Scenes in Person 01: The Crash

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Scene 1 – THE CRASH

We try out a new position

Author’s Note:

This will be a series of erotic scenes. Not stories with plot lines and characters. I want my readers to be the characters presented. I want my female readers to be the woman in the scene. Choose the man who joins you. I want my male readers to understand they are being narrated. Choose a woman. For couples it’s even easier (or FAR more complicated). I’m but the narrator here — never mind me.

These scenes will be presented first person, present tense.

With no story line, many readers will dismiss these pieces as ‘cock-n-cunt’ stuff. Others will see my attempt to explore the profound connections that are possible through physical love. When two become one. Fleetingly.

Your feedback will tell me whether I should write more scenes, or mark this down as an ill chosen attempt.


You’re naked when I come into your bedroom. You started playing with yourself while you were waiting for me. You quietly watch me undress. I watch you as I strip and my cock grows with the view. You are loveliness in a sexual tableau. Naked on the bed. Your legs parted slightly. The tips of two fingers disappearing inside you and moving, just a tiny bit. You’re showing me your most mischievous smile, with a gaze that reaches inside me.

My cock leads me to you. Until we’re close enough to touch. Close enough to smell. Your sex. You wet your fingers with your pussy lube – there’s obviously enough. You smear it on the head of my cock. Your glance wanders from my cock to my face as you slick the smooth. You run your slippery fingers up and down my shaft to coat me in your silken desire. My veins bulge as lust rushes in, growing for you. You see my pulse in those twisting veins. You feel it as you trace them with your fingers. A contrast to the iron shaft they snake down. Hard for you. You have seduced a mate to your need. You are wet heat.

Spread your legs.

I slide fingers up and down your labia. Barely touching you. Your sweet lips tremble. I feel them quiver. (Why are smart, quiet women like you always so desperate for it?) My fingers dance delicate circles on your hood. Teasing. They slip just inside to stroke slippery silk. Quicker than any other slut your body shows your sweetest treat. It shamelessly displays your need. Your pussy is a sexual 1xbet yeni giriş blossom. It knows how beautiful it is. It loves the stage. I swear it curtsies. My fingers find your magic bean, all a-tingle.

Turn and nestle back into my chest. I’m your recliner. Hang onto my cock, behind you, as my arms come around. I want to hold you when you give what I need. Melt into me. Yes, like that. My excited fingers resume waltzing with your clit. Your bean that is already growing impatient.

If you recorded the sound of your breathing right now, to send to me later, wherever I am, I would close my eyes and listen. Your breathing when we are naked and beginning to make love is your most beautiful song. Your song of excitement and lovely need. A song that possesses me with desire to hear it again.

One of my fingers leaves the rest to slide inside you. Oh, the heat. Female magma. Not quite liquid but beyond flesh. You squeeze the invader with your tight tunnel. Jesus. How am I going to get my cock in here? Not just the head. All of it. The cock you made thick and hard. You squeeze harder with the same thought. My finger needs help with your wild pussy. Another joins it. Together they boldly slide into your conflagration. Bend to their mission. Working you. Bend to your spot. Rubbing you. A finger frenzy inside. Fingers crazy on your clit. Oh the sounds. Nothing will stop me now. Nothing. Fucking you with my hands. We’re where I don’t care if you say “no”. I don’t care if you say “stop”. Fucking your wild sex with all my wild fingers to the tune of your luscious wild sounds. No one else hears you. I hear nothing else. Oh Fuck. Here it comes. Your body hot in my arms. Tremors. Bucking. Fighting it. Fighting for it. Here you cum oh fuck here you cum oh OH… Your wild cry fills the room OHHH…

I love when the room becomes the sound of your orgasms. No one sings this song as well as you. And I love your cum. Woman’s lava flowing from your Venus gap to snake hot down my fingers.

My cock jumps in your hand. And again. I’m barely able to keep from cuming with you and all you did was hold me. And cum for me.


I think you slept a little? You were so quiet the minutes I’ve been holding you. But you’re stirring again in my arms. One of my hands slides up your stomach to caress a breast. I squeeze to enjoy the give of your softest flesh. I find 1xbet giriş your nipple with my fingers. Roll it. Your nub grows firmer. My other hand joins the fun with your tits, becoming a mirror image alongside. You’re mewing.

My mouth is on the side of your neck, kissing with little wet licks. You can’t decide whether to lean your head into me to hold me there, or away to expose more of your neck. You choose away. My kisses wander more actively. Your nipples grow in my fingers. My cock grows against your ass. Heat is rising.

Your breath quickens as I roll your buds more aggressively. I tug on them as I squeeze. I pinch. You gasp. We moan. Your brief nap is a memory. From sleep to squirmy mess in under a minute has to be some kind of record, even for you.

You try turning in my arms to face me, but I stop you. I’m enjoying this position too much. My hands are free to roam anyplace I can reach, from your knees to your head. Your arousal is flowing. I wet a finger in you and bring it to your mouth so you can lick it. Your own taste always arouses you. Excitement flushes through your body.

I push your body a little higher on mine and my cock springs free between your legs. Your hands fall to me. You feel veiny steel. Hot. You weigh my balls, swollen with your load. You dip fingers into your mess and again coat me with your excitement. The slipperiness makes me harder.

You start to guide me to your hole. I stop you. Take your hands in mine and raise them until they are stretched over your head. I stretch them further back and bend them until they are behind my head and then I clasp them together. I whisper in your ear. “I’m driving.”

Gliding back down the front of you, both my hands stop to appreciate how proudly your tits stick out in this position and how your stiff buds point the way. You’re stretched out like a victim on a medieval rack but the rack is my body. My cock is against your squirmy slit. I rub your clit with my head. Like you need teasing. Like you’re not a mile past being ready. As soon as I have my cock poised at your lovely hole you force yourself onto me. And I push cock into you.

Your breathing speeds up as my entry continues. Slow and measured. I savor each of your excited breaths as I feed your cunt inch after inexorable inch of cock. Your breath grows deeper as you stretch, throatier as you fill. Until I’m fully 1xbet güvenilirmi sheathed and you’re too full to catch your breath. I slide back out slower than I pushed in, until only my slippery head is still in you. You try to wiggle your mess back onto me. I love the way your orgasms make you hornier for the next.

My mouth is touching your ear. You feel my breath as I whisper, “It’s too slippery for you to drive. I’ve got this.” I’m smiling. You’re trembling. I’m feeding cock to your cunt again. Still breathing in your ear when I withdraw most of me. The next thrust into you is faster, slicker, and ends with a grunt. The next even faster, and harder. My cock is sliding against your g-spot from behind and pushing your clit up to my fingers. My fingers are stroking and squeezing your wild bean as my fuck strokes come faster still and deeper – quaking your soft flesh every time I slam home. The room is filling with the wet sounds of fucking and my grunts and your OH’s and the smell of sex. The sounds of the bed banging the wall and moving on the hardwood floor only make me drive faster. Your OH’s scream at me to corner harder. Your turgid bean is the throttle I push again and again until our fucking breaks free of any control. Impossible to stop. Impossible to steer. Careening wild animal rutting beyond the reach of thought but awash in our loudest cries. Finally the sharpest sound yet. Almost a scream. The squealing is you as we crash into your orgasm and the impact drives my cock to your core. I join you in jet after jet of spunk and fuck if you don’t cum yet again in one of your back-to-back O’s. Your beautiful wild cries begin in your first orgasm and hit a crescendo in your second. The room is a concert hall awed by your voice rising to our climax together. We’re freed on your pure notes.

Our bodies pulse back to normal as your song fades. We’re revealed. A gasping messy laughing tangle.

I reposition. Sit up to look you over. Your hair is disheveled, sticky with sweat. Eyes unfocused. Body shaking. Catching your breath. You’re a perfect mess. No other woman could cum for me as wonderfully as you do. Ever. And you love looking like a mess for me, don’t you?

“Jesus Baby, you look kinda like you’ve been in a wreck.” I say.

You look at me a little bit sideways. “Well, maybe you could drive more carefully?” Then you laugh girlishly in my arms and add, “I’ll call the wrecker.”

I’m smiling like a late night drunk. “Tell them I was driving.” I fall back into the messy pile of us.

We laugh.

We love.


Author’s question: Was it as good for you as it was for me?

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