Secuction Ch. 01

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This is my first story since my ‘Hot Summer Night’ tomb. I hadn’t intended to make this story multiple chapters but I was quickly past 50k words and still going. I broke it up into four chapters. Some have a lot of sex and some have a little sex and some life lessons for a young couple. You can just enjoy the sex scenes or read the entire story. Comment if you like. I’m always interested in your opinions, good or bad. I’ve discovered that one person’s bad is another’s good and vice versa.


My name is Zachary, Zach to friends, family and everyone else. I am eighteen years old and am a senior at my High School. I’m known by virtually everyone as I have lived in this small city my entire life and I have excelled in swimming, basketball and track throughout my four year high school career. I am 6’3″ tall and weigh 170 lbs. I confess that, in spite of being an athlete, I am considered to be a geek because I get excellent grades and I have absolutely no confidence with the fairer sex. I have decided that confidence is the only thing that matters to high school girls. I have watched other guys with exactly zero reasons to have confidence; yet they have it or fake it or something and they do fine with the girls.

I shouldn’t say that I have no luck with girls at all because I have a girlfriend, Nicole. Everyone calls her Nicki. We have been dating for about six months now. She is also a senior. I am always in awe that she considers me to be her boyfriend because she is absolutely gorgeous and every guy in school flirts with her all the time. She moved here about two years ago. She lives in the most expensive neighborhood in town with her mother, who is a big wheel at the largest employer in the county. Her parents have been divorced for five years. Her mother threw him out when she caught him in their bed with his twenty year old secretary.

Nicki is also an athlete which is how we really met. She is 5’6″ tall. She has wavy, light blonde hair that she wears to nearly the small of her back. She has large, bright blue eyes, a perfect nose and full pouty lips. I would guess she has a C-cup, based on my research, but I have never seen her tits, or anything else for that matter. She has a flat stomach, nicely flared hips, a perfect ass that everyone stares at and long sexy legs. She dresses very classy which only enhances the total package. All my friends ask me how come Nicki is dating me. Then they will always laugh because they think it is because of the size of my dick which they know is larger than anyone else. They know that because the men’s showers are one large multi-shower room, so we all shower together. I just laugh along with them. I wish their assumptions were true.

I guess it doesn’t need to be said out loud but I am a virgin. My only experience is that I masturbate all the time. Six or seven times a day is not unusual. I have to be careful because I seem to be a ‘projectile ejaculator’. I can cum five feet if I don’t catch it with a paper towel or something and I cum a lot. I only know that these are unusual because when I started masturbating at age ten, my friends and I, who were also masturbating, would sit around having jack-off contests measuring amount and distance. I always won. They stopped including me in these contests. Now I just do it on my own.

One thing was a constant. After a date out with Nicki, I always jerked off on the way home. My dick would be so hard that I didn’t have to jerk it much before blowing my wad into a towel I kept under the front seat. I had to keep changing it out because the smell would get pretty funky. Nicki commented on the smell one night as I was driving her home from a date.


As it turned out, Nicki was also a virgin. Who would have ever thought? She was as confused by her hormones as I was. Her friends knew and they teased her about it frequently but nothing was ever said outside their click. Nicki assumed that her friends had all had sex before from the way they talked. One weekday evening she was at home with her best friend Joanne. Nicki’s mother was still not home from work which was normal. Nicki had made a dinner for her and Joanne and put a separate plate in the microwave for her mother.

When back in her room Nicki worked up the gumption and said, “Joanne, have you had sex before?”

“Yes, but only twice. I give my boyfriends blowjobs which I don’t consider to be sex per se. I didn’t really like intercourse. First it hurt like hell and then it wasn’t very good. He was as inexperienced as me and he ejaculated almost before he put it in. I’ve decided to just leave intercourse for a time when I think it’s the right guy.”

Nicki nodded and said, “Can you describe what a blowjob is like? I want to do something with Zach. He is a virgin too, I think. Well, I’m pretty sure. He never brings up the subject and I think he worries he will scare me off if he does. My mother has always told me that the guy should initiate anything like kissing or anything else but she never said what anything else was.” Alanya Escort

Joanne giggled, “Yea, I figured Zach was a virgin. He is so shy.” She continued, “A blowjob is actually a misnomer because there is no blowing involved. You actually suck on his penis to get it hard. You push it into your mouth as far as you can and then suck on it as you pull it out. You can use your hands at the same time to masturbate him.” Joanne could see from the glassy-eyed look on Nicki’s face that she was totally lost.

Joanne giggled and said, “Do you know if your mother has any dildo’s?” which was a stupid question given that Nicki had no idea what a dildo was. “Ok. Do you have a carrot or a cucumber in the refrigerator?”

Nicki jumped up and quickly left her room. She came back in 30 seconds with a long carrot and handed it to Joanne. Joanne held up the carrot and said, “OK. Let’s say this carrot represents an erect penis. Have you ever seen a penis before?” Nicki was on her knees, sitting on her feet. She was very attentive to everything Joanne was saying and she nodded vigorously at the question.

“I saw a drawing of a penis on a white-board in Sex Ed class last year. It was a funny looking thing,” said Nicki with a giggle. Joanne laughed and nodded.

“Ok,” continued Joanne, “I will be a guy with my penis out for you to give a blowjob.” She placed the carrot at her crotch. Nicki nodded that she understood. “Now, by the time you are getting into position to give a blowjob, the guys penis will probably be hard and sticking up like this carrot.” She wagged the carrot. “Now, lower your head and put your lips on the end of the carrot.” Nicki did as instructed. “Now, push the carrot into your mouth several inches and then suck on it and pull your head back creating more suction. Nicki followed her instructions. “Ok. Now set up a rhythm of pushing it in and pulling it out duplicating what you just did. “Nick pushed the carrot in and pulled back and waited several seconds and repeated the motion. “Don’t stop. Just go down and back up and right back down again.” Joanne showed her what she meant. Nicki tried it again and was getting the hang of it.

“Now, for the important part. When he is completely aroused,” she giggled, “and it won’t be very long, he will ejaculate or cum.” Nicki had the confused look back on her face. Joanne smiled, “He will cum from his pee-hole. With experience you will learn when he is going to cum. If he’s a gentleman, he will tell you he is going to cum. Don’t be surprised if he cums in your mouth until you recognize the symptoms which I won’t go into now. You may like it and want him to cum in your mouth. There may be a lot of cum or just a little. Cum is his sperm and it is gooey and slimy and tastes kind of bitter and salty. You may like it. Personally, I’m not crazy about it.”

Nicki had a disgusted look on her face and said, “It doesn’t sound too pleasurable.”

Joanne said, “Believe me, it will be to him. So, you have just given your first blowjob. Now, this carrot is considerably smaller than most penises or boners or dicks or cocks whatever you or he calls it. Penis is kind of clinical. So is sperm. Most people call it cum or spunk or something.”

The two girls heard the front door open and shut and Nicki’s mother called out, “Nicki, I’m home.” Nicki and Joanne came down the stairs. Nicki kissed her mother hello. “What a long day this has been. Hi Joanne, how are you today. Thank you for keeping Nicki company. I really don’t like her being here all alone. How was your day honey,” she said to Nicki.

“Great mom. Joanne and I were studying.”

“That’s good honey. Joanne, do you need a ride home?

Joanne replied, “No thanks Mrs. Perkins. I have my dad’s car parked on the street. I had better get going too. I’ll see you tomorrow Nicki.” She grabbed her books and headed out the front door.

Nicki’s mother’s name is Amanda or Mandy to everyone. She’s thirty-six years old and is extremely attractive. Mandy has shoulder length, thick, wavy blonde hair which frames her gorgeous face with large green eyes, a perfectly shaped nose and pouty lips. She stands 5’10” tall. Her body is a spectacular 36-24-34 with D-cup sized breasts. She has a flat stomach, long legs and a gorgeous ass. She is beautiful and smart as she had risen to executive vice president and General Manager of her company which is the same company my father works for.

Mandy said, “Well, I’m going upstairs to get out of these heels and into something comfortable.”

Nicki said, “There is a plate in the microwave for you.”

“Oh honey, you are a god’s end. Thank you for thinking of me. I love you.” She kissed her daughter on the lips and retreated up the stairs. Nicki went into the kitchen to get her mother’s dinner warmed up. When Mandy came downstairs in her robe she sat down at the dinner table and talked about the day with Nicki. They had a great relationship and always had. They watched some TV and then they both retired to their rooms Alanya Escort Bayan for the night.


After swimming practice, I went home to do my homework. My dad was home when I got there. He made some dinner for the two of us while I worked on homework at the dining room table. It had been just the two of us for the last ten years. My mom had died of cancer when I was eight. It was a crushing loss for both of us. The only good thing was that it was pancreatic cancer. It was quick and she didn’t linger and suffer. She never complained once and remained upbeat right to the end. Dad and I had been in a fog for those last two months. In some sense we had been in a fog ever since.

We ate dinner in silence. The only conversation was ‘how was your day?’ ‘Good’. ‘How was yours?’ ‘Good.’ My dad’s name is Mike and he looks very much like me. He is thirty-nine and he is the same height as me at 6’3″ but he weighs thirty or forty pounds more. His hair is the same color with some gray creeping in on the sides and its cut short. He keeps in shape working out on weights, swimming and he plays in an ‘over-thirty’ basketball league at a local gym. He has dated occasionally over the years but they never worked out. My dad has worked his entire career at the same company that Nicki’s mother is the General Manager. He has steadily climbed the management ladder and is now a Shift Foreman. It is a good job because his work hours are consistent and he almost never works weekends.

I finished my homework in my room and went to bed. I was thinking of Nicki and I pulled out the roll of paper towels. With my rock hard cock in hand I began jerking myself off. I was imagining what Nicki looked like in the nude. I had a vague idea. It didn’t take long before I blew a massive load. I actually fell asleep with my softening cock wrapped in a paper towel.

The next day I drove my car to school. I didn’t see Nicki at all during the day as we don’t have any classes together on most days. It was a Friday and I neither Nicki nor I had any practice after school. As usual I drove us to her house and hung out in the living room talking about things. Nicki turned on some soft music. She was wearing a new outfit I hadn’t seen before and it was very sexy. She didn’t usually show any cleavage but her lilac colored silk blouse showed a lot and her nipples were hard and showing through everything. She had on a tight purple leather mini-skirt. I had a boner of all boners.

Nicki wore this outfit on purpose knowing we would be alone until sometime that evening. She didn’t want to initiate anything by taking any explicit action but she could set the mood and she could comment on my erection, “What is that sticking out in front of your pants?” as she pointed at my crotch.

I was so embarrassed and my face turned beet-red. I stammered, “Ummm. Well. Ummm.”

Nicki giggled and asked, “Do you have a boner?”

I was busted and I had never been so embarrassed. What could I say so I blurted it out, “Yes, I have a boner. I have a boner all the time when I’m around you or even thinking of you. Your new outfit is just too much for me. Sorry Nicki.”

Nicki moved over closer to me and put her hand on my thigh. Electricity charged from her hands and went straight to my brain. Blood was banging so hard in my ears I was dizzy. Time slowed down. I almost cummed right then and there. She giggled and said, “Oh Zach that is so hot. I think you’re as horny as me.”

I didn’t know what to do next. I was brain dead. Nicki had herself together a little more because she had this planned since last night’s talk with Joanne. She moved her hand from my thigh to my bulge and that was it. I cummed in my boxer shorts. It was a huge load too. I didn’t say anything. I knew my cock wasn’t going to go down and it didn’t. Hell, it may never go down again.

Nicki reached up and unbuckled my pants and as she looked me right in my face she pulled my zipper down very slowly with one hand as her other hand pushed down on my still rigid cock. I couldn’t take my eyes off of hers. I was breathing so hard I thought I would faint. She seemed so calm and collected like she did this all the time.


She was anything but calm and collected. Her heart was racing out of control. Her throat was tight and she was breathing rapidly. When the zipper was down she reached into his boxer shorts with both hands and was surprised to feel a gooey mess of what she assumed was cum. She knew then that he had already shot a load. His boner was still hard like Joanne said it would be. She pulled it out and looked it all over. She was shocked that it was so big and so hard. She raised one hand to her mouth and flicked her tongue on her palm. She wanted to taste his cum. It was just as Joanne had described but instead of it being gross as she expected, it was kind of nice. She had never tasted anything like it. She licked her palm again.


Neither Nicki nor Zach had heard the kitchen door to Escort Alanya the garage open and shut. It was late afternoon and Nicki was sure they had several more hours before her mom got home. Mandy heard soft music coming from the living room. She took off her heels and walked barefoot through the kitchen and dining room and looked into the living room. Nicki was sitting beside Zach with his enormous stiff cock in her hand. She had never seen a bigger cock in her life. She couldn’t take her eyes off it. She stepped back into the dining room behind a set of louvered doors that could be opened to expand the living room. She adjusted the louvers so she could see but not be seen.

As Mandy gazed at Zach’s huge cock she realized that she was short of breath. She had unbuttoned her blouse and had moved one hand to her tits under her bra and the other up under her skirt and pushed her panties off her hips and down her legs. They dropped to the floor and she stepped out of them. She ran her hand from her hips down to her crotch and broad-stroked her pussy from one end to the other with her hand as she dug her middle finger into her pussy. She was frigging herself furiously.


My cock was bobbing up and down in Nicki’s open hand. I didn’t dare move and she wasn’t sure what to do with it. Her plan was to give me a blowjob just as Joanne had showed her. Her mind was racing trying to remember what to do next. Zach reached his hand down and placed it on Nicki’s hand and curled her fingers so they wrapped around his cock. He started stroking his cock like he had done ten thousand times before but now with her hand between his and his raging boner. The fact that he had already cum once would help him not cum again too soon.

As Mandy watched her daughter giving a handjob to this magnificent cock her legs started to quiver. She knew she was at the rim of an orgasm. Her hips pulsed and her head fell backward. Her mouth hung open as she quietly gasped for air. She bent down onto her knees before she fell down. She never broke eye contact with Zach’s stiff cock. Her orgasm was huge and it spasmed through her for at least two minutes. She had visions of Zach’s cock in her mouth and pussy and another orgasm surged through her.

Zach was moving Nicki’s hand in a rapid pace. Her mind was racing. She didn’t know what he was doing but this was not her plan. She completely forgot that she had wanted Zach to initiate sex. She had a plan and he was taking her someplace else. She was getting agitated and she pulled her hand from between Zach’s hand and cock.

Zach saw at the look on Nicki’s face as he continued to stroke his cock with his own hand. It was obvious that she was upset with something. He concluded that he had done something wrong but he didn’t know what. “What’s wrong Nicki?”

She looked down at my cock as I stroked it and then back up to his face. Her lower lip started to quiver and she burst out crying. She was so embarrassed by her display that she ran from the room and charged up the stairs to her room. She didn’t notice her mother kneeling on the floor behind the dining room table.

Zach stopped stroking his cock. He was thunder-struck. He didn’t know what he did wrong. His first ever sexual contact with a girl was over with a most unsatisfying conclusion. He didn’t know if he should go after her or not. Just then he heard a loud groan come from the dining room.


Mandy knew after letting out a totally unintentionally loud groan that she was busted. She pushed herself to her feet and with her blouse still open and her bra pushed up walked around the corner into the living room. When I saw her, I frantically tried to stuff my stiff cock back in my pants. It was no use. I grabbed a pillow and placed it on my lap and tried to look as casual as possible. Mandy walked straight across the room and sat where Nicki had been sitting. Her face was flushed and she was breathing heavily. She reached down and pulled the pillow away and tossed it on the floor. My cock pulsed up and down with my racing heart beat. I tried to put my hands over it but she pulled them away too. She was just sitting there staring at my cock. Her tits were on full display. To say the least the view counteracted any softening that the situation had started.

My brain shut down. I was a dead man walking from what I could tell. I just stared at her huge tits. They were the first actual tits I had ever seen and I couldn’t take my eyes off them.

Mandy said, “Zach. What do you think you were doing here?”

My stare broke away from her tits and I looked up at her beautiful face for the first time. She had an odd look on her face like I was a steak or something and she hadn’t eaten in weeks. She was licking her upper lip as she stared down at my crotch. I responded to her question with my usual stunning repartee, “I ummh. Ummmh. Well, I ummh. I don’t exactly ummh know.” My gaze returned to her tits.

Mandy reached her hand out and wrapped her fingers around my cock. They were quivering. My cock sprang up hard when she made contact. She began stroking up and down the full length of my 10″ cock. Her fingers barely made it around the girth. She was now biting her lower lip. In a wavering voice that was thick and guttural she said, “Have you and Nicki been having sex?”

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