Seducing A Cowboy Pt. 05

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Another day adds to the week of Milo’s vacation. He’s gotten a little used to the Western way of life, but still prefers his time in his shack with his bearings. It’s been a hot and bothered few sunsets, and he’s having fun toying with the local men around both the ranch and the local town.

Tonight, Cody walks up merrily to Milos shack. This time, he’s holding a small clutch of flowers — last time he made a house call like this, he had a real shine for this pretty girl named Belle. And that night, she gave him his first kiss and honest to goodness cuddle. He’s feeling really good tonight.

Ever since Milo started fooling around with his body and making him cum in different ways, Cody’s almost addicted to his play time with Milo. It’s so fun to be able to find a small sanctuary to get naked and let someone play with his penis and slap his butt around. But he can’t stay for long — his dad is as strict as ever, and Cody has rarely gotten time enough for playing with the other cowboys, ever since he was a little kid. Once he’s had his fun, he should get back.

Cody coughs into his hand before adjusting himself and even smoothing out his hair under his hat before he gives a final breath to ready himself and knock on the door. Smiling excitedly in anticipation, his face brightens when it opens to see that gold-haired young wise man open up “Howdy there, Mister Milo!” He chimes up.

“Oh hey, Cody.” Milo grins as he looks at the cowboy up and down — fresh clean clothes, his hair groomed, bright smile and holding up a handful of wildflowers. “Look at you, all happy-go-lucky.”

“Was wonderin if I can come in and… Keep ya company?”

“Sure. Love having you over.”

“Much obliged, Milo.” Cody nods and comes into the small shack and is greeted to the aroma of subtle incense and cool air.

As soon as Cody comes in he puts the flowers on the table. He giggles as he pulls his pants down and plucks out the buttons on his shirt. God, he’s adorable. Hunk of a fuzzy cowboy like him getting super eager like this is so sexy — he’s like an adult child getting ready to go to bed on Christmas Eve; too excited to sleep and raring to go.

Once in his longjohns and already having a large bulge on his crotch, Cody grins happily as he comes up to me. “So.” I put my hands around him and he just about jumps when I grab onto his nude buttcheeks from the backside of his johns. “What’dya want to do to me t’night?”

“Hahaha, you seem eager this evening.” I tell him. Cody just comes in and smooches my lips.

“Can’t help it.” He says as he grinds on me “I just keep lookin at the other boys at the ranch and seeing them hard at work, and I just, UULLHH!” He playfully grunts hard and gives a firm and horny chuckle “Just makes me wanna get nekkid, ya know??”

“Oh yeah” I smile as I kiss him. He eagerly kisses back with a sloppy return while I reach down and start playing with the round pouch where his balls are.

“O-Ooh! Oh I like that” Cody nods as he waggles his hips. His boner pushes forward more as I grind my hand onto his nuts. “Y-Ya wanna put your mouth on me again?”


“Hoo boy!” Cody whoops before he backs up and undoes the last three buttons on his crotch to let his member flop out.

“Not,” I say. He looks and paused at me, looking a bit irked. “Like that.”

“Wha… What?” He sounds a bit dejected “But… Your mouth feels…”

“I know.” I chuckle and twirl my finger. “Turn around.”

“But… How am I gonna…” He looks down at his throbbing penis, already dribbling with precum.

“Just do it.”

“Uhhh… Okay?” Cody hesitantly turns himself around. I smile wide as I see his ass in his longjohns — his fuzzy peach giving a gentle jiggle with each step.

“Go ahead and lean on the table and hold on the edge.” I instruct. He looks over his shoulder with a curious look before he complies. “Alright, good boy.” I come up behind him and get on my knees and start to grab at his buns.

“Uhhh… Milo? What’re you doin back there?” Cody asked as he feels me playing with his butt and pulling them apart. “Ain’t nuthin you’re gonna find down there except- HOHH!” The cowboy just about hits the ceiling as soon as I give a lick directly on his pucker “HOHHH! Ahhhh! O-OH mah LORD!” His legs tremble like a quake as I lick his asshole once, twice, planting my lips firmly onto his anus and slurping into his tight hole.

“Mmmhhhh” I moan as I bury my face into his butt. His cheeks are so soft and supple. His crack is so warm and bouncy; his ass is almost plush. Just to check, I reach around to find his cock, and he is absolutely rigid.

“O-OHH! OH MILO!” He moans out loud as my tongue twirls on his sphincter. Just as I push my tongue past into his anal ring, Cody’s back erects as he lets out a hard squeal! “T-This is just like when you put that think in my- EEOOhhhh!”

Cody just squirms and moans out passionately as I lick and nurse his pucker digging my face into his loose and welcoming rump as he flails like a wild animal.

“OHHHH İstanbul Escort mah gosh! Here it comes! It’s gonna, I’m gonna, oh mah gosh!” Cody shakes and jerks just before his ass tenses on its own and he bucks his body harshly! “UHHH! OHHH! LORD! OHHH!” His rock hard cock shoots big time. Cody’s cock paints long white strips on the chair, on the floor, even hitting the wall before him.

“Whew… Hoooooohh” He huffs long and chuckles “That… Was… Wow…” He chuckles as he stands straight and tucks his dick into his longjohns. I stand back up and see him go to his pants.

“Wait, where are you going?”

“Home.” He says casually with a smile as he picks up his boots and steps into them.

“And… What about me?” I ask. He glances at me and shrugs. “You’re just going to take off just like that?”

“Whaddya mean?”

“This.” I say as I grab my own erection in my underpants “You got off. Aren’t you going to reciprocate?”

“Recipi-wut?” He scoffs.

“I mean… You just ‘finished’. Don’t you think it’s only right that you help get ME off?”

“Heh, I’d like to, Milo.” Cody chuckles as he pulls his boots on. “But see… When you do this to me, it’s like… I’m DONE done, ya know?”

“Oh?” I frown as I cross my arms.

“I mean, it’s not like I know how to do the stuff you do with me.” He explains as he gets dressed. “I probably just end up hurtin myself or makin ya mad.”

“Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.”

“I can’t, okay?” Cody gets up to get his coat “Besides that, Pa’s waitin for me. I ain’t even had supper yet.” He smiles as he puts on his cowboy hat.

“Can I ask you something, Cody?”

“Huh?” He looks at me and sees that I’m not smiling. He pauses but nods “Okay. Shoot.”

“Let’s say you get married with a woman. And you have sex with her.”

“Whew… Bit spicy, ain’t ya?” He giggles.

“And you just ‘finished’ inside of her. What do you do then?”

“Well… Just… Ya know…” Cody shrugs as he tries to find some sort of answer. “Go to sleep? I mean, she’s finished too, right?”

“Like how I ‘finished’?” I ask as I grab my dick.

“Look, Milo.” He says firmly “I’m not too comfortable talkin’ about this stuff, not even with you.”

“So you just came here so I can make you cum, and you’re just going to up and leave? Is this how you’re going to treat whomever you’re going to fuck?”

“Whoa, easy there partner.” Cody says with a frown “Ease back on that language there.”

“No, that’s not a good mentality to have.” I tell him “It is selfish, one-sided, and egotistical. And frankly, I personally find it disgracefully unbecoming for a man like you.”

“Look, Mr Boreas. I don’t want know what you want me to say” He protests “We’ve had your fun, and now I gotta get goin’ before Pa…” At this time, I mutter an incantation and trace a glamour on my palm and the back of my hand. I walk to him and he starts to look spooked “M-Milo, whad’ya doin?” He gaps as he sees the faint magenta light from the spell on my fingers. “Milooo?”

I put my hand on his chest and he gaps at me “A-Awwhh…” His eyes give a faint pink glimmer as I tap into the pool of his body’s aura.

“Maybe that is how things are in this era. But I don’t like it.” As I channel the energy into Cody’s body, he just quakes and shakes from where he stands. I reach over and brush aside his shirt — the fabric itself turns intangible before it phases through his arms and falls gently on the floor. I do the same with his pants, falling to the floor.

Now left in his longjohns, horse-riding boots, and his iconic hat, I let go of Cody and he staggers away from me. Panting and grapping at himself, he looks at him with shock “What in blue blazes did you just do to me?”

“Teaching you a lesson in manners.” I tell him “I originally just wanted to fool around with you, but I really don’t like that come-and-go attitude on such a sweet guy.”

“Now look…” Cody says as he points to me, trying to find some sort of ground here. “I don’t get what you’re even saying… But-“

“But nothing.” I come up to him and grabbed him harshly by the balls.

“OOaaahhh!” Just as my hand puts a hard grip on his scrotum, pressing my thumb harshly and pulling onto it. “Milo, Milo, Milo! Stop! Let go, that hurts!” I clench my fingers hard on his balls to give another jolt! “HHAAHH!” He yelps as the pain in his nuts opens his mouth wide. I take this opportunity to shove my open mouth into his. I shove my tongue right under his tongue and force my lips onto his “A-AllghhMM! MMnnn!”

I inject his body with a shrill rush of passion magic into him and as I continued to torture his balls. The hairs from his chest give a faint shimmer as his flaccid penis gives a jump with each crippling crush I put on his nuts. As the cowboy stands there and falls under my charm, he flinches and hunches as even his nipples and his taint give off a dim light as the foreign power surges into him.

“Mmmhh… Ghhhh…” Cody breaks the Ataşehir Escort kiss and his back erects and his cheeks puff from the light sweat he’s breaking “Hooohhhhhhhh” He sighs long and deeply as a pink mist flows from his lips. I dig my fingers right on his balls to squeeze them harder “Awwwwaaa~!” This time, he moans needingly as I squeeze his fat orbs. “W-Why does that feel good now?”

“Because for the rest of the night, you are an obedient and kinky slut.” I tell him as I continue to torture his sac “Because you’ve been a baaad boy. And you know it.”

“I-I-I… I have…” He nods quickly as his body shakes. “I’m a bad boy, Milo…” His back arches as he squirms on the spot. He looks me on the eyes and gives me the sluttiest moan I’ve heard from a man “I’m a bad, dirty boy, Mr Milo.”

“Yes, you are.” Clenching on his nuts harder, I force Cody across the shack and throw him to the bed.

“A-Ahh!” Cody staggers as he lands on his belly. He looks over his shoulder as I rub his bum “I been a bad boy, Milo! A-Are ya gonna punish me?”

“Hell yes I’m going to punish you.” I trace a magic circle on a random plank on the floor. The array flashes before the plank quickly transmutes into a fancy paddle with diamond-shaped holes. I pick up the sexual weapon and give if a few swishes and twirls. “Now, usually, I prefer just using my hands when it comes to spanking.”

“H-Hoohh” I swear, Cody’s ass just bounced up after he saw the paddle.

“But you need the big guns.” I spun the paddle in the air and caught it by the handle before I suddenly swing it down SMACKED the cowboy’s exposed butt!

“AAWWWOOHH!” Cody yelps out loud from the impact “OH Milo…”


“GYAAHH!” Cody jumps again.

“Hm…” I ponder for a moment before I SNAP my fingers and point at his hands.

A pink aura radiates from the corners of the bed and snares of ropes manifest along the cover and tie around his wrists. The cowboy gasps and irks as he tries to get up, only for his hands to be yanked on opposite sides of himself “W-Whoa!” His hands dangle while his wrists are held up. His hands squirm and clench into fists as he tries to pull at his arms “I-I-I can’t move, h-how’d you do that??” I snap my fingers and point to his ass.

An invisible tether ties to his waist and hoists his body up propping his knees onto the top of the bed and presenting his wild west pussy in front of me. SPANK! “O-OHH!” Cody yelps as his ass flexes from the hit.


Cody’s ass jiggles as both cheeks are already a bright red color. His whole body trembles like an earthquake as I rub the paddle onto his fuzzy bubble butt before I wind the tool back up and delivered another hard SPANK!

“AAHHH!” Cody yelps out as he takes his punishment. I look to the side to see if he’s crying. Instead though, I’m pleased to see he’s practically drooling. Not a single tear. He’s practically seething with lust.

“You should see yourself right now.”


“AGH!” His body jumps and his arms bulge with muscle from his mystic restrains under the top half of his longjohns.

“A hot cowpoke like you. You’re just going to blow your wad and walk out on me?” SPANK! SPANK! SPANK!

“MMMMHHH!” He jerks again, grinding his front onto the bed. His ass flexes a bit before loosening before I SPANK him again.

“Now you’re just a sweaty, horny, pathetic little pony bitch, aren’t you?” I ask him as I put one hand on his back while the other rubs the paddle on his rump. I reach down and blink in surprise to find that his cock is rock solid. “Jesus Christ, Are you hard?”

“Oh mah lord…” Cody whines as he ducks his head as I stroke his rigid member up and down.

“Yeah, I saw you staring at me when you taught me how to milk those cows the other day…” I say as I rub the paddle on his glowing red ass while pulling and rubbing his jumping penis.

“Oh Christ, Milo, please don’t stop, please don’t stop, please don’t stop” Cody begs as he humps into my hand. “OhhhhHHhhHHHh” He moans and whines as his muscular torso hangs in mid-air while his knees press on the bed. Cody just whines as I rub the paddle on his abused cheeks as he just listens.

“Hard-working cowboy like you? I’m sure you’re a very nice boy. Boss’s son, well disciplined, respected. But you’re spoiled. You’re a fucking pig. You like to think you’re a prized stud stallion that everyone gets to ride. But you’re just a fucking bitch in heat that needs to be used.”

“Oh my gaaahhhhhd” Cody pants passionately, almost hyperventilating. The fabric of his union suit top is half soaked with sweat.

“Do you want me to stop?”

“I want you to- Hohh…” Cody stopped and gave a small moan when I applied my magic to the bottom of his union suit and made it phase from him, now leaving him half-naked from the waist down. He looks over his shoulder as he blushes hard at me, still squirming and trying to pull his arms back while the small of his back dips down and wags Kadıköy Escort his butt around. “H-H-How are you doing all of this?”

SPANK! I slap his vulnerable ass again with the paddle.

“AW!” His boots clink on his feet as his hairy legs thrash under him.

“Ask me that again, and I will do this to your balls until you pass out.”



“Fool around a few times, and you think I’m just one of those saloon girls who get paid to get you off?” I sneer as I grip his rod and SPANK him again.

“AHHH! LORD have mercy!” SPANK!

“Tell me you’re a pig.”

“H-H-Hhhh…” He shakes in my grasp, almost too horny for words “I-I-I-I-I’m a piiiig…” SPANK! “GAHH! I’m a PIG!” I SPANK him even harder twice in a row “I’M A PIG! I’M A FUCKING PIG!”

“Someone needs to teach you how to be selfless in the sack. And since your Daddy is more repressed than you are, I’m going to have to be the one who pound some manners into you.” SPANK!

“GHHHHHOOOOHH!” Cody screams out passionately “I’m sorry, Mister Miloooo!” His face is beet red, just like his cheeks. At least he’s not sobbing. I take a moment to tug on the top part of his union suit and cast the same phantom spell on it to lift it from his body and toss it to the floor, leaving him wearing nothing but his boots and his cowboy hat.


“Okay, I think you’ve had enough.” I say as I hang up the paddle on the wall. Cody just heaves with heat as he watches me with my boner twitching in the air and getting a bottle of lube — my own secret recipe.

“Wha… Wha…” Cody ones as sweat drains from under his hat while his ass just throbs and flares behind him while his arms are still tied up and restraining his beefy arms. His eyes widen as he hears me pour the lube on my cock and stroke myself behind him. “W-W-Wait! Milo? You’re not gonna…”

“Breed you like a mare?” I say as I trace a glob of lube onto his virgin butthole.

“OOoOOooo!” His whole body jumbles and kicks as he feels the cold, wet, slippery goo rub on his taint while I push a finger into his pucker. “MiIIIiiiIIIilooo!” He thrashes and moans as his leaking penis tosses drips of precum around under him. His muscular arms yank and pull at his tight ropes to try and move away, but the way his thighs keep thrusting his ass to me is sending mixed messages.

“Heh heh heh, let me guess.” I smirk at him “You’re craving to be fucked and used. At the same time though, you want to be a man and preserve your pride by being the dominant one.”

“W-What? What’re you talkin bout? I-I don’t get it!”

“You don’t need to get it.” I say as I grab him by the wide haunches. He looks over his shoulder and shakes with heat as I hotdog his ass. I can actually feel his anus flex and push against my rod “And you don’t get to be a ‘man’ with me. Boy.” I smack his tender ass a few times before the head of my member kisses his back door.

“HOOHHH!” His back erects as his hole spreads open. “O-OhhhhHHHH!” His body drips with sweat as his virginity is stamped in by my manhood until I smoothly slide in “Moooooohhhhhhhhh!” His voice squeals as his ass opens around my cock and all the way to the base. “Ah! Ah, ah, Ahhhh” He winces and twitches as his asshole is forced to stretch.

“I’ve wanted to do this since I first got here.” I growl as I put my hands firmly on his shoulders and hunch over him and push my pubic hair pushes firmly at his butt.

“Ghhhhhh!” Cody irks as his hole gets stretched for the first time. “Y-You’re so big in me!” I stir my cock around his anus around before his hisses and whines start to turn into purrs of comfort. “Ohhhhh Milooooooo” He moans passionately as I rock him gently back and forth, “A-Ahh… M-My… My butt… Ohhhhhhhh”

“You feel like such a good boy” I growl as I hilt him and push into his ass in short thrusts.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh” He gives a small moan each time I push into his hot and wet tunnel. His body bounces softly back and forth. He’s fully submitted to me now. I think I even see a lazy smile after he closes his eyes “Oh my lord, this feels so amazing… Ohhhhhhh I wanna be a mare for the rest of mah life”

“Good. That means you know your place.” I smirk and gave his red sore buttcheeks a slap.

“A-Ahh!” He flinches hard from that before I grind and roll my hips over his muscular backside. “Ohhh ohhh, ohhh, ohhh”

“Yeah, take my cock. Take my cock you hairy slut.” I mount on top of him and start to thrust into him while pinching his nipples. “Let’s see if I can make you cum hands-free.” I rail him harder and drill his hole slower and harder.

“O-Ohh! Ahh! Oh Milo??! HOHHH!” Cody lets out a guttural howl after my meat shoves on his prostate. “What in blue BLAAAaazes??!”

“I just hit your G-spot, you fucking mare.” I growl at him as I speed up my tempo. My pelvis starts to clap his cheeks while I pull and twist his nipples hard. “Remember?” I rear back and plunge deep onto his prostate and make him squeal again. “When I MILKED you like a fucking cow?”

“Oh! Oh! OH! OH OH!” Cody’s body jerks and bounces as I start to fuck his ass. His arms strain with his muscles as his legs squirm underneath while he moans nonstop. His mouth just gaps open as he wails in lust as the bed rocks and shoves over and over.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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