Secluded Island

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Abigail Mac

On a deserted island…How did we get there? I’ll assume for this one that we’re not struggling for survival…

We have been walking around this island all day, seeing the sights, enjoying the view of the beautiful tropical island…and each other, of course. Since there’s nobody else around, we don’t bother with any sort of clothing. We stop to rest for a bit, and you sit; propped up against a tree. Your legs are slightly open, and in my voyeuristic nature I notice that your lips are a little swollen, and perhaps just a little glint of moisture is seeping out. You do say, though that you’re exhausted after hiking around for several hours, and I agree by way of drifting off to sleep.

I awakened an hour or so later to the sounds of moaning and yelling…You were still propped against the tree, but your legs were spread wide, and you were thrusting three fingers in and out of your pussy with one hand and massaging your clit with the other. Your lips were very swollen and red, and I could tell you had already come several times. I watched very intently as you brought yourself to ecstasy again and again in rapid succession. My cock was instantly fired to full readiness, and my first thought was to join in.

But was this a private moment for you? Did you WANT company, or were you so engrossed in yourself that another’s presence would have been a mere intrusion. Your eyes were tightly closed as I watched, opening only ever so slightly from time to time between your orgasms…

You were so beautiful to Van Escort watch as your hands glided expertly over your body…you would massage your nipples, finger your clit, shove them into your box, suck the juices off of them…all in perfectly choreographed movements!

It was at this point I noticed that you were looking at me with your beautiful blue eyes. “Got a free hand?,” you asked. OF course I did…and I was glad to join in the fun. You lay flat on your back, and said, “Good. Here.” Your fingers were still hard at work on your clit, and the juices were running out of your sex, down the crack of your ass, and onto the ground. I spread your ass cheeks apart, and started running my fingers around your tight little asshole…You told me you wanted me to stick my fingers in there RIGHT NOW…which I was all to happy to do. Your pussy juice was exceptionally slick, and I slid a finger in effortlessly, to which you responded by moaning in pleasure as you came again. Getting bolder, I added a second, then a third finger to your ass, and I could feel your sphincter muscles stretch against them…You told me how good it felt, and you stopped fingering yourself so you could really enjoy the feeling of your anus being gently stretched.

After a few moments, I buried my face in your snatch and savored the musty aroma, reveling in the wetness. As my tongue flicked lightly over your clit again and again, I pulled my fingers slowly out of your ass, and using my other hand, inserted two fingers into your amazingly Van Escort Bayan hot and tight pussy. I could feel (and hear—through your moans and wails) your next orgasm building, and as your pussy muscles clenched around my fingers, I was greeted by a gentle but strong spray of fluid from your twat. It was slightly bitter, but not unpleasant to taste, and I took as much of it as I could into my mouth before I moved up and kissed you deeply. You rose to your knees, then turned around, spreading your cheeks, and said, “You HAVE to fuck me now.” I started to enter you from behind, when you clenched your muscles and said, “not there.”

Agreeing, I slicked up my cock with your juices and my own saliva, and positioned the head of my throbbing cock at the mouth of your ass, which I could feel twitching in anticipation. I slowly eased the head of it in, and when I felt your sphincter relax, I slowly but deliberately pushed the rest of the way in. As I steadied myself against you, your hand went back to your clit, and you came almost instantly…you then put your fingers back inside your pussy, and I could feel your fingers through the wall of your ass…the sensation was overwhelming. As I neared my own orgasm, which felt like it had been building for years, you pulled away from me, and said you wanted it another way first…

So you ran over to the small lagoon by which we had been laying, and filled your hat with water. You walked over to me, and poured the water over me, gently cleansing my still-throbbing dick. Escort Van The next thing I knew, you had my legs apart, and you were giving me an amazing blow job…your fingers were running over my body, and soon I could feel them stroking my cock as you went further down and started licking and tonguing my ass. You seemed to know exactly where my point of no return was, and kept stopping just shy of that point…

I moaned in surprise and pleasure as you slipped not one but two fingers into my ass and began slowly thrusting in and out and massaging my prostate gland…I felt like my cock was going to split apart if it got any harder. You asked me if I was up for a little bit more of a thrill, and I said that of course I was…Suddenly I gasped as I felt something stretching my ass even more, and when I looked down, you said that you knew bananas were good for things besides eating…The sensation of it sliding in me was incredible…little twinges of pain, yet very satisfying as you engulfed my cock once again in your mouth. The thrusts into my ass and the slippery in-out action of your mouth caused my loins to ache…I reached down and found your clit once again, and you nearly lept past me at the surprise sensation. You rocked back and forth on my finger, and I could sense that our orgasms would come soon, and simultaneously. As my cock swelled and began to erupt, I felt another stream of wetness on my hand…You moaned a muffled yell as the lights started to go out for me…I felt five or six spurts of come leave the head of my cock, yet you didn’t slow for an instant. You swallowed some, then came up and kissed me deeply, and we savored the taste of our mixed juices.

As our passion faded, a soft glow descended upon the island as the sun began to set…

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