening? The other was even worse, a pretty Indian girl who explained, while drinking copious amounts of gin fizzes, that in her religion, even though they were arranged marriages, virginity could only be lost on the wedding night.

Then one day on campus I heard, “Ian, so how are you settling in?”

I turned and there she was, smiling, unbelievably beautiful, and I just stood there like the complete shmuck that I was.

“Have the girls got your tongue already?” she asked with a big grin.

“I never got your contact info, I tried at olgun porno admin but didn’t know your last name and Sati isn’t that uncommon.”

“Well I knew when the time was right we would see each other again.” She said. “So let’s stop messing around and meet at “Shore’s” down on the waterside at 6, okay?” Her eyes watched for my reaction.

“Uh Okay” I said in a startled voice. I had not expected such a direct approach from Sati. With that she turned and walked away, giving me a chance to stare at her tight ass.

When I arrived, early, at Shore’s I grabbed a table outside overlooking the bay. I was watching the sunlight glisten on the water when I heard, “Hi” in such a soft voice.

I jumped up and said, “I’m so glad you could make it, what a beautiful evening this could be.”

We had a couple of drinks and some light appetizers, quails eggs and dried fish if I remember, but we chatted. My Malay was rudimentary, her English superb, but we went between each comfortably. We talked late into the evening, one more drink following the last. Then it was time to leave. During the course of the evening I had found out that she was living in a dorm on campus with three other girls and got around by taxi, as most people do in Singapore, so I offered her a ride home on the way to my place.

During the ride, “What” she said in a nasty voice “You don’t want to hump me like the others, even though I’m on the pill?”

“If a straight forward humping, “won’t see you again”, is all you are looking for, then I’d rather just drop you off and say I’d look forward to seeing you some other time.”

She leaned into my shoulder and started crying softly. My arm went around her shoulder and my hand started stroking her hair, her long silky black hair. She turned her face up and made our lips touch softly.

I dropped her off at her dorm, she looked surprised.

Next day we bumped into each other briefly in the science lab corridor.

“No fair” she said “Tonight same time and place?”

“Uh, okay” I replied.

I arrived at Shore’s at 6 and Sati was already there, tabled by the water with a drink that looked pretty exotic and half gone. My touch on her shoulder broke her reverie and she smiled up as I lean down to softly kiss her. Her mouth opened and her tongue touched my lips.

“You have to understand” she said when I had sat down and a drink was delivered, “I find you very attractive and get hot just thinking about you but I don’t know if I can satisfy you. I have only been with one guy, virginity gone, and it was awful, and swore it wouldn’t happen again.” “But, if you want to, we could see how we get on together”. She said while trying to hide her mouth behind her drink.

“Sweetheart,” I said looking into the most beautiful face and eyes I had ever seen “Don’t let the past ruin the future, so let’s see where we can go together.”

We left Shore’s and caught a taxi back to my place. Once inside we kissed, standing by the door. I brought Sati into the living room and sat her on the couch while I went to open a bottle of wine.

With glasses in hand we toasted each other and sipped. I reached forward and gently took her face into my hands and softly licked then kissed her lips. Our glasses met on the coffee table but our lips didn’t part. Her tongue flickered inside my lips, tentatively feeling its way, my tongue in response worked against hers.

As the evening went forward I tried not to rush things. Sati seemed to, me, to be a very delicate but passionate being who was in the first turmoil’s of experimentations.

As we kissed, I stroked her back and sides. Her hands came up and held my head to hers, my hands moved slowly towards her breasts which brought a moan from her and her tongue dipped deeply into my mouth.

I don’t know how we became naked! But it did happen; we were coiled against each other just enjoying the intimacy of each other’s excitement.

Then porno I took control.

From her face I kissed and nibbled down her throat and back to her lips. Next time extending the ministrations to her chest and upper breasts. Back to her lips, her tongue is now working furiously in my mouth, giving me a hint of what she needs?

Slowly I covered her upper chest and neck with kisses, sucks and nibbles and gradually took this action lower. Sati started to reach down; I took her hands and said “You won’t need these tonight.” She put them behind her head and said “Okay, boss.”

Her breasts were small, firm and perfectly shaped and as I held them and kissed down I could feel her nipples firming up. I gently and softly lapped my tongue around her areole, a hand came down to the back of my head and tried to push me to the nipple. I continued the lapping making each circuit firmer until her hand forced my mouth onto her nipple.

“Oh, you bloody tease” she gasped.

The tonguing brought little gasps from her then when I closed my lips around the hard little nodule and gently sucked on it her whole body writhed up to meet me. I switched my attention to her other breast as I slid my hand slowly down her flat stomach dragging my nails to bring more groans and little shivers.

“Oh Ian, if you touch me I’m gonna cum” she whispered “But don’t stop.”

I started nibbling on the nipple under my lips. Sati’s hips were up off the couch trying to get my hand to her more quickly but I moved it to her thigh and began to squeeze and gently scratch.

“Damn” she said “This is fantastic.”

I switched back to her other nipple and continued with my ministrations while my hand stole closer and closer to her groin. Then in one move I covered her pubic mound with my hand and squeezed very firmly.

“Oh, oh, oh” she gasped as her first orgasm hit her. Her body was shaking and her hand pulled my head tight to her heaving breast as I took most of it into my mouth.

I kissed back up to her face and started licking and kissing around her eyes. My hand opened and I used my fingers to gently squeeze her labia together. Again she started pushing her hips upwards.

“Please Ian, do me now” she gasped while reaching down between us to grasp my fully excited member.

“Not yet sweetie” I said, “There’s much more to come.”

“I don’t think I can take another orgasm like that,” she said.

“Trust me, you can.”

Now I dragged my fingers from bottom to top between her wet lips but avoided touching her clit. Her hips were up again trying to force the action but I slowly ran my fingers up and down between those soft lips. She was very wet so when I started to move a finger inside her there was little resistance.

Her hand was pulling hard on my penis but in an inexpert way, just jerking it hard. Her other hand brought my head to her and her lips opened and her tongue entered my mouth.

I moved my finger deeper inside her and she groaned into my mouth. I speeded up the movement of my finger and gradually increased the depth of each stroke. Her body was lurching up to meet my hand and her tongue was dancing in my mouth and on my lips.

“Oh baby, I’m real close to cumming again.” She gasped as she bit my lip.

A second finger joined the first in the tight but very wet entry way. Her body started to shudder and her pussy clenched tightly around my fingers, instead of thrusting in and out I now used my fingers to massage the little mound just inside her pussy.

“Oh god,” she screamed, “Oh god, oh god”.

Her whole body was up off the couch as she shook from head to toe. Her beautiful face was scrunched up as the orgasm continued to wrack her body. My fingers were trapped in her clenched pussy until some moments later when her convulsions became less intense. Her body sank back to the couch and she turned her very flushed face to me and gave a deep lingering kiss to Porno 64 my lips.

“Oh Ian, that was the most fantastic feeling I have ever experienced. Thank you so much.”

“Trust me, it was my pleasure.” I said with a smile, “But we’ve only just begun.”

“I’m going to faint if you touch me there again.”

I slowly moved my very wet fingers up between her labia lips to the hood over her clit and gently pressed down on it. Her whole body tensed, she felt like a guitar string all ready to strum. I started kissing down her neck towards her breasts as she was moaning above my head. Each hard nipple received a gentle suck and nibble but then I continued lower kissing below her breasts and onto her beautifully flat stomach. My fingers were putting pressure on her clit which made her moan even louder. Her hand touched the back of my neck as I kissed down her belly and then out to her hip bones where I chewed gently. I moved my body between her legs which she had drawn as far apart as she could get them to allow my hands all the access I wanted.

As I kissed and nibbled towards her pussy I encountered a very thick and curly bush which I parted with both hands to allow my lips access to her inner lips. As I started to suck her lips into my mouth her body started shaking again and when I ran my tongue up to her clit she went into a spasm that lifted us both up. Her hands kept my face buried in her pussy as I felt wave after wave of spasms ripple through her and taste copious amounts of her fluids.

“Oh god, oh god” she screamed “Please put it in me, I can’t take any more of what you are doing to me, I will die.”

All this excitement had me very aroused so I stood up, positioned the head of my penis at her pussy, pulled the lips apart and slowly entered her. Her moaning started again as I gradually pushed into her soaking wet pussy, gently I started pulling almost all of the way out and then slowly pushing all the way back in until I was completely enclosed in her. I leaned forward and kissed her and when her mouth opened I pushed my tongue into her as deeply as I could and then started pushing in and out in time at both ends.

Suddenly she started to convulse and her pussy clenched around me, this took me over the edge and I exploded deep inside her. Her pussy continued to convulse and squeeze me and I continued to shoot my load into her until I collapsed on top of her.

Eventually my penis lost its full erection and slid from her; I then rolled to the side and pulled her with me. She kissed me and licked all around my mouth tasting her own juices. We held each other while our bodies relaxed in that wonderful post orgasm feeling.

“I have never heard of anyone having this many orgasms; I have been climaxing almost nonstop for over an hour.” She whispered in my ear. “Thank you so much for introducing me to so much pleasure. Will you show me all the other things that we can do?”

“Love to. You are a very responsive and beautiful woman who I will take great delight in introducing to all aspects of body pleasure. But first I have a request to make.”

“Anything, anything.” She responded.

“Please don’t take this the wrong way but at some time I would like you to shave your pussy for me or let me shave it for you.”

She laughed and blushed a little, “Yes it is kind of bushy down there and if your face is going to be down there a lot it would be much better if it was all clean.” “I need to go to the bathroom right now to get cleaned up and then get dressed and go back to the room. I have an early class tomorrow. Will I see you tomorrow evening?”

“Sorry not tomorrow as I’m meeting some of my class-mates for a drink. How about Friday? You could stay over if you want?”

“Friday will be wonderful but I don’t know how I’m going to stop smiling or touching myself till then.” She giggled as she headed for the bathroom.

As she was leaving she came to me, still spread-eagled on the couch, and kissed me softly on the lips, “Friday at 6 at Shore’s?” She asked.

“That will be great.” I said as I ran my hand up the back of her leg.

She pulled away laughing, “You are so bad, but I gotta go.” Another kiss and she was gone.

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