Scoring With Your Roommate

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It had been a rough couple of weeks for both of them, but Anne suspected it was more so for Megan. That first night, they had probably both expected there would have been some traditional sex, yet a week later it still had yet to happen.

The reason for that was very simple: it was impossible. Megan’s cock was nothing short of colossal, and colossal as Anne herself was, she had never in her life imagined having to take a cock like that. As such, her biggest dildo was about an inch shy in girth. She simply had never been stretched even close to the size of Megan’s monster.

Even in spite of that, sex between them was still fantastic. Every day- and often several times- their small two-bedroom apartment had been filled with the wet slap of flesh on flesh. That thick, chocolate-brown cock had slipped between her breasts, her thighs, the crack of her ass, and in the crook of her bicep. To say nothing of her hands, and her lips- as far as they were able to fit, at least. Her biceps were rather impractical for the task, but man, did Megan explode when they tried that. There was no hiding the fact that Anne’s muscles turned the small futa on to no end. As for Anne, her favorite was when it was sandwiched between her thighs (which she had learned was called “intercrural” sex the day before). When Megan thrusted in there, her meat slid across the amazon’s clit in the most delicious way, quickly coated in the juices that form of sex drew out.

Of course, Megan had done her own share of making Anne happy, that was for sure. She had fisted her on more than one occasion, and wow did that make Anne see stars. And the hapless dickgirl seemed to be drunk on her pussy, because their encounters rarely didn’t include a hefty serving of cunnilingus.

But that was the past. Today would be the day. Anne had gotten creative, and enlisted Megan’s help, working out how to stretch her out, and today- today!- she was determined to make it happen.

… That was the fourth time she had gone over the facts in her head… and not the first day that had happened, either. Blinking away the thought, she focused again on the board. Fortunately she was an excellent note-taker, and often wrote them down without thinking about it, bypassing her upper brain functions entirely. But her chair was creaking distractingly with the way she occasionally squirmed, thinking about what was going to happen. The students seated around her had gotten used to it after the first week of this behavior, and simply carried on following the class.

For the fourth time, she set her mind on what exactly it was she was jotting down again, and put Megan from her mind.

At the same time, Megan was drumming her fingers on her desk. She was remembering the time, about a week prior, that they had first tried penetration. She insisted it was impossible, Anne insisted they try anyway. Megan had pushed with all her strength, to no avail, then Anne had tried to sit on it, to similar results. She had gone slowly, careful not to snap Megan’s dick in half, but the pain in her face was clear, and they stopped. It was close though, and Megan had almost shot off right then and there, head half inside that tiny pussy. Well, tiny be only her standards.

She exhaled slowly and forced herself to think about her own class, before her dick could start to rise. She wondered- not for the first time- if there was a way she might be able to cage it to avoid erections being a problem. At least she could only get so hard without seeing and touching Anne with most of her skin showing. It was distracting and uncomfortable, but manageable.

God, she could not get home soon enough.

Anne had her key in the lock when, through the railing, she spotted Megan walking toward the apartment complex. She suddenly found a spring in her step as she slipped inside. She had to be quick, she only had a couple minutes.

Megan had a spring in her own step as she came in. “Are you home yet, Anne?” She asked as she shut the door. She didn’t get an answer, which wasn’t unusual. Their classes ended about the same time today, so she would probably be around soon. She grinned and kicked off her shoes. She had hoped to be home first, so she could surprise Anne with something sexy.

Right there in the living room she pulled her leggings down, along with her straining underwear, letting her dick breathe. It swung free between her knees, soft for now, but that was about to change, she was sure. Still wearing her baggy sweater, which disguised her cock handily on most days, she sashayed toward her door. How she had managed to go around fully clothed all the time before she and Anne hooked up, she couldn’t even remember anymore.

Then the lights in her room went off. She hadn’t noticed it, but they had been on when she had come in, and just now under the door she saw them go off. “Anne?” she asked hopefully.

She didn’t get a verbal answer, but she did get something. The answer eryaman rus escort came in the form of music suddenly starting on the other side of the door. Acoustic guitar, was… was Anne playing in there? For her? Megan was suddenly overcome with a mix of a variety of feelings. But rather than stand there and try to sort them out though, she simply opened the door to find out what-

Anne flashed her a big smile from her spot on the smaller girl’s bed. She was much too big for it, but sitting against the wall as she was, one leg extended, the other flexed lazily next to it, she made it work. The light was out, but she was visible there by the light of several candles she had set out, which made every groove in her muscles dance. And lucky for Megan, every muscle was on display. Lacking, as a student, the money for expensive lingerie, she had made do with her bikini, custom-fit by her own hand, white material pulled tight across her soft tits, and disappearing between her thighs.

The effect was immediate. Megan’s initially soft cock went hard so quickly she had to lean against the door to deal with the sudden rapid redistribution of blood in her body. She was rigid, flagpole sticking stiffly out ahead, bobbing slightly from the momentum with which it had sprang up. “Anne, oh fuck,” she gasped as she recovered her senses.

“That’s the idea,” the perpetually horny muscle giantess giggled, fidgeting in her spot. Her chest flexed, sending a ripple through her huge breasts, and made the groove parting them grow deeper. “Now what does a girl have to do to get you to fuck her around here?”

“Anne holy shit, hold on,” Megan gasped. “I literally need to find my legs.” She ran a hand through her hair, eyes glued to the body in front of her, sliding all over it, unable to settle in any one spot. How in the world did she end up here? Not just rooming with this hunk of perfection, but bedding her. Right now she had to wonder if there was such a thing as being too lucky.

Anne laughed and sat back, caressing the sheets idly as she waited. “Well, take as long as you need. I’ve been waiting for weeks, I can handle another couple seconds.” Well she said that, but seeing that huge piece of throbbing meat- if it wasn’t the biggest cock in the world she would be very surprised- hard for her big, hard body, it set something off in her. Her clit felt like it was practically vibrating, and these sheets were already fit for changing, the way she was leaking. Good thing she stayed on top of hydration or she might be getting lightheaded too.

Megan took a very deep breath and closed her eyes, erection flagging slightly with Anne out of her sight, then stood up on her own and, filled with determination, walked up to her roommate. Her top came off, leaving her in nothing but her bra and socks as she straddled the nearest thigh like it was a horse’s back, and promptly inserted her face into Anne’s cleavage. She wrapped her arms around as much of that gigantic torso as she could, latching on like her life depended on it, and pressed herself in deep.

Anne gasped and moaned, goosebumps rising across the vast canvas of her skin as she felt a tiny, warm tongue prod between her jugs. Her arms wrapped around the tiny body enveloped in her own, and explored the softness of the slim yet slightly pudgy girl that was making love to her cleavage. She could feel that cock, so hard, so intimidating, pressing against her abs, already leaking pre like a faucet. One hand went there, unable to encircle even half of it, to feel at its… its everything. The throbbing, the heat, the hardness, everything about that cock set fire to the beast inside her. “Megan, I want you inside me. I’m not going to take a no this time,” she resolved, glaring with determination at the top of the brunette’s head.

“Mmn,” Megan agreed. She continued to cling on when Anne slipped a hand under her and lifted her up. Then the world went even darker as she was turned and laid on her back. Anne was on top of her… and around her, her muscles completely swaddling every inch of her body.

Hunger consumed Anne as she squeezed her roommate gently between her muscles. She loved how Megan got when she was horny. It really was like her dick took control and her mind took a back seat. She pried the pretty cinnamon girl off with little difficulty, leaving her staring dumbly up at her, dick throbbing and pulsing eagerly between Anne’s tits. She moaned, wrestling with herself, at the sight. She wanted it inside her so bad, but she couldn’t help it. She wrapped an arm around her breasts, sealing the huge cock between them, and reached down with the other to loosen then discard her bikini bottom, and promptly began to please herself as she pleased the titan between her boobs.

Megan cried out, bucking her hips futilely, legs utterly pinned beneath Anne’s bulk. A shot of pre met Anne’s lips, which she drank down eagerly, before sinking her tongue into the leaking slit, ankara etimesgut escort bayan drawing a cry of tortured pleasure from the lucky little woman pinned beneath her. Bucking against her hips, she began to lose herself to the pleasured haze, making out with the huge cock that was all hers.

Megan began to throb dangerously right away, her body speaking the same language as Anne’s, and giving signs its orgasm was closer than expected. The giant muscle girl pulled back as the thought penetrated the haze around her mind. No, not yet. She pulled back. Megan’s cock slipped from her breasts but remained held up by the string of Anne’s top.

“These whole weeks have just been foreplay,” the busty girl said, voice thick with lust. She reached back and undid the knot of her top and tossed it aside, unveiling her large, erect pink nipples. “I’m going to swallow your monster whole, Megan,” she said, a menacing edge to her voice.

Megan swallowed fearfully, but nodded. She wanted this as badly as Anne did. She reached up and placed her hands on the base of her painfully erect pillar, and leaned it toward her beautiful roommate, who rose to her feet, pussy already gaping slightly from her practice. She could practically smell her arousal, and she could certainly see it, glistening as it literally flowed down her legs.

Their sexes kissed, and both shuddered, moaning their pleasure to each other. Then came the descent. Anne relaxed her insides as much as physically possible, and began to lower herself, thighs and calves bulging as they slowly levered her down. Her pussy lips spread wide, clit pinned by the tremendous girth of the dark pink head virtually fisting her entrance.

“Oh fuck,” she grunted, before her voice was cut off when a squelching sound announced their success. Parted wide enough to nearly fit somebody’s head, Anne’s pussy lips slipped around the crown. The first barrier broken, she suddenly sank down two more inches, legs trembling and growing weak. “Megaaaaaan,” she moaned plaintively, eyes screwed shut with pain. She didn’t stop though, carrying on with determination, breathing heavily, biting back her grunts, she came to the widest part at last.

She stopped, swallowing, and opened her eyes, which met with Megan’s deep browns gazing up at her. She was overwhelmed, fingers digging into her palms as she watched the top third of her roommate’s third leg disappear. It felt so good.

“It’s… it’s inside,” Megan said, voice choking up with emotion. “I fit… inside. Holy shit.”

“Holy shit,” Anne agreed, laughing breathlessly. “But we aren’t done.” She reached down, fingernail marks visible on her palm from how clenched she was, and rubber the exposed length of Megan’s cock. “I’ve got a lot more room in me for this baaaaaa girl~”

Megan’s cock throbbed, a look of helpless lust written on her face. The little jolt alone was enough to make Anne’s legs tremble, so stretched was she. Her clit was forced right up against the throbbing, snaking vein that ran along the top, and each of Megan’s heartbeats made her eyes want to cross. If she wanted to, she could cum just from this much. But she didn’t want to.

Smiling down at her little roommate, she leaned forward on her hands, the motion drawing a shaky gasp from her lips. “I’m going to take you whole, Megan,” she said softly. “Your whole entire cock is going to fit inside me.”

“Do it,” Megan moaned. She gripped the base of her cock with two hands, eyes wide with a mix of wild emotions. She couldn’t believe this was happening. “Take my cock!”

And she did. Bracing herself mentally, Anne relaxed her core as much as she could, and let her legs lever her down. She grunted, eyes screwed shut and jaw clenched tight, as that thickest portion, between a third and half of the way down, reached her pussy lips. But it was smooth, and her inner muscles worked hard to squeeze it down. It wasn’t like taking the head for the first time, and slowly but surely, she descended. The thickest section of meat pole vanished, and Megan moaned involuntarily at the sight of Anne’s pussy widening then slowly constricting as it accepted the narrower portion that followed. The sight was so oddly satisfying…

“Fuck!” Megan cried, throwing her head back. She gripped her cock, clenching her kegels as hard as she could, suddenly beset by the need to cum. The sight, the feeling, and especially the thought of her huge hunk of sexy roommate taking her cock was too much. She had to… hold on! But it was futile. The power of her prostate and balls was too much for her feeble inner muscles, and her cum surged through her length like a flash flood striking a crude wooden fence.

Anne, for her part, felt like she had been stabbed with a lightning bolt- and stabbed in the pussy at that. The throbbing of the cock inside her felt like a massage applied right to her clit, and as soon as the orgasm began, her legs gave out completely. Her gölbaşı rus escort bayan voice caught in her throat as she felt the thud of a cockhead slamming into her cervix. She had slid down Megan’s entire length, gravity unable to do anything but carry her suddenly limp, 440-pound frame, and with nowhere else to go, that baseball bat of a cock slid home like a batter sliding onto the home plate.

The room was filled with their joined cries of pure bliss, Megan cumming her brains out in Anne, and Anne cumming her brains out on Megan. “FFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!” They cried in unison, loud enough to make the windows shake.

Megan’s right eye fluttered open. Anne flexed when she came, and god did she not want to miss it this time. She was glad she did. Even nerveless and boneless from having her womb literally punched by a cock thicker than its owner’s arms, her muscles were flexing like she was lifting her max, swelling in every direction, veins standing out visibly beneath her outer layer of fat. God, it was the sexiest thing Megan had ever seen.

Their voices spent, the two girls sagged in place, Megan sprawled with her arms and legs spread-eagle, Anne hunched over and leaning on her elbows. Their faces were inches apart, each feeling the warmth of the other’s breath as they panted their exertion. Megan’s pelvis was glazed with her cum, and her butt was practically marinating. She had no hope of moving Anne though… Reaching up, she placed a hand on her thick, muscular hip- her dick twitched at the feeling of it, still hard inside- “Hey… Can you still move?”

“Ohh… I think so,” she exhaled, wiping at her brow. The way her somewhat short, black hair clung to her temples made Megan skip a beat. With a grunt, she sat back, making Megan wince as her huge ass rested her weight right above her knees. The whole room seemed to tremble as the sensation of thick, hard cock leaving Anne’s pussy made her shiver with sensory overload. But she managed to roll herself off and half-sit-half-lie at the edge of the bed. “That was… Everything I thought it would be,” she laughed breathlessly. “And maybe a little more.”

“Wanna go again?”

Megan bit her lip, realizing she had just said that. Anne looked at her with a mix of shock and of crazed, horny eagerness, and saw her still throbbing meat, as hard as it had been when she had put it in. “Yes,” she said simply. “You’re on top this time though,” she said, wiping her forehead again, “I can barely feel my legs.”

Megan grinned awkwardly and leaned herself against Anne, pushing with all her might, surprised by her own eagerness. “Here, get up and lean against the dresser,” she urged.

Anne followed her guidance and, with little actual help from Megan, levered herself to rest her weight on her arm, holding herself up by the dresser at the side of the bed. “Now what?”

Megan knelt down and grabbed one of her thighs. She stopped there for a moment, possessed by the sight of it. Krishna on a stick, it had to be as heavy as her entire body… She marveled a moment at it, following its striations and feeling the hardness beneath the outer fat layer with her fingers. Then, summoning her strength, she positioned her shoulder in the crook of that leg and lifted with her own legs. Up went Anne’s thigh, and her pussy, stretched, gaped, and leaking what looked like a bucket full of cum, came into sight. A moan of desire escaped her lips, but she kept herself from giving in to the urge to put her lips against it again. She had a better idea.

She let go of Anne’s thigh with one hand, then quickly fumbled as she threatened to drop it. Once stable, she grabbed hold of her cock and lined it up with Anne’s stretched, slowly tightening pussy. She heard Anne’s voice grow labored and looked up to see her watching, hunger in her eyes. “Have I mentioned… you’re the best roommate ever?” the big girl asked, her expression not changing.

Megan laughed nervously, then moved her hips, touching her hot, pink head to Anne’s steaming, clenching lips. They hissed in unison, then she grunted and thrusted harder, slowly driving her cock inside. Anne was so strong, not to mention heavy, so when she was on top taking it was easy. Megan had to fight for every inch though. Her own pleasantly thick thighs flexed, butt clenching, as she fought the pressure that threatened to flatten her dick- or worse, force it out. “Hnnnnnnng!” Her face reddened, until she hit the thickest part and then… Schlick. It wasn’t fast by any means, but she felt like the barrier was broken, and her journey to meet her hips to Anne’s continued slowly and surely, like a well-oiled hydraulic press.

Anne’s thigh flexed and tensed, hugging Megan’s shoulder, every ridge of her muscles, felt by the smaller girl. Her thin brown arms wrapped around the huge thigh they had been clinging to, hugging it like she might hug a slightly larger person, as she approached the end. And then that was it. Anne moaned and shuddered, going weak at the legs as she felt them- her hot, heavy balls- resting against her outstretched leg, along the sweet erogenous nerves of her inner thigh. Pussy juice practically gushed down her leg at the feeling.

“Fuck me,” she said, no, begged.

Megan nodded, eyes wide, and started.

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