Seducing My Son:6

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I woke up alone, feeling happy and a little sore. But it was a good sore. I flexed my ass, remembering how my son gave me a nice, rough fucking back there last night. I rubbed my pussy to soothe the tenderness there. Between my son and my husband, I’d had more sex this week than ever before in my life–and I was ready for more!

It was Saturday, and imagining the possibilities for the day made me wet. I got up and put on my robe. I was tying the sash when I realized there was no reason for modesty any longer, and left it hang open then headed for the kitchen. It felt so feeing to be walking around the house practically naked and not having to care who might see me.

I assumed that Don had taken Evan out golfing, but then I heard the TV on in the living room. I went to check it out.

I found the two of them there sitting on the sofa next to each other, their robes open and they were both jerking off to whatever was on the television. It was a beautiful surprise, and I was shocked (and a little jealous that they were playing without me).

“Morning, hon,” my husband greeted me cheerfully, never slowing his stroke. “I’m showing Evan our old sex tape.”

“You’re my new favorite porn star, Mom!”

Now along with being shocked and jealous, I was also embarrassed and excited. I looked at the screen and saw myself holding my pussy wide open for the camera. The view pulled back and I watched myself grab a huge dildo and begin fucking it.

“Oh, my God, look at my hair!”

“I know, Mom, that’s quite the bush you had back then!”

“I meant my hairstyle, not down there,” I laughed. “But you’re right, look at that jungle!”

I looked at my boys playing with their cocks and had no choice but to join them. I sat down on the chair and pulled my robe open, too.

“Are you going to play with your cunt, Mom?”

A little chill ran through me. “Say that again.” I told Evan and smiled wickedly.

“Are you going to spread you legs, put your fingers in your hot, wet pussy, and play with your horny cunt?”

“Don’t mind if I do, sweet heart.” I opened my legs, licked my fingers, and touched my wetness. I could hear myself moaning on the video and looked up to see the screen filled with my hairy pussy. The view panned down as I slipped a finger in my ass while continuing to plunge the big dildo into my hole.

My attention flitted between the sexy scene of my younger self, and my boys sitting on the sofa stroking off next to each other (like it was the most natural thing in the world). I noticed that their strokes were in sync, up and down their cocks at the same time and the same speed. Adorable.

They were distracted as well–looking from the screen to the real thing between my legs and back again. A warm glow came over me as I tried to appreciate how lucky I was to be sitting here in our living room on an otherwise normal Saturday afternoon masturbating with my family so openly and comfortably.

The scene shifted and my husband’s cock came into view on TV. The dildo went away and he rubbed himself around my hole then slipped inside me.

“This is so great,” Evan said. “I love watching you guys fuck. It’s looks so good when Dad’s cock goes into your pussy, Mom.”

“It feels good, too!” I added with a giggle. I slipped two fingers inside my pussy.

“Dad, I’m getting close. I’m going to cum soon.”

“Go ahead, buddy, I’m watching.” My husband turned his attention to our son’s cock. Evan jacked himself harder, now looking only at me, as I leaned back in my chair fingering my twat and playing with my tits.

“Mom’s cunt looks so pretty. I love my mom’s cunt. Watch me jerk off, Dad. Look at me make my cock cum!” He lifted his hips and the cum spurted out of him accompanied by a loud moan. He caught he breath, then said, “Now you, Dad.”

My husband sat back and began whacking away real fast and within seconds he was pumping a fresh load of cum out onto his belly. He didn’t squirt as far, but it looked like he released more cum than Evan, and it was slowly flowing down over his cock and across his knuckles. I watched how they looked at one another then, each strangely fascinated with the other’s cock and cum. I almost felt like I was intruding on too private a moment between them. But of course that only made me hornier.

Now that they had both gotten themselves off they turned their attention to me. I scooted down in the chair so my back was on the seat and my butt hanging out in the air. My feet were planted wide apart and I was playing with my clit with one hand and my pussy hole with the other.

Evan reached over without looking and took hold of his father’s cock. He twisted it lightly in his grip. Without my son’s eyes ever leaving my body, his thumb found its way up to Don’s piss hole, and rubbed the drops of cum remaining there, spreading his spent semen around the head of his dad’s cock.

This scene was too much for me and my pussy began to convulse around my fingers. My first orgasm of the day bolted through me like a feathery freight train. I didn’t let up and kept strumming my clit as my husband leaned over and sucked on the tip of my son’s cock, cleaning the cum from it. That kicked off another orgasm right on top of my last. If this was how the day was starting, I couldn’t wait to see how it was going to end!

After recovering, we got cleaned up and decided to go out for lunch. We sat down at the table and talked about what was going on at work and in the world. To anyone else we appeared to be your normal, average family. No one here had any idea that we spent the morning jerking off together, or that my son had fucked me last night. It made me feel strangely alive to have this incredible secret.

“Welcome to–oh, hi Evan,” our perky little waitress said when she appeared.

“Hey, Mandy. I didn’t know you worked here.”

“Just started last weekend. Can I get you guys some drinks?” She took our orders, gave Evan a cute smile, and sashayed off to get our drinks.

“Friend of yours?” I asked.

“She was at Corey’s party,” Evan mumbled, watching her intently until she disappeared into the kitchen.

My husband caught my eye as I was about to say something else, and he just shook his head. I knew he was right and bit my tongue.

We had a great meal together. Mandy stopped by our table more than she needed to, and even sneaked us a free desert that we all shared. I felt like we were closer as a family than ever in that moment.

As we left the restaurant, Evan paused at the door with a look of uncertainty.

“I forgot something, I’ll catch up,” he said and went back inside.

Don and I went to the car, and in a few minutes saw Evan coming out with an ear-to-ear smile on his face. He climbed into the back seat nearly bouncing with excitement.

“So, what’d you forget, sport?” my husband quizzed him knowingly.

“I forgot to get Mandy’s number!” He proudly displayed a napkin with a phone number on it.

“Way to go, my man!”

“She is so cute,” I gushed. “You guys are going to make an adorable couple. When are you going out, and where? Do you need something new to wear–“

“Mom! Chill! We’re not getting married, just going on a date,” he laughed at how worked up I was getting. Don gave me one of his looks. I clamped down on my tongue again and tried to behave.

“I’m sorry, honey. I’m really happy for you, that’s all.”

We got home and Evan headed off to his room and closed the door. Don puttered around out in the yard and I took care of a few things around the house. I ejected our sex tape from the VCR and was going to put it back in its hiding place, but then decided to leave it out in case Evan wanted to look at it some more. I now hated the idea of him masturbating without me there to see. He was probably in his room right now thinking about Mandy’s perky little tits, and tight ass and jerking off. What a darling.

I couldn’t wait for evening to come. I took a nice bath, which I immediately realized was a mistake. I usually masturbate when I pamper myself like that, but I wanted to save it for later. It was like I was torturing myself. I shaved my pussy, then my legs and under my arms. I dried off, rubbed lotion all over my body and went to my bedroom to select my outfit.

I was a little worried that Evan might not want to play tonight now that he had the prospect of a girl his own age. I know that was the whole point of what Don and I were doing with him, giving him the confidence to get out there and find someone he liked, but I had one more fantasy I wanted to live out before we were done.

I decided that this was the night for the emerald green corset. It was an involved process just getting this little number on; a lot of cinches, and straps, and buckles. It was snugger than the last time I had worn it, but I managed to get myself squeezed in. The top had only half cups for my breasts, and it pushed them up and out–like they were being presented to you on a tray.

Next, I slipped on a pair of sheer thigh-high stockings. They gave just the right sheen to my legs, making them look smooth and shapely. I then dug my pair of dominatrix boots out of the back of the closet. They were shiny black vinyl, had a four inch heel, and came up almost to my knee. I pulled them on and was admiring myself in the mirror when Don came in, all sweaty from working in the yard.

“Game on?” he asked excitedly.

“I’m not sure,” I said with a hint of worry. “I haven’t seen him since we got back from lunch.”

“Don’t worry,” he came and gave me a hug. His manly scent was strong and the thought of him throwing me down on the floor and fucking my brains out while he was all dirty and smelly flashed through my mind. “As soon as he sees you in this get-up he’ll be hard as a rock and rarin’ to go, babe.”

“Go get cleaned up,” I kissed him, “this is your big night. You ready to take it to the next level?”

“To be honest, I haven’t been able to think about anything else all day.” He gave my bare ass a hearty squeeze and headed for the shower.

I was getting more turned on by the minute, I might just cum before we even get started! After trying on five different pairs of panties, three g-strings, and one crotchless number, I decided to wear nothing. I loved the way my lips were puffed up after shaving and by my extended arousal. I put on my white satiny robe and headed down to Evan’s room.

I knocked and waited this time until I heard him invite me in. I opened the door and he was standing up from his bed wearing just a pair of tight boxer briefs. They hugged his muscular buttocks and I could clearly see the outline of his semi-erect shaft. I was almost sexier than seeing him naked.

“Are you going out with Mandy tonight?” I asked praying he’d say no.

“Next Friday,” he said with a self-satisfied grin.

“Any plans for tonight?”

“Sam wanted to go to the movies, but it looks likes you have something else in mind.” He nodded toward my boots. I realized how silly I must look in my robe and mistress-boots!

“I think you should go out with Sam,” I opened my robe and let it fall. The cool air hit my bare nipples and freshly shaven pussy lips and a shiver ran through me. “It would be good for you to hang out with your friends for a change.”

After all we had done together over the past week, it was especially gratifying to see his reaction. As my husband would say, ‘he didn’t know whether to shit or go blind.’ I could see his cock growing in his shorts, and he rushed over to me, grabbed me in his arms and started sucking one of my nipples. Hard!

It was exactly the reaction I was hoping for, and I was shamelessly thrilled.

“Slow down, baby!” I laughed and pulled him away from my breast. He grabbed my wrists and dove back in on my other nipple. Sucking and biting aggressively. “Hey!” I cried, “Listen to your mother! Stop it!” I was so excited by the way he was treating my body that I couldn’t make myself sound serious.

I stepped back quickly. My nipple stretched and popped out of his mouth giving me a tingle up my spine. He came forward again, took me by the shoulders and kissed me. This wasn’t the soft, tender kind of kiss we’d shared before, this was a strong kiss filled with lust and passion. I could feel his hard cock pressing against me. I pushed him away with some effort.

“Suck me,” I blurted out without thinking.

He dropped to his knees and I mounted his face. His tongue and lips ravaged me. My clit, my hole, my entire vulva were the objects of his frenzied oral attack.

“Your pussy tastes so good, Mom. I love your cunt so much!”

“Oh my God, you suck me so good, baby. But don’t make me cum. I don’t want to cum yet.” This was going to be almost impossible! He put a finger inside me and sucked my clit like a baby sucks his bottle. I was about to explode. “Give me your cock! Let me suck your cock.

He stood up, his lips and cheeks coated with a shiny layer of my pussy juices. I dropped to my knees in front of my son and tore down his shorts. His hard cock sprung out, hitting me in the face. He must have noticed the little trill of pleasure that escaped my throat because he seized his cock and slapped it lightly against my cheek. I turned my face, inviting another. And he slapped me with his meaty rod a little harder. I turned the other cheek, and he gave me another one, even harder. I snatched his prick into my mouth and began sucking.

“That’s it, Mom, swallow my cock. Suck me like the slutty mom you are.” I love it when my man talks dirty, and my son was really pressing all the right buttons for me. “You want my balls, Mom? You want to suck on my big, hairy balls?”

“Yes, I want my son’s balls in my mouth,” I panted and opened up. He stuffed his scrotum into my waiting mouth and I tongued his soft, young balls.

“Mom, I’m gong to cum all over your face.” He was stroking himself.

“No,” I said breathlessly. “I don’t want you to cum yet either.” As soon as I finished saying that I took his cock back into my mouth. I hadn’t felt him shoot directly into my throat yet. I hadn’t tasted his cum straight from his cock, and I wanted that so badly right then. But I didn’t want to spoil my plan. I forced myself to release his cock, and remained motionless on my knees trying to muster my willpower.

“Mom, I was so close. Please, suck me some more.”

“You keep quiet, young man,” I told him sternly and smacked him on the butt. I went to where his pants were draped over the back of his chair and removed his belt from the loops. I gave him a little whack on the butt with it and he yelp. Oops, I didn’t think it would sting that much! “That’s what you get for not listening to your mother.”

I made a loop in the belt and slipped it over his head and tightened it a little and led him down to my bedroom on my improvised leash. When we got there my husband was waiting on the bed. He was hard, and I suspect he heard us playing down the hall.

“I thought we had a strict policy against dogs in the bedroom, hon,” Don joked.

“This one’s been a bad puppy,” I said as I removed the ‘leash.’

“Did he pee on the carpet again?”

“He was humping my mouth with his naughty cock like a bad doggie.” I slapped him on the ass. alsancak escort “Now get on the bed and suck your father’s cock!” I commanded.

“I like this training method!” Don lay back and prepared to be pleasured. Evan crawled up the bed between his father’s legs and dutifully began sucking his cock. I wanted to stay and watch, but I had some more equipment I needed to prepare. I gave Evan’s balls a squeeze, gave my hubby a wink, and went into the bathroom.

“Evan,” I called from the bathroom as I was getting myself ready, “don’t let Daddy cum yet either!”

Once everything was in place, I stepped out of the bathroom. Not being able to resist a little drama I stood with my hands on my hips and my shoulders thrown back and like I was some kind of superhero. The boys looked over and saw me standing proudly in my green corset, high boots, and sporting my very own hard-on thanks to the strap-on dildo I was now wearing.

Evan’s jaw dropped, and my husband just smiled–he knew what was coming.

“Roll over, Rover,” I said as I approached the bed. My husband obeyed and turned face-down on the bed. I climbed up onto the bed and handed Evan the lube. “You got to watch your Dad fucking me, now you get to see me fucking Dad.”

“You’re going to put that in Dad’s ass?” His eyes dropped down to the hard, blue dildo jutting out from my crotch.

“We want to share everything with you, honey, and this is one of the things we like to do. Are you up for it?”

“What does it look like?” Evan was referring to his straining erection.

“All right then, you did such a good job lubing up my ass last night, would you like to do the honors for your dear ol’ dad?”

“Sure thing.” He squeezed a big blob of jelly into his hand. Don opened his legs some, and I spread his butt cheeks apart exposing his hairy asshole. My son reached down and smeared the lube onto his father’s puckered hole. Evan’s hands were shaking with excitement.

“Don’t be cheap with that stuff, son,” Don called back. “Make sure I’m good and slick.” Evan applied more lube and without any instruction slipped a finger into his father’s asshole. I could feel my clit pulsing with delight at seeing that. He added another finger and loosened up his dad’s ‘man-gina’ (as Don jokingly referred to it).

Once Evan determined my husband was ready, he turned to me and lubed up my ‘cock.’

“You ready to take it in the ass, hon?”

“It’s all yours, babe.” Don brought his knees under him and lifted his butt up to the level of my cock. I moved into position between his legs and readied my phallus. Evan stood up on the bed and positioned himself astride my husband’s back facing me. He would have an eagle-eye view from there.

My son bent down and kissed my lips, then spread his father’s cheeks open for me. I leaned forward, holding the base of the fake cock with one hand, and penetrated my husband’s ass. The dildo slid easily into his well-greased orifice and I watched as a broad smile spread across Evan’s face. I pulled back and thrust into my husband. The harness was a little loose, but I was still able to drive my point home with authority.

“Mom, you are totally fucking Dad’s ass right now.”

“That’s right.” I slapped Don’s cheek nice and hard. “Your dad is my little bitch. He loves getting fucked in the ass with a nice, hard cock. Don’t you?” SLAP!

“Oh, yeah. Fuck me, fuck my ass, baby”

Evan stood up straight and put his cock to my lips. I took him in and sucked him as I continued to ram into my husband. After only a few strokes in my mouth, he pulled out and leaned down to suck each of my nipples in turn. He then reached around and grabbed his father’s dangling cock and fondled him. Evan wanted it all.

“You like watching your dad get fucked, Evan? You like seeing Mommy’s big cock in Daddy’s asshole?”

“God, Mom, it’s so exciting.” His expression changed suddenly, as if struck by a realization. He looked at me with a determined look. “Mom, I want to try.”

“What, honey? What do you want to try?” I could feel my heart thumping in anticipation. He licked his lips and looked once more at the fake penis plunging in and out of his father.

“I want to fuck Dad. I want to put my cock in Dad’s ass and fuck him.”

“Are you really sure? You want this for yourself, and not just to please us?”

“I’ve always thought about it, and this is my chance. I love you guys, and I want this with you. I have to find out if it’s what’s right for me, and I want to find out with the people I trust the most in the world.”

I just nodded and kissed him on the forehead. It was such a relief to hear him express himself like that. I knew then that this wasn’t all just some wicked plot to get my own sexual thrills, but that we were actually helping my son become his own man.

I pulled out and moved aside. I grabbed the lube and applied it to Evan’s rock hard cock. I added some more to Don’s ass and held my breath.

“Go easy back there, buddy,” Don said only half-jokingly.

“I’ll try, Dad.”

Even pressed his cock against his father’s ass, and after a brief moment of resistance he was in. Don moaned as his anus was stretched, and Evan shuddered with pleasure as he eased his cock deeper inside his father. It was so beautiful to witness that moment of my two most loved men joining together in this ultimate union.

I realized that I was reflexively stroking my fake cock as I watched. I quickly undid the straps and took the contraption off, never taking my eyes off the sight of my son making love to my husband’s ass. I couldn’t resist reaching out and touching the place where they came together. I mimicked Evan from the previous night and wrapped my fingers around his cock so he was fucking through my hand into Don’s ass. This was the culmination of all my fantasies, and I was enthralled.

“I can’t see anything from up here,” Don complained. “Can I turn around, maybe?”

Evan pulled out and his father rolled over onto his back and pulled his legs up, presenting his asshole once more to his son. Don’s cock was stiff and his clean shaven balls were spread out, all loose and relaxed. Evan moved back in and buried his cock once more in his father’s willing asshole.

I propped some pillows under Don’s head so he could get a better view, then kissed him passionately. I lay alongside my husband and we watched together. I fingered my hard clit gently, teasing myself at the edge of orgasm.

My husband watched his son fuck him with a funny mix of pride and pleasure. Evan, meanwhile, was staring down at his father’s ass and cock. Don’s penis bounced with each thrust and made for a mesmerizing sight. I reached down and stroked his erection, occasionally sliding my hand down to feel my son entering his ass.

“How is it, Evan?” I breathed. “Does it feel good to fuck a man’s asshole?”

“It does feel good, Mom. He’s so tight, and strong. I love looking at Dad’s cock while I fuck him.”

“Are you going to cum?”

“Yes, Mom. I’m ready to explode!”

“Do you want to cum in your father’s tight ass?”

“Yes, Mom! Oh, God, yes!”

“Do it, baby! Fill your dad’s asshole with your cum!”

“I’m cumming! Watch me cum, Mom! I’m cumming, ahhhh!” Evan thrust deep into Don’s ass and released his pent up load of hot cum. Don took the shock of Evan’s hard thrust without flinching and watched his son’s ecstatic expression as he pumped spurt after spurt of semen inside him. Don never experienced anything like that when I fucked him in the ass!

Evan remained still for a long time, eyes closed, coming down from his orgasm. His cock remained pressed deep within. I could feel my own juices leaking onto my thigh as I lay suspended in that intimately quiet moment with my two lovers.

Evan pulled out, but still no one spoke. I looked at my husband’s face. I searched for signs of regret, or shame, or maybe disgust. Evan’s eyes were cast down. Was he driven to this by nothing more than teenage lust? Was he only now becoming aware that he’s violated some personal boundary in the heat of the moment? It would be me that he will blame. And rightly so. My throat tightened, and I couldn’t breathe.

Evan lifted his eyes and looked at his father.

“I can’t believe I just did that,” he shook his head, and I felt a cold dread in my chest. “My own father…” A smile slowly transformed Evan’s face. “I love you, Dad.”

“I…I love you, too, buddy.”

Evan lay down atop his father and gave him a hug. I was able to breathe again, overcome with relief.

“I know this probably wasn’t easy for you,” Evan said to his father. “But it means a lot to me that you were willing to do that for me.”

“Your mother deserves most of the credit,” Don smiled. “She’s the one who put me up to it.” He tussled Evan’s hair and looked into his son’s eyes. “And I’m damn glad she did, too.”

“Thanks, Mom.”

“You’re welcome, honey.” I joined the family hug. “I’ll say it again, we just want you to be happy, whatever it takes.”

“You know what would make me very happy right now?” Evan asked.

“What’s that, sweet heart?”

“If Dad would return the favor.”

“You want your father to fuck you in the ass, honey?” I asked, feeling the thrill rising between my legs. Evan nodded enthusiastically.

“I thought you’d never ask! Lube up that boy of yours, hon, I’m goin’ in!”

Evan took his father’s place, lying on his back. He lifted his legs and let me rub the jelly onto his ass. His father and I spent a good long while loosening him up; first with our fingers, then with the blue dildo, and finally Evan said he was ready. Don got between his son’s legs and gently slid his cock into his boy. Evan trusted his father enough to relax and enjoy yet another sexual first.

“This feels so weird,” Evan marveled. “But good.”

“I’ve never been more turned on in my life,” I said as I watched them together and touched myself. I was so happy.

“Mom, you haven’t even cum yet,” my son reminded me between moans of pleasure. “Let me lick your pussy.”

I wasn’t about to turn down that offer, and I straddled his face. My son began licking my pussy and clit. I was facing my husband as he rhythmically fucked Evan’s ass. We exchanged a smile, and he gave me a wink.

“That’s it, baby, suck my pussy,” I groaned. “You suck my cunt so good.” It seemed like only a matter of seconds before he coaxed an orgasm from me. Don leaned over and took one of my hard nipples into his mouth and pulled at it. I pressed my clit back against Evan’s lips, ready for him to suck me off again.

“Atta boy, Evan, make your old lady cum some more!” Don cheered him on.

I fucked my sons face, rotating my hips and feeling the tip of his nose rubbing at the entrance of my pussy hole. My husband sucked one of my nipples, while I tugged hard on the other. In no time my whole body was being rocked by another orgasm.

Don increased his pace, humping his son’s virgin ass faster and faster. He grunted and pulled out, firing off a huge surge of cum right onto Evan’s balls. My husband milked his cock some more, and further drenched his son’s nuts.

As soon as he was done I was down there sucking my husband’s fresh cum off of my boy’s big, hairy balls. As I hungrily licked up the semen, Evan slipped a finger in my pussy and sucked me to orgasm yet again. This boy was a genius with his tongue!

After a few minutes to catch our breath, we all took a shower, and got back into bed clean and refreshed. We cuddled up together to go to sleep, but no one was sleepy. Evan and his father took turns making love to me, then I sucked each of them off afterward. We formed a circle on the bed so that Don was eating my pussy, I was sucking Evan’s cock, and Evan was sucking his Dad’s cock. After almost an hour of trying every combination we could think of, we tried once more to get to sleep.

But Evan was still hard, so I jerked him off onto my tits. Watching this got Don excited again, and he jerked off his semi-hard cock, producing only a few small droplets of cum. All this jerking got me going again, and I fingered myself to another orgasm. I had easily reached double digits that night (a new record for me).

We finally fell asleep only a couple hours before sunrise; together, naked, and happy.

These early days of exploration and experimentation with my son and husband were some of the most exciting sexual experiences of my life. Evan and I continued to have sex for many years afterward. My husband would sometimes join in, but my son and I mostly carried on just the two of us. In the months following our initial wild week, Evan and I were able to take things slower, and spend a lot of time being intimate.

I taught him all the ways I knew how to please a woman, and he was eager to practice under my loving direction. He never failed to give me the most wonderful orgasms, and I made sure he knew my body was always available to him. One of my favorite little rituals we developed was when Evan would ask for me to put on a “Pussy Show” for him. He’d say something like, “Hey, Mom, how about a nice pussy show?” and I’d lie on my back, spread my legs, and open my pussy for him. Evan would stare at my exposed cunt and jerk off onto it. I would rub his semen all over myself then make myself cum.

Evan told me that he had enjoyed the things he had shared with his father, but he had come to learn for sure that he wasn’t gay, despite his earlier fantasies involving men. He and his father enjoyed playing with each other during our threesomes, and I found them masturbating together to porn on more than a few occasions, but he told me that he wasn’t really interested in pursuing a bisexual lifestyle either. For him it was a matter of curiosity, which was satisfied nicely within his own loving family.

He had become more confident and his self-esteem steadily improved. Evan was making new friends, and dated several girls his own age. The more social he became, the less time he spent around the house, and our sex lives together slowly waned. It was sad for me, but I knew I had to let him go and allow him to live his own independent life. What never went away was how close and open we could be with each other.

If Evan and I were watching TV together, for example, I could put my head in his lap and he would caress my breasts lovingly through my shirt. It didn’t have to lead to wild sex. It was these little intimacies between us that meant more to me in the long run. I also enjoyed being affection with my husband in front of our son without having to hold back. Don and I could kiss, and feel each other up while Evan watched and not have to be inhibited at all. It was so freeing and comfortable.

The last time Evan and I had sex was shortly before he met Melissa. We had only been together a few times that year, so it wasn’t like we were doing it much anyway at that time. But Melissa turned out to be ‘the one.’ My baby was in love.

They were married recently, and are very happy together. I’m pretty certain she doesn’t know about our family secret, but I often fantasize these days about Evan bringing her into our ‘inner circle.’ There’s a foursome I would love to try!

I can hardly wait to become a grandmother, with a nice handsome grandson or two…

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