Secrets of the Deep Ch. 03

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When Nadia was a little girl, her grandmother told her an old story. It had all the makings of a good fairy tale: a beautiful princess engaged to a man she did not love, an evil witch, a magical potion, and an eternal, unbreakable curse. Nadia would lay awake at night wishing that she, too, could be like the princess and run away from her life and her responsibilities. She was often lonely in her family’s apartment in Moscow because her parents always worked and her grandparents worked too, and her one remaining great-grandmother was very old and smelled bad.

As Nadia grew older, the dream of the runaway princess refused to die, even when she found other ways to escape the boredom of her life. Nadia loved computers and became a very powerful hacker, she learned to fly airplanes and trained to be the fastest runner in her school. She slept with several men and even a few women. But where was her real escape? Where was the adventure? Where was the witch who lived on the edge of town, who sold the magic potion? Where was her eternal princess who cast herself into the waters? And how in all creation could she ever hope to find her?

Chastity woke up feeling groggy. It took her a moment to realize that she was lying on a hospital bed with an IV in her arm, and that a doctor was examining what was still left of the wound on her head where the man had clawed her scalp. Chastity’s pelvis ached like crazy and she immediately understood what that meant – she was horny. She licked her lips involuntarily. The doctor who was examining her was a really hot woman with a great figure.

Something was not right! She felt a strange unpleasant feeling on her skin and realized that she was wearing a hospital gown. She felt the sudden uncontrollable urge to simply rip it off so that it would stop bothering her sensitive skin, but she felt too weak to move. Maybe she hadn’t completely woken up yet.

Her father saw her open her eyes and went to hold her hand. She was hit with a wave of love what was horribly mixed with lust for this man who had raised her. She felt ashamed of herself for wanting him, but she was beginning to get used to the idea that she was not exactly in control of things like that.

“Hi, precious,” her father said with a forced smile, looking down at Chastity. She tried to smile back, but it might have looked more like a grimace. She couldn’t tell, she was suppressing the urge to bolt so badly.

“Daddy, what’s going on here?” she asked. “What are we doing in a hospital?”

“You were bleeding. I didn’t know what to do,” her father said, sounding a little shaken. “You showed up out of nowhere, your head bleeding, without any clothing. I thought something, you know, might have happened.”

Chastity blushed. Her father thought that she had been raped. That was what the men outside the hamburger shop had been planning before she kicked their butts, but if there was semen in her, chances were it was from a consensual encounter.

“I’m… I’m alright,” Chastity said weakly. Why wasn’t she waking up?

“Hello, my name is Dr. Susan Weiss. Do you know where you are?” the doctor asked.

“Yes. The hospital,” Chastity answered. “But I don’t know what day it is. I’ve been away from calendars for some time. Is it still August?”

“No, it’s September now,” the beautiful doctor said. She nervously pushed back a lock of brown hair, and the gesture made Chastity gasp with longing. “It looks like this old scar on your head broke open and bled. It closed on its own by the time you got here, so you won’t need any sutures. But we are concerned because you lost consciousness and because the circumstances are, well, disconcerting. If you don’t mind, the police would like to come in and question you. And we need your permission to do a rape kit.”

“Rape kit?!” Chastity exclaimed. “I don’t need that.” She began to struggle. She wanted to be gone from this place. She wanted the damn needle out of her arm. She wanted this hateful gown off her body. She felt as though hives appeared on her skin where it was rubbing against her. Her pussy was practically burning up in the fire that raged down there. Not only the people in the room, but even random objects were beginning to look very attractive to her.

“I have to go,” she said, a little too loudly. She felt like she was going out of her mind. The lights were too bright and her head was spinning. Everything was so sterile and metallic, it chilled her to the bone. “I don’t want to talk to the police, I don’t want to talk to anyone.”

“The police just want to find out what happened to you so they whoever is to blame can be caught. You do want the people who hurt you to be punished, don’t you?”

“I don’t care!” Chastity screamed. Her hands began to rip and tear at the gown in her eagerness to get it off. The doctor tried to restrain her and her father tried to help, but the IV ripped out of her arm the wound bled just a little before closing up as though it never existed.

“Don’t struggle. mobil porno No one is trying to hurt you!” the doctor said. “We just want to help.”

“It hurts. The gown is hurting me. I need to take it off.. Please, please, I need to get it off!” Chastity screamed with tears in her eyes.

She felt something shoot into her arm. What was happening to her? Why was she here? No! No!

The world seemed to be spinning and fading out at once, leaving her oddly panicked and nauseous. The pain in her loins seemed to become even more intense. She wanted to be anywhere but this hospital. Anywhere. Slowly and painfully, she lost consciousness.

She woke up in her princess bed wearing a fluffy white nightgown, which she quickly pulled over her head so leave herself pleasantly naked.

The feel of the air on her skin was so refreshing, like a gulp of air after struggling to thrust her head above the water.

She spread her legs apart and slowly began to finger her clit, enjoying the priceless little shivers it sent through her deprived body. She was already sopping wet and her fingers slipped off her clit easily and dipped into her waiting hole, where she trust them in and out, fucking herself. God, that felt good! It seemed like an eternity since the last time she felt such a pleasant sensation. And such a juxtaposition, her very adult body so wrapped up in pleasure on the bed she had used as a little girl. It felt almost incestuous, it was so taboo.

Chastity sucked on her own nipples, massaging her breasts as though to bring them back to life. Oh, how long has it been since she felt so good? It was hard to believe that she had given a man a blowjob only a matter of hours ago. She felt so deprived! Her mouth longed for a nice plump cock to suck on. The thought alone was enough to make her jaw ache in longing, and she quickly climaxed, leaving a noticeable slime trail on her bed sheet.

She heard a knock at the door and quickly covered herself with a blanket. Shit! The material made her skin itch, but she forced herself to put up with it. She didn’t want her father to see her naked!

Her bedroom door opened and her father walked in. Chastity found herself staring at the bulge in his pants with longing, her already sopping wet pussy getting even wetter.

“What, did they teach you to sleep naked in college or something?” her father asked, motioning towards the blanket she was covering herself with.

“Something like that,” Chastity replied nervously. She didn’t like having this kind of conversation with her father, especially when she was really horny.

“Well I guess it’s none of my business what you do at school, but I wish you’d have the decency to wear clothing while you were staying under my roof.”

“Papa, I can’t!” Chastity burst out tears welling in her eyes. “Something’s happened to me and now everything’s different. I can’t wear clothing. I can’t stand the way it feels, and any injury I get heals in a matter of seconds… and… and…” She couldn’t mention the rest. How could she tell her father that she was always horny? That she needed to fuck five or six guys a day or her groin would begin to burn and she could barely breathe? Let alone the tale of the nymphs and the orgy that had transformed her. It was like there was suddenly this invisible barrier that divided her from everything she cared about, and it frustrated her. Why? Why did she need to be excluded? She still loved her father, even if she couldn’t help the dirty thoughts that were going through her head. She was still the same woman she was a month ago, only everything else seemed different.

Her father sat back and seemed to think about what she said.

“You know the trouble I had getting you discharged from the hospital? I had to promise them I’d talk to you about rape counseling. Now, I don’t know what happened to you, but you’re just not acting normal,” he said, shaking his head.

“I’m not normal! That’s what I’m trying to tell you,” Chastity said. “Do I have to prove it?” She got up and went to the little mirror over her dresser she had used since she was a little girl and knocked her hand through it.

Her father stood up panicked, thinking she had surely gone insane. He tried to pull her away and examine the wound. She wanted to reach out and kiss him. But instead, she simply wiped the fresh blood off with the bed sheet, revealing her fleshly healed hand underneath.

“You know, I don’t have an old scar on my head,” she said reasonably. “The doctor only thought I did because the wound healed so quickly. Don’t you see? It’s a gift. It’s something special. And back in Canada, there’s a group of women who want me desperately, they want me to come back to them so they can fight some war against the McKinley company. Isn’t that a blast? And I left them because I missed you and Mike and school, and I don’t want to be so different! Why can’t I just fit back in?”

Her father seemed stunned for a moment, as though there was just too much mofos porno for his brain to absorb. And at that moment, Chastity lost control and pounced, kissing her father roughly on the lips, her breasts pushing up against her torso. And so confused and aroused he was that he didn’t push her away but kissed her back, his hands wrapping around her back to hold her as though it were a normal hug. She felt his cock begin to harden against her, and it drove her crazy with repressed desire. Her pussy burned, and there was no helping it. She wanted to be fucked and she wanted him to be the one to fuck her. Maybe that had been the real reason she had traveled so far to come home. It seemed possible, but the thought made tears form in her eyes.

“I want you,” Chastity cooed in her father’s ear, and she felt a shiver run through him. How could he become so horny so easily? How could he want her, this man who had raised her from a child, who always told her right from wrong? What was going on? Was this part of her new life? Could she have any man she wanted, no matter how twisted the desire was? She didn’t know.

She forced herself to back away and set herself down on the edge of her princess bed. She spread her legs apart and ran a finger along her slit. Her father groaned appreciatively. She could tell that she was making him very horny. She had fucked so many men over the last few months that she could almost smell it on him.

Her father fumbled ineptly with his belt and pants, trying to pull is cock out. Chastity saw it almost as an affectionate gesture, but it sent a shiver through her, as though her father was removing his belt to whip her with it, which was oddly not unappealing.

Chastity spread her pussy lips apart to give him a good look at her insides.

“Isn’t this the prettiest cunt you’ve ever seen?” she laughed. She was dripping wet and her pussy was glistening with juices.

“Oh yes,” her father breathed, practically drooling. “So… beautiful.”

This made her giggle with joy, as though he was tickling her.

“Come, why don’t you tell me how desperately you want me,” Chastity said, completely and recklessly intoxicated by his fierce attention.

Her father moaned. “Oh, don’t torment me! I know I shouldn’t want you at all and it tears me up. But I do! I do!”

He looked like he was about to cry, and she wrapped a arm around him.

“Sometimes you can’t help what you want,” she said knowledgably, kissing the top of his head. “And sometimes it’s good that you can’t.”

Chastity laid down on the bed, almost as though she were going to sleep, but instead she spread her legs apart for her father and beckoned for him to come lie on top of her.

He propped himself up on his elbows so that he wouldn’t put too much of his weight on her at once and kissed her roughly on the neck, as though he wanted to suck her flesh into him. He shifted his weight forward so that he could take his hard cock in his hand and begin to navigate it towards her hole, rubbing it mercilessly on her lips and clit and making her squirm with anticipation.

Chastity felt like she might come when he pushed into her, the sensation was so strong. She felt so deliciously full and at the same time so awake, so alive, as though every nerve she had was firing at once. Her father began to thrust in and out in and out, rocking his hips like a starved man, his hands touching her all over, further stimulating her breasts, belly and clit.

Everything he did seemed to be so right, so much better than anything Chastity could have instructed him to do, as though he knew her body better than she did. Perhaps he had been admiring her for some time now. She didn’t know what fantasies had gone through his head when she was been in high school, and had honestly never thought of it.

Had he masturbated while looking at her graduation picture? Did he imagine the women in his dirty magazines to have her face and body?

She thought of herself lying in her bed as a young woman, beginning to feel the hunger that she didn’t really understand, and imagining her father’s big strong hands touching her all over. How long had she wanted him? Had she really wanted him, or was it all the effect of the curse?

No, she had wanted him before. She thought of the juices that flooded her panties as she used to lie in her bed half-awake. She didn’t understand what it meant then, only that she felt slightly sinful and that something made her breasts ache. But know she understood the longing. It was the same as that desperate fire she had constantly felt since that time on the beach. It was the lust that consumed her life. For how long had she been so desperately horny? It seemed impossible to guess.

She had always thought of herself as innocent and chaste, she never noticed the dark desires she always suppressed, and it made her shiver to realize it.

Her father kissed her roughly on the lips. The feel of his mouth on hers was so warm so loving and so filled naughty america porno with emotion that it almost overwhelmed her. She opened her lips wide so he could put his tongue in her. It was so different from the tongues of the other men she met on her travels. As before, she felt every little touch against her mouth, as she did every little movement of his hands and cock, but somehow it felt more magical, more intimate than anything she ever experienced with anyone else.

“Oh, Papa!” she moaned as he kissed her neck. “Oh! You make it feel so good.”

Her father groaned and his pace in her increased, doubling the sensation as he continued to thrust his way frantically in and out of her.

Chastity clutched at her own breasts in desperation. They felt so large, so heavy, she was almost afraid she’d lose control of them if she forgot to hold on to them. Or perhaps she was afraid she’d give herself whiplash.

She could feel her father knock against her g-spot. It was a delicious sensation, so intense it was almost indistinguishable from an incredibly pleasurable pain.

She wanted to come more than anything. She was so horny. Her pussy sloshed with every single thrust, and the sound coupled with the pleasure was almost hypnotizing.

Her crotch ached with longing so much that it felt like she was falling apart on the inside. But she knew she wasn’t going to come yet. Her own body was acting against her. Her pleasure threshold was too high, it was infuriating.

She felt like a little girl being denied candy. She sat up to rub her own clit while her father continued to fuck her, and immediately the sensation flooded over her like a great tidal wave. It was so strong and sweet that she could hardly stand it, yet she loved every moment of it.

Her father began to slow down as though he was reluctant to come and end their kinky adventure. But he smiled brightly, very happy with himself for the orgasm he had helped give Chastity.

He bent over and kissed her roughly on the lips again, obviously enthralled by the texture and taste of her mouth.

Chastity gasped. No man had ever treated her like this before. No man had ever been this attentive or this knowledgeable.

Chastity’s father sucked at her sensitive little nipples, making them ache even more. She felt like her whole breasts had become mounds of fire. She squeezed and messaged them as her father began to lick the nipples, teasing them to even greater hardness.

“Oh Papa, you’re teasing me!” Chastity moaned. Her whole body was on fire again. She knew she could quickly come and that it would be every bit as powerful as her last orgasm. She wanted to come again. Her whole body told her so. She honestly didn’t know how she could be so horny. It was too much, even for a supernatural being.

She felt her father begin to thrust again. He braced himself so that his upper body was lifted up into an arch, like a Halloween cat. His pace in her increased so quickly that she was afraid she was going to die.

Within ten thrusts, Chastity climaxed again. She was right. The sensation was every bit as good as the last one, maybe a little sharper and shorter, but definitely just as terribly and beautifully intense.

After twenty thrusts or so, her father pulled out and his cock erupted all over her breasts, leaving them all white and creamy with his cum.

He groaned and began to lick his seed off of her as though he were a cat lapping milk out of a bowl.

It really tickled, and Chastity laughed and squirmed, definitely enjoying the attention.

When the mess was gone, her father seemed to collapse on top of her and she reached out to hold him. He seemed like he was about to cry, and Chastity was trying to soothe him.

“What have I done? I shouldn’t have molested you. What sort of father am I to do something like that to my own daughter! I’m a beast, I tell you, a beast! But I couldn’t help myself, you were just so tempting. So damn seductive! And it’s been so long.”

“You didn’t do anything to me that I didn’t want you to,” Chastity said, trying to make the words sound simple and logical. “You gave me exactly what I needed. I… I told you that I’m different now. I can’t live long without, you know, sex, and I can’t seem to resist any man that I come across, even you.”

She felt a couple of tears begin to roll down her chin and tried to yell at them on the inside to go away. She was happy, she hasn’t done anything wrong. She hasn’t deliberately done anything to hurt anyone.

But she knew that something happened between her and her father, and that it changed everything. They couldn’t go back to being the way they were any more than she could stop being a sea nymph. And that made her incredibly sad. It felt almost like when her mother died, an incredibly sharp feeling of loss. And no matter what she tried, she couldn’t shake it off.

She continued to hold her father. It felt so right, like a simple embrace. If she didn’t let go, she didn’t have to feel bad. Even if it was stupid for her to be unhappy, she wanted to cling to him like she did when she used to have bad dreams.

The sun shone through the little window and the heat felt good on her nude body. Slowly but surely, she was lulled into sleep.

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