Secret Santa

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Here I am sat at my desk in the back corner of the open plan office next to the window. As I have been working for the trade company the longest, I was known as the old guy, which I was happy with as all the rest of the workers were in their early twenties, two maybe thirty.

From my desk, I can look across the whole office and my former life as a bar man taught me how to listen to all the gossip going on around the place. My desk also provided me with a great view of the gym across the road. I could see into the gym room with all the machines lined up. But the best thing was Wednesday night, ladies night. I always had to work late on Wednesday’s to speak to one of my customers out in the States.

The company had a lockdown on what you could run on the computers which meant I always had my laptop on my desk, letting me do lots more than just work. And for that Wednesday night meeting, I needed to use Skype. The camera on my laptop is way better than the old company clipped on to the top of the monitor. With the laptop hooked up to my phone, I had free access to the internet without upsetting the bosses.

This one Wednesday evening all the other office staff had gone home. Within about half an hour, the building was nearly empty apart from the cleaners. I started my normal Wednesday routine, get my coffee and sandwich, turn my laptop on and click on that little, yellow ‘A’ icon and sit back and let the game come alive.

Leaning back in my chair, sipping my coffee as it loads up, watching the little red tags light up, then ‘pop!’, the logging screen. With my password already saved it’s just one click and I’m in. I know I have about an hour before my Skype meeting.

As it starts getting darker outside, the lights from the clear glass at the top of the gym windows catch my eye. Turning to take a look out of the window, I notice two of the office girls running on tread mills next to each other. I know from the dark tint in the office window the girls have no idea that I could see them working out. Their tight Lycra outfits didn’t leave much to my imagination as they ample breasts bounces as they jog.

Turning back to my game one of my hot girlfriends has said,

“Hi, sexy Cowboy! What you up to?”

“Just here for a little fun before my meeting.” I reply

“Well come and invite me then!” She types back so fast.

I clicked the invite button and there we were, standing in front of each other. Clicking the dance pose, I take her in my arms and slowly we start to dance. Holding her tight against me, I lean in and gently kiss her soft, red lips. As I feel her lips on mine, my hands move down her back and rest softly on her sweet, little ass. With a hand on each cheek my fingers gently start to squeeze them and as my fingers start to dig into her soft flesh, she takes a breath and pushes back into my hands.

Her hand moves down over my chest and onto the front of my black jeans. Her finger tips trace the outline of my cock as it starts to react to her attention.

“Fuck me hard with that big cock! Baby, fuck my with it right now!” she types.

As I read what she wants me to do I type back,

“Pushing you backwards towards the bed!”

I click on the pose and she is on her back, her legs wide open and I’m on my knees licking her sweet pussy.

She types lots of moans and tells me not to stop as I describe everything I’m doing to her.

“OH PLEASE FUCK ME NOW!” she types in capitals as if she was shouting at me.

Without hesitation I click the next pose and pull her off the bed and lower her right down onto my hard cock. I keep describing what I’m doing to her and how she feels as she moves against my rigid cock. Her typing starts to go amiss as she tells me she is so wet in real as well as in the game!

I push her harder as I know she is going to cum soon, in real and after about half an hour, the magic message comes up on the screen:


Then it goes quiet. The typing stops. I know she has cum hard and needs some time so I take a look back down to the gym.

Scanning along the windows I notice the office girls, in the changing room wrapped in just white towels. I watch as they dry themselves. I can’t help myself as I was still so hard from my game fuck, and now watching two hot naked girls. I loosen my cock from my jeans and gently start to stroke it, feeling its hardness in my fingers as they move up and down its whole length. I keep watching the girls as they slowly get dressed building up the speed and force of my hand around my cock.

Leaning back in my chair I’m just at the point where there is no return when “BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!” from the laptop it’s my Skype call!

“GOD, not now!” I say out loud

Quickly I put my cock away and get myself ready for the meeting. Clicking the Skype icon my screen flicks over and there is my coworker from the other side of the pond. The meeting lasted about an hour and we got everything Van Escort we needed doing done, my thoughts wandering back to those girls and how I could still feel the throb inside my jeans.

After we said our “goodbyes”, I click back to my game and my hot friend had left me a message.

“Thanks for that. Have a good meeting. See you soon.”

I close everything down and head of home knowing I would be back in the morning and everything was safe on my desk.

I walk back into the office the following morning and some of the staff were there already putting up Christmas decorations and there it was. The tin on the table with the Secret Santa names in it.

As I walk passed I ask Jessica “Do I just take a name out of the tin?”

“Yes and its twenty five pounds this year!” she replies with a sweet smile.

“That’s fine.” I say as I take one and head to my desk.

Getting to my desk I sit and turn on the office computer and open my laptop as the old office computer steams into life. I check my emails on my laptop and then click on the icon for the forum of my game and read what’s going on in the virtual world. The office this morning isn’t as quiet as it normally is as the decorating is going on. As I drink my first coffee of the day I read the name on the secret Santa ticket.

“Molly!” I read with a smile

She is one of the two girls from the gym last night and I know she is a hot girl from some of the conversations I had heard around the office. One was all about sex toys and what sort of toys they had played with and would like to try.

As I had a couple of weeks to find the perfect gift for Molly, I was already thinking of something along those lines, but could I get a girl I don’t know that well a sex toy?

As the weeks go by, I look forward to my Wednesday nights when Molly and Grace go to the gym and I get to watch them.

It’s the week of the Christmas party and the time for the Secret Santa gifts. Having kept my eyes and ears open over the last weeks with everyone trying to work out who has got who, I had decided to get Molly that little something that was just for her, or nearly.

I had the gift all wrapped and ready to be handed over but I put a little note in the top, “To be opened in private!” I get in early on the day of the party and put the gift under the tree so no one would know that I had added it to the rest of the gifts.

After coming back from a drink in the local bar, the gifts are handed out. I got given a nicely wrapped, little box which I took back to my desk. Sitting in my chair, I look around the office to see who was watching me open the gift. When my eyes meet Jessica’s, she let a little smile cross her lips. I gave her a little smile back and opened the wrapping.

As I see the vintage metal puzzle game I couldn’t hide the big smile and looking over at Jessica I nod my head to her. I see the face of relief and a big smile cross her face.

As I watch Jessica’s reaction I notice Molly is handed her gift. I watch out of the corner of my eye as she rips of the wrapping and finds the note. She looks around the office with a confused look on her face and then heads out of the office.

She comes back in about ten minutes with a big smile on her face and a little more spring in her step. I keep an eye on her as she looks around the office, trying to work out who got her the gift.

She was looking so hard for who gave her the gift because there was one essential part which was in my desk drawer. I open the drawer and I press one of the little buttons and watch Molly as I do. Her eyes open a little wider and her body flinches as the love egg deep in her pussy starts to vibrate.

In the bottom of the box there was a second note:

“If you put this in, you will not have any control of when it is going to be used but you have to keep it in all night at the office party. You will be given the controller at the end of the night if you want it that is or you can tell me to keep it!”

I press the button again and turn it off and watch her scan the office again. All afternoon I keep turning the egg on and off and watching her squirm each time I do.

Putting the little controller in my pocket, I pack up my laptop and head off to the hotel to get changed for the party. Taking my white suit out of its bag I grab the black shirt and white tie, just have to clean the white shoes to finish the look.

Taking my time in the shower and then a nice clean shave, I get dressed and with a black handkerchief tucked into my jacket pocket, I’m ready for the night of fun with Molly. I slide the controller into my pocket and head off down to the hotel bar.

Standing at the bar in my white suit, I watch as the bar fills up with all the other works company parties and some of my office but then she walked in.

“Wow!” I said a little too loud. The barman heard and echoed my view.

Molly was wearing a short, black dress that was cut low at the front showing her little tattoo just Van Escort Bayan above her pelvic bone and a matching black bra top with a sheer panel dropping down from the underside of the bra. Her long legs are covered with matching sheer black stockings and black 4 inch heeled knee high boots which made her legs look even longer.

My mind ran wild, seeing her in that outfit. I wondered what panties she had on under that sweet dress. I reached into my pocket and pressed the little button and watch as Molly’s body twitched as she got the shock in her pussy again.

I smile over at Molly and she walked right over to me.

“Wow! Look at you in the white suit. Very stylish! A silk shirt as well!” she says as she runs her hand down over my chest.

“Thank you! But look at you!”

“God, you look so hot and I didn’t know you had such a fabulous pair of legs!” I said leaning into her ear so only she would hear what I said about her.

She smiled and stepped back and gave me a slow spin.

“So you like the little outfit then?” She murmured in my ear as she held her body against me.

I took a deep breath and let her sweet scent fill my lungs. I still have my hand on the little button in my pocket as she rested against me. I pressed it again and turned up the power. It made her take a sharp breath as she held herself against me more tightly this time.

“Are you ok?” I asked, keeping a straight face, knowing what just happened to her

“Yes I’m fine!” she said composing herself again.

Just as she gets control of herself again Jessica and some of the others come over. I gently give Jessica a kiss on the cheek and thank her for my gift, which moved the conversation on to what everyone got and who they thought it was from.

That’s when Grace asked Molly the question, “What did you get and who you think gave you it?”

She looked a little sheepish and looked right at me with a little smile.

“Did she know it was me?” I thought.

“Well, I got a little sweet thing! Whoever got me it knew I would love it!” she said still looking right into my eyes.

I gave her just a little smile and an unobserved wink as her smile grew across her face and that little tingle grew again, as I press the button in my pocket.

She leaned in and whispered, “You can keep that controller and I know all about that game on your laptop Cowboy!”

Just before I could answer the hotel manager called us into the hall where all the tables were set out. We were sat around big, round tables all mixed up, so there is no one department on one table. From where I was sat I could see Molly and noticed that every now and then she would twitch and squirm in her chair.

When the dinner was finished, some of the tables were cleared away to open

up the dance floor and the real party could get underway. The dance floor soon filled up and I found myself dancing next to Molly and Grace, just as the music changed from pop music to a bit more R and B and rap.

Then it happened, R Kelly Bump and Grind started to play. Molly grabbed my arm before I could walk away and pulls me tight into her.

As our bodies started to move against each other, rubbing and grinding hard into each other, I put my hand in my pocket and turn her egg up to full power. I move my hands down to her ass holding her tight as the pleasure from the egg takes over her body.

Feeling her body shake in my hands, I know she has just had her first orgasm because of me. With her arm now around my neck she sighs,

“I’m all yours Cowboy!”

“You have been mine all day Molly, my little Playdoll!” I moan back.

“How long have you known that’s my name?” she questioned.

“I saw your laptop one day and you were in the forum. I just never caught you online in the game.” I answered as we still danced so tight together.

Moving my hand across her ass I reached down a little bit and let my fingertips move along the hem of her dress, feeling the soft warmth of her skin on the back of her thigh. I run my fingertip up under the hem and move it between the top of her thighs and felt the wetness of the fabric of her panties where she had just had her orgasm. As my fingers move over the dampness, I felt her lips vibrating, as the egg is still on full power.

Gently I worked my finger tip along the side of the wet fabric and then slide it under it and felt her wet lips open to the soft touch from my fingers.

As my fingers part her lips she holds me tighter around my neck,

“Take me to your room and fuck me Cowboy!” she moans softly.

Taking my fingers out from her panties, I give my finger a quick lick and take my Playdoll by the hand, leading her out of the hall and into the elevator.

As the door shuts I push her powerfully against the wall and kiss her hard and deep. Pushing my tongue into her open and willing mouth, our tongues fight and twist around each other, my right hand moves down between her legs that open a little letting my hand move right Escort Van between them.

Pulling her Panties to one side I slide two fingers deep into her pussy my fingertips press against the nobles of the egg deep inside her wetness. As my fingers push the egg deeper inside her, my thumb starts to work on her clit pressing firmly against it, flicking it from side to side.

Feeling her body start to shake and quiver in my hands, I kiss her harder to stifle her moans as she gives in to her second orgasm. I hold her up against the wall as wave after wave rushes though her body.

Still with my fingers deep inside her, the elevator doors open, I walk my little Playdoll backwards down the hall way to my room. Pressing her back up against the wall again beside the door, my finger works deeper into her wet pussy making her lift up onto her toes. Her moans grow louder as my fingers and thumb work deep and harder on her pussy and clit.

Reaching into my pocket I swipe the key card in the door and with a little click the door opens. Taking my fingers out of her pussy, we move into the room. As soon as the door closes behind us Molly pulls her clothes off. She turns to face me totally naked. I smile as I look down over her body, her firm breasts are topped with little pink nipples that stand out nice and hard.

Walking towards her she helps me out of the jacket and shirt before dropping to her knees and starts to undo my belt and trousers. Gently she pulls them down leaving my boxer shorts where they are, her fingertips run up my legs and start to trace the outline of my cock in my boxers.

Before she can do anything with my cock I put my hands under her arms and lift her back to her feet, walking her backwards to the bed. I turn her around to face the bed and as she reaches the edge of it I place my hand between her shoulder blades I push her forward making her bend over and supporting herself with her own hands on the bed.

Dropping to my knees as I run my hands up the back of her thighs my thumbs pull her soft warm checks of her ass apart letting me see her sweet little star and the little pink wire hanging from her pussy lips.

Leaning forward into her, I let my tongue slide deep between the wet lips of her pussy, giving me my first taste of her sweet love juices. As my tongue gets covered in her sweetness, I move my left thumb up to her clit and start rubbing it hard. Using the inside of the knuckle of my thumb, pressing her clit hard she quivers to my touch and moans loudly.

Hearing her moans grow I push my thumb deep between her lips and push hard against the inside walls of her pussy. As my thumb works hard inside her, my fingers find her clit. With my hand working the inside and outside of her pussy, I start to run my tongue around and over her little star of her ass letting the tip push against it.

As my tongue and fingers work on her hot sexy body I feel her fall forward and push her face into the duvet to muffle her own moans as the pleasure grows more then she can handle. With my tongue making her tight little entrance nice and wet I give my right thumb a quick suck and then pushing it deep into her tight little ass.

Her body tenses as she feels my thumb in her ass and then explodes with a huge orgasm; her body shakes and pushes back against my hands. I feel the rush of her juices over my hand as she quirts over them. I stand up and move my thumb from her ass, pulling my boxers down my cock springs out hard in front of me.

Taking it in my hand I gently rub its tip between the top of Molly’s thighs, letting it run along the wetness of her pussy lips. With a little bend of my knees I move my hips and push my cock deep into her wet pussy until the tip of my cock hits the egg pushing it a little deeper into her again. Her arms are stretched out and a grabbing hand falls off the duvet as she pushes back against me.

Taking a grip of her hips I start to move my hips letting my cock almost slide right out before thrusting deep back into her and just hitting the egg each time. Our bodies slap together with each and every push. Pushing hard against her, her knees buckle and land on the bed still with her head buried in the duvet I reach around under her and start to rub her clit hard again with my thumb. Pulling myself out of her pussy I move up just a little and rub up against the little star of her ass.

Gently rolling my hips the tip of my cock pushes against her and slowly opens her entrance. I watch her body tense up again and then relax. My cock slides deep into her ass as she relaxes around me. Holding it deep inside her I feel the vibration from the egg right along the underside of my cock.

Feeling her ass relax a little more I start to pound her ass, hard and fast, pushing my cock right to the hilt each and every time. With every hard thrust Molly pushes back to meet my cock. I move my right foot up onto the bed and drive harder into her. She lifts her head and lets out a scream of pleasure. Feeling her ass tighten around my cock and her clit swell even more she erupts into an orgasm again. I feel the heat of her orgasm rush through my cock, deep in her ass and then the rush of her juices as she squirts again and again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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